Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?

I want to seize this opportunity to warn every Nigerian about  Social Exchange market grants.  I read on huntersinternational that the long-awaited Social Exchange Market Grant is about ready for disbursement in Nigeria. The post has it that Mr. Adetula Emmanuel, the Principal Coordinator of Great Impact Microfinance Bank, who also serves as the SEM Coordinator for all Principal Directors in Ondo and Ekiti, stated that “money is here already. The challenge at hand now is just the documentation to the fund release. That’s it.”

My main aim of this write up is not prove whether  Social Exchange market grants is real or scam. This is because already people are being scam in the name of getting Social Exchange Market grant.

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Here is the fraudulent  message circulating on the Whatsapp groups about Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria.

Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria

Grant called social exchange market is available in Nigeria. The grant is  awarded by philanthropy across the world to fund ideas.

What is required is to get the form is N1000 for those within the SouthEast .
To pick up this form may be a challenge but I believe that it is possible. Call so and so….
The grant is minimum of 3million maximum of 10million.  No collateral needed.  However having fulfilled all documentation at the Development bank of Nigeria. There shall be disbursement.  This will call for monitoring of every project.
 Remember you are not paying any thing. You are not returning the grant.
Your ideas must be production oriented on to process and packaging.  It is not for buying and selling
The seminar is for you to be trained and get information
Social exchange market is funding.  They are group of philanthropy across the world.
It is not MMM. I’m not asking you to pay a dime
This grant was what president Jonathan Used for U-win
Your ideas is for you.
Your business ideas In this case is e.g, block making,
  Garment making
  Pure water industry
Poultry and processing
Cassava plantation and processing
Cattle ranches
Nursery school
Drug manufacturing industry
Aquaculture and
Bottling companies
Tomato paste factory
Matches and tooth pick
Nylon industry
Automated shoe making
Flour mill
Feed mill
The grant Is available
The forms are in serial numbers, your signature on it. Everything is physically verified.
In addition NATION BUILDERS CM NETWORK (NGO) is among few privileged NGOs in Nigeria Authorized through social exchange market principle platform to mobilize projects/investments across the country to be given money to empower people so as to drive such projects/investments for self reliance.
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market.
generate model micro-finance banks that will  the grassroots becoming a financial institution. .
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Pick up membership registration from Smile Again Microfinance Bank indicating details of your location and your group intention.
Mobilize minimum of 1000 business/investment within the reach of your group in that community, town or city.
Attend Seminar/Workshop organized by Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market and Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank.
For enquires call: 080379872, 07083925153.
Warning: Please,  disregard any such  information on Social Exchange market grants or any related one on  internet or whatsapp group. Fraudsters are everywhere!!!

According Hunters International, 1. ‘Our reporters post updates received from the organisers of social market exchange grants scheme.
2. Ever since, they have never reported the fund is coming from World Bank, but a foreign charity.
3. Our contacts provide photos, videos, and documentations to back up their claim.
4. Hunters International is not part of the organiser; we simply report the proceedings.
5. We keep contacts with a charity foundation, not multi-purpose co-orperative schemes.
6. We are aware some people (cooperative guys) are asking for money for application till date (it may be a way to dupe Nigerians).

My verdict: With all the evidence we have seen, I would say, let’s wait to see if all these Abuja meetings of stakeholders is a film trick or not. There is nothing to lose if everyone wakes up from their daydreaming. To me, it looks more real (with all the findings our reporters have made, and with the proof we’re getting from bethanyworld. After all, it costs us no dime. We advise everybody not to pay for any form anywhere (as far as what we know today).

We will make changes to this article if the need arises.

If you have any question or comment you can use the comment box below.

641 thoughts on “Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?”

  1. Thanks for this information. I wish to know if Amazing Care Foundation is in collaboration with SEM on this grant. A form is being sold for N500 on this grant in Ibafo/Magboro communities, in Obafemi/Owode LG, Ogunwale State. Thank you.

      1. Hello Emma, thanks for this update. I came to know SEM through Kimeku Multipurpose Cooperative Society Abuja though I reside in Sapele Delta State. Please are they part of the bottom up strategy project in the scheme of SEM? Thanks.

  2. SEM to my greatest amazement do not have an official website, no official email address,no official contact phone number. pls if these are available, keep me updated

  3. Please is this real? Because development Bank of Nigeria and the World Bank have disassociated herselves from any multi purpose cooperatives. If this is real who actually spare heading this fund, where is the fund kept? The authority incharge should explain in detail, is the government aware?

    1. Everybody is asking the same questions, you’re asking. Where is the fund? Who are championing the program? Who are the philanthropists involved or country they’re emanating from?

  4. Bethany is the only recognised on social exchange grant for southwest, lets see what will happen before July end, just concluded collateral signing for the model banks given to handicapped association in each state….

  5. I pray may God make it realy, for us…bcos i just had now that, FIVE BILLION DOLARS HAS BEEN SEND FOR FIRST BASH. for last three days now. waiting for next week to distribute. pls let join hand together and pray with fasting. may God help everyone of us.

    1. Five billion dollar sent to who to disburse?pls desist from unconfirmed information bf spreading it across. Is it Social Exchange Market that does not have official mail,website and phone no is hat sends the fund?However, we re waiting but not procrastinating lest we believe it is fake

    2. Hi David, this is my whatsapp number let’s keep ourselves updated on this as I am praying too. 09023238661

      Please, don’t post phone number here.

  6. Let’s see how this goes, definitely something is wrong, SEM has no website, email, contact no. If it becomes positive, it is a mystery.

    1. Information had it from hunter international that only 21milliom naira signed into collateral in Abuja for each bank as against #10billion formerly promised.This is very controversial cos I don’t know how #21million will shared among 1000 people when they are even talking about 5% family relieve of grant given to each.Does it mean if #21million is shared among 1000 applicants, each get#21000 and the 5% as family relieve will be #1055.Can we literally call this 5% family relieve?.Pls help me find out how authentic this information is so we will not be pursuing shadow.Again we need to be certain when this fund be released since UCR exercise has been completed.

      1. My bros,you have spoken well”we shouldn’t be pursuing shadows.we should find out how authentic is the disbursement issue is.

    2. SEM has an office in Abuja with contact telephone numbers… This kind of program needs wisdom and strategies for it to succeed in Nigeria for security reasons. For the fact that the UCR Signing took place in Abuja for six good months without the govt. or EFCC warning the stakeholders to desist from it or disclaiming to be part of it through Media like newspaper, radio or TV up till now since last year. To me its a psychology that the grant is very real… All we need is continuous prayer until the said SEM Grant gets to us… Much has been given towards the processes of the grant in terms of money, time, risk, etc. God will surely rewards all our effort and our expectation shall not be cut short… Let’s keep our hope Alive!

      1. Amen

  7. I want to know if over $500 billions will soon be disburse to skills aquisation, youth empowerment and helping the less priviledge in our society.

    1. They are all in the same category! Last year 2017, they ask people to register with N2000; right now they are asking the same people to pay for N1000 for seminar. Where is the grant? This is the question that I am asking.

  8. I learned that Chinese have benefited from these grant and today looking through their economy one can see a very high level of economic growth and development, Pls Nigerians let’s rise up to our challenges and fight a common fight for the good of Nigeria. Let’s continue to pray that God should help us through this life changing opportunity

    1. Chinese are sincere about developing their economy; we are not sincere and we don’t even know what we want yet.
      Some will use their grant to marry more wives, others will buy expensive cars. so what are we talking about.

  9. We should pray, that God should make this a reality, I dont know why Christians are now even believing the devil with their God given faith, and the way God delays his judgment on people that decieved and dupe people using his name baffles me. We were all here when UWIN came and go, and how everything was very clear to believe, and how it was made very clear that every one must follow one path to have access, which was online, and so was it. So that the case of duping and fake parading of some organizations wil be neutralize. So now SEM or whatever is their name and some fake God to punish organizations are now duping my people, the thunder that will fire you will make you a babique fish for earth worms.

  10. Pls o . someone should notify me when the real one is out, I always get to know about it at the last minute. I really do need grants o.

  11. No wonder buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy. Make una go work and make money. Stop wasting time hoping and building castles in the air.

    1. Hello friend if u didnt apply for the cash grant don’t abuse applicants becos very soon u will be surprised to hear and see that DISBURSEMENT IS REAL

  12. Guys, we’ve got to be very careful about all these NGOs. Numerous NGOs with various claims of being intermediaries between supposed applicants and purported “International Philanthropists”. I’ve heard of “Kingdom Wealth”, “Vision Skill Development” and others who sell forms for #1,000, give ID Card for #500 or #1,000 and certificate #1,000 up to #3,500 per participant in some cases.

    Guys ask yourself, how many persons are applying for this through different channels (NGOs)?
    Imagine it that each person pays 3,500. In a country of estimated 180 million persons, with a very high level of poverty, let’s say 5 million persons apply for this “Grant” that will be #17,500,000,000 (#17.5b) SEVENTEEN POINT FIVE BILLIO NAIRA.
    Even if they go on to give the grant of #3,000,000 (#3m) to 1,000 persons that will be #3billion from 17.5b.

    Is it not obvious that innocent, unsuspecting struggling Nigerians are the target of some opportunitists?
    They come with everything that looks rosy from lotteries (R & S lotto), betting platforms (Baba ijebu and the likes), donation platforms (MMM and others), and now grants…

    Please let us be wise. They won’t stop coming for our hard earned little money. Let’s not let them have it.


    1. The application is not by force. Think about it for a minute is it possible for most NGOs in Nigerian states to have an MOU to scam people by collecting these 1k or thereabout?

      Yes o… some people will claim to be NGOs, but the real and true ones still exist. Make very good enquiries

  13. Besides thats how MMM came, I didn’t believe initially, till later wen it was late, thats wen I believed and participated. I gues we know how that went.

    I will rather pay 1k and get the possibility of these. Rather than to save my 1k, and it later becomes real…… 1k na money 4 bottles of beer . Besides the 1k doesn’t go to the providers, these cooperative societies will have too register new memebers if you are to benefit from them.

    Lets assume there was no grant, and u wanted to be part of a cooperative society, u no go buy form?

    1. yeah I got sms to take #1000 and go to my agent and drop my account details, well, 1K na 4 bottles true true, i go risk am

    2. Ben10, Na true talk my brother. Many people do not know that 1 k is for registration and 2k is for certificate printing for this grant. 3k is not an investment. If someone want to learn work, u will pay for reg fee and cert fee. Even in any society / club u want to join. For me, i believe it is real. Lets be patience. Thanks

  14. My people,
    Everything in life is a risk, but many people do not like to risk and and lack patience. we should not put all our mind on it. for me looking into caliber of people with this programme, they all cannot deceive people. registration is not by force. if u cannot risk, do not apply for it. lets all keep on praying on it for money to be a success. Thanks

    1. Olufemi,try and confirm if there is any ongoing process to disbursement as everything just being quiet,I don’t understand. Maybe you know anyone of the Director that can give us core information cos hope is going dashed.

      1. Adebayo, lets be patience. universal collateral register have been signed in Abuja. we Nigerian like raw things. Everything have process. Thanks.

      2. Adebayo .if u dont understand anything better be quiet . SEM is real 100 percent . I was doubting the authenticity until i attended the CUR signing in Abuja . Efcc is aware of this programme . CBN is aware of this program and they have not said any thing to discredit whats going on .
        EFCC is looking for opportunities to crack down on scammers but SEM has been conducting programs on this grant and nothing has happened .
        I suggest that u keep quiet and watch. I dont know why Nigerians are too negative about everything .

    1. Next month is the next stage to the disbursement will be taken place but all Principal Directors(Stakeholders) have been cautioned not to put any information to the public domain.With the look of things,this grant is real.They avoid public knowdge in order to protect the success of this scheme from sabotage

  15. Thank you Emma! Some churches and religious leaders re behind this seemingly fraudulent schemes. Since 2017 I have received forms to fill for such grants. For each form people paid N3k. I was given to me in a church and another one by a family friend. The one from a family friend is being co-ordinated by an NGO called Ishiba Lagos. They promised to disburse the grant we applied since last year b4 December 2017. Later they change the disbursement to March 2018 and from March to June and yet nothing has happened. Around May they called me to Pay N14k to be on the board of microfinance bank. This got me thinking and worried how one could mere N14k to be on the board of a microfinance bank. When I checked the minimum required capital base for a MFB it was N1000m as at 2011. The church has also come for another N3k form to register as a MFB member. pls note that the ishiba Lagos is coordinated by some church leaders in Abuja. When I searhd for their website on the net it doesnt exist. I think these people are capitalising on the situation in the country to defraud nigerians. They know that people are desperate to survive and they wont complain if they loose ordinary N3k, N2k, N1k. Pls dont trust your pastor too much on this so called social exchange grant. Thank you. hecked their

  16. Pls u guys should just calm down, am a director under Graceville cooperative society. I was in top rank hotel abuja to sign the collateral register. Efcc is aware, and no hotel in abuja will allow u use their premises to swindle ppl. Reports say, shortlisting is the nxt tin and it will be done in batches. Dr Donald of SEM has advised cooperatives not to collect any money from any individual. So what is there to loose. World bank doesn’t deal directly wt cooperative societies but through SEM. This same program has bn replicated in India. Lastly, pls don’t place ur ENTIRE HOPE on this grant. Things work differently in 9ger. Thanks

  17. What of those of us that are in South South, South East?
    Which NGO or Micro finance Bank do we align with?
    Is there a list of NGO, MFB and their locations for the grant?

    1. What’s your location please, I’m in Portharcourt, I’m a director in Insured microfinance bank, Visioned skills multipurpose cooperative society

      1. Hello Faith, please, how much did you pay to become a director in your microfinance bank? Somebody is wooing me to also be a director in one of the banks here in Bayelsa but is telling me to pay as much as 100k. Still skeptical because some say with 14k, you can become a director.

  18. Please what can you say about other cooperatives like KingDomWealth Multipurpose cooperative society…
    Is it a scam or real.

    1. I was told that Kingdom Wealth grants is real and those in South-South part of Nigeria are already enjoying it. How can I believe this when all those who register since 2017 have not receive the so-called grants.
      Some of the registered persons have gone for verification and are now assigned to one microfinance bank or the other. I hope it will turn-out good for them.

    2. Kingdomwealth is at the forefront, they have the highest number of mfbs in the whole country. But make sure nobody scam you.

        1. Ishiba? I have never heard such. But as far as I know Kingdomwealth has over 1500 mfbs duely register (with SEM cert. ) for this programme.

