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How to Insert Naira Sign in Microsoft Word & excel

Naira Sign is symbol for Nigerian Currency. It can easily be added or inserted to Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet or power point.  This article is an in-depth guide to insertion of NAIRA SIGN∗  to Microsoft word and Excel document.

Naira Sign
Naira Sign Picture

The ability to use or do a work on HTML, Microsoft word, Excel and power point entails that you have ability to manipulate it at all times. At some point in the use of these documents and file, you may get stuck while trying to carrying out a simple task. For example, you may get stuck while trying to insert double underline a word on HTML and even Naira sign into Microsoft word or Excel sheet.

Today,  you are going to learn how to insert Naira sign/symbol in Microsoft word document and excel sheet. When typing a project on Microsoft word or excel; there are a number of local signs and symbols you may need to insert into the document that are not readily available. One of those symbols is the naira sign.  So, how can you insert naira sign or symbol into word document or excel? Below is a simple guide on how to insert naira sign into Microsoft word and excel. I will be using window 10 for this demonstration.

First let’s start with insertion of Naira symbol in Microsoft Word document

How to insert Naira sign in Microsoft Word document

To insert Naira sign in Microsoft word:

  • Launch your Microsoft Word document
  • Then,  type capital N and add the figures. For example, you want to type ten thousand naira i.e. N100000
  • Highlight the letter N

Insert naira symbol to word

  • Right click and select font and then check “Double strike-through

Double Strikethrough to produce Naira sign

  • Finally, click Ok. This is first method of inserting naira sign to word document.

Second method of inserting naira sign to Ms word document;

  • Launch your Microsoft Word
  • Once in Ms Word, type capital N and required amount. Say, you want to type ten thousand naira i.e. N100000
  • Highlight the letter N
  • Press Ctrl-D and then check “double strike-through” as shown on the picture above in method 1.
  • Finally, click Ok.

Note: In case you continue to type and all your words have the double strike-through feature, just  press Ctrl-D to open the Font dialog box again and then uncheck the ”Double Strike-through”. You can then continue with your typing once this is done.

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How to insert Naira sign in Microsoft Excel

Inserting Naira sign into Microsoft Excel is a bit tricky. However, if you follow the procedure below you will be able to program the naira sign into your local computer once and for all. The sign will always be  available anytime you need it. To use it will be just 1-click through and the naira sign will be inserted into your Excel sheet.

Method of Adding Naira sign into Microsoft Excel

To insert Naira sign to Excel, you need to program Naira currency symbol into your computer as it is not available by default.

To program Naira currency symbol into your computer;

Step 1. Press the Windows button

window buttonon your keyboard and type “Region” or using the search button on  task bar, type “Region”


Step 2. Click on Region and a dialog box appears.

Step 3.  On the displayed dialog box; click on the ‘Additional settings’.

Adding naira sigin to excel by clicking on additional settingsStep 4.  Select Currency.

Step 6. In Currency symbol section, click on the dropdown and you will see the Euro sign and other currency signs. Copied the Naira sign (₦) first before, you come to this section.

Step 7. Delete the Euro or Pound sign and paste the naira sign with CTRL + V. You can also right click and select paste to paste the naira sign.

Delete the pound or euro sign and insert the naira sign

Step 8. Once done, click on ‘Apply’ and then OK.

Hurray!!! You are done. You have successfully added Naira sign as one of your computer currency symbols.

  • Now, Launch your Microsoft Excel.

Inserting naira sign to excel sheet

  • Highlight the cells you want to add naira sign and select the currency symbol on menu bar.

Naira sign added to Microsoft Excel

It shows with Naira sign (₦). When you click the dropdown, you will see other currency symbols there to be used. However, your default has now been set to Naira (₦) sign.

The naira sign/symbol is now there all the time you need it.

In conclusion, if you follow the above procedures correctly, I am sure you will be able to insert naira sign into your Microsoft word and excel.

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