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How to Apply for International Passport in Nigeria

The international passport is an identity document of a person. It is a default means to identify an international traveler. The passport contains the holder’s name, date of birth, date of issue, expiry date, holder’s photo, and passport page number as well as the holder’s place of birth. International passport does not differ from Nigerian Passport if given to Nigerian who wants to travel outside of Nigeria.

How to apply for Nigerian International Passport
Courtesy: Nigeria Immigration Application Portal

For those who want to make trip outside Nigeria, the first step is to obtain international passport to prove that they want to make a genuine trip. The embassy of the country you intend to travel to, through your valid international passport will give you stamp of acceptance of your visa application.

Applying for international passport in Nigeria has become so easy. All thanks to internet, technology and digitalization! While it may be easy to apply for an international passport in Nigeria, some people still find it somewhat difficult to apply for international passport.

If you are among the category of such people, this post will show you everything you need to know about how to apply for international passport in Nigeria. In other words, you’ll be able to obtain a new international passport once you follow the step below. Importantly, you need to take cognizance of the requirements, charge, etc.

International Passport Application Requirements

When applying for international passport in Nigeria, you need the following:

  • National identification number (NIN)
  • Local Government identification letter.
  • Birth certificate or an age declaration letter.
  • 2 recent color passport photographs.
  • Duly filled Guarantor’s form which must be signed by a Commissioner for Oaths.
  • Letter of consent from parents for minors under age 16.
  • Marriage certificate where applicable.
  • Police report for those with missing or lost passport issues.
  • Duly completed application form.
  • Acknowledgment Slip (needed during the brief interview)
  • Evidence of Payment. (Needed during the interview).

Without NIN you can’t complete your passport application, Check/know your NIN using phone .

List of International Passport

  • Standard Passport – This is a regular Nigerian passport that is open to all Nigerians regardless of age.
  • Official Passport – This passport is specifically designed for government officials.
  • ECOWAS Passport –This passport will give you limited access to only travel to countries within the ECOWAS region which includes all the West African countries.
  • E-Passport –This is an electronic passport that was designed with a chip that provides added security layer on the passport. The chip also contains the holder’s information.
  • MRP Seaman Passport – This passport type is specific to those who are on ocean vessels as well as watercraft.

Categories of Standard Nigerian Passport & their Prices

32-page five-year validity (Adults and Minors) – 10,750.00 ($25)

64 page five-year validity (Adults and Minors) – 22, 000 ($50);

64 page 10-year validity (Adults (18+) only) – 70, 000 ($150)

32 Page five-year Official Passport – 15, 000 ($35)

Those that are less than 18 years old cannot get a 10-year validity passport according to International Civil Aviation Organization specifications due to expected change in their physical appearance.

Steps to Apply for International Passport in Nigeria

Follow these steps to apply for international passport:

Go to the NIS portal

On Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) portal, click on passport application from within Nigeria and check the applying for Fresh passport box. Select the following:

  • Correct passport type.
  •  Age group.
  • Processing state and processing center.
  • Booklet type and validity

And click on “Continue” to proceed to next step.

Fill your personal details

The next step is to fill your Personal details.  The personal information to fill includes:

Enter your Contact Information

The Contact information you’ll enter are:

  • your address
  • State and local government of origin
  • Contact number and Postal code

 Provide your Next of Kin details

Your next of kin information to provide will include:

  • Full name
  • Relationship with you,
  • Postal code
  • State and local government of origin and Contact number

Preview Your Application & Make Payment

Preview all the information you’ve provided from step one to step four, total amount of money that you are expected to pay for the passport-type you have selected. If you are satisfied with the information, you can then proceed to make payment for the passport.

Choose your preferred payment method and then proceed to make payment. You can make payment directly online which is faster and stress-free or you can choose to make payment at the selected banks listed on the immigration portal.

Adhere to these instructions when making for passport:

  • Pay on time as application expires after 90 days from the date your application was filed.
  • Select gateway and mode of payment as transaction fee depends on the payment gateway and mode of your payment.
  • If you select cash @ bank or POS as a payment mode, ensure you print the acknowledgment slip and take note of the expiry date on the acknowledgment slip.
  • Multiple acknowledgment slips can be generated till your application expires.

If you plan making payment for the international passport at the bank;

  • Select Bank”and click on “continue”.
  • Check the list of participating banks and click on ‘continue’.
  • Then print the “Payment Acknowledgment Slip” with the Transaction ID, Application ID & Reference Number.
  • With the Print out above, proceed to any of the participating banks for payment.
  • On making payment at your chosen bank, ensure you are issued with an ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt which must contain your “Validation Number”. This is because you will need the “Validation Number” for confirmation of payment on the NIS portal.

Confirm Payment & Book an Appointment date  

If you pay online; after you’ve made your payment, a “Validation Number” will be generated for you. But if you make payment for the international passport at the bank, you will be given your validation number at the bank.

Go back to the NIS portal with your “Validation Number”, and follow the steps below to confirm your payment:

  • Visit the “Query your Application Payment Status” tab and enter your Passport Application ID and also your Reference No.
  • The “Validation Number” field will appear, kindly enter the number from your ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt.
  • Then click on the “Search Record” tab, you will be sent to the “Applicant’s Details” page. On this page, you will find your appointment date at the NIS office that you selected during your application.
  • On your applicant’s details page, you will find the Receipt or an Acknowledgement Slip buttons, use them to print your receipt and acknowledgment slip. You are going to present it during your appointment at the passport office.

For those outside Nigeria, your appointment will take place at the embassy, consulate, or high commission of your selected country.

Attend Appointment at your chosen passport office

On the date of appointment, attend the appointment on time. The passport officer will confirm your appointment time; your documents will be check for completeness (appointment slip, two passport photographs and NIN printout as instructed on the portal). The officer will take my fingerprints and photograph. And you will be given two or three days to return back and pick up your international passport.


Applying for a Nigerian international passport has been made easy with the introduction of the online application portal for international passport. You can track your passport progress on the passport status page of the NIS portal. Ensure you save the passport application reference number and the passport application ID, to enable you monitor your application status.

All data on this post were duly checked on the NIS portal before publication.


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