  19. says: June 28, 2018 at 2:19 pm
    They are currently dividing all the Model Micro-finance Bank that registered with Social Exchange Market for the grant scheme into 4 Major COMMERCIAL BANKS in Nigeria in order to ensure a smooth process of disbursement. after dividing these Model Micro-finance Bank successfully d COMMERCIAL BANKS print cheques on behalf of the Model Micro-finance Bank and distribute them to the various directors of d Model Micro-finance Bank who will inturn issue cheques to their various members to catch. dis period may last to the last week of July 2018. So all doubting Thomas pls stop doubting

  20. They are currently dividing all the Model Micro-finance Bank that registered with Social Exchange Market for the grant scheme into 4 Major COMMERCIAL BANKS in Nigeria in order to ensure a smooth process of disbursement. after dividing these Model Micro-finance Bank successfully d COMMERCIAL BANKS print cheques on behalf of the Model Micro-finance Bank and distribute them to the various directors of d Model Micro-finance Bank who will inturn issue cheques to their various members to catch. dis period may last to the last week of July 2018. So all doubting Thomas pls stop doubting

      1. Very true, some fraudulent ones are being blacklisted. Based on the information they get from the directors..

    1. Be informed that this SME PROGRAM is real, but we all have to be patient and prayed. Our national Coordinator has confirmed to us at the last meeting, that the process they are now is to hand over the disbursement process to 4 major COMMERCIAL BANK. namely, FIRST BANK, ZENITH BANK, FEDELITY BANK and UNION BANK.
      From what I have seen and heard from a reliable source I strongly believe this is real, we have wait, watch and pray. You live around, Warri, Benin, Sapele, Ugheli, Asaba, Abraka, in fact, DELTA, BAYELSA and EDO. You need form to be part of this program. Reply me with you location, be specific. Be patient.

  21. All these dates u are mentioning, who published it? SEM does their things carefully because some ppl are fraudulent, some have already started extorting money from unsuspecting members. Dr Donald, the consultant mediating btw the grant providers and the cooperative societies has warned individuals not to collect any dime from anybody. He just came back from America, and they have started filtering the mfbs. The moment they are through, they will start disbursement starting with Abuja, just like the did in the signing of the universal collateral register. Anybody mentioning any date is only doing that out of desperation.

    1. How are you related to the organizers? Do you know anyone personally? And are you saying it’s not scam?.

      1. Am a stakeholder. Nothing yet shows that it’s a scam, EFCC is aware of their activities, I have a friend who works there. In so far as they don’t demand any dime from anybody. If you pay money to ur cooperative, at ur own risk, don’t come and blame SEM for own decisions.

    2. Pls I really want to know by what you mean about filtering mfbs?Is this process the same as having mfbs to register their bank acct with commercial banks?Or means shortlisting and having those shortlisted to subsequently open acct with commercial banks,then disburse to mfbs through acct opened in commercial banks.Pls enlighten me as this process will follow sequentially

        1. Thanks,pmanik,pls don’t relent to feed us with update from time to time.It is very important so we can be rest assured

  22. Please I want to know if the Grant is real or scam? Because so many people have saying that the Grant is fake.

  23. Nigerian’s let’s be grateful to God Almighty for this opportunity, is real is not scam we all are going to rejoice very soon ok.

    1. If you read my earlier post, you will see where I said, Dr. Donald is the consultant btw the donors and the cooperative societies. The donors do not deal directly with cooperative societies. Most of the money you are, ends up with ur official, SEM does not collect any money from anybody. You expect me to give you his number?

  24. plz I need an urgent reply, a director signed the UCR in two different banks as a chairman and secretary, in this case who will be affected the director that signed twice or the the both Banks he signed in?

  25. Please ,
    I’ve just been introduced to one the micro-finance banks involved in this grant scheme.
    I’m in Calabar, Cross River State. I want to know if OBASESAM MICRO FINANCE BANK is part of the approved banks.
    Here forms are sold for 3k, 1500 for certificate and 500 for Account opening with the bank.

  26. Please, I’m in Calabar, Cross River State.
    I want to know if OBASESAM Micro Finance bank is part of this grant scheme. I’ve just been introduced; the form goes 3k, 1500 for certificate, and 500 for account opening.

  27. Good Morning Sir…,
    Your diligence as touch this grant is highly appreciated sir!
    Please sir, what is the latest update presently on ground now sir?

    1. Important Update as of July 1st 2018: Directors and Chairmen of Each micro finance banks to be opened, will be called on for disbursement.

      Here’s the Latest Update from the desk of the General Manager Social Exchange Market, No 12 Dan Suleiman Street Utako Abuja:

      When invited to Abuja for disbursement, they’ll be introduced to the commercial bank allocated to them (E.g Diamond bank, Union bank, etc.)

      They’ll be given all necessary account opening requirements (duly arranged by SEM and the banks), they’ll get back to their locality, locate the nearest branch of that bank, open the account in the name of the bank and lodge in the cheque.

      Directors and applicants will also get their funds in installments. However, there’s a tracking process put in place, it’s a collaboration between the CBN, EFCC, SEM and the commercial banks to avoid any kind of diversion of funds meant for beneficiaries.

      Many people keep asking WHEN grant will be paid, well you can judge from the updates maybe it’s soon or not. we can only give updates that we receive as soon as we get them.

      There’ll be more latest news about grant and we’ll be here to let you know every progress made.

      My People, Let us be patient. We applicant shall all rejoice and happy. Thanks

      1. What is the state of the sorting of the mfbs . At least there should be regular briefing on progress. Moreso, may the Names of the commercial banks be mentioned to enable Directors establish relationships with such banks. This is to facilitate swift disbursements when and if the money comes

        1. There is an adage ” A bride groom they are bring bride to does not giraffe on her “” Sorting of mfb is in progress, then all chairman will go to Abuja for training and introduce them to commercial bank allocated to them. They will go back to their location to open an a/c and lodge in cheque and payment will start. All Thomas will witness it. I know something good will come out of SEM. Thanks

      2. @OLUFEMI. Your head dey there. Ori e correct. You be correct guy. No worry. This grant won’t leave us behind. It will be a great breakthrough for our various Biz enterprises.


        1. @ Uwandi E,
          You can confirm it by travelling to SEM office at Abuja. Located at
          SEM office at 12 Dan Suleiman, Utako Abuja for enquiry. Pls, go there to confirm what is going on there and feed us back here. seeing is believing. Thanks.

    IF NOT


    1. Na true you talk. Money is no where. Even they issue cheque it much take another 3months after which it could be termed fake cheque. Let’s pray something good night come out of it.

      1. Well it’s better to keep having faith and not despair.but let’s be watchful and not be gullible so that we acknowledge when it has succeeded olr failed . And call it quits.

  29. am not sure if it real or scam, we have been given differents excuse frm different director. But i hope it real sha by Jehovah’s grace.

  30. Reading all through this comment has given me more HOPE. I am more enlighten. Regards to all my co-believers in this pursuit. We shall thank God

  31. Please what are the criteria for the following: A, to float a m.m.f.b B, to be a director C, to be a coordinator . Also, I want to know if all the m.m.f.b work in uniformity or each decides on its own, then is DA-FORTRES model micro finance bank registered with S.E.M and how long will it take the I.d cards to be ready for the first batch here in Anambra state and Delta state. Thanks

  32. Please if it’s possible I will need a list of all the registered model micro finance bank with the social exchange market in Anambra state and Delta state. Thanks

    1. No body here can give you the list of all MFBs whether in Anambra or else where bcos we all are from various MFBs. Its only SEM that can have all the list of registered MFBs.

      As regards the I.D CARDs. I think issuance of IMD CARD depend on the discretion of individual MFBs…

  33. *Special Attention please!*

    SEM is currently dividing all the Model Micro-finance Bank that registered with Social Exchange Market for the grant scheme into 4 Major COMMERCIAL BANKS in Nigeria in order to ensure a smooth process of disbursement. After dividing these Model Micro-finance Bank successfully, the COMMERCIAL BANKS will open a corporate account and same time print cheques on behalf of the Model Micro-finance Banks and distribute them to the various directors of the Model Micro-finance Banks who will inturn issue cheques to their various prospective beneficiaries to cash. This period may last till the last week of July 2018. So all doubting Thomas pls stop doubting and STOP discouraging others. Any doubting Thomas is encouraged to visit SEM office at 12 Dan Suleiman, Utako Abuja for enquiry.

  34. So, @Ben10, u mean we will have to wait till next month or what? Well, i pray it work out well. Becos, na naija we dey oo

  35. *Special Attention please!*
    SEM is currently dividing all the Model Micro-finance Bank that registered with Social Exchange Market for the grant scheme into 4 Major COMMERCIAL BANKS in Nigeria in order to ensure a smooth process of disbursement. After dividing these Model Micro-finance Bank successfully, the COMMERCIAL BANKS will open a corporate account and same time print cheques on behalf of the Model Micro-finance Banks and distribute them to the various directors of the Model Micro-finance Banks who will inturn issue cheques to their various prospective beneficiaries to cash. This period may last till the last week of July 2018. So all doubting Thomas pls stop doubting and STOP discouraging others. Any doubting Thomas is encouraged to visit SEM office at 12 Dan Suleiman, Utako Abuja for enquiry

  36. Wev all waited for too long…since last year..haba! Why is it takin centuries for the disbursement to to kik stat? They ve all gone to Abuja to sign and swear in Oguns name and all wat not,tinkin dat the followin week monies wud be disbursed…the program is laudable,bt for now it look so unreal bcos of delay…why is it dat wen it has gotten to d final and most imprtnt stage,which is disbursement,they ve all gone silent?

    1. @Brownpope. Patience is the key. If you can be patient since last year. What would make you loose your patience at this stage? I pray our patience will yield a loadable and fruitful effort.

    2. @ Brownpope, You really made me laugh when i red your msg. SEM is currently busy on it. you can go to their office in Abuja for verification. i know we all are feeling hunger for fund. Lets be patience. is there anyone in the house now that is tired of this fund, that person may sell his or her grant cert for me just N5,000. pls, i will sell it back to him when fund come. Laughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I know by God grace, this fund will come out latest aug ending.
      We should all know that there is no specific date of disbursement, dates were given bcs of everyone ques abt it. Let us go and prepare ourselves down on our projects. Thanks to all.

  37. hmmmmmm, this is getting out of hand ooo, is getting too much ooo. When are we to see this money?. There is God ooo

  38. August endin? No longer dis July? Men im out! If the mony is nt disbursed dis July den its a scam! Soombody tell me oone thin,just one thin delaying d disbursement…money nt avaiable? More documents to sign?wating for the rain to pass? Wat really is d reasn?

    1. @ Brownpope, there is no specific time for disbursement. We are just praying for it very soon. if u are out of it, can u pls and pls sell your cert for me ???????????????????????? Laghh. People ask when they will pay, lets start prepare ourselves down till money comes. many of us are after money but not project. Thanks

  39. well, no one can say if it is scam or real. But one think i no is that, pls stop asking when the money will be out, u people shuld calm down and be prayerful with faith because if u people continue to ask when it will be out, what u will be hearing is this month or next month. Pls be patient let see what will happen next month august, i pray it go well.

  40. pls let no mention month or date again if we are not sure of when it will be out to avoid put all our mind on it and to avoid dissapointment. Just be patient, i believe everything will turn out well by God grace.

  41. the delay is cause by the stages,prosses passing through to ensure smoot disbursment ahead.ANY GOOD DOSE NT COME EASY JUST LIKE JESUS VERY SOON

  42. Pls let someone answer dis question for m, I heard dat all documents from members should b send to Abuja for disbursement of 50k to all member to text run hw true is dis pls

        1. @ stevosky and stephenia, Kindly liase or contact any approved NGO with SEM. you must be under one umbrella. like Bethany NGO, ishiba NGO, kingdom wealth NGO. if u too have an approved / registered NGO with CAC, you can register with SEM and create mfb as u can with the approval of SEM. Thanks

  43. hello my name is Stephanie, HR manager STARTUP MULTI PURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY, OUR COOPERATIVE have accounts with Diamond bank we have over 1000 members but we didn’t know when the registration started and ended.
    my Question is how can we register our micro finance to be among the member micro finance in South East? In order for us to be eligible to benefit from subsequent grants opportunities to come.
    Please reply as soon as possible

    1. @ stevosky and stephenia, Kindly liase or contact any approved NGO with SEM. you must be under one umbrella. like Bethany NGO, ishiba NGO, kingdom wealth NGO. if u too have an approved / registered NGO with CAC, you can register with SEM and create mfb as u can with the approval of SEM. Thanks

      1. @Stephanie, Where exactly are you. I can introduce you to our national condinator.
        so many mfbs had been registered under it. He also work with Mr Donald. Reply me for how.

    2. @ stephanle, I think u give out loan to people with interest. This kind of MFB is different from that. It is free money MFB on bottom up project of each member. you will create a group of 1000 people with their project on agri, production etc. the grant is btw 3m to 10 m. And it is non refundable grant from SEM. Thanks

  44. Pls i registered with 3k each for kingdom wealth and treasure homes. Now they are asking me to pay another 1k each for certificate. Abeg is this thing for real or they are just siphoning money from people. The person i registered with is a supposed chairperson of a bank in Abuja affiliated with Dunamis church. Pls i need your suggestions

      1. @ oyewole and mosunmola, Yes, SEM dont collect money, it is free. The money NGO collect is for processing on each group, N1,000 for form and N2,000 for cert, Total N3,000. everyone will get cert. For me anything above 3k is extorting money from people. Printing of forms and cert is not free, and it is one of the requirement to obtain grant. They organize seminal, travel to Abuja, to and fro 2x, acquire office, employee is not free. For me, We use processing fee for ourselves. If someone want to get loan in cooperative, or admission to higher institution, is form free ???. Everything in life is a risk, dont let us put all our total mind on it. I know very soon we shall all laugh and forget lacks in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thanks

    1. @ jerry, congrats my brother. is your location Lagos ??? i heard that lagos participant will collect cheque this week. Glory be to God.

    2. Pls, Jerry, can you pls scan the cheque for Thomas in the house to see it. just block your name and cheque s/n ???? Thanks

  45. @jerry we ar all matured in dis grp and so u dt need to toy wt pple emotions by feedin us wit fallacies here.doz it look like wer joking here? wich kain moni u collect? If u want ppl to toy wit i sugest u try for thr u go find ppl of ur type…wat nonsense!

