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How to Attract Visitors to your Blog – 9 Quick ways

fastest ways to attract visitors to your blog

Starting a blog is simple but the most important part which is attracting visitors to your blog can be frustrating at times.

If you are blogging and you’re NOT recording a good number of visitors to your blog, it discourages. The worst, you can’t make money from that kind of blog if your interest is to make money blogging.

A rough estimate of your total blog visitors per month is an indication of your blog’s popularity and search engine ranking.  And Advertisers capitalize on this when they want to advertise on your site.

This is why for example estimates site worth by measuring the total visits per day to a website.

When I started blogging in 2011, it was difficult for me to attract visitors to my blog.

But the moment I began to apply some of the methods I’ll be discussing below; I notice a tremendous rise in my blog visitors.

Some webmasters invest heavily on automated search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to their sites. While this might be economical, faster, and relatively cheaper than manually, it is still not an end to the means.

Today, I’ll share with you some quick ways to attract visitors to your blog on regularly basis.  I have often used these techniques to grow my client websites visitors’ base.


9 Quick Ways to Attract Visitors to your Blog

If you’re looking to grow your blog readers’ base, you can follow these ways to attract visitors to your blog;

  1. Update and Post new relevant Content regularly
  2. Do a contest and giveaway
  3. Visit forum and contribute on threading topics
  4. Join and Become active on social media
  5. Visit related blog niche to answers questions
  6. Engage in email marketing
  7. Guest post on other blog
  8. Apply SEO techniques
  9. Try PPC

Let’s explore in details the ways………………….

Update and Post new Relevant Content regularly

Updating and posting new relevant content on your blog regularly is one of the best ways to attract and grow your blog visitors.

Relevant contents are content that solves a particular problem for a searcher.

Publishing new blog content regularly can be very difficult and tedious but you might be surprise that it could be a simple solution to growing your blog audience.

People visit blogs that they can find new information on, daily.

You should not expect people to revisit your blog when you don’t have anything new to offer.

So, if you want to attract visitors to your blog, you must post new content or update your blog regularly.

5 tips that will help you boost your blog visitors as you update or post new blog content includes:

  1. Use of a captivating blog post title

While you ensure that your keywords are captured in your post URL for purpose of search engine ranking, write blog post titles that attract readers.

In addition, you have to try and make your blog post title a six to eight words summary of blog post content.

  1. Writing an in-depth blog post

Understanding your blog readers will determine how lengthy your blog post will be.

Though, it is always good you post an in-depth content.  These days, Search engines like lengthy content and useful content

A “half-baked content” or shallow content that does not discuss the topic very well is often regarded as an irrelevant content.

  1. Making your blog article paragraphs short

During the course of my experiment to attract visitors to my blog, I have discovered that visitors like short paragraph articles which are direct to the point rather than bogus paragraph without point.

So, avoid the use of long and confusing lengthy paragraphs.

  1. Publishing latest news or trends

Try to include a category or page like “latest News” to your blog.

Updating your blog regularly on the latest trends or news is one major thing that could cause your blog visitors constant revisits.

Aside that, regular posting of latest news can help boost your blog total daily visitors.

  1. Writing an evergreen article

What you called latest news today can become outdated tomorrow and once it is outdated, nobody reads it again.

But evergreen articles are always fresh.

It will take several years for evergreen to become outdated.

And when they seem outdated, you can always update them to look fresh again.

Evergreen article often goes viral and attracts a lot of backlinks.

Your blog visitors often bookmark them and revisit them often and often.

While evergreen article may not attract huge visitors per day to your blog, it will continue attract reasonable number of visitors to your blog after several years.

However, the best idea is to publish both latest news and evergreen content on your blog regularly.


Do Contest and Giveaway, Occasionally

Giveaway is a good strategy you can use to attract thousands of visitors per day to your blog.

This method is not popular. I often applied it when I am noticing a decline on my blog daily visits.

Some other times I do apply it is during festive period or celebration.

Many other popular bloggers in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji, Oscar etc. do apply this method to attract visitors to their blogs.

The concept is born by the idea that everyone likes getting free something.

In fact, one of the major reasons that people “Like” Facebook page brands is either to get discount or win something.

Giveaway is a free marketing strategy and had often help blog to go viral and gain popularity.

7 things you MUST know before doing giveaway include:

  1. Know your aim of doing giveaway

Your major goal should be to increase your blog daily visitors.

