Social Exchange Market Grant for Nigeria; Real or scam?

I want to seize this opportunity to warn every Nigerian about  Social Exchange market grants.  I read on huntersinternational that the long-awaited Social Exchange Market Grant is about ready for disbursement in Nigeria. The post has it that Mr. Adetula Emmanuel, the Principal Coordinator of Great Impact Microfinance Bank, who also serves as the SEM Coordinator for all Principal Directors in Ondo and Ekiti, stated that “money is here already. The challenge at hand now is just the documentation to the fund release. That’s it.”

My main aim of this write up is not prove whether  Social Exchange market grants is real or scam. This is because already people are being scam in the name of getting Social Exchange Market grant.

If actually you are looking for money to start up a business, these  10 ways can help you raise money to start up your own business.

Here is the fraudulent  message circulating on the Whatsapp groups about Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria.

Social Exchange market grant for Nigeria

Grant called social exchange market is available in Nigeria. The grant is  awarded by philanthropy across the world to fund ideas.

What is required is to get the form is N1000 for those within the SouthEast .
To pick up this form may be a challenge but I believe that it is possible. Call so and so….
The grant is minimum of 3million maximum of 10million.  No collateral needed.  However having fulfilled all documentation at the Development bank of Nigeria. There shall be disbursement.  This will call for monitoring of every project.
 Remember you are not paying any thing. You are not returning the grant.
Your ideas must be production oriented on to process and packaging.  It is not for buying and selling
The seminar is for you to be trained and get information
Social exchange market is funding.  They are group of philanthropy across the world.
It is not MMM. I’m not asking you to pay a dime
This grant was what president Jonathan Used for U-win
Your ideas is for you.
Your business ideas In this case is e.g, block making,
  Garment making
  Pure water industry
Poultry and processing
Cassava plantation and processing
Cattle ranches
Nursery school
Drug manufacturing industry
Aquaculture and
Bottling companies
Tomato paste factory
Matches and tooth pick
Nylon industry
Automated shoe making
Flour mill
Feed mill
The grant Is available
The forms are in serial numbers, your signature on it. Everything is physically verified.
In addition NATION BUILDERS CM NETWORK (NGO) is among few privileged NGOs in Nigeria Authorized through social exchange market principle platform to mobilize projects/investments across the country to be given money to empower people so as to drive such projects/investments for self reliance.
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market.
generate model micro-finance banks that will  the grassroots becoming a financial institution. .
To partake in this on-going grant program, follow the steps below
Follow this steps:
Have a project/business you or your group want to establish in your community, town or city in Nigeria
Pick up membership registration from Smile Again Microfinance Bank indicating details of your location and your group intention.
Mobilize minimum of 1000 business/investment within the reach of your group in that community, town or city.
Attend Seminar/Workshop organized by Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank
Grant is released by Social Exchange Market for each project enlisted in that community, town or city under the group.
Note: Each business/investment will be subjected to a standard follow up for proper implementation by Development Bank Of Nigeria, Social Exchange Market and Smile Again Model Microfinance Bank.
For enquires call: 080379872, 07083925153.
Warning: Please,  disregard any such  information on Social Exchange market grants or any related one on  internet or whatsapp group. Fraudsters are everywhere!!!

According Hunters International, 1. ‘Our reporters post updates received from the organisers of social market exchange grants scheme.
2. Ever since, they have never reported the fund is coming from World Bank, but a foreign charity.
3. Our contacts provide photos, videos, and documentations to back up their claim.
4. Hunters International is not part of the organiser; we simply report the proceedings.
5. We keep contacts with a charity foundation, not multi-purpose co-orperative schemes.
6. We are aware some people (cooperative guys) are asking for money for application till date (it may be a way to dupe Nigerians).

My verdict: With all the evidence we have seen, I would say, let’s wait to see if all these Abuja meetings of stakeholders is a film trick or not. There is nothing to lose if everyone wakes up from their daydreaming. To me, it looks more real (with all the findings our reporters have made, and with the proof we’re getting from bethanyworld. After all, it costs us no dime. We advise everybody not to pay for any form anywhere (as far as what we know today).

We will make changes to this article if the need arises.

If you have any question or comment you can use the comment box below.

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  1. @Grace. This is not small money most of this coordinator are collecting from their various MFB…..THEY ARE USING EVERY AVAILABLE SCHEME TO GET MONEY. This money is running into millions.

    Like our own coordinator collected #15,000 each from all directors in each MFB. This apart from the huge money they collected from registering our MFB.

    Even he forced us to sign another different MOU with him. So many fraudulent means of dwindling pple.

    May God help us and help Donald to put things in better position. Let him deal directly with the Chairmen/secretaries of the MFB. I think that will be better for us all

  2. Deking! i like your say “LEARN TO TAKE SOME SMALL RISK” even the African richest man toke risk to reach where he is today
    so what we need to do is to pray and have hope that it comes to reality

  3. Bethany national coordinator with his team came to osogbo yesterday to hold a seminar for all MFB under bethany and the outcome of the meeting is that all bethany directors in osogbo are to come to ibadan (national headquarter of bethany) on wed 8/8/18 to verify their cheques. they also said the banks attached to them are busy this week printing their cheques,

  4. Good evening everyone, I pray very soon, All our expectations shall come to pass..Nothing much to discuss.
    1. Get your proposal ready because you will be call upon very soon
    2. For effective disbursement, all the 36 states has been divided into four i.e(South West, South East, South South and North). Each chairman and secretary of all MFBS should be ready for Abuja second trip and there will be a day seminar with the Commercial BANK officials along with collection of other documents.
    Banks approve by SEM are Zenith, union, first and Fidelity bank’s for disbursement and its has also been confirmed that money is with the Commercial Banks right now and they’re through with the printings of cheques and other documents.

    Goodnight and God bless you

    Get either Voter card or national ID card ready

    All chairman and secretary are the ones to provide the following documents
    1. Either NEPA or water corporations bill
    2. National ID / Voter card
    3. Four passport
    4. Get ready for Abuja trip

    All information is. 💯 Verified

    Your proposal should be just a page please and have 80% knowledge about the business plans… Each directors of the new MFBS will decide when your project is viable or not

  5. Rightchuks, I think they said cheque, not checkbooks.
    You don’t need to open account to receive check to cash out from any bank…

  6. Shocking Revelation: Social Exchange Market Busted as Fraudulent Programme

    After a careful and strategic presentation of itself as a credible charity organization, Social Exchange Market has been exposed as high-wire scam in Nigeria.

    This is the latest review on SEM. To our utmost shock, after the partial launch of its official website, our Fact-Check has revealed that all the series of seminars and events allegedly said to be required for the disbursement of grants to Nigerian grassroots, are nothing but high-wire scam. It’s very difficult to believe, but it’s a fact that has the potential to be far damaging and suicidal than MMM scam was.

    Personally, I paid a visit to Abuja SEM office on 27 July to verify information being shared with us by SEM stakeholders and applicants from various parts of Nigeria. From that visit, a report was published here on Tuesday (31 July) that the SEM is true and real. I was told that by Friday, 3 August, 2018, I would be able to find important information on their website which was under construction that time. And interestingly, today, after being alerted by a Lagos applicant, I had to visit the site to check their updates. Sure, judging by the site’s contents, everything they told me on that Friday visit is FALSE, by all standards.

    Looking at the strategic way SEM has so far positioned itself as a charity, working hand in hand with both individuals and corporate bodies, we have eventually been able to remove the masquerade covering—thanks to its new website. SEM has just undone itself by launching that website. Patiently read the following analysis and be ready to run.

    Before that, it need be stated that those who sold application forms to you are absolutely innocent and sincere in their aim. They all meant well for you. Based on the profiles of people who have spoken with us in the last eight months, you will find Bishops, Pastors, Venerables, Reverends, Elders, etc. who, just like it happened with MMM, gave their followers SEM forms to fill, expecting grants to follow.

    The loss you have suffered so far is still minimal (some people even got the form for free in Akure through a cooperative house). Collectively, we must not let them make away with more than necessary. See this math:

    On its site, SEM claims to have 5,486 microfinance outlets. Each registered 1,000 applicants, thus totaling 5,486,000 people. It’s been found out that applicants will first receive a certificate before cheque. Assuming it goes for N3500 as said, SEM will garner in a whopping N19, 201,000,000.

    Now, let me analyse how I got to prove SEM is fraud after all these carefully schemed events they have had with their national coordinators (owners of those microfinance outlets). Well, I too have found it quite easy to believe the stuff is true and real (most people do; the scheme was well planned out), until today (3 August).

    Here are 7 FACTS to show that every one of you must, as a matter of necessity, stop dealing with Social Exchange Market RIGHT NOW. This is very important to those of you Coordinators.

    Fact #1 – There is discrepancy in the name given to me as the executive leader of SEM. Barrister Donald Olorunkeye was said to be the leader, but the website does not reflect that. Now SEM website has fictitious people as their Board of Directors. While at the office, Customer Care lady said they don’t grant audio/video interviews. That statement now speaks volume to me.

    Fact #2 – Social Exchange Market states that it has been registered as a tax-exempt charity at Corporate Affairs Commission. Unfortunately, when queried on CAC site, it shows its real name as SOCIAL EXCHANGE MARKET INTERNATIONAL NETWORK SERVICES LTD (RC 1482556); registered in 2018-03-27. Imagine a so-called organization that started its funding programme in 2017 just getting registered in March 2018.

    Verify it here.

    Fact #3 – I did a Whois lookup of the site and found out that the man behind it is AYORINDE OLORUNSHOLA of Hyperlynks Solutions, Flat 4 Block 22, Kukawa Close, Area 10, Abuja. It is hosted by Whogohost. This name is different from anyone you find on the site. Is “Donald Olorunkeye” not this OLORUNSHOLA? Hmmm.

    Fact # 4 – Here are some of the members of the SEM Board: Chairman, SEM; President and Chief Executive Officer, Makiwa Ola; Treasurer, J;  Managing Director, T. (Which “Ola” is the CEO? From OlorunshOLA abi? Sho!) How could “SEM” be the Chairman and Vice Chairman? You have “J” as Treasurer. Very dubious.

    Here is the bombshell. Some of the members of the Management Board are: Segun Wale, CEO of Eagle River Inc.; and Dr. Raji Akin, President, Rockefeller Foundation. See the screenshots below for the true names of the executives of these organizations. Or see these links (and screenshots from the sites):

    Fact #5 – The SEM website is out of place. As a web developer, I expect something professional from such an organization. How come they are just coming up with a site in August, from a domain name registered on 25 April, 2018? See the site with many broken links and non-existent pages showing some strange strings in their URLs. Web Geeks out there will understand what I’m talking about.

    See the site:

    Fact #6 – Those Microfinance Banks are not registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Find out if the one you registered with is there:

    Fact #7 – According to the words of one Mr. Stephen from Lagos, who spoke with me, SEM and its Microfinance Outlets put out conflicting information. When it all started, applicants were told the grant is coming from World Bank through the Development Bank of Nigeria. But both institutions, plus CBN, refuted that claim. Then, some of the Microfinance outlets, for example, Bethany World, quickly published a disclaimer that it’s not WB again (I saw it myself on their site).

    Dear reader, it wouldn’t have been so easy to detect that the programme is scam (looking at their strategic series of activities), if not for the bits of information SEM has just put on their new site, and the Facts 1-6 show something is phishing about the site (about the organisation). This is not just a mistake on their part. These are deliberately false declarations, and that’s a big clue that it’s scam.

    I hereby apologize in any way you may feel offended after all the past reports you have read herein or elsewhere online (Funny, Tribune just carried a report that 21,000 Bayesans, through an NGO, will benefit from SEM Grant. See it here.). And I want you to pardon those brothers and sisters who sold the forms to you. I tell you no one could have thought it out in the first place. If you have just got the forms, request for refunds today.

    Interestingly, there are other legal alternatives to SEM (e.g Tony Elumelu Foundation) which you can explore. Soon, two of our contributors will share about 7 of those with you. No money is coming from Rockefeller Foundation which SEM is trying to identify with.

    Please help share this to stop this scam.

    Lawrence Wole is a Publisher, Author and Preacher. He is a co-founder and staff writer for Hunters International. His sermon notes and expert articles are published weekly. Follow him via his social media profiles.

    Shocking Revelation: Social Exchange Market Busted as Fraudulent Programme | Hunters International

    Note : What you people have to say about all this allegations as copied. I also registered with a mcfb. I’m equally expecting the money.

  7. How can bank print check for a non existing customer, an account has not been opened, no account number yet, and you are saying the bank are busy printing check books. Is that the way Nigerian banks operate. That must be ‘jankara’ banking. Even if you want to tell lies, tell the reasonable ones. Nigerians, don’t let anybody mugu you, bank does not print check book for an account not opened yet. They will not change the rule or the banking system becos of SEM or grant stuff. Let them say something else. Good luck

  8. Pls Funmi,send SEM’s phone no to my mail Pls let me too follow them up and give the house update. If you have SEM’s mail address too,pls send the two to my mail.Thanks

    1. This Donald man should open an SME website na. What does it take to open one and inform ppl with latest information from d main source.

      Not today Emma talk this one, tomorrow John talk him own, then we for here go come dey calculate d answer.

      Every bit of this whole scheme sounds like scam unless proven otherwise.

      Don’t tell me to go meet chairman or secretary 4 information. Show me d stream to fetch my own water pls.

      Is all I have to say cos after collect #1k, #1500, or #3000 from everybody in Nigeria this whole then turns to MMM. Another crowd funding scheme.

      May b d first set of ppl will benefit , who knows?

      If so I pray am among d first.

      Still on Still, what is not Godly is not good. Rubbing peter to pay Paul is not an obtion.

      If u are a Christian and u profess Christ, then live His lifestyle cos Christianity is a lifestyle.

      U will never see JESUS doing a thing of this kind but yet most of this things are happening in churches and among church members.

      I do not approve of it if its another crown funding scheme.


      LOVE ur neighborhood as urself

  9. 21,000 unemployed Bayelsa indigenes to benefit from CBN/World Bank scheme AUGUST 4, 2018 A Non-Governmental Organisation, Visioned Skills Development Center (VSDC), has announced that over 21,000 unemployed youths from Bayelsa State will benefit from special grants from the World Bank/Central Bank scheme to reduce unemployment and promote entrepreneurial skills. The Chief Executive Officer of VSDC, Apostle Isreal Kama, who made this known in Yenagoa during the interactive session with shortlisted beneficiaries at a seminar organised by the VSDC in conjunction with the Social Exchange Market, said the special grant will be sourced through the Social Exchange Market under the supervision of VSDC, for the implementation of the ‘bottom-up’ strategy of the World Bank project. Kama said beneficiaries of the scheme could get grants as high as N10 million to start small businesses that would be supervised by VSDC all year round for sustainability. Speaking to newsmen after the seminar, Kama, said the “grants all over the world are always needed for a particular purpose to advance human development. The purpose of this particular grant available in Nigeria now is for economic revolution.

    Read more at:

  10. @blessedmike if i tell u the investment, tym, money, and resources spent by most of us for this programme to be a reality some of u just lyk believing in fake useless and unfounded post what does joe know abt social exchange market he knows absolutely nothing but he just an enemy from a dark world spoiling Gods plan for his children am saying this with 100% confidence sem is the realest thing that has hit nigeria so far and as for u joe u haven’t seen anything yet idiot

  11. @Joe, A loud ovation and credit for the information you provided. First I can tell you that the process of opening corporate bank account is very comprehensive and involves many documentions including swearing of affidavits with EFCC. In practise, crime fighters, and anti money laundry are proactive in the way the operate nowadays and cannot be watching citizens to be scammed openly for such a long time. There is no way such huge amount of money can go through any organizations account without the banking sector curbing action to freeze the account and notify money laundry fighters. This grant has been all over the air since last year, and law enforcement agencies are aware of it. Although we read that Central bank,& world bank have declined their involvements and issue warning to nigerians at a point, but there is no way further progress such as commissioning of office at Abuja, launching of website, and organizing of seminal will be ongoing up to date. Anothe fact is that there is a genuine bearer of the name Mr. Donald olorunkeyede who is an important figure and personality from a Google search
    Such a high profile individual will not be mute while his name will be used for SCAM and affiliated to an organization like SEM.

    Conclusion: . You don’t have to know how the watch works, but just keep an eye on the time. Maybe the source of the grant is the reason why the procedure is highly orchestrated and cleverly organized. However I will those of us who have enrolled for this grant to patiently await our fate and those anticipating for second batch registration should also await the outcome of those that are already on board. Chances are 50-50, and only time will tell if this is REAL or SCAM.

  12. The words of the wise are oftenly similar. Anyone that read my last comment in comparism to what @Blacksickle wrote today will tap into some fact surrounding this grant and relax about the whole thing.
    We don’t have business with either world bank or CBN. We all paid to SEM through our local NGOs and they are working and making daily progress on the grant. So we cannot brand them to be SCAM for the fact that money is delayed . The grant is genuine and by Gods grace it shall come to pass very soon.
    Folks please be calm, and don’t make this a do or die affair. Intensify effort on your daily business that yield those kobo kobo that you have partly spent to register for this grant. Remember “A bird @ hand is worthy than thousands in the air”.
    Since I perceived that there is much to this grant than we all knows, I have decided to pipe down my anxiety and focus on my routine business. If it come one day I will rejoice, if it doesn’t I will still rejoice and thank God. So let us keep praying and remain hopeful. Have a fruitful week!!

    1. Pls what need now is for the relevant financial security agent like SEC to come in to this matter so that everything hidden will be unveiled.Pls those of you in FCT should take up this responsibilities in order to know where we re going

  13. Pls pls black sikle u said ure in abuja. Wiy can’t u & others in d fct use d sec agencies to swoop on this sem so that dis mask can be uncovered? Id in far away aks

  14. Thank God, all MMFBs in EDO/DELTA (Zone A) have successfully concluded software/I.T. training on Saturday 4th, in Benin city.
    Zone B loading…….

  15. The chairman of my MFB put a call across to Dr. Donald on the 4th of August, just for us to actually find out the real situation. We were diplomatic in our questions inorder not to piss him off. We thanked him for his efforts to calm his nerves and he was happy b4 asking him the situation of things, He said, because of certain issues, disbursement will take place by October. He didn’t go into details on the issues, but ur guess is as good as mine on what he meant. Those of you who know ur chairmen, they can get his number from the temporary cert issued to all MFBs in Abuja during the signing of the universal collateral register, it’s not hiden. Those So called national coordinators are the problem on why disbursement was postponed until October. For those insulting Dr Donald, SEM and those trying to encourage others to still have hope, I will advice them to take their frustration to the right place. You didn’t give any money to Donald, SEM or anyone on this platform. I paid #1000 only for registration and nothing more and am a director. 80% of our members have not even paid a dime, but we still registered them as members pending when the grant is released. So, if you gave ur money to anyone Out of desperation please go and meet that person instead of coming here to show the world how frustrated ur life is. Life is all about risk, you win some, you loose some. Thank you all and God bless.

    1. Truly the National Coordinators have collected so much money from the participants, some grassroots sold their properties to raise the money. Some directors also collected lots of money in the name of writing business proposals. Such directors need to be reported to SEM/Dr Donald. In the process of signing the UCR at Abuja some NGOs made banks chairmen/ secretaries to sign undertaking that certain percentage of the grant will be given to them. Dr. Donald needs to hear this. It is very unfortunate and disheartening . Thanks.

  16. @ Emma and Pmanik, I thank both of you. Lets everyone face his or her work for now please. SEM did not collect money from anybody. N3,000 eachone paid is for registration fee ( form and certificate printing and logistic and hotel bill, offices both home and Abuja. The money i have spent on this is over 10 percent of reg fee. For me there is no scam here. I repeat my words again, if someone think this grant is scam and he or she has a certificate with him/ her, the person can sell it to me. Lahhh. i will buy it. If grant comes, fine, if it does not come, fine, i have no regret on it, bcs, everything is risk. someone who is afraid of risk can never make it in Life.. Thanks

  17. @PMAN IK thanks. I beleive in the October news than the August. Let’s all put aside our despiration and continue with our fomal lives.
    Remember, GRANT is a “previlege” not a “right”.
    Lets focus on October to be on the saver side, and riduce the risk of high blood pressure…
    If paradventure it happen in August, fine, we have noting to lose.

  18. @ ” The Truth”, if truly your name is the Truth, you would not believe in the few bad news, when there were already 90% good news.

  19. UPDATES – 08/08/18
    » There is so much fake and misleading updates out there.
    » We are always trying to filter through all these updates for credible info.
    » Right now indications are strong that the Grant will happen any time soon.
    » It appears there will be meetings this week and next.
    » If these meetings hold, then we should be expecting a clear schedule of disbursement activities.
    » We understand that Ishiba may have several of their Banks disqualified, so those who registered through them shoud be praying seriously right now.
    » As we gather info towards disbursement, we will share.

    1. Sir,rightchuk… Please why would some of ishiba banks be disqualified am one of their member please I need to know sir cos I registered for the second batch and I have so many other friends that registered through them.

  20. I visit this group to renew my hope and gain more confidence about the grant.
    So henceforth, nobody should post any pessimistic or negative comment here again.
    Pope the Truth and joe Alex should take note.
    The #1,500 or #2,500 you paid is not worth crying woes for.
    Some banks directors have spent Millions.

  21. I still insist that the so called Sem grant is FAKE. you people should stop giving people here high hope, BIGGEST SCAM EVER IN NIGERIA 2023.

  22. To all CEOs on our cooperative platform.

    I left Benin City to put things straight here in Abuja.

    Please be informed that some of the top management staff of SEM Intl Network as been sacked, I wouldn’t mention names, but, let us becareful and be informed, the official channel of communication is on your text for verification; numbers and website.

    Please, nobody should be involved in second batch yet, until SEM Intl Network office announces it, they are yet to complete the first batch, after wish we can continue.

    Note: please registration of membership ended in May/June.

    Nobody can register banks on SEM Intl Network portal now, if no one can register banks, then, no one can mobilize anybody to the grant, there is nothing like 2nd batch now.

    Make your findings from the above phone lines provided, as customers service line

    Return every and any form with you.