  46. @jerry, if it is true that u’ve collected it, pls send the copy of the cheque for us to see. Let see the cheque pls

    1. You need to know that thus Jerry of thing is a joker. Jerry,pls be serious in this group. Does this group look like comedy one to you.You respect people’s emotion not to toy with it.If you don’t know how to contribute effectively,then don’t be mischievous and keep quiet.

      New update:information had it presently that all Directors have an international conference to attend organised by SEM bf disbursement. Therefore it should be brought to notice of everyone in this group that disbursement likely to be September/October.Pls any one can confirm the authenticity of this information. Olufemi, pls can you reconfirm how genuine this information is.

      1. Hahahahahahahaha….. I hate to be pessimistic, but I advice everybody on this platform to try and remove their minds from the money… if it comes fine. If it doesn’t then we move on with our lives…. for our good!

        Becuase the way some people are acting on this platform is making look as if anybody owes them any money…. for Christ sake… it’s a grant o… and it’s 50-50…

        Please brethren… it’s beginning to look like a mirage….

        1. @ Ben10, Na true talk baba. Dont let us rely or put our total mind on it. Thanks my brother………… But By Gods grace, we shall all get it. God will use it to put an end to our poverty in Jesus name. Amen

      2. @ Adebayo, I have not heard it, the update i know now is that chairman and secretary in lagos region are now in Abuja for training on operation of mfb, follow by other region as organize by SEM, Pls, can someone in Lagos confirm ?????

        International conference ????, i hope SEM is the one to sponsor all directors to oversea ???? bcs, we are all masses oooo. There is no money oooo , pls, Thanks.

    1. @ fola, I dont think family relief will be credited directly, but through issuing cheque signed by 3 directors at each mfb. No internet banking. it is 5 % of your total grant. If they use that system, fund may be diverted and many people might not receive fund. ( Ghost beneficiary ).

  47. Jerry is a clown that just hit the road from middle of nowhere. Don’t let him raise your blood pressure . Please ignore his comment.

  48. Enough of all this brouhaha from unreliable source, the last grant I got took two years to come from the date I applied for it. I urge people to focus on what they are doing… let them do their own thing, this thing’s are not easy to process they making sure that no one hijacks the it must get to I give them time. For me if this money comes in this buhari’s regime…then buhari is the best President of Nigeria.

  49. What is going on with the grant NGOS are now extorting from their directors n participants pls what is the latess about the grant? Should we still wait for or what? Pls asy something we are getting tried of not knowing who n what to do. Tanks

  50. There’ll be a National Fasting and Prayer today towards the successful disbursement of this long awaited grant today the 23rd of July. If you’re capable and fit to join, pls endeavour to participate. The coast is clear and everything is set but we do not want any form of delay anymore. Whether the devil likes it or not, we want this money to be released from August.
    All the National coordinators of Cooperatives and NGO are fully involved in this fasting and prayer exercise. Members n Bank directors are also encouraged to join. Things happen when we all pray to God.

    1. @ kunlegzy,
      Thanks for info. something can be done through prayer. let it continue in our home too. We really thank God for the lives of all National coordinators, they are Godly and wonderful people. And i know for sure that we shall all be benefited from this grant. No one will die b4 disbursement. Pls, lets prepare ourselves for our projects and success is ours in Jesus name. Amen.

  51. This is not a scam o, is a real grant, very very real. But i hope will all benefit from the grant. But am sure by August we will all recieve good news by God’s willing. But pls let use our grant wisely. Pls be wise with your grants. Use it according to your plan ooo. May God help us.

  52. This is not a scam o, is a real grant, very very real. But i hope will all benefit from the grant. But am sure by August we will all recieve good news by God’s willing. But pls let use our grant wisely.

  53. Ibilola July 20, 2018 at 10:28 am
    i beg to disagree with you because at the seminar held last weekendi.e, friday and satursday at unilag sports tennis court,the national coordinators says the grant will be disburse in another 2weeks not months again. Thank you.

    1. @Funmi,that is August, very sure.That report is encouraging but I ll like you to give me the confidence that August is very sure by giving me proof.That ll enable me to confront the skeptical ones that we re not pursuing shadow

    2. @Funmi,that is August, very sure.This msg is very encouraging. However,Funmi,I like you give me the confidence that August is sure by give me word of proof.This will enable me to confront the skeptical ones who have been mocking me

    3. @Funmi,that is August, very sure.This is very encouraging. However, Funmi,pls give the proof of confidence that August is sure.This will enable me to confront the skeptical ones who have been making mockery of this Scheme.

  54. Lagos and Abuja have started collection, a director told me in confidence, so other states will soon join. Please Lagos n Abuja people should confirm this.

  55. If you know that your Data is duplicated or lifted from another database, just rush to sem now now to change it. Otherwise no SHOW for you . Your bank will be disqualified instantly. Pls treat as extremely urgent .I left sem office just now. Our grant is already on ground. Congratulations

  56. The data you submitted before signing the UCR. Some people just duplicated names from one database to another thereby causing unnecessary delays

  57. Pls let’s always give relevant information wt reference. Don’t just come here and give us erroneous information all in d name of that’s what dey want to hear. So pls let’s b specific and actual in disseminating information.
    One love.




  59. information reaching me from zaria confirms that all national coordinators have been given their cheques . congratulations

    1. @ekunlomo,are sure this info is from a reliable source? Lest the people in the house be misinformed. Pls try reconfirm and get back to us.Cos according to Ben10,if final negotiation with commercial banks just want to take place,there will be no way cheque will have been given to any mfbs yet.

    » 95% success has been recorded in progressing towards the disbursement.
    » Final negotiations with the Commercial Banks to be attached to each MFB is on going.
    » Expect disbursement any time.
    » It will come suddenly, though the exact date is not known.
    » Let’s continue to pray. All things seem to be coming together.
    » May God bless us all. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  61. Pls which one do we believe? Ekunlomo and Ben10 information are conflicting. Pls throw more light to this.

    1. @ Abidemi, what Ekunlomo said might be true, As i know, national coordinators will firstly receive cheque, follow by directors, then the rest members. Lets keep on praying on it, We shall all succeed on it. Amen. Thanks.

      1. That’s not true, cheques will be signed by chairmen and secretaries of the various MFBs inorder not for the national coordinators abusing the process, thesame way UCR was signed.

  62. At ben 10 is rite. my daddy is a chairman of a bank and has being a good friend of d secretary of social exchange market. he cal him n said d money has been transfer yesterday to nigeria by d donors. And d coresponding bank are four. gtb, first bank, zennith bank. he left to abuja today morning to sem office to confirm at no 12 dan suleiman street utako abuja. we r almost ther lets nt size to pray.

  63. @ Solomon E to which account is it transferred in Nigeria. A lot of conflicting information flying up and down. Some said money has been transferred to zenith, some saith the banks are Skye , fidelity, zenith and no mention of the fourth.
    I know time will tell but let’s stop spreading unfounded rumours.

  64. thos at d 3 banks my daddy talk about bt he did nt mention d forth bank @ faith. d four commercial banks are d once all mcf bank wil b attach to it. so jst wait n c wich bank would ur micro finance bank under. Let me b sincere wit every one pls stop spreading information u r nt sure of dat is wat is making d masses tink d programme is a scam pls stop posting wrong information. the grant is real bt the process is too much n consider d environment dat is involve wit greedy n selfish set of human being wich is nigeria. the national co-ordinators r evil tryin to hijack d fund but whth d help of God Donald was able to code their evil plan.

    1. @Solomon,I hope you will give us feed back of the information your Daddy come back with at his arrival from Abuja probably tomorrow.

  65. If it comes to reality ,then there is hope for a better will indeed be a dream come prayer is that any force or personality that wants to hinder the success of this grant shall be wipe off from the surface of the earth.

  66. I do not know why some of us want to know the 4 banks, bank is bank, ours is to get grant in any one our mfb allocated to. Lets continue prayers on it to reach us safely. it is well. Thanks

  67. I wonder o, must we no the names of those banks before collecting grant, pls let hope that is turn out well instend of putting our mind on banks it is not our duty, leave it for them.

  68. Just called SEM, am a director. I was informed that by next week the consultant Dr. Donald will hold meeting with the national coordinators of the registered Cooperatives on the disbursement of the grant to the various MFBs after which they will pass the info to various chairmen/secretaries. Pls be informed, SEM doesn’t deal with chairman/secretary/directors. Every information goes through their national coordinators. I would have giving out SEM numbers for anyone to confirm but it’s not allowed on this platform. Pls be informed, there is no authentic date for disbursement yet, but from all indications, it might happen this August. Don’t believe everything you read on this platform concerning this grant, I reside in Abuja -Fct. I can tell you, SEM is not scamming anyone, but coordinators and chairmen are feeding fat from their members based on this grant even b4 it’s disbursed. Trust Nigerians.

    » 90-99% success has been recorded in progressing towards the disbursement.
    » Final negotiations with the Commercial Banks to be attached to each MFB is on going.
    » Expect disbursement any time.
    » It will come suddenly, though the exact date is not known.
    » Let’s continue to pray. All things seem to be coming together.
    » May God bless us all.

    1. Pls omatayi, u have to be careful on how you inform people, for the fact that some ppl are desperately in need of money help shouldn’t mean anyone can just log in here to tell ppl what he/she has not heard to please People’s mind. If you don’t know , Some people counts your message to be original and at the same time some are very careless about it but they remain patient that things will happen soon regard SEM GRANT. It’s better for you to come here and read ppls true update than to share fake ones.

  70. Fourteen Staff Of The Social Exchange Market Suspended For Taking Bribe From The Cordinators Of Some Coppratives,first Bank,gtb Bank, Zenit Bank, And Uba Bank Selected To Fund Mmfbs ,also These Have Been Ask To Start The Printing Of The Cheque Booklets For These Model Micro Finance Banks, second Week Of August Funding Starts,thanks,

  71. Please people should not give us updates they are not sure of.many of you do copy and will read an information on another site without confirming whether it’s true or not and then come here to post it.there is someone here that does that,I won’t mention his name he belongs to a telegram group where they discuss about grants.he will come here and post things as if he was the one that went for the sem meeting.
    Let not put hope on all this updates many of them are fake.though the grant is real,don’t put your mind on the informations

  72. @joy one of our director at Bethany human development center. Who happen to be the head of my whatsapp group for the world bank grant updated us with the latest info and it’s progress .
    @doyinsola What is my gain for posting fake update. It’s either u believe it or you forget about it. Just to let u know that this scheme is real and it’s seriously monitored, no time for bribery and corruption . Thanks

  73. @Whalley are you one of the doubting Thomases of this grant? What i posted is very obvious . I am on ground in Abuja here and a Director in some Mfb of the scheme. I visit sem day in day out
    Mark you i am not here to impress anybody . Please be guided

  74. What do I gain from posting fake news here . Except may be you are only interested in pessimistic views
    Almighty God has given us this grant and no Jupiter can hinder it INSHA ALLAH

  75. @Oluwaseun and @Omatayi and all others who have been giving us real and positive update here thank you very much.
    I’m seriously concerned for people like Joy and others who will rather be pessimistic about this. The grant is real and we’re getting close, let’s continue to inform ourselves of positive happenings and ignore negativistic and pessimistic views. May God keep us all to see it’s perfection.

  76. Don’t fail to thank God, He had already answered all your prayers. May God bless all the people that put all hands on desk to deliver this mandate. poverty bye for ever.;

  77. Some of you will be here calling out others’s updates as “fake”, and advising people to disregard the information received here and not to put their minds on it, yet you yourselves will come here every day to read through these same comments, and post yours? Since you know which updates are real and which are fake or mere “copy and paste”, why then do you still bother coming to this platform to read? Since you don’t want people putting their minds on what they read here, why do you still come here every hour looking for more updates?? Is your mind not here as well??? Why don’t you just stay on your own lane with your golden and privileged “fake-update-detection-machine” and channel your mind and focus into other areas of your life and forget about this grant? Maybe you can check back at the end of the year to see if you will still find people here waiting to benefit from your ridiculous and pessimistic comments? We all know that it costs nothing to either be positive or pessimistic about this matter, and since you have chosen rather to be negative, why don’t you keep those opinions to yourself instead of coming here to discourage Nigerians?? Some of us got involved with and applied for this grant well over a year ago before the news became rampant and all sorts of cooperative societies and MFBs recently starting flying all over the place with their forms and promises, yet you don’t see us throwing in the towel and discouraging others, knowing full well that these things take time and lots of patience, especially in a country like ours where our culture of GREED, IMPATIENCE and IMPUNITY will not allow things to run smoothly.
    Dear brothers and sisters, Patience is Key. Don’t cut corners, don’t bribe anyone, just be patient, prepare your project plans and deliverables with timelines, and wait! Simple.

  78. Some of you will be here calling out others’s updates as “fake”, and advising people to disregard the information received here and not to put their minds on it, yet you yourselves will come here every day to read through these same comments, and post yours? Since you know which updates are real and which are fake or mere “copy and paste”, why then do you still bother coming to this platform to read? Since you don’t want people putting their minds on what they read here, why do you still come here every hour looking for more updates?? Is your mind not here as well??? Why don’t you just stay on your own lane with your golden and privileged “fake-update-detection-machine” and channel your mind and focus into other areas of your life and forget about this grant? Maybe you can check back at the end of the year to see if you will still find people here waiting to benefit from your ridiculous and pessimistic comments? We all know that it costs nothing to either be positive or pessimistic about this matter, and since you have chosen rather to be negative, why don’t you keep those opinions to yourself instead of coming here to discourage Nigerians??

  79. Some of us got involved with and applied for this grant well over a year ago before the news became rampant and all sorts of cooperative societies and MFBs recently starting flying all over the place with their forms and promises, yet you don’t see us throwing in the towel and discouraging others, knowing full well that these things take time and lots of patience, especially in a country like ours where our culture of GREED, IMPATIENCE and IMPUNITY will not allow things to run smoothly. Dear brothers and sisters, Patience is Key. Don’t cut corners, don’t bribe anyone, just be patient, prepare your project plans and deliverables with timelines, and wait! Simple.