So, if the giveaway is not helping you to increase your blog daily visits, then you have to swiftly adopt another method.

  1. What will you giveaway and what duration?

Ipad, laptops, mobile phones, mobile device, self-hosted blog and website are often giveaway choice.

However, the giveaway prize will depend on your blog niche and nature of your blog visitors-sex and age.

Your blog’s Alexa stats info will help you in this regard.

On the other hand, the duration of the giveaway/contest will depend on when you think you’ve reach your benchmark.

So, you need to set a benchmark before you start giving away prizes. As soon as you get to your benchmark, you draw the curtain close.

  1. Establish your contest benchmark

You benchmark should include:

  • the average daily visitors you want achieve
  • the number of inbound links you want to get
  • number of daily post retweets
  • number of comments per post

And so on.

  1. Create an email announcing the giveaway to your subscriber

You need to get your old blog readers informed earlier about your contest and giveaway.

They are the best people that will help spread this contest and giveaway

Let them know that, the giveaway and the contest is for them

  1. Email all your qualify giveaway entrants to encourage revisiting

At half-time period to the contest, send an email to all your qualify giveaway entrants to encourage revisiting.

  1. Select your contest winners

Select and inform all your winners immediately after the contest.

Ask them for permission to use their profile picture in an email when announcing the winner of the contest.

  1. Email out the prize and post detail procedure on how the winner was selected

This will earn your blog high reputation and increase your blog post readers.


Visit forum and contribute on threading topics

If you want to attract more visitors to your blog, you need to join popular forum and contribute to threading topics.

Once you establish your expertise, you can comfortably drop your link for people to follow you.

You can visit a popular forum you participate in regularly and start a new thread.

You need to insert a link to your new evergreen blog article to this new thread, you’ve started.

Don’t just put the link there! If you do that you may be seen as a spammer and you link will be remove.

First, you give the introduction to the new article thread.

Then, summarize the post, insert a link to your new blog article and end by asking questions that are related to the article.

There are two points you’ll earn when join a forum and start a thread.

  • Your blog will receive massive traffics from this forum
  • Secondly, your blog will receive backlink from this forum.


Join and become active on Social Media

Joining and becoming active on Social media is an effective way to establish an online presence.

The results are far more reaching than just writing and publishing articles your blog.

If you have not join any social media you can do that now if you actually want to increase your blog daily visitors.

Here is how it works with Facebook;

  • Sign up for Facebook account.
  • Publish daily updates on what interest you, comment, like and sharing your friends’ updates.
  • Search and send friend request to friends to get more friends and followers.
  • Accept and confirm all your friends’ request.
  • Begin to upload your blog posts.

Still on becoming active on Facebook, you can create a special Facebook page.

Use the page to share a snippet of your new blog post, inserting one or two link to the article on the page and sending visitors to your blog indirectly through these links.

You can also use short url as your post link on those pages if you don’t want your visitors to see your long blog post URL.

By sharing and retweeting your blog post on social media you can easily attract visitors to your blog.

Some other social media networks you can join include Linkedin, Whatsapp, Twitter and Telegram.


Visit related blog niche to answer questions

You can reach out to other popular blogs on your niche; contribute to the article on those blogs while you drop your link.

By this way, you will attract visitors to your blog and also help other popular bloggers discover your blog

Those bloggers who own the blogs can make reference to your blog and you’ll finally, gain backlinks for your blog.

How does this work?

When you visit a related blog niche, read some articles that are related to your blog post

Go to the comment section and answer some questions the users are asking for. Drop your relevant blog post link on a blog on the comment.

Don’t just go to comment section to drop your blog post link. You will be seen as spammer and your link would be remove, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

First, contribute to the article before leaving behind your relevant new blog post link.

If the link is not relevant to the article or answers the question people are asking, please avoid leaving the link behind because definitely your comment will never be publish.


Engage on email marketing

How does it work?

Provide email sign up box at an eye catching point on your blog so let anyone who visits your blog sign up for your new blog updates and newsletter.

You can use feedburner email widget, aweber, or any email collector for this purpose.

Remember I talked about contest and giveaway.

During the time of you’re doing contest and giveaway, you can build an email list.

You can also gather an email list by exchanging an email list for ad banner placement with other bloggers. Once you have a large email list, begin an email marketing campaign.