    Please do so now, if the grant is release this month, you will be having court cases and police invitations with the beneficiaries thinking you have stolen their monies.

    We will start second batch once it’s announced on their portal, we are very much ready to work, but we will do it legitimately and legally

    Please be warned!

    This is from a cooperative WhatsApp chat.

  23. Please what is the latest update for now especially for those in Bethany who were supposed to confirm their cheques this week?

    1. @ Austin,
      If we cannot plant after september, next year is there for us. I too pick cashew as part of my project. It is our money, no one can collect it, even if we leave it there for 3 years. It is mostly based on agric. Thanks my brother.

  24. @Oga Adeniyi… pls will the fund be given us once or that relief money first? moreover, will we ve the power to withdraw it anytime? Cheers .

    1. @ Dejiano,
      It depends on NGO u belong to. It is family relief fund first, and 25 percent of your grant. Example, your grant is N10,000,000. First payment (family relief) N490,000, 2ND, N2.5M, 3RD, N2.5M, Lastly, the rest balance. And you will be able to defend it on your physical project. Thanks

  25. Hmmm@Rightchuks did I hear u say issuing cheques during church service? Is he issuing to his church members or the same grant being awaited by all Nigerians?? Let’s get the information clearly. Thanks.

    1. @ inno, You are right. Someone can issue cheque at anytime and collect the money following day. If it is true, where he started is good. @ Rightchuks, can you confirm the beneficiaries ?? Is it for MFB or for a person in needs ?? Thanks.

  26. SEM has directed all MFBs to submit a soft copy of the names of their entire members. Donald will hold a crucial meeting with all the National coordinators hopefully this week. For those of u claiming, he held a meeting with them last Friday , why haven’t you been able to tell us the outcome? The truth is this, no meeting was ever fixed or held on that day. People should stop fabricating stories. If you don’t have any concrete info , just read and pass. This is not facebook. God bless you all.

  27. Most of the grant beneficiaries at the launching received #200,000 cheques as seen in the video. I hope we are not planning big, only to get something small at the end o

    1. Yes,disbursement started yesterday. I personally visited SEM office in Abuja this morning.I met them holding a meeting but a SEM official was sent to attend to me and confirmed that disbursement started yesterday and was shown on AIT.My people what devastated me most is wat this man told me that we should not expect more than 5% of the grant amount any applicant requested for.The issue of 10m or there about people are flying the news about is not realistic. SEM will only give 5% of grant requested and that is all.And there is nothing like family relief fund people are talking about.Hearing this,I got confused and I asked him again but responded saying the same thing.Pls let anyone in Abuja still go to SEM office to reconfirm this maybe that SEM official was drunk to have told me this.It is very disheartening.

  28. From the banner in the video, the name of d mfb is lifegate mfb & it seems that is Bar. Donald mfb which is used to luanch the disbursement. The amount ranges b/w 200k, 250k & 500k which is d family relief depending on d project & amount. Thank God disbursement has been launched. Others will follow. Congratulations & to God be the glory

  29. *Report from the National Cooperative Leader’s Forum Committee dated 13th August,2018*

    Every member of the committee Converged at Social Exchange Market, Abuja by 10am this morning.

    We called the Attention​ of Mr. John and Pastor Bimbo Taiwo to a round table discussion and officially delivered the letter (with subject matter; *Request for an Emergency meeting with Barr. Donald*) to Mr. John and Pst Bimbo, and also gave them an ultimatum.

    They both promised to communicate our message to Barr. Donald with immediate effect and promised the matters in the Atmosphere will critically be looked into whilst the committee would be called back for meeting soonest.

  30. Someone should tell me this is a lie…
    If its 5% or 10% they want to give us, after all the high expectation and suspense, they should keep their grant to themselves.
    I hope the enemies and opponents of this grant will not mock us soon?
    If they had promised us 200k only since, we would limit our expectation.
    How can someone apply for grant since September 2017, only to receive 200k and that’s all?

  31. If 5% is what they can afford and its visible enough to reach everybody, then let them do it.

    At least it should be able to feed some people for a while and also , some people can start up something on a small scale from it.

    The 10million grants was not realistic to me in d first place. Even the worst of it all was the money they said was gonna be paid to directors and heads of MFB

  32. Donald will be holding the crucial meeting with all the National coordinators on the 15th. Only then, can we know the way forward, all this 5% payment is not authentic.

  33. N@N4L thank you for this very insightful update. That he is now very evasive and inconsistent is an under statement. However let us wait for the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting. If he misbehaves thereafter we have to go to Lagos and see PAPA ADEBOYE.
    Enough of this tossing around
    Donald should remember that he is toying with the lives of over ten million Nigerians

  34. Thanks for the update, but am beginning to wonder that sometimes back I got an information that some funds ( I can not remember the figure now but it was millions of dollars) were paid to each of the 4 Banks and when I divided it by all the beneficiaries ( based on the 1000 applicants multiply by all the MFBs) it implies that each applicant will get N10m but as you know the MFBs will want to take some money off then each applicant should get nothing less than N3m how come they are now giving out N500k as the highest ? So what happens to over N9B remaining ?

  35. We were told over 5 trillion naira was received from d donors for first batch disburement. I am not good in maths so someone in d house should calculate or divide 5 trillion among 5,486 nigerians registered by sem

  36. Hmmmmm. This is interesting, well let’s wait and see what will happen after tomorrow’s meeting. He can not use Nigerians or he will be guest to EFCC, I can bet you, he will regret it if what you just wrote is true. @N4L

  37. Pls we were made to understand dat #5 trillion was paid into banks for disbursement to first batch beneficiaries. I am not good in maths so some mathematicians should help me divide #5 trillion amonng 5,486 million nigerians registered by sem for this program.

  38. We were told #5 trillinn was received from d donors for disbursements to first batch beneficiaries. I am mot in maths but some mathematicians in d house should divide #5 trillinn among 5,486 nigerians sem registered for this program & let us know. God is watching

  39. My question and concern is ” WHO ARE THE DONORS OF THIS GRANT”
    If the grant has sourced from a responsible external body, there will be no manipulation. I hope this grant is not what I perceived from onset. Hmmmm! Lets wait and see!

  40. If truly Donald used our data to collect funds, and latter give us just 5% of the fund, then the same God that judged Sergey Mavrody (the MMM founder) will judge Donald.
    I still hope he will deliver positive speech tomorrow.
    Or else…

    1. i dont see any judgement in the death of Mavrodi. He died like any other senior citizen. I dont even believe there is any thing called judgement in this earth. Everybody dies, most times the good people get the most horrible deaths.

  41. @ Unak. Good people and bad people will equally die. But the difference is how people will celebrate or mourn the death.
    Let Donald swallow 95% of our money, and you will then see that judgement begins from this planet earth…
    Curses and anger (of a Million Nigerians) strikes faster than thunder…

  42. People say this, people say that not one single reliable news only them say this, them say that.
    If you thinking of getting Millions from this programme better knock of that thought, if you get 200k better shout alleluyah

  43. From information I got this evening from a banker neighbour (with diamond bank), he opened over 300 accounts in name of MFBs & beneficiaries today. And its 5% only & nothong mre tommorrow. He said SEM bypassed the NGOs & Cooperative societies.. Things may end up in a messy fight as am seeing; due to Mr Donald’s greed. May God help us in Nigeria. Copied

  44. So now the update is that Donald escaped holding the meeting with the national coordinators. He’s bent on paying 5% of the funds. So the 200k check/payment is true? Only Donald can explain what happened to the remaining money.
    My friends, live your live as if there is no grants.
    I regret being a Nigerian.
    Because only Nigerians could be taken for fools like that…
    I pity the so called pastors that were holding sweet talk seminars all over Nigeria. Another shame and embarrassment to the body of Christ …

  45. @blessed Mike..wat did i tell d house abt being a Nigerian? Do u see wat our ppl has turned us to? Aftr a year of waitin and specific tym for disbrsmt..posponmt here nd useless Mr Donald always on d news for d wrong reasons..our ppl are such bastards..may it nt be well wit dis organizers makin us to hop for nothing

  46. By now you guys should have seen the handwriting on the wall that somebody is being smart on the smartless Nigerians so called mugus. You guys are being tossed here and there like a pendulum, by the one Mr ‘grant’, sem or the CEO, Mr…. what is his name self?. They said money is now in the commercial bank, posted directly from overseas without passing through CBN? You guys should not be fooled. The organizer of this intelligent scheme will only use ‘Abu’ s’ money to host ‘Abu’. SEM is not consistent , very evasive and secretive, what are they hiding if they are clean and good intentioned?. You guys pls go to your normal kobo kobo but legitimate business, rather than waiting endlessly from grant from SEM. You don’t really know what they are doing or where they are heading for, they seem to be directionless. Pls be wise, limit your losses to what you ve spent thus far. A word is enough for the wise

  47. The only thing that saddens me most is the involvement of Pastors and the body of Christ, but how can someone be this bold to go to that extent of involving the Church? So no limit to how far people can go for money……….. it if even a slap an insult to give N200k as grant in this country of ours, to invest in what pls? I still find it hard to believe sha

  48. Those invovled in dis grant will surely regret their actions for bring d church into this mess. We got info about this grant in a forum of pastors

  49. Whrs stevo and som oda guys on dis forum who wer spkin in favor of SEM? See dem..they ve all gone hiding…scamming in d name of christ! I was crucified on dis forum for sayin d truth! Gentlemen i tink wat shd be done now is kidnappin dat Donald of a guy,beatin him to a pulp and demand dat he pays us wat he promisd to pay…see evn if i dint pay a dime to apply,for d fact dat u made me a solemn promise to gimme somtin,and ma mind has bin thr,and u ve bin re-assurin me frm tym to tym dat ill get it,den u bloody owe me !..kidnapp mr Donald! Make him pay!

  50. If there are 5486 Mcfb and they all had registered with at least 100k with SEM has being speculated then Donald had made #5.4b from them alone not to talk of other charges they were made to pay.

  51. MILLIONS MILLIONS and MILLIONS I bet that what most of you are expecting, if you even see 20k better sing JAH be praise

  52. THE BIG QUESTION IS THIS ; WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MFBs AFTER THE 5% disbursements. Will the MFBs turn to regular MFBs and give us the grants as loans?.There are still more questions than answers.May God help us to fight this battle. I am preparing my plan B.

  53. pls let look at this , if the fault,or pranks is from Donald why it is that the national coordinators are not saying anything to we beneficiary. pls, let the coordinators of all MMFB updates us through their Website , they should be able to tell us the situation of things. because we know them very well and they are much closer to us than Donald.. so that We can know of prayer points. .

  54. Ha. They came to our little village to scheme us. This scheme is really full of pastors. No be lie. The person who introduced this scam (sorry, scheme – I meant to say) has finally turned off his mobile phone. Collected 3K per form.

    But they busted our heads when they told us that social exchange will grant N100M to each of the 7 directors while the 13 volunteers will be eligible to receive a grant of 10 + 10 million. At this point during the seminar I was browsing on OLX which car I’d like to buy from the money. My friend, Mr P, one of the selected directors in our little village, was saying to me he’s going to get a 2016 Highlander. Man, they gave us such high hopes. Hopes that even ants cannot climb. Only to shatter it on the pillar of uncertainty.

    Guys listen. I believe our only hope now is to loose hope.

    All their numbers are switched off. Maybe they all fell sick at the same time.

  55. Pmak IK is always right by giving genuine and direct sourced information.
    But contradiction and confusion has been our problem.
    SEM announced disbursement will take place in October and they never gave fund to any coordinator. Yet a pastor was seen addressing his church members that grants of #200,000 has been disbursed. And he won praises and applauds from his church members.
    Is SEM having problem or the pastor having problem?
    Is disbursement narrowed to a particular church?
    Can’t he use something else to motivate and gladden his church members.
    Let’s be careful of the information we receive before we share it

  56. if your directors or state coordinators cannot tell you the truth, then you should do yourself a favour by telling yourself the truth. if the money released is just 5trillion naira, let us do the math. 5trillion divided by 5.5million people will give us approximately 900,000. if mr donald in his wisdom thought that it is best to give 5% of the initial payment, then i think he is wise. let us remember that the applicant cannot receive more than their directors which means it is only 500,000 that can go round. from the video released to the social media (i havent watched but from the info that i gathered), it was those who registered the same you and i did that got 5% of what they wrote in their respective forms. is mr donald running a charitable organisation that he will be dishing out money to people like that? one of us here who went to sem office confirms that disbursement has started and we should not expected more than 5%. the question you need to ask yourself is this, who is telling the truth , who is with the money sem or your coordinators? i have heard more than a 1001 lies from my coordinators and i think i should tell myself the truth

  57. we were told that 5trillion as been transferred into four commercial banks. ok fine. 5trillion * 4 = 20trillion. now 20trillion divided by 5.5million applicant is approximately 3.6million or 900,000 * 4 = 3.6million. where do we want mr donald to get the remaining 6.4million for you and me? let us tell ourselves the truth. how much is on ground, is it 5trillion or 20trillion? and is 10million grant achieveable? i dont think so.

  58. SEM sent a msg on 17/08/2018, that they will not bybass any coordinator during disbursement and will start by oct. We have some mathematicians in the house, they have already calculated it for us, pls, lets agree with them, at least N500 k each will be our expectation, miraculously, if we get betw 3m to 10m, it means we are lucky . We all know the amt on ground, if am right N5 trillion.
    My advice, any amount we get, let use it rightly, someone said in the house that he would buy a car, this grant is not for that. Lets go and prepare ourselves on small scale business ahead. To be candid, N500 k is not a small money if we know how to use it on business. By the grace of God this money will be paid to everyone whether devil like it or not in Jesus name. As for me i still have hope on betw 3m to 10m. payment. Do you all think they will totally open up on the amt on ground ? This is free money, dont let us put all our total mind on it.
    Please lets continue praying for those in-charge of this grant scheme. it is not easy, they really need our prayers. Some people may not agree with, grant disbursement delay caused by some participants . Please, lets be careful on the blames some of us put on pastors, we are not to judge them, even if they are faulty. May God forgive us. I really thank you all for not minding a Thomas among us. it is not new to see such. May God be with us in Jesus name. Amen.

  59. @emman,thanks for the update, but we still need to be clarified about whether it is only 5% SEM will pay or not.

  60. Good morning everyone.

    The *executives* will continue the good works and ensure everybody including the beneficiary smiles.

    The summary of yesterday discussion is that the *National Cooperative leaders forum* and the *social exchange market* have now unanimously agreed to establish a workable synergy to arrive at a good junction. It was concluded that the executives of the national body would be communicating to SEM as things unfold.

    We sincerely bless God for this great development.

    *Secretary, NCLF*.

    Everything discussed word to word is not written here. If you have any question ask your State Coordinator or National if you can reach him/her.

  61. Good evening ladies and gentlemen
    Today’s meeting was loaded with absolute resolution
    SEM Intl Network insisted that a soft copy of the Bank data must be submitted
    We the EXCO will be meeting with them soon
    Final days of it will be sometimes in October 2018
    Disbursement became a contentious issue
    We are still appealing it should begin this month or September
    We were assured the grant for each MMFB will be paid into their individual cooperative account
    Those who registered their cooperative after March will have to wait until a later date for their disbursement
    SEM Intl Network has approved 10% for MOU
    2% for the cooperative platform, 2% for cooperative leaders, 6% for those who worked assiduously during the mobilization of beneficiaries
    Those who left their mother cooperative have been asked to get a letter of disengagement from them to be submitted to SEM Intl Network
    We are making progress
    Though issues are been belabored, but, we are on course

  62. Good evening ladies and gentlemen
    Today’s meeting was loaded with absolute resolution
    SEM Intl Network insisted that a soft copy of the Bank data must be submitted
    We the EXCO will be meeting with them soon
    Final days of it will be sometimes in October 2018
    Disbursement became a contentious issue
    We are still appealing it should begin this month or September
    We were assured the grant for each MMFB will be paid into their individual cooperative account
    Those who registered their cooperative after March will have to wait until a later date for their disbursement
    SEM Intl Network has approved 10% for MOU
    2% for the cooperative platform, 2% for cooperative leaders, 6% for those who worked assiduously during the mobilization of beneficiaries
    Those who left their mother cooperative have been asked to get a letter of disengagement from them to be submitted to SEM Intl Network
    We are making progress
    Though issues are been belabored, but, we are on course . COPIED

  63. @Eben we all knew we could ask our coordinators b4 coming here to get or share information, therefore if u have any good info useful to the house, kindly share it otherwise allow us to wait for those that will be sincere enough to share with us as for what you shared it did not make any headway. Thanks for d previous good information u have shared.
    @Emma the house is still waiting for a follow up update as per promised. God bless you.

  64. The set meeting between Bar. Donald Adedayo Olorunkeyede and the Cooperative Heads kicked off by 11am.
    Donald sent top management staff of SEM to represent him in the meeting so that he could attend to other issues of urgent demands to facilitate quick actions for disbursement.
    In the meeting, the following points were discussed:
    1. The messages sent to some applicants has no ulterior motive other than to fish out ghost applicants. In the concluded signing of the UCR. There were alot of irregularities perpetrated by the officers in question which involved massive duplication of projects. For instance, people who doubted the authenticity of the scheme from the onset, changed their minds as soon as the signing of the UCR began. To meet up, they went and bribed the SEM officers to register new banks. They had their way: but the big task was how to get data to cement the deal. They went and printed forms and gave them to people to fill, free of charge, so that they could meet up. On seeing that that could not help much, the only option left for them was to duplicate some datas that had already been submitted. When Donald discovered this, he sacked the officers in question and started embarking on methods to clean up the mess. This was what gave rise to the text messages requesting applicants to submit soft copies of their data showing BVN, ACCOUNT NUMBER, SCANNED PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH, PROJECTS, AMOUNT, AGE, STATE, RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and OFFICIAL ADDRESS. But, at the meeting, BVN and PASSPORT were scrapped. However, there were still agitations for
    ACCOUNT NUMBER to be also scrapped. But that decision was reserved for Donald to make and we will be fed back. If Donald still mentains his stance on ACCOUNT NUMBER, then, all and sundry should be ready to submit same for a bulck submission from our Jikwoyi Office to ease stress on all and sundry.
    2. The disbursement time is October this year. Before then, all the messes would have been cleaned up.
    3. Disbursement will not be done directly by SEM to the Chairmen of Banks: it will pass through the Cooperative Heads. To this effect, dissident Bank Chairmen are hereby warned of their indifferences.
    4. The Registration Certificates at Chairmen’s possession is not enough to open a mfb; so, the potent one is being expected soon.
    5. The Disbursement Activivity at Good Tidings Church was just a test-run to show people that the real one will soon be on board.
    6. Intervention Fund of 21 million naira still stands, having been promised earlier.
    These are the main points. God bless you all.

    1. Thanks for the information, I have always known that in Nigeria, everything is been abused ;so am not surprised by the reason you gave as the reason for the delay of disbursement which involved duplication and all that :but the disappointing thing is that no matter the measures the SEM puts in place, they can’t sanitize this process without using beneficiaries bvn number. Just that I was not part of the meeting, I would advised that every banks summits their beneficiaries bvn number within the shortest period like 3 weeks and anyone whose number of beneficiaries are not up to a thousand would be merged to another bank within same cooperative or risk giving out her beneficiaries to be paid directly by the SEM.

      Please, the 21 million naira fund you talked about :who is it meant for? The mfb, their cooperative or the beneficiaries?



  66. u have no choice than to hope for the best from the coorporatives because, all banks registered under them, they have been d ones pursuing this course for us. Many of them are clergies, they most likely will be transparent for integrity sake and for the sake of another opportunity for 2nd batch.
    10% from each mfb under a coorporative is about N1bn, why should they be greedy?

  67. @ Dejiano, 5% of your project fund ( relief fund ) , then, 10% will be retained with mfb, then 25 %, 25 % and your balance. Thanks



    1. Over 120 National Coordinators were present

    2. Four (4) Representatives of Social Exchange Market led Pst. Bimbo Taiwo were present


    1. The meeting was anchored by *Dr. Nelson Ogbemudia , Rev. Elomama, Dr. Elizabeth Praise and Bishop (Prof.) Gideon Nkanta.*

    2. The Senior management of Social Exchange Market responded to the raised questions as follows;

    A. *Concerning the issue of SMS*; They said the message was sent to calm down the doubt and agitation raised by some National coordinators, Principal directors, beneficiary. Also promise that message would be disseminated through the National Coordinators whenever the need arises. they also disregard the online disbursement form that it does not emanated from their office. they said only two messages were sent for screening and not for disbursement.

    B. *On the issue of BVN, Account number* ; They said BVN is not relevant but Account Number would be looked into by the SEM Mgt.

    C. *On disbursement Matter;* They said by the grace of God, disbursement will commence in the month of October,2018 but no specific date was fixed.

    D. * On the issue of Softcopy* They emphatically said for the purpose of verification and to fast track the process of disbursement, the softcopy of all the submitted hardcopy for each bank must be submitted

    E. *For scan copy of registration form* ; After several deliberation on difficulties, the SEM Mgt promised to looked into the matter and get back to the Executives.

    F. *For the entitlement of National Cooperative;* They promised 10% of each MFB while the sharing formula among the Mother Body , Principal directors and Directors would be communicated later.

    G. . *On 21million Intervention Fund;* they said the country director will surely keep to his promise.

    H. . *On the issue of certificate yet to be collected* ; they said National Coordinator can write letter for the collection of their certificates

    I. . *The issue of submission of updated hardcopy after signing;* They said that would be looked into after the screening exercise


    1. Pastor Bimbo said that the National Coordinators should stop extorting the masses, but the statutory membership fee is permitted.

    2. The issue of not attending to some NGO/Cooperative who registered late and have signed UCR was lay to rest by the submission of the Secretary while the SEM Mgt request for closed door meeting with the Executives to deliberate on the aforementioned sensitive matter.

    3. The chairman move a motion and it was unanimously adopted by the house that all correspondence and communication to the Country Director *(Barr. Donald Adedayo Olorunkeyede)* relating to this body shall be through the executive henceforth.


    All written questions by members of the house would be treated by the executives.