  80. Hmmm it’s now you people have guts to be defending and giving updates about the grants.I don’t see anything wrong with what someone said yesterday about fake/copy and paste updates. Many of you giving updates have spoken ill of this grant on this same platform before and now came back to start giving updates as if they are members of the sem.the person LEWIS coated never said the grant is to PMAN IK,OLUFEMI for their motivations. #Nocopyandpasteupdate
    #no over sabi comments#

  81. If this grant should become reality and the money disbursed accordingly with sincerity and truthfulness,then it means Buhari is the best president nigeria has ever had

  82. My prayer is that the disbursement will be done with truthfulness,sincerity and fear of God.with the news that some coordinators and trying to hijack,bribe and feed fat on the fund.I wonder how they want to go about giving out the cheques.I registered since October 2017 they said they shortlisted, some people name came out and was given ID some peoples name did not come out and we paid 1500 for ishiba.what is short listing again when we were not interviewed or asked to bring any business see what I’m saying.some people that registered after us to collected ID.I just pray it will be done with clean hands and mind. if they dont,they will spend the money on incurable diseases

  83. Lewis wetin you use different from doyisoal.
    Anyway,I just got to know about the grant and ive read through comments’s kinda interesting.I wish to apply for the next do I go about it please

  84. I’m very delighted that there are sound minded persons like Lewis on this platform. Keep it up my guy.
    Don’t mind some of the perpetual pessimist, naysayers and arm chair critics here . They don’t have any updates to give but when you give out one, they criticise and call you names
    But not to worry I will continue to post genuine updates. Not deterred at all.
    We shall meet by the end of the year

    1. SEM now has an official website which i think was lunched this morning the mysterious sem is no longer mysterious and this is a lethal regret for all doubting thomas…..

  85. There is something about Nigeria. If u give them fake news they won’t critize anybody, but if u give real and geninue news they will start critizing people. Which means if something Good is coming there must be people that will against it. It is better to be quiet than start critize. Let those that no about the grant give us lastest news on that. Pls be warn, this grant is real. Don’t come and say ‘I Thou No’.

  86. @ stone, I really thank you for this info. I have checked it . At least, i saw 8 out of 9 people display in their website when we traveled to Abuja for signing UCR ( Universal collateral Register ) . Glory be to God in the highest.

  87. Have you confirmed the website?hmmmm if someone says you are posting copy and paste news without confirmation u will start typing all the grammar in this world as if na una sabi English pass.the money we una dey expect Don let some people loss their senses

    1. @fumi just leave them they are negetive kind of pple behaving as if they dont need the money wen they have nothing

  88. Is u people that said they don’t have website and now the website is out but still complaining. I don’t no why some people like negative words, they can’t be positive. Nawaaa oooo. The Website is comfirm ooooo brother Usman and Abia. Later now u people will start saying is scam. I don tired ooooo

  89. National coordinators and Dr Donald held a crucial meeting yesterday in Abuja. We are yet to be briefed by the coordinators.


  91. All of u here in dis forum are liars from d pit of hell…this include d so cald mr Donald,SEM website,evrybody here! And i pray u all reciv judgment frm God for giving us all fake hope..this is d last day in july,and asides,today makes it xactly one yr i registered for dis scammed scheme…money go com since wen? Dem tok say last yr December,later dem say January…dem com dey apologise say patapata march/april…later dem tok say june,now we don enter sure dem go soon say december….if una see any of dem rep,pls tell dem i say it will not be well wit dem in jesus name,amen…nonsense!! I kip saying i regret bin a Nigerian!

    1. If its false hope they have given you. Then look for a lively and sure hope elsewhere and totally blind ur mind from this grant.
      Its a choice.


  92. My people, truely the meeting didn’t hold with Donald yesterday. The reason was that he said he was disappointed with the national coordinators for extorting millions of naira from their members whom they are supposed to help. The man does not take rubbish at all. He called them names. People have been sending petitions and reports on how these coordinators have been extorting money from their members and the whole thing got Donald angree. The money is in SEM’S acct. The man refused to see them that he’s not going to work through them again instead, he will deal directly with the chairmen /secretaries of various MFBs. For him to do these, he require a new template. He has also asked them to return all monies collected from their members that has do with this grant
    The bad aspect of the whole thing is that, most of these national coordinators are “PASTORS “, still they go ahead to extort money from their poor innocent and uninformed members. Now they are planning to go and beg him to resend his decision. The man is very very angreeoooo! I don’t want to tell you guys what my contact said concerning the disbursement of this grant this August. National coordinators are not been sincere with the whole project.

        1. @PMAN IK That’s the best way out. Our own national coordinator was just using every means to collect money from us. Its so disheartened. I pray God will give Donald and his team the wisdom and protection to sort things out well.

          1. @stevosky. Donald is very intelligent and knows what to do. The complains become an embarrassment. So he had to give them a piece of his mind.

    1. New template? Haaa!this is going to be serious set back and will never happen in Jesus name.God will help national coordinators to be able to convince me Donald to reverse his decision ooooo!We re been long on this mountain.We want this grants this month.

    2. We are living in dog eat dog society where survival is for the fittest. Poverty is turning men against each other and nigerians have lost their right in this bribery and corruption. World.That’s is why it is really hard to find any smooth running system in this country, that corruption is not an influential factor. I hope the initiator of this program will remain focused on their noble intention and never get destracted from doing the Gods Will.

  93. @ PMAN IK, you have earlier wrote that coordinators are feeding fat on this grant so why all these explanation of Donald been angry or are you one of the people that told him. Someone has explained that the money the coordinators collected from is for transport to & fro to Abuja, form opening and ID card. My question is did Mr Donald give the coordinators money for transport and maintenance, if yes, he should be angry and discipline them but if no let him release the grant ooooo… is too late to be angry. Nigerians are full of cock and bull stories. I can’t wait to collect this grant….

    1. @grace…it’s an NGO they are not suppose to collect money from anyone.even if they needed money to travel for the meetings it should be from their pockets because it’s suppose to be sacrifice,it’s a selfless service and that is why grants is higher than each individuals own.afterall their pay will be 100m each,do you know how many thousands of people that paid N3000 and how much they must have realised from that.I’m sure it because they were not expected to collect money from the people that SEM decided to make theor money 100m each.
      A friend said the reason why he wasn’t interested in tge grant was because it’s being handled by pastors,that majority of them are dubious.look at what is happening now.
      I pray God should have mercy on us all and make this grant come to reality.

    2. Those who don’t have anything meaningful to contribute on this platform, should just read and observe. Thank you.

    3. @Grace. This is not small money most of this coordinator are collecting from their various MFB…..THEY ARE USING EVERY AVAILABLE SCHEME TO GET MONEY. This money is running into millions.

      Like our own coordinator collected #15,000 each from all directors in each MFB. This apart from the huge money they collected from registering our MFB.

      Even he forced us to sign another different MOU with him. So many fraudulent means of dwindling pple.

      May God help us and help Donald to put things in better position. Let him deal directly with the Chairmen/secretaries of the MFB. I think that will be better for us all

  94. This is very serious ooo, Nigeria can never change. How long will they continue decieving us. This is unfair oooo.

  95. @PMAN IK, Tanx for your quality update.I follow your post consistently and am very much happy.pls continue to update us bc we need this money.

      1. @PMAN IK. Thank you for your incisive update. Your post has always been timely and encouraging.
        We are already there….our promise land. No going back.

  96. The grants Going through the secretaries and chairmen of the MFBs will be worst.and it’s going to cause another delay ,like starting all over again.that means all the updates about the monies being transfered into 4 development banks and cheques being printed are all’s not government that are swindlers it’s we ourselves.and people calling themselves men of God.

  97. I hope and pray that Mr Donald is not being manipulated by the usual movers and shakers of Nigeria. Mr Donald is a full blooded Nigerian and should know how we do our things here. No perfection oooo. Let him disburse the first batch and then supervise the second batch meticulously.
    Setting up a new template now will completely erode the integrity of the program.
    We want our grant now oooooo

  98. Dr Donald olurunkeyede Is a nigerian and he can’t tell us that he just heard that many of the NGOs sold the forms.I did mine with st.Rita and it was free.abeg they should come out plain and shouldn’t use that as an excuse for not releasing the fund.
    I never for once doubted this grant of a thing but now it’s like a waste of time.

  99. I was waiting to here good news this week.
    What a shame.I’m beginning to doubt this grant thing.Mr donald olorunkeyede cannot tell us that he just knew that the coordinators collected money from people.
    But some people came here to say money has been sent to the 4 banks ,so, it was a false news.they saw that there is no story to give nigerians again on the reason for the delay in disbursement they came up with this. people that have been saying negative things about this grant seem to be right.
    Meaning SEM suspends disbursement of grant till further notice.

    1. Sincerely, this look doubtful with this new development. This is just a cheap excuse to put our mind away from this tentative scheme.Mr Donald has since been aware that money collected from members by national coordinators,Why now when we re at verge of disbursement claimed by informations we had that Donald came up with this untenable excuse? Itvis very sad!

  100. So because of the national coordinator, the masses that are already suffering will continue suffering.. With all due respect to him and his extremity in discipline, he lacks wisdom and a balanced approach to this.. I know he is doing a good work but the money belongs to nigerians not Donald and his golden standards and believe..

  101. Let’s all be patience…..Things will definitely work out well soon. I know Donald is looking out for the best possible deal for all applicant.

    Our spirit is high
    Our mind is expectant.
    Our body is eager.

    Don’t let’s lose hope. Whether August or September, October or November, We would definitely get this grant….

  102. This is a fake news. National coordinator from just 36 states can not hold more than five million people to ransome as it affects the grant. Please discard the news and remain focused.

  103. I sincerelly disagree to agree to this latest news as the director of my micro finance cofidently told me that the money has landed in the commercial banks in the tune of trillions as at today. you guys can believe whatever you want but i trust the people i know and see more than all of you in this platform.

  104. Biggest Scam ever in Nigeria 2018. Una try ooo. God will surely PUNISH All of you that are involved in this Scam/ fake grant in Jesus Might name. Amen

  105. Welcome to Nigeria…
    The land of uncertainty, deceit and lies…
    Is donald punishing the coordinators or the innocent masses?
    But if this grant is a fraud, thunder will mix with fire to destroy each of those behind the fraud…

    1. May God see us through in this grant issue becbuse most of us have been insulted & assulted and even levied as thieves & 419 bcos we introduced it sincerely to people

    2. May God Almighty see through us though in this grant is because of most of us have been insulted & assulted and even called thieves & 419 for sincerely introducing this grant to people. God bless those that been investinhg & giving us updates, bless all of us & also bless the doubting thoagses. Thanks

    3. God Almighty shall see us through in grant issue because most of us have been insulted & assulted & even called thieves & 419. God bless those that have been giving us timely updates, bless us all & bless the doubting thomases. Thanks.

    4. From the banner in the video, the name of d mfb is lifegate mfb & it seems that is Bar. Donald mfb which is used to luanch the disbursement. The amount ranges b/w 200k, 250k & 500k which is d family relief depending on d project & amount. Thank God disbursement has been launched. Others will follow. Congratulations & to God be the glory

    5. We were told over 5 trillion naira was received from d donors for first batch disburement. I am not good in maths so someone in d house should calculate or divide 5 trillion among 5,486 nigerians registered by sem

    6. Pls we were made to understand dat #5 trillion was paid into banks for disbursement to first batch beneficiaries. I am not good in maths so some mathematicians should help me divide #5 trillion amonng 5,486 million nigerians registered by sem for this program.

  106. Mr Donald shouldn’t have think in that way, after all he is a Nigeria man. Fraud has nothing to do with donald, he already no how Nageria did their things. If this grant is real, he shuld release it for us and deal with those fraud people later and stop giving us excuse.

  107. This is nigeria, pastors, coordinators, chairmen, directors and secretaries are criminals. Its obvious the grant is not real.after raising hopes that money is ready and printing of cheques is on going and they are going for the last meeting with SEM boss after which disbursement will commence.
    they now came up with this stupid excuses.infact,you people should wait till January 2019 when they will come up with another story.”PATIENCE IS THE KEY,STOP BEING NEGATIVE 2019 IS AROUND THE CORNER MIRACLE IS ON THE

  108. Pls let be patient, let see what we happen this month, am sure something good we happen this month. I pray we recieve our grant this month by God’s grace (Amen).

  109. Beware that enemies are around the corner to destroy this programme. Continue praying. Mind you not every body here have registered for the grant. I know some are here to know when second batch will come up. Please becareful as you respond to fake comments.

  110. all thanks to pman ik for his info but seriously its only this group this kind of things is believed pls nobody can confirm for sure that donald and the national cord have any kind of dispute ngos are organizationally structured true some ceos collect money but we can’t just keep believing in negetivity God bless

    1. Honestly, if we look critically or keenly at this info,it looks like fallacy cos Dr Donald remembered bcos of money collected and wants to create a new plate to proceed in this scheme is absolutely absurd.This is like starting from the beginning. A sensible person cannot in my view think in that way.There is a way he can rearrange things without the need of another temmplet.Therefore, let’s not get dejected by this info. Let’s ensure to establish fact bf swaying away from our brilliant hope still reigning in our heart abode.

  111. @PMAN IK, are u really sure of these information u giving us, because am begining to percieve the smell of this month, it seem money will be disburse this month, pls confirm it, abeg.

    1. Just called Bethany office few hrs ago to explain new development pman ik fed us with.Their response was the info was wrong and that is just a distraction, that we should remain focused that soon all will be alright.However, I was not specifically told the exact time disbursement will take place.

      1. Pls,don’t let us keep quiet, let’s reconfirm the info from another genuine source.Meanwhile,I appreciate pman ik for not relenting giving us info as at when due.Pls I urge pman to help us make a reaffirmation of the info.

  112. I was told that the money have be send to the commercial banks and the printing of the cheque is going, that the disbursement will start any moment frm this month which i believe. So help us God. CONGRATULATIONS

  113. the info PMAN gave is true. I confirmed it. don’t ask me how.
    however, it doesn’t stop us from getting our fund this month. chairmen and secretaries of MMFBs are undergoing software trainings as we speak for disbursement. Let’s be calm and pray.

  114. Some Nigerians are so negative that if they enter the dark room, they will start developing. They will so analyze until they paralyze their Ideas. Website, official phone number can not add to the credibility of any organization. MMM had one of the best websites, where are they today with all their promises?
    in case you want to know, go to 12, Dan Suleman street, Utako Abuja, (2nd Floor), that’s sem office. Worst thing that can happen is when those who don’t have information start teaching you. If you don’t want to register, don’t confuse others. NGOs don’t run on water, pay 500naira for forms, 1000 or 1500 for certificate, which are for identification of applicants during disbursement, and someone is analyzing rubbish.
    Don’t teach me nonsense, borrowing the words of Fela Kuti Everything thing is scam to most graduates, even some think that their lives is even a scam. Let’s learn to take some small risks, and always be positive.
    Nigeria is a very complex country, that’s the reason the grant has not been disbursed. Sem
    is doing their book keeping and it’s enormous.
    For those who believe, congratulations. For the naysayers, keep it up, if the trumpet should sound today, they will call it a scam till they are left behind. The world is moving ahead, whether or not you believe it. God bless us all.

