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How to write great Blog Post Titles that get clicked

Great Blog Post Title

Blog content or articles are referred to as “Blog posts”.

The first part of your blog post is the title of your post and it is major part search engines index on search engine result page (SERP).

Search engine indexes top ten ranking pages on SERP and one of the major factors that determine the click-through-rate (CPC) is the post title.

Before you can attract visitors to your blog, your post title must be attractive or captivating your article.

A blog post title that attracts the attention of readers and pushes them to click through your content on SERP is referred as “a great blog post title”.

The essence of the putting up a great post title is to push readers to click through.

When you’re writing an article you’ll publish on your blog, it is important you come up with a catchy or great blog post title.

Your blog posts may rank high on search engines but if your post title is not good enough to attract the attention of readers and push them to click through your content, the number of visitors to your blog will remain low.

In other to attract readers attention and push them to click through your article when index by search engine, you have to write a great blog post title.

Ways to writing a great Blog Post Title

Here are ways to write a great blog post title that drives high traffic to a blog:

  1. Item-hyper post title
  2. Finality post title
  3. List post title
  4. Curiosity post title
  5. Where and When post title

Let’s discuss in detail the post title formula

Item-Hyper Post Title

In Item-hyper blog post title, the subject you’re talking about is the item and this is follow up by what make people want to read it.

Usually, the keywords you want to rank  (SEO technique) are part of the item, other compelling words then follows.

Examples of Item-hyper blog post title include:

  1. How to Write a Killer Post Title; A Must-Click Title
  2. The Latest Movie production Guide; Last Solution to Movie industry
  3. Get Thousands of Backlinks to Your Blog Post; Real, No Magic
  4. My New SEO Strategy: Blog Less, Spend More on Technology (Read)

Finality Post Title

Finality Post title involves the use of “end of search concept” in your blog post title.

Finality denotes the end. In finality post title, your blog post title must prove that your content is the last resort.

Words like Ultimate, Ever, Need, Greatest, Top, branded, Guaranteed are end of search concept post title.

Examples of Finality Blog post title include:

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Timeline; Guaranteed!
  2. Ways to make money online; Top 5 (Read)
  3. Secrets of Men of the Underworld; A Must-Read!

 List Post Title

In list post title, numbers are assigned to the post title or headline.

Of course, putting a number in your post title alone won’t make your blog post rank high on search engine or propel to click your post, however using a list heading can help you post go viral.

A list post title is used mostly when you’re writing an informational blog post.

Your article can fly easily if you are able to apply the list post title formula effectively.

Examples of List Post Title include:

  1. 10 Simplest Ways of Achieving Your Life Goals
  2. 100 blogging tips; ultimate bloggers’ guide (Read)
  3. 10 Most Popular Car in Nigeria
  4. List of 10 Richest Men in Africa

 Curiosity Post Title

Curiosity Post title involves invoking curiosity in the minds of readers through post title.

The readers are force to click through to read and check if your post title reflects the true nature of your post.

Chances are that you’re taking your reader somewhere of which they will never regret after reading your article.

Examples of Curiosity Post title include:

  1. How to feed South-East of Nigeria with Milk from 8 Cows
  2. How to make $2,000 from online in less than 3 days
  3. How to attract 25,000 visitors to your website in a day
  4. How to cook a vegetable soup with $2
  5. How to get 25,000 Twitter followers in 5 minutes

“Where post titles”

Where is used when you’re talking about a place.

A place to get something, a place to sell or buy one product or the other and a place find someone or something.

Where post titles are sellers or buyers post title. Where post titles are you’re referring buyers or seller to a marketplace

Examples of where post title include;

  1. Where can I buy a Samsung Galaxy 7 in Cotonou?
  2. Where can I sell my 2008 Toyota Camry?
  3. Where is Belgium Stadium located in world?
  4. Where to Buy Car & Pay Installmentally in Nigeria (Read)


In conclusion, all your blog post titles should fall within the above post title if you want to be recording high daily visits to your blog.

You can alternatively choose titles.

If you enjoy this article, share you most-like post title with us using the comment box below. I will score you if well written, before other score.

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