    *Adjournment/Closing prayer*

    Adjournment was moved and the closing prayer was led by *Alfa Yakubu Kolo Darusalam*

    *Signed by*

    Pst. Asogbon Godwin O.

    *Secretary, NCLF*

  69. The simple truth is that I don’t think that any beneficiary can get more than 500k, judging from the over population and duplication of beneficiaries already in existence in thus project.
    Many cooperatives in the quest of having many banks under them in other to get registration fees and beneficiaries registration fees, encouraged multiple registration of banks ;whether they had the wherewithal or not.

    The SEM would have requested for bvn numbers from the onset, so that they don’t double pay people, especially those that are even comfortable that never needed this fund at the first place.

    Looking at the SEM acclaimed registered banks, which I doubt so much if it ended on that number; because only “ishiba” is is having over 1000 mfb under them and the total acclaimed bank by SEM is about 5480 mfb *1000=5,480,000 and when divided with the acclaimed provided fund of 5 trillion naira , each persons will only get about 900k and by the time other money would be removed from it ;definitely no beneficiary will get more than 500k and this calculation is only based on the sincerity of the various mfb and not when the Nigerian factors comes to play.
    Only God will see us through and people like me already had my reservations about this project and so had limited my expectations to certain levels.

  70. What baffles me is that SEM claims registration of 5.4 Million Nigerians for this grant, and yet I only know of very few beneficiaries. Where and who are the piple that make up the 5 Million? Even as popular as MMM was, only 4 Million Nigerians were participants. How many nigerians even registered for N Power? We should expect duplication and manipulation of data.

    Is this grant more popular than MMM or N power?
    5 Millions involved and yet many have never heard about it.

    The more the number of participants, the less the amount each individual should expect.

    Since they are not using BVN, it is even better for someone to have registered in 2 or more cooperatives to be on saver side, as much as we are in Nigeria. If one get 500k in different places, the project will be almost accomplished.

    Nigeria remains uncivilized and underdeveloped, so we adjust and blend with the situation…
    BVN would have proved that more than halve of the beneficiaries are ghost, who never exist, or exist 3 or 4 or 5 times…

  71. My people, from reliable source collection of cheques will commence by September 12 and end by October 17. But any MfB that fortunate collect their during this period will wait till October 17 before cash out. I mean some MFM we collect their cheque before 17th of October. But they can only cash it out starting from 17th of October

  72. My name is Paul I’m a beneficiary and I enrolled since last point is that these cooperative heads and mfbs have invested so much time,energy and money.many of us only paid for registration to cooperatives which is not more than 5000.but these mfbs directors has spent in hundreds of thousands if not millions.let sem share the money even if it 200000 and forget about bvn or account second batch they can use mfbs to run the show.this money is long overdue and the whole is becoming childish.

    1. @ paul, If truly u every client paid for reg fee in your mfb. ur directors cannot pay any money again. N5,000 is too much. Bethany reg fee is N3,000, kingdom wealth N3,000, Ishiba N2,000. It is our people that inflated it. Pls, note no director can claim your money, they have signed UCR on it. Sem cannot pay directly to individual a/c, bcs, this project wil need monitoring to avoid diversion. Thanks.

      1. Adenyi I did not say i paid 5000.l said the maximum anybody could say he or she paid is my own ngo we paid only point is that I know some of my friends who have spent over #500000 to own a mfb.and for about one year now they have been working and spending. I’m not greedy .my own is let them pay.if i get 500000 and mfbs bosses get 5or 10 m they laboured for take let them pay anything they have for us .let seem pay.plse I’m begging them .they should forget about these bvn ,acctno.palava.if they go there they will not pay this money by this time next year.

  73. @Pman ik, let be realistic, for hw many year or month have u register, and have u see the money? Pls think about it. For the past One year now we have not recieve any money and u ar here talking abt BVN, why don’t u let them disburse the money first before complaining. And beside those that register twice is nt at fault, some of them didn’t no it will come out like that, because no one no it will be under the same roof.

    Another thing is that, there is no how they will be given out check that they won’t no that some collected twice. Let them do their work. Even donald no what he doing. Pls, let see the money first before taking a step. Thanks

  74. Pls I want to know if other MFBs are asking their members to open a new acct for this grant? In my own mfb we are asked to open acct with a particular bank

  75. @ omatayi, For Bethany Ngo
    Supposing that your approved grant is N10,000,000.
    N10,000,000 – N1,000,000 ( 10% ) = N9,000,000.

    1st payment family relief 5% of 10m = N490,000
    2nd payment 25% of N10m = N2.5M.
    3rd payment 25% N2.5M.
    Last Payment N3.5M
    Note : N10,000 will be deducted from 1st payment, u will only received N490,000.
    Your total grant will be N8,990,000 . Thanks

  76. pls house d 21 million intervention fund implies what?
    is it for d beneficiary?
    is it same as d family relief fund some of u talked about?
    Pls am earger for clearification
    THANKs so far 4 d update guys

  77. Pls a need clearification fkr d 21 million intervention fund
    Is it for d beneficiaries
    is it same as d family relief fund some of u talked about?

  78. disbursement is by october yet intervention fund have nt been released, did they think that getting nd funishing offices is a day job? No any activities is going on at MFB level up till now,not even staff training, yet they say disbursement is by october,hmmmm i wil nt say anything.

  79. I am disturbed that Nigerians cant stop being gullible. The philanthropist that have no names made humongous amount available to Nigerians to access, and yet their names are not made known to the world.

    Are we saying there are no poor people in their country that need grant to break their shackles? Poverty is worldwide.

    Well, their demand is just N1,000.00 from each individual, and other payments for ID, certificates as I heard. Please, by my training, whosoever mute the idea of Social Exchange Market, is already a billionaire in the light of gullibility of Nigerians. They are only riding on humongous population to steal N1,000 from millions.

    The wicked, crude, covetous and gullible being, will not cease on the surface of the earth.

    Indeed, another Mavrodi is born in Nigeria. The gullible, but innocent should beware. Nothing is free in this wicked world of sin.

  80. I think there are 2 cogent things SEM needs from NGOs b4 disbursement.
    (1). soft copies of grant participants.
    (2). CEO / Director”s entitlement ratio agreement duly signed.
    (3) Intervention fund released by SEM.

    House, any minus or plus ??????????????????.
    Lets every one get set on our projects start up.

  81. I called one of my brothers working with zenith ,a senior auditor in zenith Bank ,he said no money was sent to zenith through SEM or any NGO that I should be caution.

  82. Good evening house. Latest information from hunters internation has it dat bar. Donald is around. He has been represented in all d meetings dat sem has been having with it’s stakeholders.

  83. hunter international are may be enemies of this grant pls dismisses their updates. baba ,Eben, rigthchuck, has not say any Tim y.

  84. Gentle Men & Ladies, any information on intervention fund in preparation for the proposed grant of October? Based on previous information intervention fund is to secure office allocations and then get ready for the main disbursement come October as per promised by SEM, but if by almost mid of September nothing has happened nor concrete evidence of something happening, I wonder if October disbursement is still visible. Someone that knows better should please help the house. Thanks

  85. Dear Mr Femi,among so many contributors on this platform your contributions seemed to be the most convincing and encouraging. The reason for my reply to you. Who are you and what is your stake in this grant.I have heard so much on this grant.But I am still skeptical as a child of God who has a name to protect.In fact, one of the Micro finance Banks is ready to offer a Bank presently with just a condition that I must be able to give forms to 1000 subscribers at 500 per form. Please I need your true and frank advice on this regards.Thanks and remain blessed. Tunde Bamgbade from Ibadan.

  86. @ The Truth. You are asking for your moni, from whom? Do they, the SEM buy anything from you that they have not paid for, or are they owing you for a service you had rendered to them? Anyway keep praying believing. It is well

  87. Have taken my time to go through the chats here and the website Of social exchange market and have come to the conclusion that this scheme is a big scam. Where did the said money they promise to give to people coming from? Who gave them the money to disburse to Nigerians. No concrete information from their site. I just hope this won’t be another brother or sister to MMM.

  88. THIS GRANT IS VERY VERY REAL.It has been revealed to me. But those that think it is a scam should pray not to be scammed after receiving the grant. I see many who confessed this grant to be a scam loosing their money after collecting it. Please be careful the Angels of this grant are watching you. Mind your negative comments so that it will not come upon you.

  89. ekson,thanks for these.elaboration, SEM is real,some might doubt, while some might,reason, while some might get right, that is normal with humans with complex tendencies, so my brother don’t worry .As we keep on praying from 14_/16/9/2018 may answer. our prayers.hello @pmark.blessedmike.baba,Eben, adeniyi Joe Alex,olusola.,and many others.

  90. @ Ekson, A big thank for this update. we really appreciate you. Please, signing UCR ( universal Collateral Register ) Is SEM did not collect money for it for reg of each MFB before going for signing in Abuja ?? The hall they use in Abuja for signing, is the SEM paid for it everyday ? I think they use the hall for almost 3 month ??? Thanks.

    We Nigerian are the problem of ourselves. Each MFB has standard for reg fee for this project, but some people increased the fee without the knowledge of MFB / NGO . May God help us in Nigeria. Thanks.

  91. @victor_5 nobody knows everything is Willie Willie. If it comes you receive it if not you keep hoping. There is always tomorrow. SEM means tomorrow cos as they say tomorrow when that day comes it becomes another tomorrow.
    God bless us all as we keep believing SEM.

  92. Lol, Willie Willie Ke? They better be serious bcos a lot of people have invested both finance, time, energy and hope in this pusuit/program. So any form of the more u look the less u see will totally be wrong, let’s still keep the hope alive till after October if nothing happened then we can tore the part of Joe Alex & Co.

  93. *Matter Arising*

    *Six (6%) percent sharing formula*

    It was Unanimously agreed by the house that

    – ½%- State Cordinator

    – ½%- Regional

    – 1/2% – LG Director

    – 2%- Chairman

    – 1%- Secretary

    – ½- Directors

    – ½- Corp Outlet

    – ½- Volunteers

    note: the intervention fund is from the 6% as we can see that it is now called cor outlet (fund) from the information given above

  94. @ Jay one,
    Baba, we have left you in that bus stop by your saying “no proof that fund is already in Nigeria.””
    Pls, move faster to reach us ooooo by brother. Thanks

  95. @ Rightchuks, Thanks baba for update. I pray more anointing sir for more info. Infact, we have some wonderful people in the house. I pray after this grant Nigeria will be more better than china in Jesus name

  96. Rightchuks thanks for the update. My prayer is that as God made it possible for the grant to be disbursed in china’ the same God will see us through in Jesus Name. Amen. Nigerian factor shall never affect the disbursment of this grant in NIGERIA IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  97. @Rightchuks. You just did clarification not update update I expect is intervention fund disbursement schedule and date.Pls do well to furnish us with such info. Thanks . I heard between 24th and 28th September . It’s that true @ rightchuks confirm.

  98. the intervention fund is part of the 10%(1billion) that will remain in the bank. 2%(200m) to the ngo, 2%(200m) to those that assisted in bringing people for reg in that bank, 2%(200m) chairmen, 1%(100m), sec and dir, state cord, lg diector, reg cord, volunteer (those that will work in the bank), director and the corp outlet(the microfinance building) will take 1/2% each which is 50 million. they all have to rent a temporaryplace for now to start disbursement unfailingly oct 2nd and after disbursement the 50m that will be used in building the bank will be available which is what we all called intervention fund

  99. @ekson this sharing formula you stated here is not only a trap that cause the collapse of all SEM has worked n layed down concerning the grant n even lead to kidnapping of some chairmen. How can everyone put their hands together to raise a bank n some will be cheated just like, this formula is demonic and not from SEM pls search and you will see SEM’S formula
    Most directors worked more than some chairmen / secretaries they all paid equal amount of money for bank registration, summery sheets typing/banding etc so why will the chairmen take more?

  100. Most of the banks are now asking people to come and open up bank account under them, from a designated banks which they said was the order given by SEM and this is different from the verification they did where individuals or beneficiaries filled forms with the banking details. Please real is this, is it in line with what us trending presently

  101. Thanks @Kings for alerting me to respond to this.

    @Blaise… The next step is signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), between the national coordinators and the chairmen/secretaries of the different microfinance outlets.

    Hopefully, disbursement follows suit, as the SEM workers concluded their disbursement training yesterday evening.

    But I can tell you on good authority that 2nd of October as one of us here pointed out is totally spurious. 17th remains unchanged (as at yesterday night) .

  102. I commend everyone here that has made contributions and questions in respect to the long awaiting grant. While wishing all Happy Sunday, I strongly disagree with the submission of (Gtb) questioning/kicking against the sharing formula as it concerned the chairmen/Secretaries. I wish to say that it indicates high level of greed and no considerations, see below my reasons!
    1. Chairmen/Secretaries went to Abuja & signed the collateral register which automatically puts the risk/burden of banks on their shoulders
    2. Most of Chairmen saw the vision first & invited the Directors to join
    3. Most of the Directors paid/contributed the funds as u said & went to sleep while the Chairmen/Secretaries ensured 1,000 projects were gotten to qualify the bank
    4. Most of the Directors not until recently never believed convincingly that the program is real.
    With the above reasons and more I put it to you once again that greed is the only reason why any rational human being should result to kidnapping or killing to acquire what originally those not belong to him/her. Further more if not corrected you will request that all Directors should get equal share with the National Directors and the anchor of the program Barr, Donald after all from ur submission they all have worked or better put without the directors the program wouldn’t have succeeded. This is one one the major reasons why Nigerians has remained the way they are, greed! greed!! greed!!! Let’s come out of it and focus on good behaviours.
    Thanks as I hope you understand better now and amend your way of reasoning towards the grant that is coming to us from people we never new from anywhere & without minding our greed&corrupt nature out of their good gestures had decided to part with their hard earned resources & we are here fighting on how to share it accordingly. Let all be guided accordingly to avoid bringing more shame to this Nation.

  103. Provide SEM formula alongside Ishiba formula let the house compare them with the recent formula as per recommended by the leaders of all NGO’s as for me I don’t care, whatever formula that is adopted is okay by me, what am against is you kicking against the Chairmen/Secretaries allotted share & you just confirmed my claim of greed by saying that u worked morethan ur secretary. The question now is why were u not made the secretary or even the chairman if u were that good? To place u above others for working very hard.
    It may interest you to know that this10% sharing is based on NGO’s request to compensate the people, so they reserve the right to determine the sharing format have u wondered or asked ur self while they took 4%? Leaving 6% for others to share. both in that ur Ishiba & current formula? 2% to NGO & 2% to National coordinators, are you not going to question that as well? If not whatever made one to be chairman/secretary in ur bank have given him/her an age over u so lamenting here will not solve ur problem.
    Let me also inform you that in ur Ishiba sharing formula the Chairman got 1.5% & Secretary also got 1.5% that is to tell u they are higher than u and there is nothing u can do about it now otherwise step up to become one. Thanks

  104. Chizoba ur right today is 23th sept & oct is by d corner & no disbursement schedule/timetable & some of us are busy fighting ourselves over money that is not out yet. But me i don’t smell rat ooo. I smell a sxeet savor.

  105. Lol, I can’t help but laugh at those arguing about sharing formula. I was also keen on this grant until the arrogance and rudeness of those involved in collating the data got me thinking.
    First I thought, if these people are acting this way when we have not seen a dime, how will it be when our money is in their hands. Then I considered the various discrepancies trailing my online research for the origin of this grant. Even though the grant has been aired by some prominent newspapers, I still thought there was something fishy.
    For those smelling rats and what not, I salute you because its painful that Nigerians could be so blind to something so plain. I am not a hater, far from it, I only wish the management and board could address questions levied before them by the correspondent of hunters international.
    Why did I choose to speak up? I realised that the ill mannered people doing collation on the WhatsApp group for my own outlet don’t even know anything about those running the show. Somebody just reached out to them and they are gathering people for 2nd batch when first batch is still uncertain.
    My advice: Don’t implicate yourself in a business you have no idea of its origins and do not loose a cent more until you see 10 naira.

  106. one of the diectors of ishiba in osogbo told us today that they have been instructed to conclude all their arrangement latest friday bcos disbursement will start oct 2nd. i even confirmed this info from a principal director at bethany and he affirmed it to true that disbursement will start oct 2nd

  107. Why are we jealous ourselves, Anybody can be a director or chairman / principal director, if he / she can mobilize people. Thank God there is second batch. To do so, it is as simple as ABC.


  109. Hello Sir. May I know what the true position is as at today about this grant. I hear disbursement would commence on or before 17th October 2018.

  110. luv all of u on this thread, both the +ve and the -ve contributors. never too believed naijans could be this concerned, both by wits and by meany. learnt a lot from u all.My very best for u all when the grant amount is eventually in your hand. Best of your heart desire and future endevour in the best respect of this GENEROUS GIFT!


  112. SOCIAL EXCHANGE MARKET OFFICE NO 12 DAN SULEIMAN STREET UTSKO DISTRICT ABUJA. $199.860 BILLION GRANT APPROVEF BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTOR OF SEM TODAY SEPTEMBER 24 , 2018″_ Social Exchange Market registered 9,486 collaterally registered outlets, which serves as our financial correspondents for disbursement of once_in_lifetime financial grants to the financially handicap people with feasible people _oriented small scale business Our success is measured by the percentage of lives touched by our operations and we fully leverage our people, knowledge resources for continuous improvement of our processes and always endeavour to surpass all regulatory standard and ethics .I hereby welcome you on board flight ‘ Social Exchange Market’ in making life better for the poor. $199.486 billion grant approved by the Board of Director of SEM today September 24, 2018 was to help increase growth and employment across the country .Social Exchange Market grants will first disburse family relief grant to all the people across Nigeria.

  113. @Eben. Thank you. Pls where did you this story, what is the source, and hope this is not another cock and bull story,? The same Old story in another fashion. Pls they shd tell us the date of disbursement and how. Enough of this guessing and permutations. Anyway, October will separate the truth from falsehood.

  114. @ eben, hope ur update is not copy & paste? pls we should not b carried away by ds update so dat our hope wl not b dashed @ d end. if FRF comes fine & if it does not come fine too, the most important is dat disbursement should start dis October. pls we should always authenticate our update before releasing it to d public bcos of mischievemakers dat are all out there. @ eben if u can authenticate ur update im sorry d way i might hav sounded.

  115. @ Jonny, Pls, did SEM tell you they are facing challenges ?? or problem ??? We have all prayed on it. SEM said payment will start in oct. betw 1st to 31st. Lets be patient with them till first week of Nov before we say anything we like. Thanks. Dont let us put all our total reliance on this grant. It is not a must to collect it but opportunity. Thanks

  116. Thank GOD oct starts tommorrow & the strike by organised labour has just been suspended today 30/09/18, So no excuse for any further postphonement in disbursement of the long awaited grant.

    1. Thanks to all who contributed positively on this forum and especially to me Eben. Your info have alwsys been authentic . From calculation, 70% was paid to each outlets . Ie 7billion naira as against 10billion. For now , dint know if they are to give us 5% or 100% of 70% . We all will be alive to witness it and we will not die slong with ghe greedy ones.

      1. @Stan according to your comment and I quote ” ….70% was paid to each outlets . ” Do you mean they have been paid now? If yes, then it is a very good news.


  118. Happy new month to the wonderful people in the house most especialy @Eben for his updates. U are all welcome to the month of our breakthrough. Eben &others please keep the house posted on latest happening. God bless us all

  119. in osogbo, i saw bethany ngo cheque last thursday(i personally saw and confirmed the cheques which arrived on tuesday) and they said they will start disburement oct 2. ishiba state coordinator also said their cheques has arrived and disbursement is also 2nd. they are all waiting for they go ahead from the national coordinator. but they also said they dont think a beneficiary will collect more than 3million.

  120. @ need for fire prayer again, what we need now is to be thanking God bcos our prayers has been answered. my coordinator in osogbo told me they are with the cheques already and disbursement starts on tues 2nd oct unless the national coord says otherwise which i dont think so.

  121. Here is October, Goodnews start flooding us personally from tomorrow.

    I’m a beneficiary and a living witness too.


  122. Here is October, Good news start flooding us personally from tomorrow.

    I’m a beneficiary and a living witness too.


  123. Expectations and hopes are very high, yes we know but let’s try as much as we could to relay only information that are verifiable and authentic so as not to compound the tempo, one thing I know for sure is that SEM shall never do a partial disbursement therefore those saying some have gotten their cheques and ready to start disbursement tomorrow I doubt it 90% but u can prove me wrong by providing clear evidence of ur claims. Tnx as we watch to see what God holds for us this October

  124. Pls for those who have seen their ngo cheque, what is the amount on it. Eben, Ekson, stevosky & others shnuld pls give updates. Hopes are as high as high tension

    1. Hopes are high yes but one thing I know is that cheques will be given to all d NGOs at d same time. I don’t see tomorrow visible at all.!! Let us wait and be focus we shall have it soon.

      1. @joy i disagree with you are u saying the updates of eben, blaise, stan, ekson are not correct? Read ekson comment of 29/9/18. Do u know d strategy sem will use to do disbursement? We are asking those who have seen their cheque to tell us d amount on it.

  125. Truth u will not kill someone with laughter. We are interested to know the amount on the cheques & not how it looks like. It is the amount & not the look. It may be ugly, beautiful, white,blafk or multi colour.

  126. Well we don enter October.. In a copl of days from now we shall see if SEM will retain their office or it will be burnt… Dis month will decide their fate

  127. frf will be released today N490,000 n it will end on the 17th. 3 wks after N2.5million. there were cases of attempted robbery in my state when some gunmen came to an organised seminar thinking disbursement will start that day, they fired shots at them thinking they brought money but nd that’s why they’ve been all silent about telling us what is going on. tday is tday. we shall all see it in Jesus Name, Amen.

  128. @oga sir, the outlet has not been built so need for workers now, only the chairmen/principal dir, sec and dir will start for now and i think they will be attending to 200 people per day, is it not to give us cheques? there is no big deal in their work for now. tks

  129. @ekson, Many thanks. I think SEM should avoid this public show of giving out checks and make use of the available technology to send this grant to our new bank accounts to avoid risking the life of poor beneficiaries.