    1. Deking! i like your say “LEARN TO TAKE SOME SMALL RISK” even the African richest man toke risk to reach where he is today
      so what we need to do is to pray and have hope that it comes to reality

    1. Thank God you have been vindicated to be a prophet of negativity. You need to watch out lest your negative instinct affect your personal life.For your information, everything is now under control.By God’s grace,you ll be updated with good news soon

    1. @Brownpope, try to put yourself together and exercise faith (Hebrew 11 vs 1) on the process of this grant. Your lamentation reminds me of the experience of the Israelites on their way to Canaan. They yelled and lamented on Moses who took them out of Egypt just as a result of delay and trials on the way. They were totally distracted, and began to mock and insult God who brought them out of the slave camp.
      There will be light at the end of the tunnel and nor matter how far lies travels, truth shall overtake in one day. I will advise as many of us anticipating for this grant to be rest assured that the vision is ordained of God and help is on the way. Stick to the old roughed road and one day it will change for a path, be prayerful, and krep hope alive. By the time it happen, your condition will change 360 degrees and you and your generations will never know poverty again.

  115. So u ppl will be on dis forum tokin abt a damned scamd scheme dat wont com? Wat we shud be discussin now is ao to grab principal directors and begin to hold dem to ransom and pay bak our can som group of so cald pastors scam us with such highly organisd scam lik dat? Image of Cristianity is at stake noow..scamming in d name of Christ?!

    1. U are a distraction!! If u don’t have anything to add get out!! U just want ur name popping up all d time by saying rubbish

    2. Please how much did you spend that we will not hear. Your mind is so naive that u don’t understand that u take risks to succeed in life. I won’t hesitate giving u back ur money and hope u’ll reject the grant when/if it finally comes.

    3. Some people will be optimistic and others pessimistic. Regardless of the divide we found ourselves. Let’s be polite in our response to each other.

      We would surely get the reward for our labour.


      Every one should choose what to believe. Either to accept its real or not.

  116. thanks so much @Deking
    I send an email to them (SEM) and they said they are working seriously to make sure that no one is left behind. what we need now is to pray

    1. Solomon, what do you expect them to tell you,to disclose what’s happening to you?they will continue raising our hopes.but it’s all good, ‘cos with mails and calls they will know ththat people are seriously anxious to get the money

    2. @solomon,pls send SEM’s mail address so I can compose a good write up in mail and send to them.I believe they ll reply me substantially cos I’m a good writer.Pls do

  117. The much-awaited Social Exchange Market grant has been confirmed to be true, as disclosed by a SEM Official in Abuja.
    The international charity organisation, Social Exchange Market has proven to be real, as it’s poised to fulfill its promises of financial assistance to teeming Nigerian families seeking to break free from poverty through entrepreneurial projects. In the last eight months, since our website has been following their proceedings on its grant programme, we have seen lots of critics and skeptics that brand Hunters International as fraud.
    Through the supply of information from our correspondents, individual well wishers (applicants), and some Model Microfinance banks’ owners, much has been written about SEM on this site; and there are documents, videos, and photos that attest to the authenticity of this grant programme from Social Exchange Market. Yet, most Nigerians are skeptical.
    In response to the pressure put on us via phone calls and emails, for good reasons anyway and to reaffirm our corporate credence, our Founder himself, who happened to be the first to write a report on SEM Grant in 2017, had to visit SEM office in Abuja, just to lay all controversies to rest.
    According to him, he had a casual interaction with a SEM Official from their Customer Care Section, Ms. Mary Popoola who said the organization does not grant audio or video recording of interviews. In all, just as we have noted through the information received from well-informed people, the lady confirmed that our previous reports have some iota of misinformation, though on a large scale, it doesn’t discredit the reality of the programme.
    From the discussion they had on the Social Exchange Market Grant, the following are some of the important facts to note (while all other questions have been answered in our previous new updates):
    Social Exchange Market is an existing, verifiable, internationally funded charity registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a tax-exempt organization in Nigeria.
    The executive leader of SEM is Barrister Donald Olorunkeye.
    SEM Grant is real, and not scam or fraud or 419 as claimed in some quarters offline and online.
    The organization has partners, such as foundations, providing funding to achieve its corporate objectives.
    Their official website will soon be launched so Nigerians can access information directly, including by email or phone, thus eliminating all kinds of speculations and third-party comments.
    Over 5,000 microfinance outlets are already affiliated/partnered with SEM to enhance its bottom-up strategy of reaching Nigerian grassroots with their financial assistance programmes.
    Very soon, the list of its verifiable partners will be released.
    When asked about the range of fund that will be given to applicants, Ms. Mary Popoola disproved the claims that between 3-10 million Naira will be given. She said the amount of money to be disbursed to individuals will depend on the nature of the entrepreneurial projects they sign up with when applying with their local cooperative/microfinance outlets.
    Furthermore, she disclosed that SEM has noted that many applicants, based on lack of understanding of how their funding system works, filled in, for example, 10M for just a small project that doesn’t require such a huge capital. Invariably, there is no guarantee that such affected applicants will get the actual sum of money they applied for if their business project is not capital-intensive.
    Speaking on the reason why the grant disbursement is being delayed till date, she mentioned there are administrative problems arising from multiple registrations on the part of applicants and their registrants. She cited cases where, for example, a chairman has 5 cooperative/microfinance outlets and registered 1,000 people under each of them, such that many are not even real people; or cases where an applicant registered with more than 1 microfinance outlets. In addition, she stated that many of the applicants are “ghosts” registered by the chairmen of undisclosed microfinance outlets.
    This development is therefore giving SEM management a monumental problem of filtering out such multiple registrations and eliminating those “ghosts” from the list. In view of her submissions on this area, our Founder suggested that BVN (Bank Verification Number) should have been part of the items to fill in during the application process, so that such issues can be addressed with ease. Reasoning with this idea, she said it will be passed on to their leader for possible implementation in the second batch of the program.
    It’s hereby advised that interested applicants who wish to register for the second batch of this SEM Grant should hold on till the organization releases the names of their accredited partners. This will help avoid getting scammed

    1. mr joe alex we don hear can u shut up ur mouth and get out of this forum cos ur negetivity is not wot we nid keep ur poverty and negetive mentality to urself rubbish….

    2. @ Joe Alex,
      What is your evidence that this grant is scam ?? U repeated what u posted on hunter international .com here too. Pls, leave this forum.

    1. Disbursement may not likely take place this month because the Software/I.T. training of MMFB directors will run till 1st of September 2018.

  118. We all have to wait till October 17, 2018. That is the day set aside for this disbursement. Using it to mark the UN world’s poverty eradication day.

    Source : SEM

    1. The official of SEM says the grants will be out in few weeks at the seminar held all over Lagos State,so where did you get your own update.

    2. @emma dat news no follow at all stop all this kind of news here to crown it all u now say from sem as if u working there…..

  119. Olufemi,Abidemi,Funmi,Ben10 and Pman ik all of u have done a very wonderful job may God bless u all,may u leave see d reality of d grant dat is about to disburse in Jesus.

  120. Goodday,Stone,Abidemi,Olufemi,Funmi,Ben10 and Pman ik all of u have done a very wonderful job on this plantform.may Almighty God bless u all,may u also leave to see d reality of d disbursement of dis grant in Jesus name.Amen

  121. I disagree with u @Emma, it can never be October, because the printing of the cheque has started alreading, so the disbursement will start at anytime.

  122. Dear all,

    There’s no point arguing with my memo. Like one of rightly said, there will be software training for all bank chairmen and their secretaries ; which will span over for some weeks (based on when all the geopolitical zones must have gone through the training).

    While the disbursement will commence on October 17, 2018 to celebrate the United Nation’s World Poverty Eradication Day. IDA made it this way . Mark my statements.

    The grant is ‘300’ %(if there’s anything like 300%) REACHOUT. IT IS REAL. LET’S KEEP HOPE ALIVE

  123. fake people fake news pls if you don’t want HBP pls leave the information you see all fake in fat am reporting this site

  124. Buhari is d best president we ever have in dis great nation Nigeria.May he leave long.I know some ppl on dis plantform are satanic agent that doesn’t want something good in their life but either d devil like it or not disbursement will take place dis month.Big THANKS to u all.

  125. Let ur contribtn be centrd only on disbursment and nt on political campain…if herdsmen don kill ur papa and mama im sure ur submission abt Buhari wud be diffrent..

  126. @ john because God gave Elijah during the reign of Ahab doesn’t make him the best King and because God made the grant to happen during the time of buhari doesn’t qualify as the best President

  127. @ John, Because God gave Elijah (a man that can shut heaven and perform dumb-founding miracles) during the reign of Ahab (arguably the most idolatrous king) doesnt make him the best king and because God wants to make this grant to happen during the time of Buhari doesn’t qualifies him as the best president. It is God who is at work, dont bring any man into this matter

  128. There’s something u don’t understand that i will make u know today,those politican are the brain behind the killings,not Buhari,let us be sincere with those that want power at all cost that mastermind it.i am not a politican and i wil never be.i know u are not a responsible human being that’s why u come here to insult ppl.let me tel u either u believe or not d grant is real,and very soon u will be put to shame

  129. I want to use this opportunity to advice us on this grant especially those who said it is not real. My dear Nigerian’s if you don’t believe in this grant stop disturbing yourselves by coursing people, allow those who believed in it to be and very soon they will smile stop taking paracetamol for another person’s headache. All of us can’t be reach at the sometime, of course we still need labourers to help us utilize the Grant ok, if you don’t believe in getting the Grant you will soon believe in working for those who got the grant. God bless you all.

  130. My people, this is free grant, non refundable. Let us be patience. Anytime SEM disburse is acceptable, whether now or next year 2019. Disbursement day is tentative. We all have work we do. lets focus on it. Grant is additional. God bless you all. Thanks.

  131. @Brownpope ur words are too ash, pls minimze it, u are not the only one this grant affected, we too feel it but we only re-new our hope everyday because we believe the grant is real and will be disburse at anytime.

    #the grant is real and will be disburse at anytime because i also have the hope for it.

  132. @funmi ur advise is noted…now ul know me as brownpope the truth…noow whr re we on di grant…if we re nt paid dis August,well its as good as a scam to me…dat fund wud ve gone a long way in makin me do so many tins dat has bin hitherto left undone…ok,are they still holdin meetings or they ve all gone to sleep for now?

  133. Im sorry bt re we sure they ve really started to print those cheques? reports these days hav bin quite conflicting

  134. My people, pls i will advise us to be patient, remember prayer along with faith and patient are king to success. Remember this grant is free, no matter the amount will pay can’t reach the amount of the money we about to collect. I just called sem office and i was told that is October. Pls i beg us to excerse faith. I understand how u all feel, even me too feel the same, because i also apply for it. Pls my people let be patience. This grant is real. I pray it come out successful. Thanks

    1. Pls Funmi,send SEM’s phone no to my mail Pls let me too follow them up and give the house update. If you have SEM’s mail address too,pls send the two to my mail.Thanks

      1. This Donald man should open an SME website na. What does it take to open one and inform ppl with latest information from d main source.

        Not today Emma talk this one, tomorrow John talk him own, then we for here go come dey calculate d answer.

        Every bit of this whole scheme sounds like scam unless proven otherwise.

        Don’t tell me to go meet chairman or secretary 4 information. Show me d stream to fetch my own water pls.

        Is all I have to say cos after collect #1k, #1500, or #3000 from everybody in Nigeria this whole then turns to MMM. Another crowd funding scheme.

        May b d first set of ppl will benefit , who knows?

        If so I pray am among d first.

        Still on Still, what is not Godly is not good. Rubbing peter to pay Paul is not an obtion.

        If u are a Christian and u profess Christ, then live His lifestyle cos Christianity is a lifestyle.

        U will never see JESUS doing a thing of this kind but yet most of this things are happening in churches and among church members.

        I do not approve of it if its another crown funding scheme.


        LOVE ur neighborhood as urself

  135. Bethany national coordinator with his team came to osogbo yesterday to hold a seminar for all MFB under bethany and the outcome of the meeting is that all bethany directors in osogbo are to come to ibadan (national headquarter of bethany) on wed 8/8/18 to verify their cheques. they also said the banks attached to them are busy this week printing their cheques,

  136. Good evening everyone, I pray very soon, All our expectations shall come to pass..Nothing much to discuss.
    1. Get your proposal ready because you will be call upon very soon
    2. For effective disbursement, all the 36 states has been divided into four i.e(South West, South East, South South and North). Each chairman and secretary of all MFBS should be ready for Abuja second trip and there will be a day seminar with the Commercial BANK officials along with collection of other documents.
    Banks approve by SEM are Zenith, union, first and Fidelity bank’s for disbursement and its has also been confirmed that money is with the Commercial Banks right now and they’re through with the printings of cheques and other documents.

    Goodnight and God bless you

    Get either Voter card or national ID card ready

    All chairman and secretary are the ones to provide the following documents
    1. Either NEPA or water corporations bill
    2. National ID / Voter card
    3. Four passport
    4. Get ready for Abuja trip

    All information is. 💯 Verified

    Your proposal should be just a page please and have 80% knowledge about the business plans… Each directors of the new MFBS will decide when your project is viable or not

  137. Can banks print cheques before opening accounts? I tot CEOs and Secretaries will be called to open accounts first.

  138. Rightchuks, I think they said cheque, not checkbooks.
    You don’t need to open account to receive check to cash out from any bank…

  139. I think d informations so far available though subject to verifications are very hopeful and inspiring but we have not heard from PMAN.IK for quite sometime now do u mind letting us know the progress made so far from ur desk of info.

  140. Shocking Revelation: Social Exchange Market Busted as Fraudulent Programme

    After a careful and strategic presentation of itself as a credible charity organization, Social Exchange Market has been exposed as high-wire scam in Nigeria.

    This is the latest review on SEM. To our utmost shock, after the partial launch of its official website, our Fact-Check has revealed that all the series of seminars and events allegedly said to be required for the disbursement of grants to Nigerian grassroots, are nothing but high-wire scam. It’s very difficult to believe, but it’s a fact that has the potential to be far damaging and suicidal than MMM scam was.

