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How to insert Naira Sign in CorelDraw

How to Insert Naira Symbol in CorelDraw

Sometimes, while carrying out a simple task in Microsoft office, CorelDraw and other files on your computer, you may get stuck. For example, you may get stuck while trying to double underline text in HTML, insert Naira sign in Microsoft word, Excel sheet and CorelDraw.

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to insert Naira Sign in CorelDraw. When designing graphics or typing a project work in CorelDraw; there are a number of local signs and symbols you may want to insert in the file or document that may not be readily available. One of those local signs is the Naira Symbol.

So, how can you insert naira symbol in CorelDraw?  This is a bit tricky but here is a simple guide on how to do that. I will be using window 8 for this demonstration.


To insert naira sign or symbol in CorelDraw:

  • Open your CorelDraw and click on “New” if starting a new graphic work

Opening New CorelDraw

  • Select the Text tool from the Tool Bar on left hand side of page

inserting naira sign in CorelDraw

  • Type capital N and follow by the required figure. For example, you want to type ten thousand naira i.e. N10000

Inserting Naira sign in CorelDraw highlight Letter N

  • Type Capital letter N, followed by 10000 and then highlight only the capital Letter N


  • Press, “Ctrl-T” on your Keyboard or right Click


  • Go to character formatting bar on the right hand side of the page and click on, character effects

inserting naira sign in CorelDraw selecting Character effect

  • Click on the dropdown menu of strikethrough and select, “Double thin

inserting naira sign in CorelDraw selecting strikethrough double thin word

That’s all! Congratulations you have successfully added the Naira Sign in CorelDraw.


If this article help you, Please, help me and share this simple guide with friends on social media. you can never know who will need it.

You can watch this short video

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    I really appreciate your guidances thank you very much, may Almighty God bless your knowledge, your life and family members.

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