  130. Thanks @Ekson for this wonderful updates. Please has all the national coordinators gotten the cheques for their ngos? will this be done simultaneously in all the states of the federation? Im asking these bcos in akwa ibom as at yesterday i have not heard anything. Tnx & God bless

  131. Thanks and big thanks to you @Emma…
    most profound have been every of your comment so far. you hardly comment, but so far, your comments have proven to be the most accurate, so ardent and full of certainty. we also have discovered that you never contradicted a single thing you had posted, and almost everything your comments predicted has happened. Keep dishing out the right info…we know what you say is correct; because we are know…

  132. Thanks @Emma and again we say thanks…
    Looking into all your comments we have discovered that they have been the most profound, ardent and full of certainty. you have been the only one who has stood by what he’d afore posted. looking into all your though rare comments, the predictions of your comments have happened so far. Keep dishing out the right info; for we know you know…

  133. Good day family. Has disbursement commenced anywhere in nigeria? With due respect Eben,ekson, blaise, stan, stevosky etc should pls give the house latest updates. Pls we are to hear the good news by someone who has collected the cheque. Thanks & God bless

  134. @ eben pls respmd to my question above. Has anyone gotten his/her cheque in any state of d federation? With due respect Eben, ekson, blaise, stan, stevosky, etc should Let us know what is happening please. God bless

  135. @Rightchucks. Thanks for this update. With what i have just read, does it mean the updates some members in this forum gave us concerning seeing ngos cheques in osogbo (bethany& ishiba) is false or those fall in the first round batch pls we need clarifications if sem is making disbursements in batches,, they should come up with a schedule so people will know & not keep us in d dark. This is serious.

  136. Rightchuks Thanks For The Update…. Pls The SEM Has Not Announce The Specific Day For The Disbursement This Month? Secondly What System What System Are They Going To Adopt For The Security Of The Beneficiaries?

    1. Where are those who said disbursement will start from 2nd? Where are those who they have physically seen & confirm bethany ngo cheque? Let them say something. Do u know dat most peoqle in this forum are elderly people & it’s not in nature to deceive elders. Sem is d cause b/c they post regular updates on their website & their lines don’t go through. It has bn repeatedly said here dat if ur not sure of ur updates don’t post. Anyway, sem should do d needful by disbursing this long over due grant & save us this headache. God bless us all

  137. @Rightchuks your info is receiving. This is the same info that has been posted in this platform over a month now. How come you decide to lift it here once more.

  138. All let me tell you all this is nonsense… this mont we are suppose to be hearing we sem has come out to disburse the grant so so….and right now we are at point c heading to point z which is the disbursement day. all this is what has being last few months. thank you guys

  139. @Rightchuks. Hmmmh, a lot of irregularities and inconsistencies. All the noise of disbursement in October, yet SEM has no specified route at arriving at such, meeting upon meetings with no conclusion. The players in the ‘downstream’ so to say are already in disagreement as per the sharing of what they ve not seen, thereby ignorantly aiding the SEM in their scheming. I hope we are not seeing SEM’s body language. Meetings upon meetings, without conclusion. If this stuff ends up in the ‘uncertain’, it will be a monumental scandal ( against the body of the truth/light). The Lord will help us. It is well.

  140. @Daniel. How can somebody believe that a cheque of ngo is seeing in Oshogbo or so. Don’t ever believe all those trash

  141. Some of you have been advised severally, not to post unverified information.
    Get information from your national coordinator or your state coordinator, not from a chairman!

    Who is releasing cheques? Which SEM has been holding meetings (as one of you pointed out)?

    Is it not the SEM office that has been under lock and key, and had been temporarily sealed by the EFCC?

    All we now need is consistent prayer, so that our dear dreams will be actualized.

    Let’s keep hope alive.

  142. @Emma are u serious SEM office has been sealed by efcc? Pls if this is true then there is fire on the mountain. May God help us in this grant issue

  143. The funniest part is @Ekson hasn’t said anything since yesterday. Please, you people should stop raising false hope here. After all before the advent of corn the chicken was feeding on something.

  144. @Emma if info is true then we are in trouble. Oh my God. Yawa don gas. May God help us through this grant issue in Jesus Name. Amen

  145. Please oooo don’t post what will kill people ooo I beg all of you. EFCC only invited Donald to find out why people have been bringing complaints to them, and to know what is delaying Donald and SEM from releasing the grant o. And they have given Donald an ultimatum to release the grant to beneficiaries so that this issue can be laid to rest. Don’t come here and cause panic attacks for no reason o. EFCC has been aware of this grant since inception please, and there is nothing to be worried about. Thank you.


  147. Pls Abuja residents visit SEM OFFICE ASAP. It’s not funny oo. Nigeria is not easy if this grant becomes a scam . I don’t which way to go with anything Nigeria box again .

  148. Please oooo don’t post what will kill people ooo I beg all of you. EFCC only invited Donald to find out why people have been bringing complaints to them, and to know what is stopping Donald and SEM from releasing the grant o. And they have given Donald an ultimatum to release the grant to beneficiaries o. Don’t come here and cause panic attacks for no reason o. EFCC has been aware of this grant since inception please., and there is nothing to be worried about. Thank you.
    I am in Abuja.

  149. Dear commentators, regards to you all. I visit this platform for months now not only on daily basis but about 10 or more than that some days via my phone, and i hadly comment even when on my laptop while there’s OUR NEPA. As a potential beneficiary and one of the facilitators with an OUTLET, i furnish an outlet’s Secretary a lot with info on this platform and he too from what he gets from the State Coordinator. He isn’t that ICT/Computer literate. He works tirelessly, almost alone, on behalf of his chairman/all directors of their said microfinance(OUTLET),they having rented a mansion for the Biz.
    …. my take is that no hypertensive person should visit and follow the thread on this platform. It is not for the DISABLED.
    ..+ves, ..-ves, …neutral, and …can’t say comments!!
    @emmawas just being highly commended today for always posting genuine,profound information by @hpmfo2018 and suddenly he just appeared with EFCC action on SEM. which still means…. GENUINE.
    Hmmm, where is @Truth? . We are still strong, trust us Nigerians. We don,t conclude about SEM yet. We’r watching the drama(if so) the more.

  150. Lets agree EFCC intervened constructively, but not destructively

    But where are those fellows who have been fighting on SHARING FORMULAR?
    We need there comment at this point of time.
    No cause for alerm.
    EFCC is working in our favour…

  151. The drama is getting interesting. Have any of u read one of hunters int’l articles on this grant ‘DONALD TURNS TO DONALDO IN NEW SUPER STORY SERIES’ it talked about donald & sem putting over 5m nigerians on a bycicle & put on a slope that may crash in oct. Look for dat article & read. @Emma said d office was temporarily sealed & Some are saying it’s an invitation. Let @ LENO & others who reside in abuja go to sem office this morning & find out the true situation & give us update. Sem iines are all off. I mobilized over 300 peoqle for dis grant & i been called 419 & other names b/c of this grant

  152. Good morning ladies & gentlemen, the information about EFCC inviting Donald/locking down his office and even taking away some of his laptops, is true not because the program is scam but because some Chairmen decided to be greedy and then wrote a petition against SEM on their original plan or disbursing the grant through NGO’s, now the question is!
    1. How did the Chairmen knew about the grant?
    2. What is wrong with disbursing through NGO?
    3. Who says Chairmen will not mess with people’s benefit if not put under NGO checks and control?
    4. What happens to unverified ghost Chairmen that signed collateral register through the back door?
    In as much as I do not equally wish to exonerate the NGO Coordinators from greed, I wish to emphasize that someone has to climb down the tree through the same source he/she climbed up otherwise if he/she decide to jump down from top the tendency of sustaining some degrees of injuries may be inevitable.
    As we getting the grant, that has been signed by God. You may wish to consult your spiritual director nothing can stop it. So no need to panic all we should be concerned about now is further delay due to greed of how to disburse the grant. Thanks to all that has made meaningful contributions so far.

  153. That’s the problem with Nigerians. We prefer hearing the sweet lies (and become praise singers) to bitter truth.

    Yes, EFCC invited Bar. Donald two weeks ago, after an outlet chairman with Ishiba dragged him to the anti graft agency. Barr. Donald signed a commitment, that the grant will duly be disbursed by October.

    However, there was a new twist on Monday, 1st of October, when the EFCC took over the premises of SEM. There are some indications(NOT CONFIRMED) that the ruthless powers that be, are compelling him to shift the Disbursement to the election year.
    N/B : I said there are some indications, I didn’t say I can tell you on good authority. Please!!!!

    I had this info, but a member here convinced me to come out public, and tell us the truth on the true position of things.

    All we now need is prayers. And this grant is 100% real, I can tell you that on good authority.

  154. Unless the anti graft agency evacuated the premises this morning. As at yesterday night, they were still there, armed to the teeth . Ask the residents within the ambient.

    There is an update we need to talk to God about- some aggrieved individuals have petitioned the Central Bank of Nigeria about the nefarious activities of some NGOs. Quite unfortunately, the CBN sent the petition(s) to EFFC.
    Then the unexpected happened early this week. Activities at SEM’s office have been temporarily suspended until after investigations!

    A RIGHT ATTITUDE : We shouldn’t panic , modify information, be doubtful, cast aspiration on anyone. Rather, we should be prayerful, be positively realistic, believe all will be well.
    In some of the countries where this grant had been paid, different negative developments came up before it was paid .
    Did I hear you say: ‘All will be well? ‘ Yes, all will be well; and all is well, indeed .
    The Lord is fighting for us…

    NAMCCA is just an evil that is indirectly trying to disrupt this grant. They engineered the EFCC raid at SEM office. Imagine the chaos they’re creating.
    Sir, kindly let us disregard the Audio jingle. It’s the handwork of nefarious and disgruntled click of aggrieved people working towards sabotaging this program.

    My contact confirmed that, all principal directors movement to Abuja will commence from the second week in October that all arrangement is concluded, if not for this week’s EFCC and CBN investigation, the Abuja timetable would have been released. Full operation at SEM office will resume this week , from tomorrow and all issues will be addressed by SEM.
    Let’s expect timetable anytime from now.
    Please Note:
    * The SEM Project Is REAL
    * Yes. EFCC investigation into the allegations of NAMCCA is Real. But NOT serious and has no EFFECT on our Grant..
    * Disbursement time still remain October, 2018.
    Thanks for your time and understanding.
    I remain your humble servant..

  156. NAMCCA is an association of CEOs across the country formed and registered to protect the CEOs and Directors from the excessive greed of the national NGOs and CO-OPs.

  157. @abasiofon. there’s has been and audio message from NAMCCA circulating on whtsapp. IF you are in WhatsApp SEM Group Forum. you might have heard abou it. thanks

  158. To me one of the greatest problem of this grant is the money agreed by sem to coordinators, ngos & chairmen. If for instance individual beneficiaries are to be given b/3 3 to 10m, coord, ngos, & c/men should have gotten 10m additional, directors 5m & volunteers 2m. Afteral they will still get their 10m project money. To me It is the 200m proposed to be given to some group of people that is bringing this fight & petitions. They should first come & disburse the b/w 3 to 10m to d masses b4 going to fight over the humongous amounts.

  159. I heard that after the efcc investigated This program and some NGOs the other time , that a woman, an owner of one NGOs slumped and died :please, what did she find out, that made her died?

  160. $199.486Billion said to be approvedby SEM is more than N71Trillion when converted to our currency, more than our Fed Govt annual budget of 10years, greater than all the assets (both tangible and intangible) of the more than 25consolidated commercial banks in Naija, including CBN. Yet the purported foreign donors of the amount generously want to lift us out of the dungeon of wretchedness, imprisonment and painful/perpetual darkness. WHY THEN ARE OUR PRIVILEDGED MANAGERS/LEADERS OF THIS FUND FIGHTING? Hmmmmmm……., i recall being aware that more than 80%/90% or so coordinators,directors,etc are pastors. My brrrrreeeeedren! why? someone’s money(philantropic donation)!!! Only for you to pass it across to the people, use some, and be still paid for it!

  161. Madam Beatrice Odudu, the CEO of Saint Rita NGO has passed away 2 weeks ago, and her burial is currently ongoing, in Port-harcort.
    She was an innocent, cheerful, selfless and diligent women, yet she died.
    I thought some leaders would learn some lessons and take life easy and simple …
    May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace …

  162. @BlessedMike,please can you clarify here what actually led to her demise ;was it caused by the findings of the efcc about this scheme, which may be revealing fraud :or something else?

    Again, someone here said that SEM office in Abuja would be opened today :please can someone here confirm to us if it has been opened or still under lock and key, since their number is no longer connecting ?

    1. @Collins, please note that the cause of death can only be ascertained by her doctors. The fact that she died about two weeks ago and you’re only hearing about it now does not mean it was efcc investigation or questioning that caused her death. Please upgrade your thinking. For your information I was at the house to pay a condolence visit and the family are in a mourning state it will do you well to respect that irrespective of your belief or otherwise in this grant. As blessedmike said the burial is ongoing today.
      Also have you heard of any fraud regarding this grant or anyone arrested yet, if there was fraud won’t you have heard it in the mainstream media by now?
      Know also that SEM office is not under any lock and key and it has been opened since before you heard about it being locked! If you have any other questions for Late Mrs Beatrice you can ask her before she is lowered to the grave.

  163. for your information, I’m one of the bank chairman under St Rita multipurpose cooperative society (late Mrs Beatrice Odudu). she didn’t die of any misinformation From EFCC or whatever. stop saying rubbish. I don’t really know what killed her but when God says your time is up, there’s nothing you can do about it. may her soul rest in perfect peace. and the only thing we need to do now is to have a positive mindset towards the disbursement of diz grant. grant has being in existence for a very long time. no be today something











  165. @Eben,This doesn’t sound like an information that is latest in nature. We have gone past the “training time, interview time, and the verification time where all banking details were made available to outlets” the only thing remaining is disbursement. Unless you have another information to give to us as to the reason why by now, no meaningful time table of how the disbursement will go have been furnished yet.

    We have many question, beckoning for answers here :are the SEM going to pay the beneficiaries direct, from the first disbursement to the last or their cooperative headquarters or their outlets? Is it going to be by issuing cheques or by online transfer to their various accounts as supplied by the beneficiaries? Which day from October is the disbursement kicking off?

    Most importantly at the present :is SEM office sealed by the efcc now opened? Why are their numbers not connecting for people to call and verify things themselves? And please, are you part of the cooperate heads, outlets CEO, directors or volunteers? perhaps you could clear the air by given all these answers.

  166. @Collins
    stop asking too much questions as well as making unnecessary assumptions. Do you know what it takes to gather some of these information?
    Just relax and take things as they unfold, for as long as you are a registered beneficiary, you are covered.
    Stop. pressuring anyone for inf, after all you never gave money to anyone for keeps neither will your complaining, suggestions or assumptions change anything in SEM.
    Keep calm and always appreciate any update you receive whether old or new.
    Please understand my point, NO OFFENSE.

  167. Dear Commentators, it really takes a HUMBLE man to respond to issues on behalf of SEM on this platform. RightChuks and co taking steps to update readers on this platform, mostly in a polite and sort of persuasive approaches deserve much THANKFULNESS, and beyond that, RESPECT. So many people read info on this thread(responsible persons) but hardly comment, and through the updates such readers/visitors become convinced and adjudged the GRANT to be “REAL”(the most important). Cautions have been put across here disapproving word attack especially on the UPDATES FEEDERS. Pls that should be noted [then come to think of if the phone lines of the SEM officials were on! – bomb shell]. Respect remains to be reciprocated. No one should cause these FEEDERS to over-react. They do it voluntarily. Ever since, they usually never denied the platform the essential info, so we really need to be patient and follow them gently. The updates they will ever bring. It takes MUCH to gather the info as Rightchuk put it.
    Regards to all threaders(both the positive and the negative), but the later should be cautious.

    1. Did I hear you say that the SEM numbers are available? I have been trying to call them since this week and never succeeded :so I don’t know how you can about your information.

  168. In as much as we are thanking the organizers for their wonderful effort toward the actualization of the grant coming by October, we wish to appeal to all and sundry to embrace peace and be patient enough and stop antagonizing the organizers by not posting defamatory words on this platform. Be guided accordingly

  169. @Usi,Did I hear you say that the SEM numbers are available? I have been trying to call them since this week and never succeeded :so I don’t know how you can about your information.

  170. The latest update is that pre disbursement has commenced since October 2nd.

    I was in a meeting with my state coordinator yesterday and we were told that pre re disbursement has commenced.

    IShiba and Kingdom wealth has been credited they have been assigned to a bank and settled.

    The pre disbursement started with IShiba and Kingdom wealth and the other Cooperatives will be called in 2s. The pre disbursement will run from 2nd of October to 16 of October and the official disbursement will be on launch on the 17th of this month.

  171. Hello @Collins, didn’t say the SEM officials’ lines were on. While trying to calm nerves of posters to always react with calmness, politeness, thankfulness and patient/understanding, I put it across that the SEM office contacts were expected to be off considering the unfolded tension. In simple statement, if those who generously bring good information/updates on this platform are being attacked somehow unjustly, then how much more/worse the SEM officials. Imagine the number of calls and perhaps insults that would have surged forward on them. Remember, they are human (and gentle people) like some of us. Also, note that those contacts may as well be handled and only controlled by junior officers whom their directors(or management) may not disclose some information to. The switching off of the lines may even be on order.
    My regards to all readers/posters

  172. @ Eben ;If pre- disbursement means knowing our parent banks, Ishiba & Bethany had been assigned to Access Bank since last week. We beneficiaries are waiting to meet Access Bank officials at the next gathering.Maybe checks will be issued then .


    1. Glory be to God in the highest for the success of this grant. May God give everyone grace to use it wisely. Thanks to my able people with great infos.

  174. @Truth, At least I”m happy for your current approach, a politeness that was lacking considering most of your past comments. Good of you reminding that “thunder and fire deyoooo!” and rather not wished such to strike or burn anyone. Good that people could be re-shaped through this platform.

    Hailing u @BlessedMike, @Eben, @Ekson. Keep up!

  175. The funny thing is the question asked here was not answered. What is pre-disbursment? Does pre-disbursment mean that some money will be paid to beneficiaries and how much is supposed to be the money because I haven’t seen anyone who received such?

    Until a penny is paid to any beneficiary, all remains a mirage. We have been on this story for months, if not up to a year. So much confusion for a clear vision of this disbursement ;hence needs so many clarification to justify these October as the deal date. Is my prayer that this becomes a reality and a success :but for the records, no beneficiary has received a penny :not from ishiba and not from kingdom wealth. So there is need to elaborate more on what this pre-disbursment making round which has not been evident means.

    1. @Collins can you please just shut up? Did anybody say they have received money as pre-disbursement? It’s because of people like you that well meaning organisations don’t put their phone numbers on their sites. Is anybody owing you any money here or as SEM, this is a grant and I bet you don’t even know where the money is coming from. Shut up, stop this unnecessary questioning, relax and be patient. Life continues with our without grant! Kai…

      1. Predisbursement means the transfer of funds from SEM to the NGOs bank accounts, from where it will be eventually disbursed to each beneficiary…

  176. Pls what about Golden Bridge multipurpose cooperatives. I hope they are one of the NGO’s cos I have not heard anyone on this platform mention them. I applied under them oo.
    This is a blessed week for all of us cos we must smile as SEM unfold disbursement plans for every one that applied.

    CBN To Accelerate Financial Inclusion With Rural Banks
    As part of efforts to promote financial inclusion and enhance access to financial services for low income earners and the unbanked, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is proposing the establishment of Payment Service Banks in rural areas across the country.

    This is coming as the apex bank says it may alter the amount it has ordered South African telecoms firm, MTN to refund to Nigeria for illegally repatriating funds from the country.

    To this end, the CBN has released the draft guidelines for the regulation of the proposed banks.

    A copy of the document was obtained on the CBN’s website yesterday.

    A major difference between the proposed banks and the defunct community banks is that the new rural banks would not be allowed to grant any form of loans, advances and guarantees.

    By the guidelines, they are expected to have a minimum capital base of N5 billion with capital adequacy ratio of 10 per cent or as may be prescribed by the CBN from time to time.

    The objective of the proposed institutions, it was gathered, is to enhance financial inclusion in rural areas by increasing access to deposit products, payment and remittance services to small businesses, low-income households and other entities through high-value transactions in a secured technology-driven environment.

    In terms of structure, the payment service banks are expected to operate mostly in rural areas and unbanked location, with not less than 50 per cent physical points in such areas.

    In addition, they are expected to establish ATMs in some areas; be at liberty to operate through banking agents; use other channels, including electronic platforms to reach-out to its customers and establish coordinating centres in clusters of outlets to superintend and control the activities of various access points and banking agents.

    Also, the guidelines provide that these rural banks are expected to be technology-driven and are expected to conform to the best practices of data storage; security and integrity.

    According to the central bank, activities they are expected to undertake include, “Maintain savings accounts and accept deposits from individuals and small businesses, which shall be covered by the deposit insurance scheme.

    “They are to carry out payments and remittance (including inbound cross-border personal remittances) services through various channels within Nigeria; issue debit and pre-paid cards and operate electronic purse.”

    These rural banks are also permitted to invest in federal government and CBN’s securities and carry out such other activities as may be prescribed by the central bank from time to time.

    On the other hand, the central bank listed the non-permissible items the banks shall not carry out to include, “grant any form of loans, advances and guarantees; trade in foreign exchange market; undertake any other transaction, which is not prescribed in the CBN Regulation on the Scope of Banking and Ancillary Matters, No. 3, 2010.”

    The banks are also required to use the words ‘Payment Service Banks,’ in their names to differentiate them from other financial institutions.

    “The promoters of payment service banks shall be required to submit a formal application for the grant of a payment service bank licence addressed to the Governor of the CBN,” the CBN said.

    The guidelines also stipulate that they are expected to pay a non-refundable application fee of N500,000 in bank draft as well as a detailed business plan or feasibility report, among others.

    “Not later than six months after obtaining an Approval-in-Principle, the promoters of a proposed Payment Service Bank shall submit application for the grant of a final licence to the CBN,” it stated.