    Personally, I paid a visit to Abuja SEM office on 27 July to verify information being shared with us by SEM stakeholders and applicants from various parts of Nigeria. From that visit, a report was published here on Tuesday (31 July) that the SEM is true and real. I was told that by Friday, 3 August, 2018, I would be able to find important information on their website which was under construction that time. And interestingly, today, after being alerted by a Lagos applicant, I had to visit the site to check their updates. Sure, judging by the site’s contents, everything they told me on that Friday visit is FALSE, by all standards.

    Looking at the strategic way SEM has so far positioned itself as a charity, working hand in hand with both individuals and corporate bodies, we have eventually been able to remove the masquerade covering—thanks to its new website. SEM has just undone itself by launching that website. Patiently read the following analysis and be ready to run.

    Before that, it need be stated that those who sold application forms to you are absolutely innocent and sincere in their aim. They all meant well for you. Based on the profiles of people who have spoken with us in the last eight months, you will find Bishops, Pastors, Venerables, Reverends, Elders, etc. who, just like it happened with MMM, gave their followers SEM forms to fill, expecting grants to follow.

    The loss you have suffered so far is still minimal (some people even got the form for free in Akure through a cooperative house). Collectively, we must not let them make away with more than necessary. See this math:

    On its site, SEM claims to have 5,486 microfinance outlets. Each registered 1,000 applicants, thus totaling 5,486,000 people. It’s been found out that applicants will first receive a certificate before cheque. Assuming it goes for N3500 as said, SEM will garner in a whopping N19, 201,000,000.

    Now, let me analyse how I got to prove SEM is fraud after all these carefully schemed events they have had with their national coordinators (owners of those microfinance outlets). Well, I too have found it quite easy to believe the stuff is true and real (most people do; the scheme was well planned out), until today (3 August).

    Here are 7 FACTS to show that every one of you must, as a matter of necessity, stop dealing with Social Exchange Market RIGHT NOW. This is very important to those of you Coordinators.

    Fact #1 – There is discrepancy in the name given to me as the executive leader of SEM. Barrister Donald Olorunkeye was said to be the leader, but the website does not reflect that. Now SEM website has fictitious people as their Board of Directors. While at the office, Customer Care lady said they don’t grant audio/video interviews. That statement now speaks volume to me.

    Fact #2 – Social Exchange Market states that it has been registered as a tax-exempt charity at Corporate Affairs Commission. Unfortunately, when queried on CAC site, it shows its real name as SOCIAL EXCHANGE MARKET INTERNATIONAL NETWORK SERVICES LTD (RC 1482556); registered in 2018-03-27. Imagine a so-called organization that started its funding programme in 2017 just getting registered in March 2018.

    Verify it here.

    Fact #3 – I did a Whois lookup of the site and found out that the man behind it is AYORINDE OLORUNSHOLA of Hyperlynks Solutions, Flat 4 Block 22, Kukawa Close, Area 10, Abuja. It is hosted by Whogohost. This name is different from anyone you find on the site. Is “Donald Olorunkeye” not this OLORUNSHOLA? Hmmm.

    Fact # 4 – Here are some of the members of the SEM Board: Chairman, SEM; President and Chief Executive Officer, Makiwa Ola; Treasurer, J;  Managing Director, T. (Which “Ola” is the CEO? From OlorunshOLA abi? Sho!) How could “SEM” be the Chairman and Vice Chairman? You have “J” as Treasurer. Very dubious.

    Here is the bombshell. Some of the members of the Management Board are: Segun Wale, CEO of Eagle River Inc.; and Dr. Raji Akin, President, Rockefeller Foundation. See the screenshots below for the true names of the executives of these organizations. Or see these links (and screenshots from the sites):

    Fact #5 – The SEM website is out of place. As a web developer, I expect something professional from such an organization. How come they are just coming up with a site in August, from a domain name registered on 25 April, 2018? See the site with many broken links and non-existent pages showing some strange strings in their URLs. Web Geeks out there will understand what I’m talking about.

    See the site:

    Fact #6 – Those Microfinance Banks are not registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Find out if the one you registered with is there:

    Fact #7 – According to the words of one Mr. Stephen from Lagos, who spoke with me, SEM and its Microfinance Outlets put out conflicting information. When it all started, applicants were told the grant is coming from World Bank through the Development Bank of Nigeria. But both institutions, plus CBN, refuted that claim. Then, some of the Microfinance outlets, for example, Bethany World, quickly published a disclaimer that it’s not WB again (I saw it myself on their site).

    Dear reader, it wouldn’t have been so easy to detect that the programme is scam (looking at their strategic series of activities), if not for the bits of information SEM has just put on their new site, and the Facts 1-6 show something is phishing about the site (about the organisation). This is not just a mistake on their part. These are deliberately false declarations, and that’s a big clue that it’s scam.

    I hereby apologize in any way you may feel offended after all the past reports you have read herein or elsewhere online (Funny, Tribune just carried a report that 21,000 Bayesans, through an NGO, will benefit from SEM Grant. See it here.). And I want you to pardon those brothers and sisters who sold the forms to you. I tell you no one could have thought it out in the first place. If you have just got the forms, request for refunds today.

    Interestingly, there are other legal alternatives to SEM (e.g Tony Elumelu Foundation) which you can explore. Soon, two of our contributors will share about 7 of those with you. No money is coming from Rockefeller Foundation which SEM is trying to identify with.

    Please help share this to stop this scam.

    Lawrence Wole is a Publisher, Author and Preacher. He is a co-founder and staff writer for Hunters International. His sermon notes and expert articles are published weekly. Follow him via his social media profiles.

    Shocking Revelation: Social Exchange Market Busted as Fraudulent Programme | Hunters International

    Note : What you people have to say about all this allegations as copied. I also registered with a mcfb. I’m equally expecting the money.

  141. How can bank print check for a non existing customer, an account has not been opened, no account number yet, and you are saying the bank are busy printing check books. Is that the way Nigerian banks operate. That must be ‘jankara’ banking. Even if you want to tell lies, tell the reasonable ones. Nigerians, don’t let anybody mugu you, bank does not print check book for an account not opened yet. They will not change the rule or the banking system becos of SEM or grant stuff. Let them say something else. Good luck

  142. I don die! Jeesuuss! No wonder…al dis while…i shud ve known…is dis report real? If d allegations are true walai we re dead? Walai!!

  143. 21,000 unemployed Bayelsa indigenes to benefit from CBN/World Bank scheme AUGUST 4, 2018 A Non-Governmental Organisation, Visioned Skills Development Center (VSDC), has announced that over 21,000 unemployed youths from Bayelsa State will benefit from special grants from the World Bank/Central Bank scheme to reduce unemployment and promote entrepreneurial skills. The Chief Executive Officer of VSDC, Apostle Isreal Kama, who made this known in Yenagoa during the interactive session with shortlisted beneficiaries at a seminar organised by the VSDC in conjunction with the Social Exchange Market, said the special grant will be sourced through the Social Exchange Market under the supervision of VSDC, for the implementation of the ‘bottom-up’ strategy of the World Bank project. Kama said beneficiaries of the scheme could get grants as high as N10 million to start small businesses that would be supervised by VSDC all year round for sustainability. Speaking to newsmen after the seminar, Kama, said the “grants all over the world are always needed for a particular purpose to advance human development. The purpose of this particular grant available in Nigeria now is for economic revolution.

    Read more at:

  144. Joe has said his own.
    Is there anybody here, on this platform who can proof him wrong with evidence?
    If there is none, we should forget the grant and seek help elsewhere…
    Please, if you have any proof to show this grant is fake, don’t hesitate to share it here.
    Life goes on…
    We all have what we were doing before…

    1. @blessedmike if i tell u the investment, tym, money, and resources spent by most of us for this programme to be a reality some of u just lyk believing in fake useless and unfounded post what does joe know abt social exchange market he knows absolutely nothing but he just an enemy from a dark world spoiling Gods plan for his children am saying this with 100% confidence sem is the realest thing that has hit nigeria so far and as for u joe u haven’t seen anything yet idiot

  145. @Joe, A loud ovation and credit for the information you provided. First I can tell you that the process of opening corporate bank account is very comprehensive and involves many documentions including swearing of affidavits with EFCC. In practise, crime fighters, and anti money laundry are proactive in the way the operate nowadays and cannot be watching citizens to be scammed openly for such a long time. There is no way such huge amount of money can go through any organizations account without the banking sector curbing action to freeze the account and notify money laundry fighters. This grant has been all over the air since last year, and law enforcement agencies are aware of it. Although we read that Central bank,& world bank have declined their involvements and issue warning to nigerians at a point, but there is no way further progress such as commissioning of office at Abuja, launching of website, and organizing of seminal will be ongoing up to date. Anothe fact is that there is a genuine bearer of the name Mr. Donald olorunkeyede who is an important figure and personality from a Google search
    Such a high profile individual will not be mute while his name will be used for SCAM and affiliated to an organization like SEM.

    Conclusion: . You don’t have to know how the watch works, but just keep an eye on the time. Maybe the source of the grant is the reason why the procedure is highly orchestrated and cleverly organized. However I will those of us who have enrolled for this grant to patiently await our fate and those anticipating for second batch registration should also await the outcome of those that are already on board. Chances are 50-50, and only time will tell if this is REAL or SCAM.

  146. Stones, you don’t have to insult me. I didn’t post what I posted to blacklist or discredit anyone. I only want those with counter allegations or real proves to counter it with proofs. Like I’ve said before I also registered with my certificate already with me. Just want to be doubly sure, that’s all. I need that money more than everyone here. Thanks for your understanding and explanation Ola

  147. I am surprised that everybody went quiet. Hope Popebrown have not drank the petrol? Somebody should comfirm that he is still alive.
    Eben should tell us where and how he got his 100% information.
    The report from hunters international is an opinion . There is still hope.

  148. Hmmm, nawa oo, this world is full of positive and negative, i have go through SEM website and there is nothing wrong with it, it does not indicate any scam or real, it is a normal website that has office address and phone number. Even their profile are complete.

    @Joe, one thing i want u to understand is, why did it took hunters international to do their investigation and why do they have to wait for someone to ask them to go to Sem office before they do so. Imagine someone call them at lagos and told them to go sem office at Abuja, the question is, it is their first time of going to sem office? And they not the one that said it real in the first place? And now they are changing topic

    Like i said, the grant is Real #fact, it is real.

    I can boldly said hunters international is a scam, because they did not do their investigation well. Thanks

  149. Question;
    1. Why is EFCC KEEPING quite in the midst of all this confusion and conflicting information .
    2.Why is Sem not carry out regular updates to douse tension admist this terrible confusion.

  150. It will be highly regrettable if this whole thing turn out to be a scam in the very presence of security agencies who ought to be alive to their responsibility. My God ! What a country.

  151. Dem collect at most 3000 each from les assume it wont be only one persn to keep dat kind of moni,it has to be shared by fellow scammers workin how much dem go settle EFCC or other security agents for them to turn a blind eye? ma point is: if they re really out there to scam,then they shd ve raked ppl out for bigger amount and not 2000 per head..e no go reach dem to share noow…and they ve bin wastin tym and resources holdin meetings frm here to there..but i hrd dis tin was held in Ghana and other African countries and was successful

    1 EFCC , ICPC , NFIU , SFU AND FORCE CID all came to Galaxy Hotel during the signing of the Collateral register. They all gave SEM a clean bill
    2 Cheques can be embossed even after printing from NSPMC. This can be done in 3 ways . By using the MICR CBD digital cheque book dispenser. By using the Hedman cheque book embosser and by using the manual rubber stamp.
    3 SEM Office is located in the heart of Abuja the HQTS of all the security apparatus in Nigeria. Both overt and covert . It take guts and honesty to be so located
    4 No Weapons fashioned against the grant as spear headed by Joe and his cohort shall prosper INSHA ALLAH
    5 The grant is here as confirmed from ZENITH BANK and no amount of blackmail or bad belle can stop it

  153. So now whrs d money? Are d cheques ready now? As in wats goin on rite now as we spk? Abeg mak una no vex wit me bcos i need dat moni so badly oooo

  154. Hello Fam, I have been reading alotta comments on this platform for over a month now and I have not made any contribution. (Reasons best known to me). I just dey observe with one eye closed.

    If chicken enter new area, e no dey put two leg for ground.

    Iam a very reputable person, I live in Maitaima Abuja, I run big businesses, and iam blessed by Gods grace.

    I own a bank (MFB) in this Grant program. And I have spent over 3.5 million on this project so far (yes! I paid all the money they requested for all my bank members including the seminar fees, registration and what’s not.)
    And note: all my bank members are real poor people and young men and women looking for a brighter tomorrow I can’t start taxing them for 3k each. Haba I get conscience na. So I didn’t ask any member of my bank to pay a dime. I only requested for passport.

    I have contacts in CBN and Word bank (Nigeria Annex office) a staff of SEM is a committed member in my Church.

    My CBN and World bank contacts said the whole thing is a scam.

    While my church brother said the project is real! (In as much as I know that my church brother won’t lie to me; I STILL DOUBT HIS SUMMATIONS)

    I have very good friends in Nigeria main stream media. Very reputable people that you all know. ( I won’t mention their names for security reasons) they said the whole thing isn’t blurry.

    In May, I confronted my national cordinator and asked him one simple question…. When will this grant be disbursed? He said “sir it will come in July” I told him to give me a date. And he said he can’t give me an exact date. But he said ” Sir, I promise you and I give you my word. You’ll get this grant in the first week of July “.
    My people!! We are in August already.

    After waiting for so long and making my private investigations, I came up with the conclusion that ……THE GRANT IS NOT REAL!!

    EFCC HQ in Abuja claimed dey are still making preliminary investigations. But I don’t think they’re serious.

    But you know as a Nigerian we are optimistic people, there is still this small atom of optimism in my heart.

    So iam not trying to discourage anyone.
    If it comes good. If it doesn’t come good!
    We all pray it comes.

    In conclusion, I advice everyone to move on with your normal activities. Act like there is no grant. Grant or no grant you no go die.
    Before the grant notice, we had our businesses and now that the grant news came we started losing concentrations.

    Nobody should argue with me pls iam not saying the grant is not coming ohhhh. Nobody told me that. I only made my personal opinion. So continue with your normal life.

    Some of you have spent only 3k or maybe 5k patapata 20k. Me I don spend millions.
    I no go die and you too you no go die.
    So pls stop raising your hope too high.

    The whole aim of this write up is to advice everyone to concentrate on your hustle. Don’t put all your heart/soul and mind on the grant. And don’t pay any extra money to anyone again. If they said dey need money tell them to be subtracting it from your expected grant.

    Too much talk no dey full basket!!

