A Full detailed Cost for Starting a Computer Business Centre

Are you thinking of starting a computer business centre? Do you want to find the cost of starting a full business centre? I recently did a market survey to find the cost of starting a computer business centre. This survey was carried out in a locality in Nigeria market.

We have come up with a detailed cost of starting a business centre in any city in Nigeria. You can adopt this cost to start up your own business centre. You can also serve as template when putting cost of starting a business centre in your business centre proposal.

Cost of Starting a Business Centre in Nigeria

Total start-up expense (including professional fees, website, and related expenses) come to N700000. The required startup assets include N476000 in short-term assets (rents, office furniture, etc) and N300000 in initial cash to handle the first three months of operations.

The details are included in the following below chart:
Start-up Plan
Start-up Expenses

Temporary Help N20000

Stationery, etc. N15000

Building Improvements N15000

Telephone N5000 (optional)

Standby Generator N58000

Photocopying machine N60000

Rent N80000

Professional Development N50000

5Computer Packages N240000

Printers N40000

Spiral Binding machine N10000

1 Training Projector N100000

Transcription Machines N20000

8 Computer Tables N25000

6 Computer Chairs N4000

3 File Cabinets N5000

1 Desk N10000

Advertisements N25000

Laminating machine N12000

Internet subscriptions, router & cables N19000

The stationery here include papers, solo tape, writing materials, etc.

There are other materials which I did not include they include things like inverter, Air condition, fans, white board etc.

You may not purchase all the equipment as stated above, there is room for amendment.

How far you will go is dependent on your working, liquid and or operation capital.
Again, the cost of these materials above may vary from location to location and the cost above is from a particular location in Nigeria and hence should be treated as tentative cost or rough estimated

Before you start off this your desire business; I suggest you read tip on how start a profitable computer business centre.  It will be of great help to you.

How to Start Computer Business Centre in Nigeria

Now that you have known the cost of starting a business centre in Nigeria, it is time to the start a computer business centre. Computer business centre is one of the businesses you can start in Nigeria on a small scale, make money and then grow big.

If you can provide timely services like fast photocopying, typesetting, printing, laminating, scanning, binding to your customers and possibly add internet services, you are sure of making huge profit in this business in Nigeria.

We have discussed extensively on how to start profitable computer business in Nigeria. If you want to know about it, you can read more…How to Start a Computer  Business Centre in Nigeria with Cybercafe

Business Centre Price list

After setting your business centre, you will need price list of all activities and operations that goes on your business centre. This price list must be comparable with other business centres in your locality and at the same time profitable.

We have listed the average business centre price list operating in Nigeria. If you want to know about this price list, you can read more…Business Centre price list.


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  2. Thanks very much my Able mentor, I am very excited about this opportunity to learn more from you that through this experience I may be able to start my own business indeed. God bless you all in Jesus wonderful name Amen

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