    The application is to be accompanied among other things, with a non-refundable licence fee of N2 million.

    CBN May Alter MTN Fines

    Meanwhile, the Governor of CBN, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has said that the apex bank may alter the $8.134 billion fines imposed on MTN Nigeria for illegal repatriation of funds from the country.

    Reuters quoted Emefiele as saying this yesterday in London.

    “I don’t think it will be staying at $8.1 billion. This issue will be dealt with amicably and equitably,” he said.

    Emefiele said the central bank had received documents from MTN and four banks involved in the case.

    “The central bank will be examining these; then it will be escalated up to my level,” he said.

    He said he expected to get the results in a couple of weeks.

    The central bank filed a counter-claim on Friday to a court request by MTN, which is seeking to stop the bank from forcing it to bring back the money, according to MTN’s lawyer.

    Emefiele also said Nigeria’s central bank would continue to intervene in the foreign exchange markets, adding that he believed in a stable exchange rate regime.

    Nigeria’s current stance of monetary tightening would continue, he said.

    The central bank had alleged in August that MTN and four banks, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Stanbic IBTC Plc and Diamond Bank Plc, illegally repatriated the sum out from the country.

    MTN Nigeria thereafter went to court to challenge the directive of the CBN. In a suit at the Federal High Court, MTN Nigeria had prayed the court to restrain the CBN from taking further action in respect of the order.

  178. Pls those of u in abuja should visit SEM office & find out if office is open for open for business in the first instance. We cannot be talking of disbusement when the office is under lock & key. This is vevy important my brothers & sisters.

  179. Some Nigerians are terrible set of people. Can u imagine an outlet that collected 3k in the of verification in june this year has issued sms today for benefiaries to come with aoother 3k again for final verification. The oqerators of these outlets have turned the poor masses to their farms that whenever they need money they just issue out sms for people to come with a said sum of money for purpose or d other. When will this end? Sem lines are off. Who do i complain to? The level of extortion is too much

    1. Which NGO is that?..
      Did you pass through the right NGO?
      Verification, ID card and Certificate did not emanate from SEM…
      In Bethany where I am, there is nothing like verification or ID card. Even certificate is optional. You can get ur certificate when d fund is ready…
      Your phone number and the passport you submitted is enough to identify you…

    2. I strongly advise anyone not to be a victim of such greedy NGO directors which are cunningly demanding extra cash from their enrollees. They are the ones making people to overeact and act as if SEM have robbed them. All documentations and beneficiaries details has been submitted to SEM, who are speedily working on imminent disbursement. Therefore paying unnecessarily is a crime and an attempt for some greedy individuals to rubbish the integrity of the program. Please be warned !!

  180. Please my piple. CBN has no power over this grant. If our national coordinators and NGO heads did not exposed themselves to the government, by the reason of disagreement and greed, the CBN and EFCC would have no right to intervein

  181. The SEM office that was locked did not take 24 hours.
    The SEM office was locked and reopened. After which some piple heard about it and started spreading the rumour…
    Such news was not meant for the public, in the first instance, because piple will not spread the news when the problem in rectified…

  182. Concerning the SEM office lines that are off, it is NORMAL.
    Put yourself in the position of the SEM officials, they are human too.
    If the lines are ON, they would be receiving million calls in a day, which would not change the date of disbursement…
    Some piple will flash, some will curse, some will threaten, Nigerians, we know what we can do now…

  183. @Femi, nothing in your post suggests that CBN has anything to do with S.E.M grant. Perhaps, you should read your post the umpteenth time and understand it. By the way, this was the wrong forum for your CBN post!

  184. JUST IN!!!

  185. @BlessedMike,this is not the information people expect :we can’t be talking about executive opening account when the arrangement was to disburse by 17th and today is 9th. How long do they have for the account opening and for those who are yet to be informed about that, when will they meet up :or is it an avenue to affirm already that the disbursement date has been changed again? These whole thing is so disappointing.

    1. @ collins, Why you like to query info people give in this platform ?? You have no good info to give us and you are always against and question peoples good info. which info u need again than opening of a/c of each outlet where fund we enter on 17/10/2018. Did blessed mike said executive opening of account ?????. i will advice you to read only and stop comment. Thanks

      @ blessed mike, please, dont answer him. Collins did not understand ur msg atall. You have good info with you. our outlet has opened an a/c. May God bless you and keep it up. Thanks.



  188. Amidst all these my sources in Abuja told me that SEM office is still under lock and key. So how is the disbursement info going on. Can someone clarify me on that.

  189. @Chizoba,leave them, they said I question every info brought here when I had none to offer :yet their info is not in line with the present trending. I expect them to have told us if SEM office is still under lock and key and why, but they waved it aside even when is very essential to authenticate what ever information they have been peddling here.

    The issue of outlets executives opening account has taken place 2 weeks ego and is not a recent news neither does it show readiness for October disbursement, because a lot of outlets and cooperatives must have concluded that process:so that is not what we are itching our ears to hear.

    Ishiba office in my own area now has been under lock and key for the past 9 days now, raising suspicious and that was the exact period when the efcc issue was rumored. Am not trying to dash our hopes here, but just that we are not addressing the right questions when People ask one and the disbursement template that ought to be out is not yet out here. OK, yesterday Tuesday was a meeting between cooperative heads and the SEM, but we heard no update, unlike the previous weeks.

    The only information that we need now is the person that visited the SEM office in Abuja to confirm to us if that office is still open :since the SEM office phone contacts are off and some new cooperatives are popping up to register more new people.

  190. Pls is it true that SEM office is under lock & key as alledged by @ collins source? @blessedmike has responded to this on based on my questims on the office issue on 9/10/18 @6:13 am that d office was opened within 24 hrs. Pls our brothers/sisters pasmac & others in abuja should go to SEM office & give first hand info if biz is ongoing at d office. It’s long i’ve not heard from emma, ekson, eben, stevosky, stan & others in d family. God bless us all

  191. My people every info. BlessedMike drops here is legit… that account opening is ongoing now .. becus I andey my household have completed ours. In different states under various NGOS with Zenith and access banks. …

    One advice for Collins and Chizoba.. if u are more interested in the office being open than u receiving the grant, then u are chasing shadows…. I advice u to carry a sledge hammer and break the office locks so that u can have peace…… or u shut that basin u call a mouth, and start looking for where u will open that account right now through ur NGO…

  192. @Eben tanks for your earlier info but ISHIBA Lagos state coordinator said the have not been credited by SEM pls throw more light tanks

  193. @Austin Which of the ISHIBA NGO sent you the message about opening account with Access bank? Or which of the state coordinators talked about that? Pls I need to know because am also a stakeholder in ISHIBA tanks

  194. If SEM have gone underground to actualize next week disbursement , I believe their outlets should be our focus for now. The text message invitation I received from Ishiba NGO to report at my outlet office tomorrow for opening of disbursement account with access bank officials is a signal for disbursement next week. I believe we should relate more with our outlets for now than SEM Abuja office which is far away.

  195. I belong to Ishiba NGO Ibadan Oyo State. I hope to give situation report after my visit to my outlet office for the disbursement account opening tomorrow. I am expected to come with 2 passports,BVN, & N1000. to open an account with Ishiba chosen bank for disbursement.

  196. well Mr Austin we are saying how come u are the only one getting d msg? your claim seem exclusive to you alone… Bethany has not called for anything… then they say SEM is under lock and key or something.. when are we ever going to have a straight operation regarding this grant.. when is SEM reopening? remember that the so called 17th is some days away!

  197. @Austine, you confused me more from your submission :first is that you said that if SEM has gone under ground to actualize the next week disbursement, we should concentrate on their office :and closing it you said that your outlet requested you come and open up account, which is the evidence that they are about to disburse ;that we should focus on our outlet:that is very confusing and contradicting.

    But the truth is that, while your outlet only informed you yesterday to come and open up account :my own outlet and almost all in bayelsa state started that process last 2 weeks ego and would have concluded long before now.

    We were told that disbursement will start from 2nd which we never saw ;but we expect at least that the process would have been on:but nothing seem to be happening. We also expect that the SEM numbers would be open for calls, but that again is not visible. We expect that at least people would have visited their office and give us situation report :at leas t if the office is opened, yet it has become a difficult task ;raising suspicious all the way. That is why there is need for all these to ascertain our faith.

  198. @ the truth, Sincerely speaking, I will not hide an info from this platform having benefited much. A text message sent to 1000 members of my outlet is not exclusive. Maybe SEM is dealing with us in batches. I will give more helpful info after my visit tomorrow.

  199. @Adebola what do you mean by I should believe what my sources say.
    Address the issue :its SEM office in abuja under lock and key.
    Who and who are disbursing. Show with proof.
    I want this grant more than you but facts are better stated and truth known.
    Thank you. @ Collins don’t mind them jare

  200. The Secrecy Of This Program Is Becoming More Intense Than Before,, I Believe Its For The Good Of We Beneficiaries, One Day The Mask Will Be Taken Off

  201. Hmmmmmm. God help us. So much suspicion, suspense’anxiety & tension everywhere. Which way nija. This drama shall sure end this october. Here in akwa ibom nothing is said abt a/c opening in goodness clergy, ayedebo & living waters mins. If SEM have absconded their office & operates underground, can’t we suspect something bad is happening? Pls i shouldn’t be stoned am only being realistic. I need the grant seriously. Again if SEM office is still locked, then something is wrong somewher

  202. What Austin says about account opening is correct…. thesame with collins….
    Collins calm ur nerves… that u open account since 2 weeks doesn’t mean every MFO in bayelsa has completed Thiers… if I’m not mistaking, u are talking about the acct opening that was at custom road in Bayelsa state.. last month. (Access bank alone). I was there too… but I have reliable info.. that some MFOs are currently sorting theirs out as we speak… (some Zenith, some Access)…..

    And SEM never gave a date from the text they sent to stakeholders… they said it will COMMENCE from october meaning that it may run through October to December or whenever….

    As for Collins and Chizoba…. if u are more interested in the office of the SEM in Abuja being open, u can go with a sledge hammer and break it open so that we can have peace on this forum….. for crying out loud pre disbursement activities are going on. And SEM are HIDING from people like you who may come to harass them of money u didn’t give theme to keep….
    The truth is they have gone very low key so as to attain the success of disbursement…

    I explore everyone to be patient and get ready use ur grants wisely…

    1. where is ur brain? something so glaring yet u can’t comprehend it bec u choose to believe what u believe despite d contrary on d ground. wake up from ur slumber.

  203. believe mi or not there’s nothing like Grant or disbursement…we have been scammed. ..that’s the truth and embrace it

  204. in osogbo, we were taken to access bank to open an account on the 2nd(mind you, some ishiba MFO are domicile @ first bank and some Zenith). how disbursement will take place is to the discretion of the principal director or chairmen. some will issue cheques while others may decide to take their members to the bank where their money is domiciled.
    dr donald will be attending world poverty eradication day summit
    on the 17th of this month and he will not be around on this said date but the report he must give at the summit is that disbursement as started on this day (17th oct). mind you dr donald is working tirelessly to make sure that all MFO must be credited on or before 16th. it is true that some MFO(in ishiba and other ngos) have not been credited but dont lose your sleep over this because all must receive their fund on or b4 16th. if your state or MFO have not been credited there is not wrong with that, it must happen on or b4 16th. tks

    1. @ ekson, that’s a great news you have dished out to fill ones appetite here. Hope lucky individuals will keep us posted with positive developments as per disbursement. Thanks pal !

  205. @chizoba…, 1. SEM was under lock but has been opened. 2. all the ngos will disburse including where you registered, how they will disbrse is left to them whether they will issue cheque or tell you to open an account in the bank where their money is. the choice is theirs. a believer exercises his or her faith… please just believe my brother because that is the only thing God wants us to do(to believe in Him and in everything). the money is for us and we will surely get our shares.

  206. Kingdom wealth, portharcout is totally silent on this pre disbursements.. They claim they have no such info. Sha, this October will raise lots of dusts..

  207. don’t be disturbed that they are silent about the whole thing, possibly they intentionally did it so as not to invite unwanted guest.the less info you have the better… trust nigerians

  208. Hmm, very funny info but we still appreciate them though, even when they are contradictory. Eben, said the program to open up account by the outlets executive where these disbursement money would be lunched may run from now to December because SEM never gave them time frame and this sounds very unrealistic.

    On the second note, eckson wants us to believe that some outlets or cooperatives account would receive their money before 17th and claiming that some had received even now which they call pre-disbursment :but unfortunately this again sounds incredible because of the inconsistent nature of the story when compare with information from Eben.

    I guess we are in for a complete dilemma.

    1. Whoever that understands the way banking operation works will know that the procedure of disbursement wont be anything complicated for banks and outlet managers to fulfill their obligations. I don’t think money will be paid into the account of the outlet directly in the first instance. Major cash reservoirs are the four banks which the SEM have partnered with . Outlets will be authorized by SEM later to issue cheques to beneficiaries who will approach various banks to tender their cheques. Where major work lies is for SEM to carefully analyse the soft copies of beneficiaries database submitted by various outlets previously and collate them based of various criterias that will ease disbursements. A landmark activities is still expected to commence in later days of this month by Gods Grace.

  209. @collins , may God deliver you from the spirit of ingratitude, self-imposed delusion, impending dilemma and other non -descript confusions currently ravaging you and your thinking. i will be waiting to see your reaction when you receive the grant eventually. may your negativistic and pessimistic approach to life and living not cost you too much damage here and the hereafter.

  210. @Eckson, are you trying to tell us that there is an mfo that has been credited at all ;because we have not heard of any?

    1. @Collins, y don’t u just exercise little patience instead of getting 😡 with those updating up ! This money is not with them they are only giving us info to assure us that money is real and here already. U are not d only one in need we all do. Thanks

  211. @collins…, yes some MFO have been credited e.g. ifeoluwa MFO(ishiba) where i belong in and some bethany MFO that i have good relationship with their principal coordinators confirmed that they have been credited.

  212. it’s good to have critics in the house like collins and joe alex. one of the basic rule of life is if men dont criticise what you are doing, there is no way you can know you are giving your best, know you are doing the right thing and also to progress from where you are positively.

  213. @Eckson, I have no reason to continue raising dust here ;after all 16th and 17th is just around the corner, when the supposed crediting of all the mfo must be concluded .

    My concern is whether you are given information based on what you are sure of or that you heard because the last time I checked in August when disbursement not more than 200k was made to one church in Abuja :most people here even said that their own outlet confirmed to have received but at the end, it was just that church and that few people that was televised.
    All the same, we have no choice but to keep our hopes high :just that the grant is almost doing more harm than the good by the time delay and inconsistent I formation.

    1. @Collins Oh so you are aware that 17th is just around the corner, yet you cannot just shut up and be patient? Who did you pay to be giving you information on this platform? If you don’t have legs and hands to go to SEM yourself to make your enquiries or complaints then I suggest you shut up and stop questioning whatever you read here. Ingrate.

  214. The meeting of all SEM outlets chairmen/Managers on 23rd October 2018. Must this meeting hold before disbursement ? Please let someone enlighten us. I got this info from my state coordinator today.

  215. @Austin Where are they gather all the SEM outlets in for the meeting, mini stadium or what?. Another round of Israelite journey. Meeting upon meeting, without end. . I begi , talk another thing. God will hear our prayers oh, it is well

  216. Note that people or organizations don’t just meet for nothing.
    @Austin, some meetings are routine while some are emergency.
    @Femi, meetings are a necessity to get the right result. Can be to adjust, re-strategize, improve on previous deliberation, annul/cancel, and so on.
    @Dank, please don’t abuse anyone on this platform, courtesy of this privileged Grant/Donors’ generosity.
    @Jay one, as you are praying to God to hear our prayers, be reminded that God is the most patient Being, and His children should not easily give up in patience. Some of us registered with ISHIBA since 2016. Also, I applied and won a million-plus grant each for two of my siblings with FADAMA GUYS since last year and documentations/account opening were concluded the last quarter of the said year for a promised disbursement but up till now, we are still expecting, no kobo yet.
    @Collins, the anticipated grant is not doing more harm than good. Rather, we on this platform deliberately and ignorantly create the harm. Most of the prospective beneficiaries that are not conversant with this platform have been so expectant and less disturbed. They simply take and believe information that their coordinators/directors/chairmen told them.
    @abasiofon, please be less nervous while you desire to know.I’m close to you.
    @ekson, ride on.
    Regards to you all!

  217. Please, I implore everyone to go about his/her everyday businesses and forget all about this grant because from my personal investigations, this grant is a kind of a hoax!!
    Thank you..


    We deeply appreciate your love for the financially less privilege Please kindly note as follows:
    1. Rumors of our offices been shut down by EFCC as a result that our project is Scam is very false. We are only invited on the basis of fund explanations found in our domiciliary account. Which we are reaching an agreement soon. We apologize for any short delay this might cause us all.

    2. Projects duly submitted by duly registered MFOutlets are currently being processed; this process shall be completed in few weeks from now.

    3.Hence, all duly collaterally registered NGOs and Cooperatives should endeavor to submit there commercial bank account openning for each MFOutlets under them and endeavor to resolve any issue (s) with their respective partners and Directors.

    Our website: ‘’ –
    *Thanks Signed Mgt.*

  219. @Austin we still waiting for your feed back on u guys in ISHIBA Oshogbo went to open your account with access bank yesterday. So what happened?

  220. Account opening with Access bank by members of Ishiba outlet Ibadan will be concluded today. Our outlet Manager is expected to submit the members new account details to SEM during a scheduled meeting with SEM and outlets Managers on 23rd october 2018 at Abuja.

  221. @Austin ,I want to believe this meeting does not apply to all NGO outlet managers, this is an ISHIBA issue,there’s no way all outlet managers will have a meeting with SEM in Abuja on same day. Directors of all MFOs in Nigeria are over 2.5 million people.
    Are there other non – ISHIBA NGOs and MFOs with the same account opening issue? Please confirm

  222. Shey SEM dey craze for them head and those speaking in their favor? See I’m loosing ma temper here oo.. U said disbursement would start from 17th.. Then what is dis verification of submitted account to take some weeks again? Them dey craze.. Do they think we are all stupid or what? So disbursement no longer starting from on the 17th which is just five days from today? Yet u say dis ppl ain’t liars?

  223. @Austin and rightchucks…that means disbursement will not start on 17th that another meeting is scheduled for 23rd of October. Hmmmm na wa o

  224. Thanks. For your information, at least we are still hopeful and believing God that at end of all these stories we shall laugh and be librated from financial bottlenecks which have cripple activities of the low income earner’s in Nigeria. To God be the glory that light has come to shine in the life of a common man.Let’s continue in the same faith that by the end October so many beneficiary will testify the reality of this truth.

  225. Hmm… Finally my instinct was not wrong. So no one is now talking about October 17th disbursement again, but another meeting and submission of data from 23rd? God.., this is just a mirage :my own outlet concluded the process of account opening and registering 2 weeks ego and some people and even the SEM themselves are talking about account opening now ? No one suffering from BP has to be Involved in this ;is surely the biggest nightmare I have ever witnessed.

  226. My counsel to all of us in the light of all this back and forth that has coloured this scheme is that we should all move on with our lives no matter what. Friends, ones life does not depend on this. If it did not workout as you expect , you pass it and move on, if it does fine. Do not let Oct, Nov , Dec,……….disbursement so called date, give you BP. Pls forget all this grant stuff for now in your mind, free your mind, engage your thinking with something productive that will chart a better path for your future. Pls close the grant book in your heart, take it as if you’ve not applied for any grant and move on. You have better days ahead of you , jettison whatever seems not to be working. Proceed to other thing. Nothing can stop your blessings. It is well

  227. I have just visited SEM website & have not seen any new update. The only update there is that of 2n august. At the end of @ rightchuks update we are refered to SEM website. Where did @ rightchucks latest update come from.

  228. SEM will definitely commence disbursement in October .For those that have opened disbursement accounts, expect your payment alert by October ending after the meeting of SEM and outlets managers on 23rd October 2018 in Abuja. Disbursement account details of all beneficiaries will be submitted by all outlets managers on 23rd October 2018 at Abuja. Disbursement is still possible in October as promised by SEM.

  229. Hmm, so much uncertainty covering this project with no meaningful direction. Meetings upon meetings and then disagreement and dilemma :what a country. Before the fund comes, the people in need of it will not find use for it again because plans and counter plans has been overtaken by time spent. God will help us in this nation. No wonder the SEM number went dumb.

  230. @ Collins; SEM has meaningful direction, but Nigerian potholes are slowing down the journey .The truth is that SEM will surely deliver this grant to all by courier depending on your location and how motor able your location is. So do not blame SEM but the corrupt system that keeps fighting Nigeria. SEM has indirectly collected our BVN to ensure smooth disbursement.

  231. From my personal observation, these are some activities responsible for delay in this grant. If you know any of the National coordinators that can tell Truth ask him/her.
    Their thinking is not in line with SEM’s objectives.

    1) The national coordinators. SEM categorically asked them to tell all their registered outlets to open account with designated commercial banks and submit the account details to SEM. That they may credit the outlets. But the national coordinators have not done that rather they have been pressuring SEM to credit the cash to them tha they will deliver to the outlets. This is not SEM’s modus operandi, SEM insists it is bottom-up project. Only a few which includes Bethany have started this process.

    2) They introduced MOA in their meeting quite different from what SEM told them which was (draft MOA favourable to all parties reflecting as well the 10% sharing, bring it to SEM for approval), they redrafted it to their favour without the input if the outlet director and CEOs, and this Nat Cords are pressuring the CEOS and directors tit sign whereas SEM has not approved it cos SEM has frowned at the content of this MOA.

    3) Another is the delay cust by efcc as seen in my last post.

    Advice: PATIENCE, this is a journey of Hope and Great Patience.

  232. SEM has no moral justification to ask for more time after October. The donors were more sensitive to the plight of the poor masses in Nigeria before releasing this grant. Sensitivity is a characteristic of any living thing .SEM and all its staff/families are already feeding from this grant. We have prayed & fasted against any form of delay in disbursement .This is a dangerous prayer for anyone causing the delay. God is no respecter of any man or woman. The people that make up SEM should be more sensitive. After October, Nigerians will definitely use the social media to protest further delays which might get to the ears of the donors. Happy weekend.