  155. @@Omatayi.You sound convincing and intelligent in your response. I take it with a grain of salt ! Your message is not official but laced with a toga of hope. I share in your optimism ! Fingers crossed.

    1. @Omotayi,your response is a piece that renew my seemingly depleting hope.You re a God’s sent to have brilliantly gave an insightful msg to nullify the evil claims by Hunter international declaring SEM as scam. Thanks and we look fwd to hearing more update

      1. @Omatayi. It’s seems to me that those people posting messages regarding the grant been a scam are in need of A LIVELY HOPE….WHICH you have done with your HOPEFUL AND DEFINITE RESPONSE.

        YOU’RE A BEACON OF HOPE including guys like IPK MAN, OLUFEMI AND OTHERS..


  156. After mch hope widout actualisation comes and counter claims hav bin flowin truout dis forum- for and against SEM…i dare say SEM remains guilty until proven innocent by disbursing the disbursable in good tym…disbursement delayed is disbursment denied!

    1. Pls pls black sikle u said ure in abuja. Wiy can’t u & others in d fct use d sec agencies to swoop on this sem so that dis mask can be uncovered? Id in far away aks

  157. The words of the wise are oftenly similar. Anyone that read my last comment in comparism to what @Blacksickle wrote today will tap into some fact surrounding this grant and relax about the whole thing.
    We don’t have business with either world bank or CBN. We all paid to SEM through our local NGOs and they are working and making daily progress on the grant. So we cannot brand them to be SCAM for the fact that money is delayed . The grant is genuine and by Gods grace it shall come to pass very soon.
    Folks please be calm, and don’t make this a do or die affair. Intensify effort on your daily business that yield those kobo kobo that you have partly spent to register for this grant. Remember “A bird @ hand is worthy than thousands in the air”.
    Since I perceived that there is much to this grant than we all knows, I have decided to pipe down my anxiety and focus on my routine business. If it come one day I will rejoice, if it doesn’t I will still rejoice and thank God. So let us keep praying and remain hopeful. Have a fruitful week!!

    1. Pls what need now is for the relevant financial security agent like SEC to come in to this matter so that everything hidden will be unveiled.Pls those of you in FCT should take up this responsibilities in order to know where we re going

  158. Before Fed govt investigates Sem let it finish investigations and prosecutions of those looting govt funds. If sem be real the grant is not from Nig govt, neither has sem collected a kobo from a single beneficiary.

  159. Thank God, all MMFBs in EDO/DELTA (Zone A) have successfully concluded software/I.T. training on Saturday 4th, in Benin city.
    Zone B loading…….

    1. Good am family. Pls funmi & omotayo did u personaly confirm from first bank & zenite bank dt the grant have been deposit in their banks or is based on hear say or dem say? Pls us know. Thanks

  160. The chairman of my MFB put a call across to Dr. Donald on the 4th of August, just for us to actually find out the real situation. We were diplomatic in our questions inorder not to piss him off. We thanked him for his efforts to calm his nerves and he was happy b4 asking him the situation of things, He said, because of certain issues, disbursement will take place by October. He didn’t go into details on the issues, but ur guess is as good as mine on what he meant. Those of you who know ur chairmen, they can get his number from the temporary cert issued to all MFBs in Abuja during the signing of the universal collateral register, it’s not hiden. Those So called national coordinators are the problem on why disbursement was postponed until October. For those insulting Dr Donald, SEM and those trying to encourage others to still have hope, I will advice them to take their frustration to the right place. You didn’t give any money to Donald, SEM or anyone on this platform. I paid #1000 only for registration and nothing more and am a director. 80% of our members have not even paid a dime, but we still registered them as members pending when the grant is released. So, if you gave ur money to anyone Out of desperation please go and meet that person instead of coming here to show the world how frustrated ur life is. Life is all about risk, you win some, you loose some. Thank you all and God bless.

    1. Truly the National Coordinators have collected so much money from the participants, some grassroots sold their properties to raise the money. Some directors also collected lots of money in the name of writing business proposals. Such directors need to be reported to SEM/Dr Donald. In the process of signing the UCR at Abuja some NGOs made banks chairmen/ secretaries to sign undertaking that certain percentage of the grant will be given to them. Dr. Donald needs to hear this. It is very unfortunate and disheartening . Thanks.

  161. @PMANIK…. Nice one, bitter truth. When I told us here, that disbursement won’t start till October 17, some of us were arguing.

    I impore us all to go about our normal lawful businesses till October.

    Have a fruitful week ahead.

  162. @ Emma and Pmanik, I thank both of you. Lets everyone face his or her work for now please. SEM did not collect money from anybody. N3,000 eachone paid is for registration fee ( form and certificate printing and logistic and hotel bill, offices both home and Abuja. The money i have spent on this is over 10 percent of reg fee. For me there is no scam here. I repeat my words again, if someone think this grant is scam and he or she has a certificate with him/ her, the person can sell it to me. Lahhh. i will buy it. If grant comes, fine, if it does not come, fine, i have no regret on it, bcs, everything is risk. someone who is afraid of risk can never make it in Life.. Thanks

  163. @PMAN IK thanks. I beleive in the October news than the August. Let’s all put aside our despiration and continue with our fomal lives.
    Remember, GRANT is a “previlege” not a “right”.
    Lets focus on October to be on the saver side, and riduce the risk of high blood pressure…
    If paradventure it happen in August, fine, we have noting to lose.

  164. Plse funmi you said the money is in first it confirmed. Please I need your reply.did first bank confirm it or is it a hearsay.please i need your have been a beacon of hope for people in this forum ,God will bless you thank you

  165. This grant issue will drag till December and no result. If SEM can feel the pulse of the applicant’s ,they would disburse at least the relief fund they earlier proposed in June.
    It is all these today tomorrow next tomorrow game that mocks the scheme.
    SEM be wise prove your not been fake and disburse immediately. Stop toying with peoples emotions.
    Your site is just one page with no link to send message. Nawah oo. Educated intelligent people applied for this grant oo.
    Dr Donald has no reason to be pissed off he has pissed us off already by not delivering as expected
    That’s my mind. If there is money available disburse and if not declare it and stop this saga.

    1. A good number of comments on this platform proves beyond reasonable doubt the fact that the long awaited grant is nothing less that Just Real. Sometimes some delays are a prove of authenticity because nothing good comes very easy. My humble advice, Patience is a good attribute, Let’s imbibe it, as much Pman and others advice’s us to get back to our various businesses waxing strong does not mean we should loose hope or through in the towel. It is a rare privilege, for it to get to grass root target as purported Mr Donald and his cabinet being Nigerians and knowing what Nigerians are capable of, should take out a little more time to scrutinise every activity before further financial commitment or else we’ll be forced to dance to the same tune we are trying to be afraid of. October is not far again as long as it keeps hopes alive, Let’s not spoil the positive movement with our tongues because its going to yield so much of fruits. thanks to every one comment on this platform. May God be praised for ever. Amen.

  166. Every body should just forget about the grant, it is the BIGGEST SCAM EVER IN NIGERIA 2018. don’t mind OMATAYI, FUNMI, OYEWOLE DELE, STONE, STEVOSKY, ADENIYI, EMMA & PMAN IK, etc. they all know themselves. They are involved in this SCAM.
    God will punish all of you that are involved in this SCAM. IJN

    1. @ Joe Alex, Back to sender. I will advice you to keep ur mouth shut, if u know in urself that grant is fake. If u have collected ur project cert, destroy it. how much did u spend on this programme ?? are we the one that collected money reg fee from you ?? why dont u go and meet the person u paid to ??? Is it your right to collect this grant ?? did SEM collect money from you ?? did u work for them to have the grant ? Pls, stop coming to this forum, if u comment again here, it means u are bastered. Dont let us see u here comment again.

  167. Information reaching us today indicates Dr. Donald has agreed to meet with the various national coordinators ńext week. Let’s pray for a positive outcome.

  168. Thanks to you @ PMAK IK. But what of the software training some microfinance banks chairmen and secretaries have already undergone.
    Why is Donald going back to the so called national coordinators?

    1. He is not going back. The software training of chairmen and secretaries is a must cos it’s not the coordinators that will run the bank. It’s the bank chairmen and Co.

    2. That training doesn’t emanate from SEM, am very sure of that, must have been packaged by ur Cooperative society. Am a director/secretary and we are not doing such. Moreover I don’t think directors will manage the MFBs. Professional will be employed to do that. No one remains a director for ever, there’s bound to be elections in the future after the expiration of their tenure. Definately not from SEM.

      1. @ Pman Ik, I think It is the NGO that organised the training for the preparation of disbursement. All organisation train their new employees. it is the duties of directors to monitor each grant project under their MFB in the field and there will be administration staff, like accountant, security, cleaner, bank manager, supervisors etc and the PD will be the head. I think the programme will run atleast 10 years .

  169. @BROWNTHEHOPE u are the funniest person on this forum anytime I read ur message I laugh serious ,u need the money like kilode,ur post this morning makes me over laugh @ Joe Alex am sorry I don’t like responding to people Like u on social media but I just need to do this bcus u are just making unnecessary and………………….. …… .in all platform where this grant is being discuss. Every day u will be the first person that will go to all these platforms with the hope of receiving a good news that disbursement has started once u didn’t see any meaningful info u will start abusing and cursing people involving in the grant process .Pls Alex for u alone take it as if it is a scam and leave the hopeful ones .Just go and continue with ur daily activities and continue ur life as if the grant is not exit.Some of us spent millions on this grant not like some of u that spent 3k and still glamouring here and there that is a scam.And also stop posting peoples name the way u did to Pman ik,Funmi and the likes I believe u people are not paying them any money for the information they are giving and u are all here to receive info for some of them to motivates ur hope concern the grant. To cover it all we all need the grant o .Brown hope the money is on the way

  170. @joe alex, pls watch ur tonque, watch every words u say out of ur mouth and think before u speak, and stop saying what u don’t no about, no one force u to collect the form, i too collect the form the way u collect urs, and i confirm it well before i collect it because is real. Is better u fold ur arms than to speak and watch other post their view ok. Pls be warn.

    If u don’t have anything to say pls be quiet and stop acusing or insulting anybody ok. Pls be warn and becareful. Thanks

    1. @fummi. When u talk about a frustrated fool, he or she feels important and relevant. Let’s ignore his comments and neither make any references to it further, he will quietly leave.

  171. I have been following everyone’s comments from June till date and I discovered that no matter how white the sky may be their must be little… little blacks within it. I hereby plead to everyone in the house that has a good heart towards this scheme to please ignore any further comments or write-up against this God ordained grant for I believe everything will work out for good. Thanks as you keep hoping, God bless you all.

  172. I beg mak una no quarell bcos of grant wey never reach una hand…Now those who wer dancing,hlp me ask dem wat d dancing is about..dem win Bet9ja?

  173. The National coordinators of each of the 36 NGOs will be meeting with Mr Donald tomorrow let us pray for them
    *The* *stage* *is* *set*
    Bank chairmen and secretaries Should start preparing to travel to Abuja for cheque issuance,by the end of tomorrow will shall know the next line of action but trust me,the Grant is closer than you think

    1. @ the truth, i will advice u to take both whether now or next week. All we want is good news from them. Thanks. Kudos to Eben for info. Kindly keep on update us on what you hear. OGA NI IYA MUDA………..Thanks.


  175. @ ” The Truth”, if truly your name is the Truth, you would not believe in the few bad news, when there were already 90% good news.

  176. UPDATES – 08/08/18
    » There is so much fake and misleading updates out there.
    » We are always trying to filter through all these updates for credible info.
    » Right now indications are strong that the Grant will happen any time soon.
    » It appears there will be meetings this week and next.
    » If these meetings hold, then we should be expecting a clear schedule of disbursement activities.
    » We understand that Ishiba may have several of their Banks disqualified, so those who registered through them shoud be praying seriously right now.
    » As we gather info towards disbursement, we will share.

    1. Sir,rightchuk… Please why would some of ishiba banks be disqualified am one of their member please I need to know sir cos I registered for the second batch and I have so many other friends that registered through them.

  177. I visit this group to renew my hope and gain more confidence about the grant.
    So henceforth, nobody should post any pessimistic or negative comment here again.
    Pope the Truth and joe Alex should take note.
    The #1,500 or #2,500 you paid is not worth crying woes for.
    Some banks directors have spent Millions.

  178. @Blessed Mike,D organisers owe us so mch for making a solemn promise to do us all a favor…its normal for ppl to get so excited and anxious wen a promise of such magnitude is made…na wich of ur family members fit dash u ten million? so evn if we no pay a dime for it,anxiety is burning..ppl need money to move on wit thr wud u feel if an uncle of urs promised to take u to America and evn gave u a time frame? U go fit sleep?

  179. I still insist that the so called Sem grant is FAKE. you people should stop giving people here high hope, BIGGEST SCAM EVER IN NIGERIA 2023.

  180. Updates:
    1. All CEO of banks under our cooperative society have been told to submit data of registrants to SEM office in Abuja. The information was passed by our coordinator this evening.
    2.Some micro finance bank under ishiba, about a hundred, cancelled from the scheme for misconduct and double registration coupled with other irregular transaction by some coordinators in laison with some corrupt staff of SEM, all combined to delay disbursement. All have been filtered and we are almost there . Congratulations !!!!

  181. Good morning my National President.
    SEM officials visited one of our bank locations in Akwa Ibom State Directorate, precisely 298b Nwaniba road adjacent Drug enforcement office, Uyo, yesterday 8 August 2018.
    They enquired about our readiness for the grant disbursement and what preparations we have paid. We okayed all their questions.
    This thing is really close then.
    Please Sir, we are hoping you can help get our beneficiary certificates out so we can quickly distribute and wait for other things to follow.
    Thank you Sir for you prompt response as usual.

    This came from one of the cooperative on this grant.

    1. Does social exchange market have physics presence like office in Abuja? Pls I need the address, e-mail, phone no. You can send to my mail box.. Does anyone know the criteria of registering new NGO with them? I heard they are about registering up to 500 NGOs to increase the 32 that is existing.

  182. To all CEOs on our cooperative platform.

    I left Benin City to put things straight here in Abuja.

    Please be informed that some of the top management staff of SEM Intl Network as been sacked, I wouldn’t mention names, but, let us becareful and be informed, the official channel of communication is on your text for verification; numbers and website.

    Please, nobody should be involved in second batch yet, until SEM Intl Network office announces it, they are yet to complete the first batch, after wish we can continue.

    Note: please registration of membership ended in May/June.

