How to Renew Driver’s license online in Nigeria without Capturing

Updated; 3rd August ♥ Some few months ago, the Federal Road  Safety Commission (FRSC) listed 12 Items Car Drivers must have to drive on highway in Nigeria. Today, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) just confirmed that you can now RENEW your Driver’s License online in Nigeria without going through the tedious capturing and bio-metrics process. The new process is very simple and straight forward.

So, if you own a car or you drive one; follow the steps below to renew your driving license online in Nigeria. The process is simple and straight forward.

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Steps to renew Driver’s License online in Nigeria

Step 1.

Visit  the official Nigerian Drivers license portal;

Federal Road Safety Commission Website for Renew of Driving License Online
Courtesy: FRSC Website

Step 2.

Click on DL application on upper left-hand side of FRSC website as shown above.

Step 3.

Select renewal of drivers license on the drop-down menu list as shown above.

Step 4.

Insert your license number and date of birth.

“The applicant thereafter reviews his existing demographic information to be sure all is correct, scrolls to the bottom of the page and selects which DLC to pick up the permanent licence when it is ready for collection.

At the end of the form, select “NO” when asked if you want to recapture bio-metric information. With this, your information will be pulled out from the database and you can select the centre where you wish to pick up your permanent license.

Your eligibility to Bypass Capture and renew your driving license online depends on your ability to make payment online and visit the collection centre to pick up the permanent driving license when it is ready

This is just the simple steps you can follow to renew your driving license online in Nigeria.

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Cost of Driver’s License in Nigeria

The Driver’s License Application fee is N6,350.00 only.

How to Pay for New Driver’s License online

Payment for the license can either be made online or at any of the participating banks.To pay for new driver’s license online;

  • Go to official FRSC website at
  • Click on DL Application
  • Click on New Driver’s Licence from the drop down
  • Authenticate your Driving School Certificate Number by entering your Test Certificate Number
  • Click on Validate and proceed to pay for the new driver’s license with ATM card

A temporary license (valid for 60 days) will be issued to you immediately you provide your biometric information. The Driver’s License will be ready upon the expiration of the temporary license.

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Where can I find an accredited driving school?

A list of the accredited driving schools is provided on the driver’s licesce website ( and at all Information Processing Centers.


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