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Get and register your Fidelity bank Verification Number (BVN) using text code

For all Fidelity bank Customers, you don’t need to stress yourself going to bank to register for your BANK VERIFICATION CODE (BVN). You can do this at comfort of your home or office using your phone.

Fidelity bank

With Fidelity bank BVN text code, you can do this.
Here below is a simple step to get and register your fidelity Bank verification code:

• To get your BVN, dial *565*0#

• Send to 09035090000, to register and link to your account.

That’s all! Expect your BVN to be register and link to your account immediately after sending it.

NB: 1. You can only use the line you use in receiving bank alert for this.
2. BVN registration ends on 31st October. However, with this code; you can still register after 31st October.

To transfer money from your fidelity bank account to another bank account in Nigeria; read this, how to transfer money from fidelity to another bank account.
To buy airtime from your Fidelity bank account using code through phone; read this, how to buy airtime from my fidelity bank account.

I hope this helps!
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For more information, you can visit fidelity bank Nigeria official website or you can use the comment box below for your questions and comments

89 thoughts on “Get and register your Fidelity bank Verification Number (BVN) using text code”

  1. Good morning, please i lost my sim registered on my Bvn platform, so how can i be able to access my BVN, because i changed my new number on my bank details but i tried using the code but it keeps saying it not registered on my the platform, what do i do. thank you

  2. I lost the Sim I used in registeration for both bvn and bank account… Recently I changed the bank account phone number and it has been activated but using the new sim,,I can’t activate my bvn number….what can I do ??

  3. I lost my registered phone number for over 3 years now. Can i still retrieve my bvn tru my email, my email is registered with my bank.

    1. Hello I’av done my bvn since last week and I haven’t gotten my bvn number, whenever I tried to use the normal code, all I will be seeing is that my account is locked for a security purposes.

      1. Piz i lost the number that I use in opening account and I use the number in my bvn and the bvn cood and ticket in store in the phone that I lost how can I get the bvn cood back I have done changing of number in the back all I need is my bvn number and ticket….
        .. Sand it to 07044202005 or 08110960656

  4. I want to register for my bvn and I’m not in can I do that also I have lost the sim card I use in registration of my account. I operate in Fidelity bank plc ….or is it possible anytime I come back to Nigeria ,can I register it? Or is there anyway I can register it online with my mobile phone?

  5. I try the code but is not doing on my line and my account is new I never do the BVN and is showing me I don’t have such thing

  6. onyebuchi chioma mary-magdalene

    please i lost my phone and my bvn is stored in that phone, how can i get it back, my new line is 08035472355 and also want to change my old number with this my new number to my account number. thanks

    1. Hello chioma,
      Buy a new SIM card (do not open it). Do welcom back so that you can get back your old phone number. Once, you welcom back your old phone number, dial *565*0# using your phone to get your BVN number.

      1. Sorry why care about ur customer i am trying to work on my account and i have be email u people over 5months now no reply sorry please reply me this message by my email ( please reply me by that email.

      2. I still have my registered phone number with me. No need of doing welcome back, all am asking for is the bvn number. I didn’t lost my sim card

  7. Right now am in Ghana and i dunno when i would be back yet and i use my Fidelity bank account for my business..Please how do i get the BVN…please

  8. I lost my phone and I want to retrieve for my BVN NUMBER ON FIDELITY BANK, how can I do it. I am living outside Nigeria ,can I get it into my email address to

    1. Hello Ahmad,
      Sorry not to have respond to your comment, I took a break but I’m back to work.

      That should be network problem, Ok

  9. I bank with fidelity bank plc but i did my bvn at access and i have the number, what should i do and i have money in my account i can’t witdraw it.

    1. Hello EKENE,
      I’m so sorry in delay in our response to your request. we went for a short break but we are back to work.

      Use the Fidelity bank BVN LINKING TEXT CODE above to link your Fidelity bank account

  10. i have try to send bank email but no reply and am not in the country to activate my account,what do i do?And i really need the fund in my account

  11. odikanwa anselem osita

    hello please, i am not presently in Nigeria, how do i go about getting my BVN CODE, I only have with me the email address that i opened it with , please advice me on what to do. i was given a link to check, that is but nothing is coming up like that, please kindly advice me

    1. Hello Osita,
      there is no any other way of getting your BVN number other than visiting your bank to enroll. If you are not presently in Nigeria, there is no problem; your account will not be confiscated. The only thing is that you can not use that account until you enroll. So, if you are not using that account for any business purpose outside Nigeria; you can hold on until you are back and you will do the registration. If you are using the account outside Nigeria then you need to come back and enroll for the BVN.

  12. Helo please the code was sent to my phone which I used in opening the account. I tried dialing the code and my airtime keep getting deducted.later I dialed the code and it was displaying a message I couldn’t Chinese. what should I do please?

    1. Hello Abimbola,
      can you paste the code here? Which bank did the code claim to come from. Possibly, you are on the wrong hand. Paste the code here, so that we can help you deactivate it.

    1. Hello Adesoji,
      To check your FBN BVN, dial *565*0# if you have registered before then send it to 09035090000 to link it with your fidelity bank account. Thats all!

    1. Hello Idris,
      Be aware that if your phone (08168938210) is not register or link to bank account that it will not work. If you are sure that this your phone is link to your bank account, then tell me the steps you’ve taken that did not work.

  13. Doing d bvn registration wit my phone number will not work cause my line can’t send out massage 4 now until am back, pls I really love to maintain the account.

  14. Am out of d country 4 few months now, so I can’t be able to do d bvn registration, can someone help me do it? Hope my account will still be active cause I use it for my business transaction? Thanks alot, hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hello Uzoma,
      Nobody can help you do your BVN registration. You account will soon be frozen, you have less than 24hours to do it. Even Fidelity bank Manager can not do it for you.

  15. Please, I lost my phone and I have my BVN Code and Ticket Number on the phone. Please kindly assist me with the BVN Code and Ticket Number. You can send it to my phone number 08020744198. Thank you

    1. Hello Adekunle,
      Use the phone number that is link or register to bank account.Text the code and wait for some minute, your BVN will be display. Don’t be in a hurry. If your BVN does NOT show, repeat it again. The code is *565*0#.

    1. Petronilla,

      the code is still working perfectly. Text the code and wait for some minute, your BVN will be display. Don’t be in a hurry. If your BVN does NOT show, repeat it again. The code is *565*0#. Use the phone number that is link or register to bank account.

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