  233. Whoever say the grant is a scam let him or her exist the group.Mr Austin is not Donald. Pls done kill him by way of not appreciating his comments and posts.We all have our PC,NC who are greedy of the highest order to blame. Sorry fellows commementator.

  234. This grant ought to has been disbursed since April 2018. But because of our so called greedy Nigeria pioneers of coordinators. That gave raise to some sophisticated and the same time endless requirements not to mention, meetings upon meetings, disputes on sharing formulas, evils MOA by PC NC.that.landed us On this Island.

  235. Warning from a reliable source : if dis grant is nt disbursed in this october, the govt and these greedy politicians would interfare and divert d fund without minding d poor whom the grant was donated for..

  236. God, it is now clear that the spiritual leader that told me that this grant will not work out is not lying after all :how can SEM and the cooperatives be fighting over the process of disbursement to the detriment of the masses that needs this fund? Couldn’t SEM since have demanded for bvn and get this things done? Is the cooperative heads and outlet at the liberty to tell SEM the formula they will use to disburse?

  237. @ Collins. I want to believe that SEM know where they are going and the direction to navigate, otherwise these coordinators and NGO s should not be tossing them like a pendulum.

  238. SEM coming down to invite all outlets manager and directors for a meeting. Is to show you that they notice an evil minds of some NC,CH’s sorry to say this most of them if not all are selfish ( they may have tried) just like as humans there is tendency to be greedy. On less they change their mind forGood and have the poor masses at hearts .SEM will keep giving more excuse.All for them to think right and straight..(the grant is real) but right and needful things need to be done.

    1. so some of u here believe that sem wants to meet all outlet managers this platform most tyms is no good, someones idea is given as update most of us dont understand anything yet they talk d most if i may ask what is d reason we outlet dir signed d mou some here dont know i will advice u all to stop saying and insulting NC cos u dont know anything of the war they have fought to get here and again from simple logic how do u think sem will credit outlets chairman and bypassing ngo wen there is agreement on dat and how long will that take for it happen pls lets follow pattern and stop ranting here

  239. If you believe in God stop making comment about disbursement date. We have fasted and prayed. Watch what will happen to those frustrating this programme and see how God will make a way for us. God can never leave His children alone except the grant is not for us. I believe it is for us. We shall receive the grant in this month of October in Jesus name. Amen.

  240. There is nothing like Sem meeting with outlet chairmen and directors on 23rd October 2013. What is trending now is that the sacked Gm has been recalled and will resume duties on Tue pls
    I learnt on good authority that most if not all the cooperative accounts will be credited next week
    Dr Donald is expected back from Germany this week end
    Over 80% of issues with Efcc have been resolved and I know what I’m talking about
    Please i implore all of us the potential beneficiaries of this grant to be discreet, prayerful and optimistic.
    Nothing and I mean nothing will stop the disbursement this month

  241. Make them disburse moni wey dem one disburse in good time…why did they opt for dis microfinance outlet bullshit anyway? What’s wrong wit dem with all these stupid and useless meetings sef?

  242. @Omatayi, welcome back!!! where have you been, we’ve missed you????
    I completely agree with you based on an nformation I received yesterday…

  243. I’m beginning to doubt the reality of this grant. So much uncertainties in Nigeria. It’s like nothing ever takes place without a full scale uncertainty involved. I’m just tired.

  244. One of the major reasons why people doubt is bcos of lack of information from their national coordinators. They are not being carried along. I don’t blame them shaa for their unbelief

    But as for us. Our national coordinator told us to our faces that the money has landed into his account. We are in the stage of account opening and once we are done with the account opening he starts crediting the mfos.

    I dont see the reason why a national coordinator will not be open to his state coordinators that the money is already in his account
    And why would an informed state coordinator keep the info from his chairmen and directors?

    Seriously thinking why, and this is the major reason people still doubt that SEM is yet to disburse to ngos. SEM has disbursed to ngos. Hope u heard me well.

    If ur national coordinator decided to keep the secret from u.

    Our own national coordinator told us to our faces that the money is already in his account, and he is set to start creditig our mfos once the account opening process is completed.

    1. @ Eben, i do not know why some of us argue / complain for nothing sake. SEM has promised us oct 2018, they did not give specific date, we are the one that chosen on 17th being poverty eradication day which is not from SEM. Let s stop saying negative words. I also heard that some NGO have been credited but not disclosing it. i believe that all NGO will be credited b4 17th oct, unless for those that have not open a/c. Lets get prepare on our grant project. @ Eben, i know some people may ask u which NGO u belong to, dont answer them for security reason. Let each one go and ask their Ngo / state leader. We really thank God for the success of this grant and every one with good info. i hope that all of us will not leave this forum when we receive our grant. it is well with us. Thanks

    2. @eben
      The info you provided here is very correct
      And same thing our own national coordinator told us. He even swore to us that the grant won’t pass this October, that if disbursement doesn’t start on 17th it will start with 20something.
      We are done with our own account opening stage long ago, all we await now is the funding, which according to him won’t pass this month.

  245. Well, one of my friends mfo in bayelsa told my friend that the money is already in their account, but my own mfo has said nothing about their own.

    The uncertainty about my own mfo is that we the beneficiary submitted our various account details during the verification time and even the executives did too :but 2 weeks back they called the executive to open account in a designated account which they did. The end of last week now, instead of arrangement for disbursement, they are saying that beneficiaries will come and open account again, even when they have said that the account opening is only for the executives. That is just the uncertainty.

    1. @ collins, Your director may not want to tell u to avoid query them as u do here. For easy tracking of MFO a/c, they may want you all to have an a/c in their chosen bank. Some directors collected individual bank a/c during verification to satisfy beneficiaries that do complain where they will be credited and for some that collected forms for free to enhance them pay their reg fee.

      Lets wait till latest on the 16th as i heard it that all ngo will be credited. patience is the key. Thanks

  246. so mean to tell us categorically that some outlet account have been credited? I belong to Bethany in Ibadan,my director hasn’t contacted us on that regard,though he is seen to be an honest man…na wetin really dey happen sef? abi una dey lie?

    1. @ d truth, if they have not contacted u. contact them yourselves. pls note that some outlet that have been credited are yet to pay out to beneficiaries. Every thing is process. They may still need to open a group a/c for beneficiaries.

      Pls, be patient with them. Fund is already at hand. I know for sure that until some people receive alert in their a/c, they will not believe it. i dont blame them bcs, this kind of successful grant has not happened in Nigeria.. Thanks

  247. why can’t you disclose your NGO? will people come and rob your bank…tell us d truth so we can know how to hold our director.we all here should be our brothers keeper

  248. They have been telling us that the fund is @ hand not today .there was time they even said the money has been divided into 4 commercial banks . Lie upon lie . Very soon they will arrange for 20 people out of thousands of beneficiaries n pay them tokens in order to fulfill Oct saga.
    One day the truth will prevain

    1. @ Femi, Yes it is at hand with SEM. In previous msg, the 4 commercial banks mentioned, zenit, first bank, access, fidelity are they not those use now. Which lie upon lie u are talking abt ??? Pls, note that, no one can collect beneficiary grant unless ur name is not on the list. the signatories to the mfo a/c are chairman/ pr and secretary. they have signed UCR in Abuja and each mfo a/c will be under watch of EFCC. Even if a beneficiary refuse to claim his/her grant, it will remain with mfo playing. pls be patience. Thanks

  249. @ the truth
    What surprised me is that you claim you belong to Bethany in Ibadan, where I belong also.
    I don’t know if you have been to Bethany office in Ibadan @ Mesiogor Complex, Room 8b, Ijokodo, Ibadan.
    If you go there, they wont give you update, they will only tell you to go and wait for goodness, which will surely come.
    That is why I join social media to update myself, through the members of other cooperatives.
    Apart from this group, I still get updates from Telegram group, facebook group and Watsapp group.
    @ Truth, if you rely on Ibadan Bethany Office for update, you will be lacking information (only to come and transfer aggression here)
    Let’s flow with this fellows
    Adeniyi, Eben, Omotayi, Austin, Rightchuk, Eskson and so…
    I believe in there updates
    The grant is very real
    But Nigeria factors is causing delay.
    However, no man will take what belongs to us in Jesus name…

  250. All they will tell you in Bethany office is
    ” expect goodnews soon”
    Some cooperative and NGO leaders are economical with information…
    Little wonder some piple tag the scheem as scam…

  251. If there’s grant to share true means the money is in the hand of someone who has no fear of God Donald as am seeing him he’s not God fearing n can do anything with the money there’s why he always look for the fault of the national coodinators to cause delay .if he’s God fearing man he will not be look for loopholes at the expense of the beneficiaries .nothing is perfect in nigeria.coodinators are not delaying the disbursement but Donald that not care for people’s emotions. Don’t be surprised if he comes to the public to say nothing to share again

  252. @ Dayo
    Bethany has unique ways of doing things.
    Don’t compare Bethany with Ishiba, Kingdom Wealth or St Rita…
    In Bethany
    (1) You will not be called for account opening until your grant is ready
    (2) You will not be called for verification, your phone number is enough for that
    (3) Certificate is not compulsory, you can get it when you see your grant physically…
    (4) They don’t share updates, all they believe is ” when your grant is ready, you will be called”
    (5) Bethany may decide to pay you by other means, as SEM did not give any other concerning that…
    However, either Bethany or Ishiba, we shall all meet at millionaire’ top together one day…

  253. Thank u Usi and blessed Mike… Abasiofon is expecting some of us to come and beat me… He can do that on their behalf… Trust me, my contribution and drama on this platform has made it worthwhile… BETHANY matter Don Taya me… No be next tomorrow be 17th?

  254. But if you attended their (Bethany’s) powerful seminal and presentation, which they held in June, you will realize how bold, sure and confident they are regarding to the grant.
    The fact that Bethany don’t make noise doesn’t mean you should doubt them

  255. can I get help here.Am a first timer here.i registered under Bethany NGO in lagos and was given a certificate under new way MFO.I was told to come for verification but on the said date,the director had a seminar with us which took most of the time and verification exercise was stopped due late hour.we were told a message will be sent to us after RCCG convention and as I write,there has not been a single call or message and no update on their platform.I called a friend who happens to be a coordinator .All he said was if you believe,have faith.Any update for me on this please.

  256. If the SEM phone numbers up till this moment are still off, then I smell rat. Is not feasible that money has been remitted to various cooperative heads account and yet SEM line, where certain verification has to be carried is still off. I still think that there are so much uncertainty in this grant ;only God will help us in this country.

  257. The strategy to be deployed by my NGO’s Director (National Coordinator) is what is hard to understand. Imagine the State Coordinators just being invited to a crucial meeting at Abj early next week.
    Yet, gooooood. Hope still high.

  258. @ Segun
    The verification, certificate and I D card they are given them is a way of keeping their hope alive.
    All these has nothing to do with your grant.
    Some NGOs will do these along with disbursement.
    What you should focus on is when will the grant come, and how you will invest it…
    The message you should be expecting at this late hour is DISBURSEMENT
    If verification is prerequisite to disbursement, they would have called you

  259. @Blessed, and yet some of you assured us that money has been remitted to the cooperative headquarters account? Is obvious that 17th will come and go with no meaningful arrangement already made. That is a problem.

  260. I know that everything will be sorted out this month but this 17th is not feasible as i am concern. If nothing happen on this date pleaseee cool down, take it easy with yourself and minimize vetting your anger. This deal is done but disbursement or not on the 17 is too small to make me loose hope. @ Collins pls take it easy.

  261. I am glad to forward this breaking news from our CEO Mr. Charles Ebegbu (the man wey sabi) to all of us.
    Fellow Cooperator, good afternoon all, we really appreciate you all for your prayer and patience, we pray that all of us will be alive and collect our money in good health and peace of mind,
    October is here as promised, it hasn’t past, the season of our blessing is still on, as we all know that today is world poverty eradication day, at the end of the programme, an end to poverty in our lives and home has come, but the season remain as promised,,

    We won’t be telling you much on the platform again for security reasons and also for your safety, let’s be careful and watchful, any time from today, you will start rejoicing,
    Prayer should still continue, God bless you all, management
    From Help Multi-Purpose cooperative society Ltd.

  262. CEO Platform:
    Afolabi Beejay:
    Afolabi Beejay:
    The meeting between our Exco’s and Barr Donald representive/new general manager, in person of Apst Segun Adekunle….. it’s started around 4:30pm
    Opening prayer:-
    The opening prayer was said by comrade AFOLABI Nat’l sec of NAMCCA.
    WELCOMING ADDRESS:- The chairman of NAMCCA welcome on board the new GM and has welcome the Exco’s committee present and in the same vain introduce himself and other committee members.

    BUSINESS OF THE DAY:- We quickly move to business of the day to let him know who NAMCCA is the aim and objectives of the body.
    (B) we also talk about the challenges of the chairmen especially those outside this Abuja environment due to information deficit. Challenge ranging from exploitation, harassment, intimidations, selfishness poor leadership and other abnormalities..

    (c) We also talked about the reason why SEM office has been locked by EFCC and the challenges. Which responded by telling us the program is God’s program and no intentions of SCAM has is been speculated. And he mention some of the challenges SEM has face lately and how God have been able to help so far. But gave assurance that everything will be sorted out soon and normal operation to disbursement will commence. While we as a body also pledge our unending support and cooperation to himself and to DAO consult/ SEM.

    REMARKS:- he gave us assurance that is ready and willing to work with us and promise of maximum cooperation to put the saboteur of the program to check.
    He also gave the assurance that disbursement will be direct to every MFO/ MFI. For the aim of project to be Achieved. He also in the same light, he calls
    for periodical meeting for the success of program….
    Col Dosunmu also talked about the need for us to meet with Barr Donald because it has become more important to meet with him for proper deliberation and directions. And Apst Segun Adekunle gave assued us that surely Barr Donald will come and have meetings with us, but is busy right now, working for the progress of the program… But he assure us that MOU/ MOA the coordinators are deceiving and forcing people to sign will not work and thereby remain null and void. Henceforth, no body should sign it again anything MOU again.
    The chairman of NAMCCA Capt AO Yakub appreciate the GM for coming and once again pledge allegiance to support them for easy and smooth disbursement. But has well pled to Barr Donald through is representative to please address the people through Exco’s.. He gave vote thanks to everyone present and we call it a day.
    CLOSING PRAYER:-The closing prayer was said by Apst Segun Adekunle.
    Nat’l sec

  263. @right chuks…it means disbursement is no where near.there was no discussion about the progress of disbursement.the meeting no get head’s obvious that NAMCCA is not fight for the interest of the masses rather their own selfish interest.
    Thunder will fire whosoever come here to give updates he/she is not sure of.raising people’s hope over what is not.

  264. NAMCCA again?????
    From the said “Minutes of Meeting”, it’s like Rightchuk is a member of NAMCCA! Can someone read the below past posts on the said dates?

    October 4, 2018 at 2:10 pm
    There is an update we need to talk to God about- some aggrieved individuals have petitioned the Central Bank of Nigeria about the nefarious activities of some NGOs. Quite unfortunately, the CBN sent the petition(s) to EFFC. ………

    …..NAMCCA is just an evil that is indirectly trying to disrupt this grant. They engineered the EFCC raid at SEM office. Imagine the chaos they’re creating.
    October 4, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    NAMCCA is an association of CEOs across the country formed and registered to protect the CEOs and Directors from the excessive greed of the national NGOs and CO-OPs.


  266. Has NAMCCA made a U-Turn?
    (Just like Obasanjo did)
    Let’s keep watching…
    @ Selcap
    Be guarded with your choice of words…
    No be by force to read post here…
    Nobody was paid to give information here…

  267. Better use your prayer time to pray for something meaningful than grant .don’t waste your time the grant has been hijacked by cabas .the man out of shame Donald going hidden.
    When mmm wanted to fold up they started with narrative stories so SEM has started their’s too

  268. See long post!! At the end of this tales by moonlight by @Rightchuks, Nothing about the grant disbursement was mentioned. I have said it and I’ll keep saying it, his grant stuff is a monstrous hoax!!!

  269. If you refresh on my post of October 12 @8:36pm (My Personal Observation), you will get a clearer picture of what is playing out.

    I’m neither NAMCCA nor NaCoord executive. I only bring you updates as they come, for you to know the actual state of things.

    More importantly for those spitting frustration in this forum to know the Genesis of their grief.

    However, as this grant has been seen to be true, let everyone be relaxed, go about your normal biz and hope for the Best out of this program.


  270. @ Daniel
    You will never find answer to your question, for now…
    Because the national and state coordinators can not risk kidnapping and arm robbery.
    However, expect goodnews soon, there will be a crucial meeting on the 23rd of this month.
    SEM is not working to our instructions rather based on International standards of financial security.
    We don’t need to panic or disturbs ourselves, no body will tell you exactly what is going on but be rest assured that the authorities are working hard to implement the SEM grant as required.
    Money is here already, SEM cannot return it. They are working hard to use the best way for disbursement as soon as necessary.
    Let us pray to be alive in sound health to be part of this great Divine gesture. It must surely reach you by God’s grace.
    May God bless us all.

  271. your money will get to us soon, so let us relax. for security reasons and for our safety that is why the process is at the lowest key

  272. @BlessedMike and Co, many people appreciate your contributions on this platform. But, I will still advise, don’t utterly and readily give dates of crucial events (Meetings) nor mention nor be specific on particular NGO plans of action. Based on observations on past comments by people,they would always question THE MORE to know the outcome with resulting rising tensions, especially if there are adjustments to what had been discussed during the said ‘Meeting’. Reference[@Usi
    October 15, 2018 at 3:26 pm ] talking about the 23rd Oct.

    The Anchor Coordinators’ confidentiality in their operations sometimes extend to the Meeting days. They have good reason for that.
    Settled! the grant has been here,and very close than ever. Then the people who had had patient since have no good reasons to give up if they had actually carefully followed and understood the sequence of posts on this platform. I know that so many beneficiaries who have conscience, upon getting the grant,will regret their comments/agitations and nervousness.

  273. The power and joy of money is what so many people are yet to understand. Once it is handy,even if it extends to next month, the enthusiasm will cause you forget the past pains, and forget(abi forgive) your enemies.The hands of the apex coordinators have been on deck this while to meet deadlines.They mean well for you destined privileged beneficiary, and just as they have been cautioned. They are arriving. After all, they themselves have good share in the grant that they should not unnecessarily delay the disbursement. Very very soon many will be praying for them.
    Let the wise be wise still; negative emotions/unnecessary desperation maim the soul! Rather relax the more and be watchful. It is well, very very well.

  274. my regards @Rightchuks. Your comment of October 12, 2018 at 8:36 pm cannot be doubted. From several hand-writings in my region I believe my NGO too contribute to the delay in the disbursement. …the contest between the said NGOs and NAMCCA had been the challenge, and is hopefully settling totally depending on outcome of next week’s crucial meeting.

    Pls,ooooo someone ask this question but I don’t have a clear answer for it.” WHAT IS D DISADVANTAGE OF REGISTERING IN MORETHAN ONE NGO OR COOPERATIVE?

  276. @ David
    SEM for now has no way of detecting those who registered in different cooperatives. Since they are not imploring biometric and BVN… The only crime is registering twice in d same NGO/ Cooperative.
    To my fellow beneficiaries here:
    The battle of National cords versus NGO/cooperative is still ongoing.
    The national and states cords have vehemently disagreed with SEM and Donald in crediting the outlets directly, rather than disbursing through the national cords…
    And to be candid, only God’s intervention can settle the rift in the next meeting…

  277. @Blessedmike
    Will SEM cancel the name?
    A friend registered in a MFO, another MFO in the same NGO invited him for verification throgh SMS. Pls note – he has only purchased form from the first MFO.

  278. @ blessemike we were told in a seminar organised by bethany at akure that we can register more than 1,does it mean those people would nt be given dia money?

  279. The sad thing is that 98% of recipients are not sure if this grant actually exists. All we see are copy and paste messages possibly curated by a crafty minds and forwarded to fulfil their sinister agenda.

    However, if this grant is real, it will be the first (and perhaps last) good thing to ever happen to the masses since the independence of this dependent nation.

  280. This people should understand that delay can be dangerous, all these fight is not for our sake but for their personal gain of which with SEM crediting the outlets directly they still stand to gain something but because of their greed they want it to pass through them ignoring the fact that if delayed for too long they too may end up loosing what they supposed to gain now, ” a penny at hand is better than a million in the bush “. They better wise up and not let greed kill them. Have they even bothered to think of what happens if another body hijack this grants ?

    1. @ Dayo, You may believe in both. What i know is that fund is at door step, no more in Abuja. People that have been credited may not to tell u for security reason. Thanks.

  281. @ D Truth, i wish to know you physically in ibadan. what he told u is true. You name is d truth online here but u dont believe in your name as truth. Some outlet has been credited. bethany use zenit bank. Many of ngo ceo have received cheque. Thanks

  282. @adeniyi if u look at some people’s comments u will see they’re presenting the a strong point, saying SEM has not disbursed the to any outlet, saying that SEM has to first do this, CBN has to first do that and all what not, so it’s hard to take a stand here… But one thing is for sure.. If my director claims he’s a bin is credited, he can not come back and say it was a mistake.. Because sooner people will start asking that since the monies are in the account and then what is he waiting for and why has he not disbursed… So, I’m in a fix here… Abeg, make una help me here.. Whose report should be we believe?

    1. @ Dayo, They will collect it for now, unless sem says no way. And there is no how sem can track it. thanks. some people might register in more than one ngo. Thanks

  283. A friend sent this to me, what do you say about it?


    Dear Chairmen and Directors,
    SEM update is timely especially during this period. The update is self explicit but I will like to break it down for a better understanding.
    👉 SEM has advised intending subscribers to shorn the spreading rumour that the programme is *SCAM*
    👉 SEM had a few short fall of time as a result of the recently resolved EFCC invitation resulting from the petition of some Chairmen and their national coordinators. *About three to four weeks was lost.*
    👉 SEM through the update has apologized to everyone for the delay caused by the investigation
    👉 SEM has directed all duly collaterally registered NGOs and Cooperatives to immediately submit the commercial bank accounts of each microfinance outlets under them to SEM for disbursement. By implication all outlets are expected to submit a commercial bank account through which disbursement will be made to their mother NGOs and cooperatives. It is expected that the mandate of the bank account of the outlet to be submitted must be three signatories. (chairman, secretary & treasurer)
    👉 NGOs and cooperatives have been advised by SEM to endeavour to resolve any issue(s) with their respective partners and directors of each outlets under them.




