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Best Agricultural Business in Nigeria to start on low scale

Our government and modern entrepreneurs are getting more fascinated on digital businesses as the oil and gas business crumbles. To add to this, there is this wide spread speculation that businesses not online by 2025 will go into extinction. The truth is that while digital and online businesses are good businesses; Agricultural businesses whether mechanize or subsistence will remain the future business of Africa especially Nigeria.Best Agricultural and Farming Business in Nigeria

Interestingly, our Government has been debating for a long time over the introduction of Agriculture as a second means of national income apart from the crude oil. But then, they are not fully convinced yet.

Few Nigerians who are convinced; have started enjoying Nigeria fertile soil, supplying the people their basic need which is food and most importantly making money big time from Agricultural businesses. If you wish to join this group of Agricultural entrepreneurs , we’ve carefully selected for you 20 best agricultural  businesses in Nigeria you can start in low scale and diversify later.

But before we delve into discussing some of these best Agricultural businesses, let’s quickly look into reasons why you should start Agricultural business in Nigeria.

Reasons to consider Starting Agricultural business

– Nigeria has large expanses of fertile farmlands which is the first step to Agriculture business.

– Secondly, Nigeria has a huge population of 200 million people and the entire population depends on Agricultural products. So, the market for Agricultural products is readily available.

– Nigerian Government is slowly turning its attention to promoting Agriculture in Nigeria. Of recent years they have been in great support of Nigerian made rice.

– By the time Agriculture takes its full course in Nigeria, it will become a hot cake both nationally and internationally, this equally means farmers will earn more both in Dollars and Naira.

-Since not many are not into commercial Agricultural business, there is less competition in this sector which means more profits for ‘little’ efforts.

Now that we have seen the major reasons why you should start Agricultural business, let us explore some of the Best Agricultural and Farming business in Nigeria one can go into

Best Agricultural business in Nigeria


Rice Farming is one of the best Agricultural and farming businesses in Nigeria one can venture into. Nigeria is one of the world’s highest rice consumers. According to PWC publication 2021, rice is one of the most consumed staples in Nigeria; with consumption per capita of 32kg and you can attest to that. Majority of the rice consume in Nigeria are imported and this rice are quite expensive despite the rumour that most of these rice are packaged and preserved with chemicals not too healthy for the health.

Thanks to our government who have deemed it fit to ban rice importation in other to encourage local rice production.  So, starting a Rice farming business in Nigeria is a lucrative business for anyone who enjoys agricultural businesses. And you can make money in this business if your rice is proven healthy and relatively cheaper than the ones imported. Places like Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Aninri local government area of Enugu State, Ibadan, Benue State, and many others in Nigeria have fertile soil for rice farming.


Another good Agricultural and farming business one can start in Nigeria is Cassava farming. Just like Rice, Cassava and its products are widely consumed locally and internationally. Statistics has it that, cassava and its products consumption is relatively close to the rate of rice consumption. Cassava farming and processing business is a profitable business. Garri, starch, fufu, abacha, cassava chips and many others are products of cassava

Nearly all lands in Nigeria are fertile for cassava farming, so you can start cassava farming in your own locality. And as you already know, with the high population consuming cassava and its products, cassava farming is definitely a goldfish! We have a detailed step by step guide on How to start Cassava processing business in Nigeria (including machine & factory equipment). Every thing you need  to get started is there.

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One of the best Agricultural and farming business you can start if you have a large farmland is Plantain plantation. One unique thing about plantain plantation is that when planted once, it keeps producing year in year out. Plantain is also widely consumed and like cassava it has so many by-products too. Plantain brings the famous chips of all, plantain chips; it brings dried plantain for Yoruba’s delicacy, Amala and their dodo ikire and our favourite dodo.

I can actually say that Plantain Plantation is one of the agricultural businesses that are yet to be fully tapped. And I can bet you, not many farmers have taken advantage of this. Plantain is highly priced in Nigeria and is in high demand year in year out. Indeed millions of naira is lying beneath the roots of plantain. You can read more on How To Start Commercial Plantain Farming In Nigeria

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Next on our list of best Agricultural business in Nigeria is poultry farming. Poultry farming is one of the most popular agricultural business opportunities we all know, yet this business has not been fully tapped. Research has shown that keratin in the poultry feathers (a protein also found in hair, hoofs, horns, and wool of animals) can be harnessed and used in the production of a wide variety of products such: pillow stuffing, diapers, insulation, upholstery padding, paper, plastics and feather meal? I’m pretty sure that our poultry farmers have not started looking at this direction of poultry farming business. Talk about the eggs we eat, meat from poultry animals, faces from poultry animals for fertilizers etc.

Most of the poultry farm we currently have is poorly managed, and so might not yield profit as much as expected. With good managerial skills you can always make money in poultry farming. Poultry business includes and is not limited to boiler rearing, layers farming, cockerel rearing, Turkeys, Guniea fowls and Quails. You can get our business plan on poultry farming to get started on poultry farming business

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Pineapple farming is not a well known agricultural business in Nigeria. Australians know the huge income in pineapple business and are taking full advantage of it.  Pineapple is one of the world’s most consumed fruits and Nigeria is no, exception. Nigeria has a better soil for pineapple business than Australia, you already know what this means, larger profit. One pineapple sells for about N300 or more if you harvest 1 million in a year you’d be earning about N300,000,000 or more.