    Nobody can register banks on SEM Intl Network portal now, if no one can register banks, then, no one can mobilize anybody to the grant, there is nothing like 2nd batch now.

    Make your findings from the above phone lines provided, as customers service line

    Return every and any form with you.

    Please do so now, if the grant is release this month, you will be having court cases and police invitations with the beneficiaries thinking you have stolen their monies.

    We will start second batch once it’s announced on their portal, we are very much ready to work, but we will do it legitimately and legally

    Please be warned!

    This is from a cooperative WhatsApp chat.

  183. Please what is the latest update for now especially for those in Bethany who were supposed to confirm their cheques this week?

  184. Dear all, Lets be rest assured that this grant will soon be disbursed. Please, let nobody reply to doubting Thomas in the house. He will witness it. A big that to all that give us info abt this grant. we shall all eat it. All your infos are correct. There is a fixed date now for it in which one of us here have already said it. i have also confirmed it from the source. I pray that God almighty will hold the fixed date, devil will not change it in Jesus” name. Amen. Kindly let all start preparing on what we will use grant for. Thanks

    1. Those invovled in dis grant will surely regret their actions for bring d church into this mess. We got info about this grant in a forum of pastors

    1. @ Austin,
      If we cannot plant after september, next year is there for us. I too pick cashew as part of my project. It is our money, no one can collect it, even if we leave it there for 3 years. It is mostly based on agric. Thanks my brother.

  185. @Oga Adeniyi… pls will the fund be given us once or that relief money first? moreover, will we ve the power to withdraw it anytime? Cheers .

    1. @ Dejiano,
      It depends on NGO u belong to. It is family relief fund first, and 25 percent of your grant. Example, your grant is N10,000,000. First payment (family relief) N490,000, 2ND, N2.5M, 3RD, N2.5M, Lastly, the rest balance. And you will be able to defend it on your physical project. Thanks

  186. TO: All Stakeholders
    FROM: Social Exchange Market

    DATE: 2ND AUG 2018

    We deeply appreciate your love for the financially less privilege Please kindly note as follows: Projects duly submitted by duly registered MFBanks are currently being processed; this process shall be completed in few months Hence, all duly collaterally registered MFBanks should endeavor to submit the softcopies of their already submitted projects at our Abuja office Our official channel of communication remains: -Our website: ‘’ -Our only three (3) phone-lines: 234 (0)9030293138 234 (0)7055323810 234 (0)8163702419 So, please kindly disregard any info you receive from any other source Please kindly cultivate the habit of regularly visiting our website to: -Be abreast of developments -Pass your info, enquiries & feedbacks to send to us Always endeavour to report to us any monetary demand and confirm any info you receive. Thanks Signed Mgt.
    culled from,ng

  187. the grant is not happening anytime soon as they will conclude the whole process in months (probably in oct).
    let us relax guys

  188. Which one should we believe please.
    Disbursement started in Abuja?
    Disbursement in October 17??
    Which one abeg?
    Let those with genuine information only post update on this group thanks.

    1. @ BlessedMike, It may be true, they said latest oct 17, may be they have change their mind. Pls, let someone that have collected cheque scan it to us i beg ooooooo for confirmation. lets continue praying abt it for quick payment. Thanks

    2. for sure they have started believe it is going to be happening anytym from now not all this october trash some pple say here this platform lacks alot

  189. I beg oooo. which shd we believe? how I wish it has started for real! 😊😁😂…
    and thanks for those chatting here.
    enjoying u guys

    1. Please, did you witness this yourself or you copied :because I know how rumors flies, such news has once flied and it later became a lie?

  190. Hmmm@Rightchuks did I hear u say issuing cheques during church service? Is he issuing to his church members or the same grant being awaited by all Nigerians?? Let’s get the information clearly. Thanks.

    1. @ inno, You are right. Someone can issue cheque at anytime and collect the money following day. If it is true, where he started is good. @ Rightchuks, can you confirm the beneficiaries ?? Is it for MFB or for a person in needs ?? Thanks.

  191. SEM has directed all MFBs to submit a soft copy of the names of their entire members. Donald will hold a crucial meeting with all the National coordinators hopefully this week. For those of u claiming, he held a meeting with them last Friday , why haven’t you been able to tell us the outcome? The truth is this, no meeting was ever fixed or held on that day. People should stop fabricating stories. If you don’t have any concrete info , just read and pass. This is not facebook. God bless you all.

  192. Most of the grant beneficiaries at the launching received #200,000 cheques as seen in the video. I hope we are not planning big, only to get something small at the end o

    1. Yes,disbursement started yesterday. I personally visited SEM office in Abuja this morning.I met them holding a meeting but a SEM official was sent to attend to me and confirmed that disbursement started yesterday and was shown on AIT.My people what devastated me most is wat this man told me that we should not expect more than 5% of the grant amount any applicant requested for.The issue of 10m or there about people are flying the news about is not realistic. SEM will only give 5% of grant requested and that is all.And there is nothing like family relief fund people are talking about.Hearing this,I got confused and I asked him again but responded saying the same thing.Pls let anyone in Abuja still go to SEM office to reconfirm this maybe that SEM official was drunk to have told me this.It is very disheartening.

  193. *Report from the National Cooperative Leader’s Forum Committee dated 13th August,2018*

    Every member of the committee Converged at Social Exchange Market, Abuja by 10am this morning.

    We called the Attention​ of Mr. John and Pastor Bimbo Taiwo to a round table discussion and officially delivered the letter (with subject matter; *Request for an Emergency meeting with Barr. Donald*) to Mr. John and Pst Bimbo, and also gave them an ultimatum.

    They both promised to communicate our message to Barr. Donald with immediate effect and promised the matters in the Atmosphere will critically be looked into whilst the committee would be called back for meeting soonest.

    1. @Femi,don’t conclude that the Man was drunk,I only said maybe.All you need to do is to make your direct confirmation so we ll not be running after shadow expectations. This man looked serious and and told me he has nothing to gain inbtelling me lie.Femi,you can see that information going around concerning this grant is not consistent right from onset.Pls do your own findings for the purpose of affirmation bf finally conclude.

  194. No wonder all the grant beneficiaries at at the launching were not smiling.The grant was below their expectation. What can I use 5% for now?.The money cannot even pay my rent.

  195. Someone should tell me this is a lie…
    If its 5% or 10% they want to give us, after all the high expectation and suspense, they should keep their grant to themselves.
    I hope the enemies and opponents of this grant will not mock us soon?
    If they had promised us 200k only since, we would limit our expectation.
    How can someone apply for grant since September 2017, only to receive 200k and that’s all?

  196. I think we should all start working on plan B with the 5%. Our prayers shall not be in vain. If the money can buy a good laptop, I should focus on internet business like forex or binary option.I can still grow the grant to millions for my desired project. May God help us.

  197. Why I had expected the disbursement like yesterday, I do not believe it has commenced those claiming it has commenced including the eye witness that went to their office in Abuja can u please tell this honourable house based on ur findings the method of disbursement is directly from SEM to individuals or to NGOs through their MFB outlets? What about the recent request from SEM to submit soft copies of projects which I am 100% sure not up to 30% of the facilitators has complied to, so how then are we saying and believing that disbursement has commenced??? Can someone here who has better information about the disbursement mention to one or two mfb and their NGO that has benefited if not let’s keep on being hopeful. As for 5 or 10% let get whatever their ready to offer now then we can asked for the balance later. God bless us as we wait patiently for the disbursement

  198. If 5% is what they can afford and its visible enough to reach everybody, then let them do it.

    At least it should be able to feed some people for a while and also , some people can start up something on a small scale from it.

    The 10million grants was not realistic to me in d first place. Even the worst of it all was the money they said was gonna be paid to directors and heads of MFB

  199. Donald will be holding the crucial meeting with all the National coordinators on the 15th. Only then, can we know the way forward, all this 5% payment is not authentic.

    1. I have followed discussions on this platform for long. I’ve been quiet like many others, carefully considering various facts.

      I have some direct links who give me updates from time to time and many of such updates have been posted here.

      However, at this point, there’s a need for utmost caution and high emotional intelligence. I can’t tell you how many millions I have invested in this scheme. That doesn’t matter now. What matters is what I’m about to share with us.

      As I speak with you, Dr. Donald has called for an emergency meeting with National Coordinators as a fall out of what happened when the went to see him the last time.
      His attitude has been very evasive and inconsistent lately, to say the least. Those who had doubts are not wrong.

      If my source is correct as it has always been, they went to see with Jim, but he planned to evade and dodge, but played into their hands as one who knows his car decided to make them wait by the car. By the time he got there, to his shock, they stood looking at him. He began trying to talk them into a compromise which they declined and walked away.
      Reason was that
      1. He has decided to pay all Beneficiaries himself – that’s the reason for the call to submit all beneficiary lists and projects.
      2. No beneficiary will get above N500, 000.
      3. All MFB and Cooperatives will be sidelined.
      4. He proposed a settlement to the National Coordinators but they all refused.
      5. They claim he’s used them to gather information to get funds and wants to dump them afterwards.
      6. Next line of action will be known after the emergency meeting.
      7. I live in Abuja and Yes there was SEM grant disbursement at Good Tidings Church on Sunday. All Beneficiaries got N200,000 each. And we learnt that’s what Mr. Donald intends to do with all of us.

      We await the next update(s).

      I may not be here to answer any questions afterwards. But I’ll do an update once I get any.
      No man will take what belongs to us, In Jesus name.

  200. I have followed discussions on this platform for long. I’ve been quiet like many others, carefully considering various facts.

    I have some direct links who give me updates from time to time and many of such updates have been posted here.

    However, at this point, there’s a need for utmost caution and high emotional intelligence. I can’t tell you how many millions I have invested in this scheme. That doesn’t matter now. What matters is what I’m about to share with us.

    As I speak with you, Dr. Donald has called for an emergency meeting with National Coordinators as a fall out of what happened when the went to see him the last time.
    His attitude has been very evasive and inconsistent lately, to say the least. Those who had doubts are not wrong.

    If my source is correct as it has always been, they went to see with Jim, but he planned to evade and dodge, but played into their hands as one who knows his car decided to make them wait by the car. By the time he got there, to his shock, they stood looking at him. He began trying to talk them into a compromise which they declined and walked away.
    Reason was that
    1. He has decided to pay all Beneficiaries himself – that’s the reason for the call to submit all beneficiary lists and projects.
    2. No beneficiary will get above N500, 000.
    3. All MFB and Cooperatives will be sidelined.
    4. He proposed a settlement to the National Coordinators but they all refused.
    5. They claim he’s used them to gather information to get funds and wants to dump them afterwards.
    6. Next line of action will be known after the emergency meeting.
    7. I live in Abuja and Yes there was SEM grant disbursement at Good Tidings Church on Sunday. All Beneficiaries got N200,000 each. And we learnt that’s what Mr. Donald intends to do with all of us.

    We await the next update(s).

    I may not be here to answer any questions afterwards. But I’ll do an update once I get any.
    No man will take what belongs to us, In Jesus name.

    1. Many thanks for the update. The trust b/w Donald & d national co. is no more there.The real owners of the money(poor masses) are watching & praying to God. Whatever they will decide to pay should be divide into 2 parts .First part should go directly to beneficiaries (donald formula) while second part should pass through the national co. Let us see who will default. God is watching.

    2. Thanks for the update, but am beginning to wonder that sometimes back I got an information that some funds ( I can not remember the figure now but it was millions of dollars) were paid to each of the 4 Banks and when I divided it by all the beneficiaries ( based on the 1000 applicants multiply by all the MFBs) it implies that each applicant will get N10m but as you know the MFBs will want to take some money off then each applicant should get nothing less than N3m how come they are now giving out N500k as the highest ? So what happens to over N9B remaining ?

    3. Hmmmmm. This is interesting, well let’s wait and see what will happen after tomorrow’s meeting. He can not use Nigerians or he will be guest to EFCC, I can bet you, he will regret it if what you just wrote is true. @N4L

  201. N@N4L thank you for this very insightful update. That he is now very evasive and inconsistent is an under statement. However let us wait for the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting. If he misbehaves thereafter we have to go to Lagos and see PAPA ADEBOYE.
    Enough of this tossing around
    Donald should remember that he is toying with the lives of over ten million Nigerians

  202. To say this is serious is an understatement. Donald should be made to understand that sem has enroled 5 million nigerians in this program. He has used dat number to get funds from d donors. God shall intervene on our behalf

    1. My question and concern is ” WHO ARE THE DONORS OF THIS GRANT”
      If the grant has sourced from a responsible external body, there will be no manipulation. I hope this grant is not what I perceived from onset. Hmmmm! Lets wait and see!

  203. We were told #5 trillinn was received from d donors for disbursements to first batch beneficiaries. I am mot in maths but some mathematicians in d house should divide #5 trillinn among 5,486 nigerians sem registered for this program & let us know. God is watching

  204. If truly Donald used our data to collect funds, and latter give us just 5% of the fund, then the same God that judged Sergey Mavrody (the MMM founder) will judge Donald.
    I still hope he will deliver positive speech tomorrow.
    Or else…

    1. i dont see any judgement in the death of Mavrodi. He died like any other senior citizen. I dont even believe there is any thing called judgement in this earth. Everybody dies, most times the good people get the most horrible deaths.

  205. @ Unak. Good people and bad people will equally die. But the difference is how people will celebrate or mourn the death.
    Let Donald swallow 95% of our money, and you will then see that judgement begins from this planet earth…
    Curses and anger (of a Million Nigerians) strikes faster than thunder…

  206. HAVE you guys heard of one pastor Bimbor ( what ever his name is ) and co, how he was contracted by Donald to handle the scheme about 4-5 weeks ago ? Information says he tried to restructure the whole process which culminated in calling for soft copies of beneficiaries project/data from micro finance banks. Understand Donald has intervened . Can someone authenticate this information please.

  207. Do u know that d names of d members of mgt board h have been removed from d website & have not been replaced. Can those of u in abuja find out from sem why

  208. Good day everybody in the house,i am very sorry,these people must be careful because this is not what those people told us in the seminar held in Ilorin on the 31/03/2018,this is another story,if i could remember one of their sample given in the seminar,they said that this is the same program Jonathan called u win in his tenure, and if it is true i have a family that benefited in the program with 15million without paying back, and in another development someone in one of the NGO Andle this program i was told that this program will be repeated in three years time,but we are now hearing another story,everybody must be vigilant ooooo

  209. People say this, people say that not one single reliable news only them say this, them say that.
    If you thinking of getting Millions from this programme better knock of that thought, if you get 200k better shout alleluyah