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Challenges of Laundry Business in Nigeria

Laundry business is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria anyone can start but not without its challenges.  There are many challenges you’ll face when running a Laundry Service Business in Nigeria. These challenges include;

  1. Availability of water – one of the major challenges in laundry business is availability of water supply. For you to succeed in laundry business, you will need a good source of water supply. In that case, you may need to purchase big tank and tank stand, pay tankers to supply you clean water occasionally unless you have clean bore hole or tap water.


  1. Shortage of power supply – Epileptic power supply is another challenge of laundry business in Nigeria. Most cities in Nigeria hardly have constant power supply in a week. So, if you must run a commercial laundry business in Nigeria; you will need a minimum of 6KVA power generating set or 6.5 KVA Generator and be ready to fuel it. However, if you’re thinking of operating a home- based laundry business; you can manage the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. It all depend your financial capacity.

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  1. Lack of suitable Location – good location plays an important role in the success of any laundry business. A suitable location for a laundry business should be an open space, residential or high traffic area when it can easily be seen by people; it usually difficult to find such spaces in cities. This has made some persons to site their laundry business in an unsuitable location. To be frank, where you locate your business can make either make or mar your business. The best way to overcome the issue of bad location in this business is to start what is term door to door laundry services.

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  1. Poor management – Poor management has killed many laundry businesses in Nigeria. If you planning to start to commercial laundry business, you have to plan your management system very well such that even if you’re not around the business will continue to go on. Any business that you as the owner has to be around for things to going moving fine, will never succeed in the long run.


  1. Lack of capital – I will not end this article on the challenges of laundry business in Nigeria without mentioning lack of capital. Lack of fund for acquiring equipment and materials is a great challenge to starting a commercial laundry business in Nigeria. Most resort to home-based laundry business instead of laundromat or commercial laundry business.

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To summarize, there are many other challenges you’ll like face when you start a laundry business in Nigeria but the above are major ones. You have to know that these challenges are there and then plan ahead on ways to overcome them. It is often said that devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. So, go ahead and succeed in your dreamed laundry business.

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  1. This article was really helpful. I used it as a reference for my final year project. I’m an IT student and I’m building a mobile app to manage laundry services in Nigeria. Thank You.

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