Cost & Equipment needed to Start Restaurant business

The cost of opening a new restaurant will be dependent on the kind of restaurant you want to run and your entry level into the business – small scale, medium scale or large scale. With less than a million naira (N1,000,000), you can start a restaurant but if you plan on running something bigger and costlier, you will need more than a million naira.

The estimated cost of materials and equipment needed for starting a new restaurant is below. You can choose to exclude any of the equipment or material. However, I believe that all these materials and equipment are important for smooth running the restaurant.

Cost & Equipment needed to Start Restaurant

Cooking utensils – the cooking utensils include pots, gas cooker, stove, Tripod stand spoons, forks, Plates, Knife. Cost of cooking Utensils (estimate) = N200000 (one hundred and fifty thousand naira).

Cost of Tables = N15000 (fifteen thousand naira)

tables and chairs for restaurant
tables and chairs for restaurant

Cost of washing materials – hand washer and plate washer = N25000

Cost of Desks and chairs = N30000

Cost of Inverter = N50000

inverter for restaurant

Cost of Air conditioner = 108000

Cost of Fans = N24000

Cost of medium size Generator plant = N48000

Generator power plant for Restaurant
Generator power plant

Cost of a TV set = N58000

Cost of Dstv / local antenna = N5000

Cost of Audio Music player etc for entertainment = N12000

Cost of renting space = N200000 (per annum)

So, the total estimated cost for starting a new restaurant business = N761500.

In conclusion, the above is an estimated cost for starting a standard medium scale restaurant business. It can be reduce or increase depending on your monetary capacity.

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