  284. My concern is tusrels b/w namcca(chairmen’s forum) national coords/ngo. These sets of people have made their millions if not billions thro sales of forms, verification, certificates & what have u. It is we d bottom beneficiaries dat are at d losing end in this their drama. Ipray GODto intervene on our behalfs. The said update from kingdom wealth is not on SEM WEBSITE. Its look copy & paste or what do u say

  285. @Omatayi,this goes a long way to signify that no cooperative or NGOs has been credited and we should be expecting any lead information probably after 23rd meeting, where all NGOs would have submitted their account details for onward disbursement :and that is, if they did not change in another plan. Meanwhile, please when did this information come? What date precisely?

  286. @ omotayo. The said update is not on sem website. Where did it emanate from. Namcca(c/men forum), national coords have already made their millions if not billions from sales of forms, training fees, certificate sales , verifications, proposal fees & what have u. All these are at d expense of d ordinary masses in these hard & difficult times. SEM, NGOS, NAT. COORDS, NAMCCA SHOULD REMEMBER THAT THERE IS GOD WIHO RULES IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN. THE GROANINGS OF THE EXPLOITED POOR MASSES ARE POWERFUL PRAYERS. THE TIME TO DO THE NEEDFUL IS NOW

  287. Comments of OMATAYI not to be dis-believed. Yet,not to be taken as a vivid arrival until outcome of the next week’s Meeting of the State Directors and the Nat Coords with[….]. The outlet Chairs/their Secs are not to participate cos of crowd.
    Actually, as a preparation towards the anticipated crucial meeting, my State Dir (maybe others too)held emergency meeting with all Outlet Chairs/Secs today. Meeting of Zonal Dirs urgently fixed and to take place b4 the Abuja meeting.
    As per whether some Outlets were credited recently, it could not have been directly from SEM. Recall that the NGOs,having said to have been credited by SEM recently, each has its modus operandi on how they work/relate with their respective Outlets. Things can happen, things can be paused, just for harmonization with other things. let no one be in a fix and be troubled but rather be happy and be watchful A LITTLE MORE. The outcome of the meeting is a decisive one on pay mode.


  289. This grant is very funny :in a moment, they will rumor that is coming ;and in the next time, all hopes are dashed.
    After the rumored disbursement claimed to be already in the cooperative accounts ;most of the people that rumored are now confused. Why is it that the singular task of people staying close to sem office in Abuja to check and know if is open ;is an impossible one ? I am just watching the wholes drama.

  290. House still very quiet uptill now. What is realy happening? Has sem office been opened? Was there any meeting yesterday? October is coming to an end. What stories are we going to hear in nov &december? So many questions begging for answerrs. May GOD have mercy

  291. I got this information on kingdom wealth and people are attesting to it though am from Bethany.
    Hi,people who care to believe me.To say the truth, I as one of those going to benefit from this Grant, after 17/10/2018, have ‘shaking mind’,when the promise were not met.But the good news now is that,every beneficiaries are going to get their grant with ease.according to the genuine information I received, every OUTLET were instructed to open an account with the name on their certificate, where the money( grant) will be transfer to.pls let our expectation on it be low,for it(money) to get to ur hand,it may be early next month.Thanks…. I’m not coordinator ooooooo

  292. @Daniel. Pls who has any info why SEM office is yet to be opened? . As at this morning of 24/Oct, the office is still under these seal and lock of efcc. What is happening? . I actually went there this morning myself at Utako, Abuja. It is well ooooooh

  293. @ Jayone offices open from 8am in the morning. Pls go back now to get correct info and relay same to the house.
    Meanwhile here in port Harcourt it is my understanding from Golden bridge multipurpose, that applicants don’t have anything more to do with SEM but with their outlets which will get directives from their cooperatives.
    Leave SEM they have done their work let the NGO’S and outlets do theirs: your grant will get to you soon.

  294. @Jay one,that is exactly what most of us has failed to discuss or investigate. Why would the office still be locked and sem had made no publication to that effect, rather everybody is keeping mute. There must be something fishing :the issue of opening account by the mfo outlets did not start from today. It started a month ego and many has concluded those process, but what is keeping them from disbursing or even given a clear massage to it, is what I don’t know. It is well, but I will like someone to confirm if really there were meetings yesterday and the outcome, also try and check on the sem office again ;perhaps you went too early .. all is well….

  295. Please before this grant, I believe people had a life full of dreams and aspirations. Now it’s looking like some don’t get this grant their lives will become useless. Don’t let that happen to you. Focus on the things you’ve been doing before, that kept your vision of success alive. If the grant comes, then you can just use it to accentuate your dreams. Shikena

    1. Just spoke with SEM office, I was told the office is still under lock and key by the EFCC. Actually, Donald was given some conditions to meet b4 it will be opened. He’s back in the country and he has a meeting with the EFCC on Monday 29th, where hopefully he will present documents required of him by the agency after which if satisfied, the office will be re-opened for activities

  296. I am begining to suspect SEM as an agent of greedy politicians trying to use people’s name to make money for a selfish interest.

  297. @ Lee. We know we alk had dreams & aspirations b4 d grant. Its not that easy that Most of us will not remove from d grant. It is psychological. Let us have an official statement from any of security agencies dat d grant is scam then within days we will forget abt it. We should impress upon SEM to commence disbursement immeadiately.

  298. We learnt the meeting did not end yestiday but still continue today.
    Bar Donald is physically present and is expected to give final verdict…

    1. @Blessedmike. It means that SEM office has been opened because I heard so.

      If S.E.M office has been opened, that’s a good news for disbursement activities to start.

  299. SEM office is still under lock and key as at today 24th October 2018. I don’t know if they have two offices. No disbursement this month, that I can tell you.

  300. Yes oooo. SEM office is still under lock and key as at 1630hrs.
    But learnt that work is ongoing in a different location
    I don’t understand. Confused so to say

  301. Just finished chatting with ishiba state coordinators that attended their meeting in Abuja. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you that the grant is very real but the problem we are having now is with the national coordinators and namcca or whatever they call themselves. Donald was present in their meeting yesterday and they couldn’t conclude. Reason being that both namcca and the national coordinators wants the money to pass through them and at diz juncture, nobody is willing to step down for each other. They had to adjurn the meeting to today. And even today, they still argued over the same issue which the meeting became inconclusive too. Till tomorrow again. Now, it’s so obvious that diz set of greedy old men and women arebusy fighting for their pockets and have forgotten the reason why the money came initially. Let’s just hope they reach an agreement tomorrow, so that disbursement can kick start

  302. From kingdom wealth
    Good afternoon fellow cooperators, I understand October is rounding up to end the month.. In the event of the EFCC busy investigating SEM on the funds explanation in their account, Work was on hold, which resulted to the delay of the disbursement exercise. Please be patient and bear with them.
    The beauty of this investigation is that it has revealed that the grants is real.
    This project is God’s special manner to Nigeria, that is why the devil is using forces to delay it.
    Let’s focus our prayers that every forces of delay to the disbursement should begin to lose power over this grant. I strongly believe that we all must surely smile at last.
    Thank you and God bless.

  303. From Ishiba,
    B-r-e-a-k-i-n-g News
    Good Morning House

    Update of the National Cordinators meeting..

    Zethar National President writes….

    Thank you for all your prayers and support and the good family that you are.
    Came back from the meeting tried and stressed. Thank God the meeting was very fruitful by the grace of God.

    The initial allocated funds 10b for Microfinance outlets
    Its no longer 10b again because of the number of Nigerians that applied.

    A new sharing percentage is given, but no new amount was given and October is still the month of disbursement.

    This is the new sharing formula.

    10% of allotted amount not mentioned yet.

    1. 2% of 10% allotted
    For the the national coordinators

    2. 2% of 10% of allotted for the cooperative.

    3. 2% of 6% of
    allotted for chairman

    4. 1/2% of 6% allotted for the 5 directors

    5. 1% of 6% allotted to Secretary

    6. 1/2% of 6% allotted to community leader

    7.1/2% of allotted 6% to volunteers

    8.1/2% of allotted 6% to Bank

    9.1/2% of allotted 6% to regional directors.

    10. 1/2% of allotted 6% to State Coordinator.

    And a 3 day prayer and fasting has been declared. From 26th to 28th of October 2018.

    Many Thanks
    Andy National Sec

  304. Hello! @ Emperor Joe sorry to say you are impersonating.
    You all got to pray, NGOs and Some Outlets are the problem…
    Money is coming you just need to be patient!

  305. This sharing formular is not for public consumption. What d masses need is their %. On the tussles b/w namcca & ncs, does SEM don’t hv an operational guidelines to guide its operations? Why must SEM be tossed around? I am not a nc nor c/man but the questions to ask are 1. Who did sem first contact to mobilize people for this grant 2. Who did sem receive projects from? The answers to thes questions may help sem out of this quagmire

  306. For those who attach importance to SEM office under lock by EFCC, EFCC is not our problem, at all…
    Let me explain
    NAMCCA is National Multipurpose Corperative Chairmen Association, of which the NGOs chairmen for this grant are part of them.
    It was the NGOs chairmen for this grant that reported the National coordinators to NAMCCA, who in turn exposed this grant to anti graft agency, CBN and EFCC.
    If the national cords and the corperative chairmen settle their rift today, disbursement will take place with either the SEM office is open or not.
    The issue is not about SEM again, its about the outlets receiving funds from the national cords, from where each corperative will give direction to beneficiaries for disbursement.
    Presently, as am talking to you, the national cords will rather die or lose the grant for ever than allowing the NGOs/corperative to disburse.
    Nigeria EFCC is not that tough, except they have backing of an influential group (or government)
    NAMCCA invited EFCC, and only NAMCCA can resettle it, only if the national cords allow them to disburse.
    We can now know where to channel our prayers…
    The same piple that said we should fast and pray, are still the cause of the delay.

    1. You can’t disburse such huge amount without proper clearance from EFCC. Saying that disbursement can take place without EFCC’S clearance and monitoring is not true. We are talking of Billions of dollars. SEM” MUST” comply with Nigeria’s financial Laws whether they like it or not, even if the money is coming from outside. Do you know that EFCC can block that account and nothing, I repeat nothing will happen until SEM complys with the required financial law. We should stop spreading wrong information. Our earnest prayer is that, this is with EFCC should be resolved quick. Whatever method SEM chooses to disburse, it’s their right. The money doesn’t belong to those greedy cords and chairmen. After all, they ve succeeded in extorting millions of naira from their members.

  307. It sounds very funny that a body like sem organised grants to help the needy and they are delaying it over fighting for sharing formula. What is our business in their sharing formula? This is a grant meant to help people to get started, but they the executive has turned it to their cash cow. To think that most of them are pastors is the height :indeed judgement will start from the church. By the way, what is the essence of our fasting and prayers ? Are we fasting and praying to cast and bind people that don’t know what they are doing as if they are possessed? For Christ sake: they are pastors who knew what they are doing but continued to allow themselves used to punish the masses. Only God will judge them.

  308. i dont see the national coords as the greedy ones, the chairmen of each mfo. before these chairmen came along (even some of them joined this year), our national coords as been existing from inception. so why would someone just arise from somewhere to hijack the process they have started to complete it for them. shame on them all.

  309. It is evidently clear that SEM and it’s leadership has no direction, how do you explain it, that outlet chairmen are tossing SEM like a pendulum. Someone who said SEM has no operational guidelines is correct. When there is no rules from start, there will be lawlessness , that is what is happening now. In fact SEM is the cause of all this nonsense , becos they have footdrag for long about disbursement. When a man stays too long on top of shit , all manner of flies will be coming to pay him visit. When a man does not know where he is going or what to do, others will lead him to where they want to go and not necessarily where he planned to go. Can you imagine outlet chairmen telling SEM what to do, to the extent of haulting the process of disbursement, what a shame . No wonder our country cannot move forward. This is just the picture of Nigeria. If truly SEM has this grant at it disposal and they stand for what they claim they are then let them do the needful. This is where procrastination , going back and forth by SEM has led us to. In all this I think , it is SEM and it leadership that should be blamed for allowing all these loopholes that the so called chairmen took advantage of. In closing, for the sake of the poor masses, SEM shd do all it can do to get to track. It is well.


  311. @ Ekson
    It is not a crime if national cords started a project and the corperative chiarmen complete it, if truly they are fighting for the mass.
    In all their meetings, they only talk of sharing formulars, they never reassure the beneficiary of how much they will get.
    They never talk of family releif anymore.
    They never explained if they will pay it once, or twice or 3 times…
    They have never mention if beneficiaries will get the same amount they applied for…
    Does the 3-10 Million still stand?
    They are only interested in the share they will get…
    Don’t be surprised if the grant eventually comes, and they just give you a token, just to keep your mouth shut, because their is no arrangement for beneficiary who really owns the fund…

  312. I called my coordinator and he is telling me some things I cant come to terms with.. Say our director said that he had to hold on for our disbursement because some other outlets were jealous and so he doesn’t want….
    I fact, ebe like say that my director dey mad for head.. If I Para u ppl will say I’ve started again.. What kind of idiotic excuse is that one? Na wetin dey do all stakeholders for this grant sef… When it came to the most important stage of this grant all im getting is bullshit!! One step forward, three steps backwards.. Damn and I need this money like…

  313. @ D truth, there’s no need to kill urself over nothing the grant will definitely come wen it will come, the best u can do now is prayers for God to intervene against all withholding powers as for ur coordinator and the issue of ur director witholding disbursement, tell them I said categorically that they are liars as no disbursement fund has been release to anybody I stand to be corrected though, if only they can provide evidence of sincerity to their claims otherwise I advice you go about ur normal business and hope for the best to come.
    While I wish to commend all that had maked out time to update us on the past/recent happenings with SEM activities, I wish to advice that we don’t take all that is said here as being the true position of things. 80% of the informations are misleading & unnecessarily increasing tension to the beneficials. Pls relax and be prayerful as all indications shows that d grant is real, all we need now morethan ever before is just Gods intervention so that it doesn’t end up to be one of Nigerians failed programs.
    God bless us as we wait to get the grant

  314. @ BlessedMike sir… you made a statement that if truly they(chairmen) are fighting for the masses and i liked it. i went to see my principal director last sat and she told me the money they were to share at each mfb before things changed was N1b but now it is now N500m. she now said how to share the money is what is causing this delay…
    from what she said i knew they are not bothered whether we get the money soon or not, what they are after is how they will share the money and how a large % goes to them. then i knew the national coords or the state coords and the chairmen/princial dir dont have our interest in mind..
    it is only God that can fight for us the masses not even our pastors (bcos most of the nat cord /state ord/chairmen are ministers of God) can.

  315. @ekson,so you mean that is no longer 10b but 1b and from 1b now to 500m for each mfo containing 1000 applicants ? What will the beneficiaries for which this money was drafted for get then? Nigeria and Africa are really a shit hole :is that 500m each for mfo the only money they will get all through the project? Because if so, it means that beneficiaries may not get more than 300k for the entire excise.


    EXCERPT FROM PUBLICATION>>>Nigeria’s population is estimated to be between 180 million and 200 million and the country is projected to jump from seventh and become the third most populated country in the world by 2050 with a projected 300 million-strong population.
    The rapid population growth is expected to also make Nigeria the residence of many of the world’s poorest people by 2050 as a report by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation projects 40% of the extremely poor people in the world will live in just two countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria.>>>



  317. The baby that says his mother will not sleep, will himself stay long awake.
    Let’s leave them till they are tired …
    No fight last forever…
    Donald is playing diplomacy between the national cords and NAMCCA,
    Even though he seemingly support NAMCCA, but playing safe with the national cords…
    The fight, the drama, the trouble, will soon end…

  318. @collins sir…the 10% of 10b is 1b which is meant for them(nat coord down to the lowest in rank) to share, but now the 10% is 500m.

  319. @Adeniyi, @inno,N4L: what is really going on sincerely, i guess as it is now the grant is no more 10billion per MPO, how much is it now, the sharing formula is no more the issue to me, how much are the poor masses expecting, everybody involved in the disbursement process of this grant are crook, it’s a pitty, that is what corrupt leaders has done to this country, there is no more fear of God, Pastors, clergy’s involved in this kind of mess, well I’m not judging them, i just pitty the poor masses.

    1. @ obinna, It was 10b for each MFO, deduct 10% for directors fund, balance 9 billion. Definitely, no beneficiary will collect 10M. It is in between 3m – 9m. before. our coordinator told us that we can not see 10b inside mfo a/c. Assuming, lets say 5billion to each outlet. That is each beneficiary will collect betw 1m to 4m. and God will multiply it. Lets be contented on any amount they gave us. It is free money. Thanks

  320. Well I don’t believe that NGOs and namcca are holding the grant.sem has the final say.if they are sincere and want to disburse they have the money and they have the contact of all mfos they can instruct them to open acct and the pay the money and lean it.then call meeting group by group and train and instruct them before the unlean it.within 4 weeks beneficiaries will be smiling.sem is not ready for any disbursement.don’t believe the NGOs and chairmen are holding anything. It just super story to escape the October deadline.

  321. Yes…The fight, the drama, the trouble, will soon end…
    …just that our self-centered Coordinators (all of them,both national & regional/local) do not share the aspiration of the Donors. Who then are the Men-of-God? the title Holders or the Donors?

    Disbursement plan to the OUTLETS has been set. The controversy now is reaching compromise by each party. The Nat COORDs are so stiff to compromise by virtue of their Powers/Given Authority, the NAMCCA members by reason of their privileged Right, and SEM is only “Can’t Act” having earlier parted its Sole Authority via weak regulations/guidelines. But know this: SEM is ready ONCE the other two parties are set!

    Who cares to understand me should do so. I don’t generalize it. There is an influential NGO!!! There are NGOs, and there is an NGO. This NGO I can say (I don’t know for others…ooh) is already with the money, or say some money, for disbursement to the Outlets.
    Beware that there is an NGO that, apart from the money that passes through SEM, get some money DIRECTLY from outside additionally.

    EXPO: Who knows whether the NAMCCA members rigidity in their benefits is what gave rise to the decision to REDUCE the amount to be credited to the Outlets, perhaps reduced entitlement of the NAMCCA members!

  322. I read on social exchange facebook platform that Abuja office was opened yesterday and work in swift progress.I also learnt from today’s meeting that the coordinators has calm down and come to agreement with the chairmen association (Namcca) so there is head way now.any contrary report on today’s meeting pls

  323. @ segun_3 sir…, according t the sharing formula given by your NGO, this is how it looks like
    500m (10%)
    100m-national cord
    100m-coop of NGO
    25m-director(to be shared among 5 directors)
    25m-com leader
    25m-reg cord
    25m-state cord
    all mfo will donate this amount to their national cord, coop of ngo, reg cord and state cord. judging by the numbers of mfo in a state, the state cord are in serious money. now for the nat cord, sum up all the mfo in all the 36 states including fct, some of them will start using money to flush out their toilet.

  324. The latest update is that the national cords and NAMCCA has come to an agreement.
    The so called EFCC has surrendered…
    The fight that just took place between The 2 elephants is an indication that we should not expect fear and just disbursement….
    We will surely be cheated…
    Any amount they give you, take, accept and be giving thanks…
    Another indication is than the 1b that was cut to 500m for each outlet, the beneficiary may pay for it
    This is Nigeria…
    Congratulations anyway…

  325. So much stories, where do people get some of dis updates 4 Gods sake? Collins u r not far frm the truth, dis platform to an extent is a scam. Some of d updates i read here doesn’t exist. And wen u try to give d true situation of trins, the admin blocks u or delete ur comment.

  326. last year, one of my friends applied for a grant in zaria, they promised to give them N50m. most people did not believe, all they were saying is how can it be possible. feb this year, he just saw an alert on his phone. when he checked, it was 30m that was credited to his acc. a month later, he received the balance of 20m. when i told him that i applied for a 10m grant that can it be possible to receive such amount as grant? he reminded me what happened to him. i read the article on hunters international about calling this program a scam. october has not ended, we still have mon and tue to give them the benefit of doubt. let us wait and see what happens next week.

  327. Plz @ekson. Can you be more specific about the 50million grant for your friend plz. I also will like to apply for that one too. Thanks

  328. In all situation, let’s keep Praising God🎼💃🎷
    To everyone who have been clamoring to hear from Brr Donald about this grant, the truth is that the voice of NAMCCA is the voice of Donald because right from the very start, Bar Donald want to pay directly into the outlets account and pay the National coordinators off because the GRANT is meant for grass root but along the line, the NGO’s form association and Called themselves NCL in other to have one voice and team up against SEM to actualize their purpose. Along the line, Bar Donald also formed NAMCCA who happens to be the association of outlet chairmen to also stand their grand because as one man in Nigeria you can’t fight against the majority but looking at the population of the outlet chairmen, they’re more in number than the National coordinators. So instead of seating down here to call the scheme a scarm, we should work together with NAMCCA to curb the excesses of National coordinators because not the National coordinators gather the bank but the outlet chairmen, if the grant should be disbursed to the NGO’s account, a lot of you will only hear of it, it won’t get to you.

  329. @Austin thanks,
    You just gave a good summary of realty.

    Those that don’t believe on this grant should be ignored for their opinions can’t change a thing and they themselves are inconsequential and irrelevant in the scheme of things “This Grant”.

    What is settled is SETTLED, SIGNED and SEALED.

    Therefore, Let everyone be calm, a very little patience and cash that you never worked for will be in your hands. We the Believers shall SING PRAISES TO GOD.