Another lucrative agricultural and farming business in Nigeria is beans farming. The Northern Nigeria are actually taking full advantage of this making money everyday supplying Easterner, Western and Southern Nigeria. Sadly, it’s only the Northerners that know the huge profit in this business. The belief that beans grows well on just Northern Nigeria’s soil is actually erroneous, beans can grow well in the East, South and North too. A beautiful tip you can make use of is to reduce a bit the price of beans gotten from the North when you want to start beans farming and more publicity, like a brand name and efficient marketing, before you know it you could actually be making more than the known beans producers.


Catfish rearing is a well known agricultural and farming business in Nigeria. But, not a good number of agricultural farmers go into Catfish rearing because of lack of skills of fishery. While the few farmers who ventures into Catfish rearing business, are usually overwhelmed by intricacies of the business. Catfish rearing is lucrative farming business. The market for catfish is readily available. Catfish pepper soups are usually serve at exotic hotels, confectioneries, restaurant and many other places. Matured Catfish are sold for N5500 and above in the market.  So while you sell 1-2 to your friends and you can sell in large quantities to restaurants, hotels, shopping mall and so on. And before you know it; boom, you’re made! In other to help you get started, we have the Cost of starting fish farming in Nigeria. Again, you can also get our business plan on fish farming which will serve as roadmap for catfish rearing business venture.


Pig farming business is one best agricultural and farming business one can venture into in Nigeria. Pigs usually deliver in multiples of 8 – 20 piglets. Also, there is high market demand for pig and piggery products. This thus makes pig farming, one of most lucrative farming business. The only clause in this business is that you might need large capital to start a commercial pig farming business. But, it is rewarding as pigs grow at a fast rate. And as I earlier said, boar (female pig) can deliver up to 20 piglets. This shows you how profitable this business is. If you don’t have enough capital to start piggery farming in large scale, you can always begin with 2 – 3 pigs (male and females). Read more on How to Start Pig Farming in Nigeria – Cost & Profit Analysis


One of best Agricultural and farming business in Nigeria you can start on low scale is vegetable farming. This business can be done as work from home by starting vegetable garden at your backyard. Once you have garden at your backyard, you can cultivate fresh vegetable in season and out of season. Fresh vegetable farming business is usually more profitable during the dry season than the rainy season. So timing is very important, if you want to make money in this business. If you have small or large portion of land or garden at your backyard where you can grow vegetables like waterleaves, pumpkin leaves scent leaves, spinach leaves and so on; you’re good to go! These vegetables take approximately six weeks to mature and ready for harvest. You can read more on Commercial Vegetable Farming in Nigeria (how to start & Make money)

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Snail farming is a lucrative agricultural and farming business. A lot of people have discovered the nutritional benefits of snail meat. The protein content of snail meat is similar to the protein found in pork and beef, but snail meat comes with a much lower fat content. Snail meat also is also a good source of iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and a number of other minerals. Research has shown that the giant West African land snails’ high iron content can reduce anemia.

Snail food is known as a middle or high class food. It cost dearly. Low class citizens can hardly afford to buy snail meat. So, starting snail farming in Nigeria is profitable farming venture. You can start this business at your backyard in a low scale once you can provide moisture environment for snails. Read more on How to Start Snail Rearing Business in your locality:


Goat rearing is an agricultural and farming business common among northerners. While this business can be done in any locality in Nigeria, the northerners are the ones seen making money on commercial goat farming. I honestly don’t know what it is just there. In U.S.A and Australia, goat farmers are one of the wealthiest people. I know this might shock you. You can make a decent living from rearing goats. Goats cost about N15, 000 – N40, 000 per one. So, try to get involve in commercial goat rearing to make money big time.


If you don’t want to be fully into farming, another Agricultural business you can venture into is the Agro produce exportation. The exportation of Agro produce is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria as the government currently support earning in foreign currencies. So, this is right time start Agro produce exportation in Nigeria. Some of the agro produce to export include:

  • bitter kola
  • cashew
  • cocoa
  • mushroom
  • And so on. These commodities sell fast in Europe, Asia and America. Exporters who are into business are multi-millionaire.


One of the untapped Agricultural and business in Nigeria is the mushroom farming business. There is high market demand for mushrooms both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. This is the reason why you need to invest in this viable Agricultural business. The good thing about this mushroom plant is that it takes only few weeks newly cultivate plant to mature, meaning you can get your return on investment (ROI) swiftly.


Shea butter extraction and refinery is one of the best emerging Agricultural businesses. Shea butter extraction and refinery agricultural business opportunities exist in its production chain – small, medium or large scale. And Shea butter has a high market demand both international and locally. It is one of the major ingredients (natural products) found in cosmetics. It is used in catering, food and beverage products.


Starting an Agro blog is not necessary an Agricultural and farming business. But then it is worth mentioning, as the blog will strictly cover everything on Agriculture and Agricultural related matters. We are in digital era, people surf the internet to find information on agriculture and farming business. and since people are already thinking of it these days, convincing them won’t take time and also visits to your site would be in abundance.

So, there you have it; best Agricultural and Farming business in Nigeria! Which of them will you like to try today? Share your thought! Use the comment box below.

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