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Transfer money from Fidelity bank to other Bank account using code

How to Transfer money from Fidelity bank to other Bank account

Fidelity bank transfer code enables all Fidelity customers to conveniently transfers money from their Fidelity bank account to any other bank other bank account in Nigeria by simply dialing a short code. Learn ⇒ to Transfer Money from Fidelity Bank  to other bank in Nigeria.

I have once showed you, how to transfer money from GTbank to other Bank. Today, I will step by step to transfer money from your Fidelity bank account to  other bank account using a ussd code directly from your mobile phone.

• 770# Fidelity bank Money Transfer code through mobile phones

The Fidelity bank money transfer service code has been introduced to facilitate the success of One Click Top –up in which all Fidelity bank account holder can send instant money transfers directly from mobile phone, check bank account balance and conduct other bank transactions, irrespective of no internet connection or the type of phone in use.


To transfer money from Fidelity bank account to another bank account, simply dial this code *770*Account number*Amount#; this is the Code to transfer money from Fidelity bank to any other bank.

 Example; if you want to transfer N2000 to your Firstbank account, dial *770*3016125703*2000# from the mobile number registered/linked with your Fidelity Bank account.

 Then select the beneficiary bank Name (First bank).
Access bank
First bank
UBA etc

 Account validation and PIN selection are required by your bank/Issuer for this type of transaction. Enter your NUBAN Account number (Fidelity bank account number) to continue the transfer.

 Select a 4-digit PIN for your account.

• The recipient account number will be shown to you before you enter the last four digits of your debit card. This lets you verify that you’re not sending money to a wrong account.
• If you have two accounts with Fidelity bank, let say current and saving account and you’re using the same phone number for both account, your current account will be debited first before your savings account.

 Wait for the transaction to be completed.

 You will automatically receive debit alert indicating that your transfer was very successful.


• Transfer per transaction is N10K
• Maximum transfer per day is N20K


  • N20 is the transfer charge from Fidelity bank to Fidelity bank.
  • N52.2 is the transfer charge from Fidelity bank to other bank account

Beat the queue and make that urgent transfer to any bank account using simple Fidelity bank money transfer code

As more banks in Nigeria roll out their money transfer code , I will ensure I keep you updated.

For questions or comments concerning Fidelity bank money transfer service code, you can use the comment box below or visit fidelity bank official mobile banking website;

188 thoughts on “Transfer money from Fidelity bank to other Bank account using code”

  1. Okenwa Cynthia chihurumnanya

    I’m trying to transfer money from my fidelity bank to another account, once I fill in the details required, I always get a response of ‘oops an unexpected error occurred. What could be the problem?

  2. I have been trying to make a transfer with my fidelity account since yesterday it is not working even the *770*account number*amount# they keep saying unable to complete

  3. I opened account with fidelity bank and when I’m trying to transfer it keeps showing me service provider failiure(11) for d past 2weeks now
    And it’s not network issues

    What’s d way out

  4. Hi, pls can I make a transfer to another account without an ATM card since it’s my first time using the transfer mode here on fidelity….

  5. Why cant i transfer to first bank account? It only show 4 banks and u can’t even add the bank you want to transfer money to

  6. Good morning, how can I make my transfer transaction work? I have being try since morning but is telling me “service providers failure ”
    I really need ur help now.

  7. I set up a mobile banking account and I have been able to perform other services apart from transfer. Please what is the problem?

  8. This bank is so useless, imagine to talk to a customer service agent,you must spend up to 1500 on call before they will pick your call, after your complain they will say sorry for the inconvenience and promise to rectify the problem but they will not, after this stay at home because of corona virus I will close my account with you . You promised to unlock my *770# account after calling you guys for 2days you collected my details and up til now nothing has been done, God will see you people. Abi I use una money open the account.

  9. Why do you people always have problem with phone transfer, whenever I want to transfer money to someone they keep telling me service timed out, even till now. Please you people should work on it because it’s very bad and annoying. Thanks

  10. Otanwa Blessing Omoka

    I haven’t been able to transfer money from my fidelity acct since I opened it. It keeps telling me “Service Provider Failure (11)” I really don’t understand it. It’s very annoying. I have tried more than 50 times already and I don’t have an ATM card

  11. sir I wanted to withdraw but I found my ATM not dispessinng and I want transfer to other account to get the cash help me out

  12. I have been trying to transfer money from fidelity Bank to wema bank but is not goin Showing service provider failure….and there is no any of their branch in Jebba

  13. Good day please I find it difficult to transfer with the code showing me connection problem or MMI code,tried it again showing provider(11),don’t understand the meaning of this write up please need your help thanks.

    1. Trouble shoot:
      1. make sure you have airtime on the phone you are using to do the transfer.
      2. make sure you typed everything within few seconds to minute when trying to do the transfer.

  14. i have been trying to transfer money to a sterling bank acct from my fidelity acct l, after dialling the code instead of sterling bank to show on the destination list am rather seeing enterprise bank plc and union bank plc why is sterling not showing after typing the destination acct no?

  15. Please sir…i thought fidelity has increased their use of USSD code transfer to come am not able transfer #100000…pls urgent

  16. Hi sir. I am my aunt’s next of kin and she instructed me to transfer some money to my account. What are the requirements for this please…

  17. Sir I receive a massage from 65 year old friend she is a cancer patient and she wants to send all her money in my account which is in fedelity bank account she did send me batch number. Security code. secret answer and amount to claim so please tell me sir how I can receive money

  18. Thanks for your post. I will also suggest that customers having difficulty using *770# should instead use the method mentioned above i. E. *770*accountnumber*amount#. I have been trying to make a transfer since yesterday but i always get an error message after dailing *770#. I just tried the above instead and it worked perfectly. I redialled *770# and it stilmshowed an error message.

  19. hi how can i get my funds oh transfer from acount name Mr./Mrs Allen that they told me i email to the fidelity bank i all ready email.kindly inform me pls….

  20. hi how can i get my funds oh transfer from Mr./Mrs.Allen they told me that i email to the fidelity bank kindly inform me pls.

  21. I’m trying to transfer from my fidelity bank account to another bank but its requesting for pin I don’t know may be its ATM pin or the last 4 digit of ATM card and this is my first time of doing this.

  22. please how do I retrieve my pin ..I misplaced the one I used in doing the transfer…. is there anyway I can go about it??

  23. I got 2 fidelity accounts with the same name and the same number for alert. Have been trying to transfer from one with the *770# code but it keeps referring me to the one I don’t have money on. How do I solve that ?

  24. I have been trying for the past 8days to use the instant banking. Still not working.. It’s saying connection problem or invalid MMI code. What is instant should be instant not having to try severally and still not able to make a transfer. I’m still very proud of *737# code. Even in my dream I can make a transfer without any headache. They should get a strong server to boost their Internet if that’s the problem they’re facing. It’s so annoying..

    1. Hello Edidiong,
      Watch your timing on each step.
      Each step should be done within seconds.
      Make sure your phone number is registered with your account.
      Make sure you have up to N20 Airtime on your phone while carrying out the transaction.

      If after ensuring all these and it didn’t work for you, contact any Fidelity bank close to you.

  25. virginia ladi otanwa

    Pls I was blocked due to wrong entry, and since then I ve not been able to do a transfer I reported to the bank I was given a code still the same problem, so pls I don’t know what to do next

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