You can constantly send your latest post update to your email subscribers and those on your email list through Gmail, aweber or email messaging platform.

This will make them visit your blog always.

Include your email signature to any email you send to subscribers.

Some people are good at sharing and forwarding emails to their friends. Your blog site can go viral via this process.

They can always visit if what your published blog post worth reading.


Guest Post on other blogs

Guest posting involves writing for other blog, in return, you build backlinks and attract visitors to your blog.

When you write for other blog, it won’t take time for people to know you and build relationship with you.

Few years ago, Mark Cutts, Google Engineer criticize the way webmasters apply Guest posting in getting backlink.

So, I’m not talking about getting backlink or high pagerank but getting visitors to your blog.

When people get know you as professional through your article writing, they will begin to look for or follow you and the best place to lead them to will be your blog.

As a blogger, you can’t do without guest posting if you want to grow fast in your blogging career.


Apply SEO techniques

SEO means search engine optimization.

It is a proper way of positioning your blog content so that it can achieve high ranking in search engine and appear among the top ten pages on search engine result page (SERP).

Once your blog is among the top 10, you can always get tons of visitors to your blog daily.

There is no single SEO technique that can land your blog on position #1 of SERP. But a combination of 3 or 4 of the SEO techniques can help you get to the top of search engine result page.

Some of SEO techniques you can apply to drive traffic to your blog include:

  1. Keyword research and mapping

Before you start your blog content development, it is good you carry out a keyword research.

With Keyword research, you can find out the top ranking search terms and then develop strategies to out-rank your competitors

You can start your keyword research by brainstorming popular keywords search terms, experiment in ranking these keywords and monitor their performance using Google analytic tools

The best keywords to rank on search engines easily are High volume keywords with low competitions and long –tail keywords.

You can hardly rank a short-tail keyword, these days.

Google Keyword Planner and Google’s search suggestion tool are SEO tools that can help you discover high volume keywords with low competition.

There are some other free/premium keyword research tools like, SEMrush, Alexa Keyword tool which can help you discover high ranking keywords and keyword gaps.

2. Blog Post Keyword placement

In other to boost ranking of your blog posts on search engines, your keywords should appear on the following section of blog post:

  • Title of blog post
  • Headings
  • Subheading
  • Within the body of your content

You can also add Meta description tag to increase your site’s search engine ranking

3. Deep Linking

Deep Linking involves linking to all relevant content your site when writing a blog post.

Linking to your old blog posts will help people and search engines discover your old posts and visit them.

It will reduce your bouncing rate and in turn, helps to increase your page visits and attract more visitors to your blog.

4. Inbound linking

Inbound linking are links from other webpages to your site.

When other sites link to your website, it shows how resourceful your site is.

Inbound links can increase domain authority and page ranking.

These ultimately, increase your search engine ranking and in turn drive more traffic to your blog.

Though you have no control over your inbound links, you can increase it by the quality of your blog content.

Webmasters link to useful or resourceful content on the web.

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Try PPC Advertising

If after you’ve apply the above eight methods of attracting visitors to a blog and they didn’t boost your blog traffic then try PPC Advertising.

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click.

It is one of the forms of internet marketing strategies in which advertisers pay when someone click on one of their ads.

In PPC Advertising, you’re “buying visits” to your blog rather than gaining those visits organically through search engine.

Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising platform in the world.

With the Google Ads platform, you can create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties.

How does it work?

You bid on keywords with Google to pay for each click on your advertisements.

When someone initiate a search through Google search engine, Google digs into the pool of Ads advertisers and find a set of “match ads” to appear in the valuable ad space on its search results page.

The “Match ads” are chosen based on a combination of factors such as the quality and relevance of their keywords and ad campaigns, as well as the size of their keyword bids.

Before you start Google ads campaign, make sure you have good number of quality contents on your blog.

Pay-per-Click is best used when you’re a selling on products online.


In conclusion, attracting visitors to your blog is the most important part of your blogging career.

If you create a professional blog, publish relevant contents and nobody finds it or read your content; it disheartens.

There are millions of blogs online today, so the competition is high.

You must apply all necessary strategies to attract visitors to your blog.

The above nine ways are techniques I use to attract visitors to my blog and that of my client’s site. The methods have proven to be effective and anybody can adopt it.

You can use or apply methods/techniques to see the magic they’ll perform.

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