  330. Visit link for confirmation of Yemi Osinbajo’s Tweet:

    Who says the government is not aware of SEM Grant? Prof Osinbajo’s tweet indicates that government is not only aware, government is also in full support. The VP tweeted this obviously to counteract opinions attributing the disbursement of the grant to a possible incidence of inflation. The VP opined that, rather than causing inflation, SEM Grant will boost the nation’s economy. HAPPY WEEKEND

  331. Disbursement should be done through the Chairmen/secretaries. Those National coordinators did nothing to bring in members of each outlet. They just collect monies from the chairman and other Directors and it ends there . Come to Abuja and come and see what some of them are putting up. They have made serious fortunes, even if there’s no disbursement again, it won’t affect them and their families.

      1. If this grant scheme works out, it’s a miracle,, on paper it is not possible, there is no free money anywhere, what ever money they eventually share is the actual planned money they want to share, there is still something hidden that we don’t know…only God can do the impossible to man. Thank you

        1. There is no organization called SEM, only hear that in naija… no Donor anywhere, only God knows what they are trying to do.

  332. If you have negative comments, keep it to yourself.
    Its not a must you post it here…
    Or find another site…
    Only positive thinkers are here…

    1. My friend is like you are one those running this site from all indications. What do you mean by negative comments? I guess you don’t even stay anywhere near Abuja? In as much as we all want this grant to be disbursed, truth must be told. Not all these ur updates with no concrete source. Are you aware Dr Donald has an appointment with EFCC tomorrow? You come here claiming to know much, when you know nothing.

    2. @ BlessedMike, Why dont you leave them with their negative thought ??? I will advice you to stop posting info here bcs many of them will not believe you. Keep concrete info within yourself. Just come read and leave. Thanks

      SEM grant is not a right but privilege. If it comes fine, if it does not come fine. It is additional. B4 this grant we all have our daily job and if you dont have it, look for it. Many of us have put our totality on it. Human confidence, is a vanity. Lets put all our totality in God. It is well. Thanks

  333. Stating the fact is not negative, you guys should stop calling reality negativity we are too religious in this part of the world and that is why a pastor will scam people with ease. God in heaven does not support hypocrisy, the disbursement has been dragging for how many months now? Are you saying SEM as an organisation that has the intention of disbursing money to over 600,000 beneficiaries did not have plans on how to disburse when the time comes for over hiow many years they planned this program ? And it is now that they are supposed to disburse that they are just planning it. I will advise anyone that wants to hear the truth to forget this scam called grant and focus on life

    1. @mike. You are right, truth is bitter. Pls people don’t put all your hope on this Free money, look for something to do in case. Me, if it works fine, if it doesn’t life goes on. But I will advice people to stop posting fake updates.

  334. @ Mike you should be the first person to do exactly what you have just said, is it a must that you comment? Leave this forum and find better things to do since we are only wasting our time coming here every time, we love it that way… Thanks.

  335. I thank Austin,blessedmike and for their efforts so far.we are still hopeful.I don’t think seem and Donald will ridicule themselves like that.majority of the money were collected by national NGOs and they still come to outlet 6% and are still sharing it for them after charging almost a million for registration. The benevolent ones collected about 200k for what sem said is free.those guys are terrible.

  336. Nigerians and gullibility, it is very glaring that this is a big scam and people are still waiting for money that is no where.
    That is how MMM subscribers refused to accept the obvious until is too late.

  337. Updates
    You may love to confirm this.
    The donors of this grant has given bar Donald an authoritative order to disburse the grant or Risk it all.

    The order came as a result endless Nigeria mentality .
    The donors gave Bar Donald from Now to November 2018 to disburse the grant.
    You may do well to find out from you NC, or who ever you think is close to your NC.

    Finally, the grant is real.
    SEM held emergency meeting in Abuja today. Which will continue till 30-10-2018.

    From a reliable source…………..

  338. bako,are you sure that this clause “risk it all “is not the point where the Sem wants to dismiss everyone, for a grant they knew never existed?

  339. @bako. Emergency meeting till 30/10. They will not stop doing meetings .. This issue is not as difficult as they are carrying it, except if the ‘ Headmaster ‘ is hiding something. Meeting upon meeting , I think all of them shd be flogged out of the meeting if their meeting will yield no benefit except future delay. It is well

  340. Emergency meetings to propagate their selfish interest both the NC and chairmen of outlets. That is the problem. Nothing more

  341. Why is SEM punishing and killing people silently like this ? Do they have to see people die before they belief that they doing more harm than good with the delayed disbursement? Many left the little things they were doing with the hope to get the grant early enough as promised. Things are detoriating day by day. What is delaying the grant again after the quarel has been settled? I learnt the quarrel was the only thing delaying the grant. SEM should pity the poor masses who are expectant of these grants. Many needs the family relief fund for just medical attention. I particularly know someone who desired it so much to treat his stroke. Donald Olorunkeye. please have mercy on the poor masses so that God can have mercy on you.

  342. the latest news is that another round of signings will commence this week to end first week in December. disbursement is not near at all. except the money in December. i hope they will have mercy on us because they are not tired of tormenting us.

  343. What a country. Someone said the donors of d grant hv given donald ultimatum to pay. Who are these elusive donors that people don’t know? Have u read hunters int’l latest article on this grant? That donald has sold his house &cars in abuja & ran away? Since august donald has beem so evasive? why did d namcca & ncs fight come up in october? if sem is scam then it will be father/mother of all scam in nigeria. May God help us

  344. the most painful thing is that this last september, the donor of this grant gave our mr donald the same authoritative order to disburse in october or lose it all. oct is almost ending, another authoritative order is out again to disburse in nov…it is well

  345. SEM should hasten the disbursement of the grant. Bearing in mind that Nigerians are one of the most skeptical and divisible people when it comes to new ideas. Unfortunately the enemies of this grant are rising daily against the SEM vision to corrupt any positive impression behind the grant and even make the environment unsafe for SEM goal to actualize. SEM have database of beneficiaries and all it takes to fulfill their goal within stipulated time, but have choosen to jeopardize the programme through their lingering procastination. We are in a crucial political time, and government oppositions will do everything to set the program down to the grave. SEM are advised to work with specific timeframe and smartness. People have so much believe in you with huge support and prayers.Therefore it is a wiser thing to leave the stage when the ovasion is loudest.

    1. Hahahahaha @ “Disburse or risk it all”.. This is a tactical withdrawal in military terms. This means the donors can ask for a refund of their donations? Hahahaha.. I have always maintained that this fund of a thing is a monumental faux!! I will still be visiting this forum to look read comments of Nigerians hoping on NOTHING!!!

  346. Bro Frank, I believe u r visiting to know when the grant will be disbursed 😂. And for those of us that believe in this grant, pls, how far?

  347. The people involved in this program doesn’t pass for the quality of a politician, talk of pastors. How can they ask people to come up with business ideas and made them pass through process only to drag the disbursement to a time like this without any meaningful thing on ground yet but meetings upon meetings ?
    I know about 2 CEO that died within this time;their death was caused by this delay and lagging on the side of the sem for disbursement. Why don’t they tell people the truth and let them face it headlong :some borrowed money to fund the activities of this project and yet they can’t seem to get any concrete information about disbursement. This is just unacceptable and totally dismal :been disappointed on them is to say the least ;even if this grant comes today, they have done more harm than good and shouldn’t receive any thanks for all these trauma they have put people in.

  348. This is my First comment here.tanks for ur update I want to make a suggestion can anyone in Abuja go to EFCC office to confirm why dey locked up sem office I think dey wud be in a better position to tell us the truth and d position of things.wat do u think?

  349. Pls let’s look in to EFCC dey locked sem office.pls if anyone in Abuja cud go to Efcc office to confirm if truly dey locked sem office and if dey do wats their reason of locking and investigation SEM.Dats will be of help.Pls let look into dis.Tanks

  350. Pls why can’t those of us living in abuja do as @ adex has suggested? Pls there are over 2000 members on this platform. Pls make this sacrifice on our behalf & save us this trauma. Those who insisted that this sem grant is scam hv confronted me with hunters int’l latest articcle ‘the gruelsome sins of donaldo’

  351. Tanks @Daniel dat u reason with me.EFCC dat can tell us the truth now.if someone who lives in Abuja cud go to EFCC to confirm if dey truly locked SEM office and if they locked SEM office wats their will help out of this trauma

  352. I will continue to blame the Government for the trouble some us are going through right now because the gorvernment is less concerned about our welfare.
    It is not enough that they allowed Boko aram to kill some us , they also secretly introduced SEM to kill us further. I believe strongly that SEM is an agent of the government which is created to defraud the citizenry for their political selfish interest. This accounts for the reason why the office was sited in Abuja. They pretend not be part of SEM yet they are the brain behind every schedule dates of disbursement which never came to reality, purposely to dounce tention of the benefiaciaries for them to actualise their wicked aims.
    I made a post on this platform some minutes ago about the Government and SEM and immeditely someone has removed it. I am sure the same person will remove this one again.
    I pray the Almighty God will see us through in this matter of grant.
    How many arrests have been made since beneficiaries have been raising alarm of fraud.
    Just last friday we heard that their so called nonsense Abuja office has been opened with the EFCC surrendered. Today is another rubbish talk that we are hearing that the Abuja office is still under lock and key.
    I know many of the government officials don’t have human feelings otherwise they would have intervened this matter but because they are part of the system

  353. I reside in Abuja, the issue is this b4 EFCC sealed the office, the workers there are not willing to give you the kind of info u want. They have been warned by Mgt to stop giving out info which are not under their jurisdiction. They will just ask you to exercise patience. I was told by a Director understand kingdomwealth multipurpose cooperative that, the EFCC guys left last week Thursday after Donald agreed to see them today. If the money is not real, EFCC would not be asking for clarification. Our financial laws must be adhered to strictly. Let’s just exercise a little patience. The ppl who should be afraid are those who have extorting huge sums from their naive members, because incase there is no disbursement, they will come for them for refund, that is why some set of persons keep posting Immaginary updates and meetings just to douse tension of those they have extorted huge sums from. Am a director/secretary of my outlet. WATCH HOW THEY WILL DELETE THIS POST!

  354. @Ak don’t say my wahala to much and laying emphasis on EFCC.I want to get clarity on Ur message
    First is it true EFCC locked SEM office
    Second do u in any way knw their reason by d EFCC locked d office if u knw thirdly is there hope dat d grant wud be disbursed
    Dat was y I was suggesting if someone to go to EFCC and get clarity in totality
    I don’t know @Ak if u get my argument
    Or my reasoning

  355. @Adex. I quite understand ur reasoning. When EFCC seals off any asset, you can’t find anyone there until the unseal it. Moreover I can’t leave my place of business to be visiting SEM office all the time, I got friends staying in the same axis with SEM. Now latest info this evening is that the whole thing has taken political dimension. The govt is asking for what Donald can not accept. This fight is not btw Coods. & Chairmen. Our earnest prayer is that things will change soon. GOD HELP US ALL. AMEN.

  356. @ Adex ;All your questions has been answered by AK . When police ask for your particulars you should understand their body language. Brr Donald understands EFCC body language in the name of clarification that is why he is taking his time to see them. If Brr Donald should answer them immediately , it will reduce our grant.

  357. Brr Donald knows that prayers & fasting has sealed this grant. Every opposition will receive divine visitation. Anybody that doubts the efficacy of prayers & fasting should wait and see ..WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

  358. Nigeria is the only country where somebody can collect your thing and still toss you around like a fool without consideration.
    Upon pleading to disburse by millions of beneficiaries in August 2018,Donald insisted and promised officially that disbursement will be in October during series of meetings. Today is 29th October 2018. Nothing seems to be happening.
    I am afraid, casualties will increase at the end of October if no disbursement. I pray for the intervention of God to see us through.

  359. Good Evening my wounderful people how have u been. I Decide not to give update here rather than to update my watsaap group. reason is because of some Element of people of Attacking me here if i give update. Thanks to many people who Plead with me in my inbox to forget them that they should said whatever they want and continue giving my update i Appreciate all who plead with me..
    In Disbursement Aspect. Namcca and Nc finalize today and the meeting still continue tommorow. I was able to get the full info today because iam not feeling fine am having fever! very important thing is the Donor have give Sem and Donald from now till 30th November to disburse this grant or d grant will be lifited in nigeria. and with this mandate i think they should do something and fast track it. pls no date for disbursement yet all those date are just speculations till everything is set. if there is any date ur cordinators will communicate to u or if i get the full date for disbursment i will update u all. Thanks and God bless u all. dnt loose hope yet we will all get our grant. it will end in praise.


  360. Justice delayed is justice denied. We comdmn govt and said they are corrupt but what is happening is can somebody collect grant as he claimed and be globe trotlling since last year playing with the emotions of Nigeria for past one year and still be talking the trash since last is unfortunate. Donald and stakeholders of this grant has actually brought the body of Christ to shame and if they continue with this they will pay dearly for it.give people information. If it has failed tell them.nobody will be spared when they finally land because they are about crashing. No who you give money October remains two days.Nov 1 we start mobilizing. Donald and co can run but can’t hide.before God and man they will see the rot of Nigerians.

  361. @ Jay One, try to appreciate d piple that comment positively here, at the end of Eben post , he wrote “copied”
    Eben ought to have shared it with us since 24th Oct, but he said he avoid posting here because of attackers like you.

    However, @ Eben, keep the good works going, and never mind the doubters.

    To huntersinternational, you will soon be put to shame. God has used the foolish things of this world to confound the “wise”. If God has decided to lift some Nigerians from grass to grace, psycology and human wisdom can not comprehend it.

    To those who are fond of commenting negatively here, but still hope secretly to get the grant, and use it to better their lifes, nemesis and posterity may never forgive you, as you will reap what you sow…

  362. @Blessedmike, From every indications, this fund of a thing looks to be a big hoax and you expect everyone to be clapping for sem and co? If nemesis and posterity should visit someone, it has to be YOU for trying to shut anyone who has criticized this program up! I have my opinion about this thing, so has you, so why must everyone toe your line of thoughts? S.E.M has failed to frequently update their empty website with important informations concerning this grants and you think it’s not shady? Are they the only organisation to render grants to people? World bank do render grants to governments and they give timely updates on their websites, coming closer to home, Tony elumelu foundations and life foundations (life breweries) render grants to people and they update frequently, so why is SEM different? Oga, this things don’t add up to me and their is nothing prayers and fasting can do about a grant that is nonexistent! Life foundation is giving grants this year, anyone can visit their websites for more info and you will see the difference between them and SEM, transparent and direct, no third party! Tony elumelu’s own resumes next year, visit their site and you will believe what I’ve been saying here that SEM grant is a complete faux!! “Disburse before november 30 or risk it all” it’s no longer october, it has shift to November and they forgot November 30th ain’t far enough.. I’ll still be here watching!! Meanwhile, Kingdom wealth no longer pick my calls!!

  363. The painful part of these cock and bull story is that…. my integrity and that of alot of other people who mobilized people for this grant is on the line….

    Is Sem alleviating or aggravating poverty from these actions ????…..

  364. Who is doing who?
    Ourselves or the Government?
    A whole Lawyer and a Christain can not maintain his words. It is a shame. Even some of our so called national coordinators who are senior pastors in Redeemed church are not faithful to themselves talkless of the people they preach to. They are so much particular about what they will take than what they will give. They have no reservation to help the helpless. They still compete to take away from the little the poor and the helpless has and still go about claiming they are senior pastors; senior pastors and national coordinators my foot.

  365. If these project is mostly championed by redeem pastors, then there is a problem, because they are connected to apc. It means that these project has taken a political undertone:only God will help us. How are we sure that apc did not detail these program to generate money for their campaigns?

  366. My people in the house, Lets be mindful of words alter to men of God. We are not to judge them but God. Many of our NC told us what they heard at top, things might change due to circumstances some of us know. pls, let be patient with them and face our normal work activities. I mobilized over 5000 people to this grant and i am tired of their calls. A lot of insults i have received from them. We still have hope on it. I pray something good shall come out. Everything in life is a risk. Thanks.

    1. @ D truth, It will not work here online, Kindly go to SEM office in Abuja and tell them to disburse the money because, u get mouth than us. House will expect feedback from you. Thanks my brother.

  367. If @ truth has woken up from sleep pls go to abuja & tell donald/sem to disburse the grant. Just like some people have mentioned, my integrety is at stake also what story will i tell the people i mobilized. I had been called names & abused . Infact the reputation of d CHURCH is at stake. Imagine d shame that will befall d church. Donald & his SEM shld do the meedful. They shld atleast use their website & update us than leaving people in d dark.


  369. @Adex. Ibrahim asked me to come to their office today, but Abuja has been tensed up since weekend. Visiting those guys in their office could metamorphose to another thing. I told him, I will rather meet him outside the office. He said he call me wen it’s convenient for him. Am sure, the issue on ground will be resolved. The worst aspect is their customer care agents are evading calls since Monday.

  370. It baffles me on how people don’t seems to know that this is well orchestrated scam.
    Some of the perpetrators of this scam are also on this platform.
    This people use the church because they know Nigerians are religious people and will believe anything their pastors or church leaders say to them…………….Smh.
    Is a pity that mamon has blinded some of our pastors, we are really in perilous times.

    1. @ Mile, ok. May be you have confirmed it scam, I dont know, If it is true as you said. We are not to judge here. Thanks.

      Any update my people ?????????????????????????????

  371. @Adex and Ak, it’s totally not advisable to cummute within Abuja at the moment. So, I suggest you rather visit to lay your complaints or gather info on SEM and EFCC’s debacles, thanks.

    @Miles, You see, I use a long spoon when eating with the devil and I use a longer spoon when dining with these so called men of God! If there is a business deal involved and the person introduces himself as “pastor” or ” reverend” believe me, the deal is as good as dead!

    @ Adeniyi, it’s wrong to judge even a hardened criminal but I think I’m morally right if I criticize any man of God, if I don’t, God will punish me! Why? The man of God was becoming ungodly and I didn’t let him know..

    @Austin, we have had enough of your religious eulogism! You know what we want this moment, don’t you? DISBURSEMENT!!

  372. All the story about this grant is Bobo juice. Every new month is disbursement month. A friend told me months ago that there is no money Anywhere. He told me to watch out till December nothing will happen and after that the chapter of this grant will close. I did not want to believe but alas his words are becoming reality. SEM oh SEM WHERE IS YOU?

  373. Dear Chairmen and Directors,
    SEM update is timely especially during this period. The update is self explicit but I will like to break it down for a better understanding.
    👉 SEM has advised intending subscribers to shorn the spreading rumour that the programme is *SCAM*
    👉 SEM had a few short fall of time as a result of the recently resolved EFCC invitation resulting from the petition of some Chairmen and their national coordinators. *About three to four weeks was lost.*
    👉 SEM through the update has apologized to everyone for the delay caused by the investigation
    👉 SEM has directed all duly collaterally registered NGOs and Cooperatives to immediately submit the commercial bank accounts of each microfinance outlets under them to SEM for disbursement. By implication all outlets are expected to submit a commercial bank account through which disbursement will be made to their mother NGOs and cooperatives. It is expected that the mandate of the bank account of the outlet to be submitted must be three signatories. (chairman, secretary & treasurer)
    👉 NGOs and cooperatives have been advised by SEM to endeavour to resolve any issue(s) with their respective partners and directors of each outlets under them.




  374. @Rightchuks This same information was posted on this same platform shortly after the quarrel between NAMCA and NC. We didn’t see the impact . Here you are repeating it again. Please help us to know our stand with the current updates not old ones.

  375. @Rightchuks; Many thanks for the timely update. The road to our financial Independence is as rough as the road to Nigerian Independence. We will surely get this rare & historic financial independence in Nigeria.

  376. @Ak Tanks for ur effort i appreciate bt pls dont relent till u get wats is really wrong, pls endeavor to see dat Ur friend Mr Ibrahim is d one dat can help us from d dark since his an EFCC worker.will be expecting from you

  377. Pls i am told donald had a phone conversation with hunters international last niqht & has told them he will disburse the grant b4 d yr is over. Those of u with android phone should go to utube & get d message & update us. My phone is small. @ adeniyi i keep d faith i love that

  378. rightchuks and austin e no go beta for u too…for one to repost past update and for the other to suport..may it neva b wel wit u its true dat SEM has agents on this forum to bgn to gv us false updates to bobo us abi..may ur family neva knw peace..ole 419!

  379. Pls everyone should be calm as far as our God lives this grant is real and will come to pass no matter how long it delays. Bar. Donald can’t fool the entire Country for five years when the Police, DSS, EFCC and the Army has outlets with them. Have u ever wonder why Bar. Donald has not been arrested by EFCC with these multitude of petitions against NCs and SEM?.

    My submission is this, there is money but no one can tell where exactly is and how much. Therefore, we have come along way to start thinking due to challenges that this programme is fake.
    No matter how long is delayed it will not be denied.
    Faith is what we need *”nothing good comes easy”*

    Thanks pls remain calm and the salvation of God
    *Nat’l P.R.O*

  380. What a monumental scandal it will be if Donald and his SEM succeeded in scamming the millions of Nigerian. It is looking like that now. It is too unfortunately. Even the people of other faith will not do this type of mess. They must have disbursed it long ago in their respective prayer centers and nobody will hear of it outside. Now God gave this grant to the Christian to execute (if the grant is real oh) and they messed it up. What a shame. May God forgive us all, more so that this is a colossal scandal against the Church of God. Postponement upon postponing, meetings upon meetings, this is where we landed. (no disbursement) As at today SEM office is still under efcc seal, lock and key. I went there to check it this afternoon . Just count your loss and move past it. Move on. People shd not have heart failure or commit suicide becos of this. Your life depends on God and not on SEM. Even the so called national coordinators becos of greed kept following without asking questions. Both the NC and NAMCCA have been fooled, it looked like that. They ve gathered millions of innocent Nigerians to dash down their hope. What a shame. We all need to repent for bringing this shame to the body of Christ. What a monumental scandal. What an integrity issue and corrosion on the part of SEM and her Headmaster. Now what next,? To your tent oh Isreal, go to your normal duties and the Lord be with us all. It is well.

    Click and watch Donald’s conversation with huntersinternational…
    I quote from donald
    *The worst sin is the sin of unbelief…
    *Donald never promise a particular date, but assure disbursement will take place this year…
    *Some piple are angry because they do not know the secret behind this grant…
    *Devil is happy with Nigerians been poor, but will be put to shame this year…