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How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers

Discover ⇒ How to Recover Number from MTN Lost SIM. How to Restore your MTN Contacts/Numbers from lost SIM or Stolen phone.

Are you an MTN Subscribers whose phone or SIM card got missed or stolen and you are now looking for a way to restore your backup contacts or do SIM backup recovery; I will walk you through a simple way you can do this. It is pretty simply compare to the first time you do backup of your contacts.

Recover MTN Contacts/Numbers from Lost SIM or Stolen Phone

I presumed that you have done backup of your contacts before now using MTN backup services on your phone. If you have done this, those phone contacts are stored in an MTN secured internet data server. That is to say that you can easily retrieve those contacts from their internet data server any time you want them since you are their customer.

Reasons Why You Needed To Retrieve Your MTN Backup Contacts

• Your phone is stolen
• Your SIM got spoilt
• Your contacts are mistakenly deleted by you or someone
• Your phone got spoilt

Things you should know before you can retrieve your contacts/Numbers

• Buy an MTN backup 128K SIM card as new welcome pack SIM card, any MTN SIM Card below 128K will not work.
• Make sure you have up to N50 airtime on your new MTN line.
• You new phone should fall among these phones;
• Alcatel
• Arima
• LG
• Motorola
• Nokia
• Panasonic
• Sagem • Sanyo
• Samsung
• BenQ-Siemens
• Simbit
• Sony Ericsson
• Vertu

How to retrieve your Backup contacts/numbers using MTN Backup Service

Now, follow these steps to retrieve your MTN Mobile Phone contacts;
• Log into your MTN backup online account at: using your login details (your mobile number e.g. 2348012345678) and your password that was provided during your initial contacts backup.
• Go to devices to view where you did your recent backup or synchronization (sync)
• Ensure you select a phone-type that matches with the current phone you are using.
• Click on sync now; you will receive an OTA message that says “server wants to do a synchronization with you”
• Click on continue and it says
“Operation in progress” Wait for the operation to complete.
After completion, your new phone will be update with your contacts, events, tasks and notes that you have saved before on your old phone; you will see “Operation successful. Thank you” Click on OK
MTN backup service will send you a text message
Y’hello! Your SIM backup was successful. Now your contacts are safe on the MTN network. Thank you for choosing MTN N. N50 will be deduct from account automatically while MTN resend the sync data to your phone using OTA; with this you will be able to get back all of your backup data back to your phone.

You can retrieve up 200 contacts from your SIM backup and 5000 contacts from your phone backup.
Now, If you have not backup your MTN contacts before; here are the steps to backup your MTN contacts, tasks, events, calendar, and notes using MTN Backup Service

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241 thoughts on “How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers”

  1. Oghenevwede Godsgift oke

    I did back up.before my phone was stolen as l retrieve the line l did not see all the contacts again how would l get the contact again this is my number

  2. Thanks for the good work, may God bless you too.
    Please, how can I move my contact from One sim card to another? Thanks


    I did my backup up a day before my phone got lost with this no 07037545624 because my phone was down,the no is 08138661493. but while somebody was talking about the backup i ask her to do it for me with the no above as my battery ran down. mtn ask me to send START TO 307 which was done and they sent a mesg to the phone ,yello ; your subscription was successful and N100 deducted . your service will be renewed on 02/19/2018 N50/2wks. to CANCEL text STOP to 307. but on the next day as i want to pick up my phone where i dropped it to be charged i was told that armed robbers came last night and made away with so many things including my phone, then the next day i recovered my line but no contact in it . Sir,that is why i am here for help.

  4. pls my sim got spoilt sometime ago ,and went in for replacement but couldn’t got all my contact can you pls help me retrieve it

    1. Please I subscribed to mtn backup before I lost my phone and did welcome back but couldn’t get back any of my contacts.
      I chatted mtn customer service and they asked me to text RESTORE to 7013 which I did severally but didn’t get any response.
      Please sir help me out it’s very important.

  5. Hello, I lost my phone sometime ago and I have never backed up my MTN sim card before. Is it possible to get my contacts back even if I have never synced them before with MTN back up

  6. They is stole my phone and I need all my contacts back I did welcome back today and my only MTN line for the past ten years.

  7. Please my cell phone and sim card was stollen day before yesterday and I have welcomed back my number. Now I want all my contacts to be backed up. Please you people should help me out.

  8. Please kindly help me to retrieve my Mtn contact. I have been to the site but unable to achieve anything. My number is 08036825487. Thanks

  9. Hello kindly help out in retrieving my contacts back ,the truth is I am not used to all this Android of a phone but better of in bb. Moreso this phone is not in the list of phones mentioned ,am using techno c7 . Please kindly be of help thanks

  10. PlZz o ai don’t kw aw 2 login cox I dint sign up 4 any backup it jxt activated t self n strted deducting money so aw do I n were sud I log on 2? Tnks ASAP

    1. Hello Phemzy,
      You can only login if you have previously sign-up for backup. If your money is being deducted while have you have not requested for backup; visit any MTN outlet close to you for deactivation.

  11. plse my phone has no internet but i want my contacts back urgently, so plse help me get my backup contaccts back on my sim no 0241825360

  12. i lost my phone and i want to retrieve my contacts that i backup but i can’t restore them since two months ago.

  13. Pls I need my contacts back, it was deleted mistakenly by the person who flashed my phone for me. Pls it is very urgent I don’t have any number .

  14. Hello my fone is not using Internet but I try to use my friend fone which is using Internet but I have not receive any OTA massage since then

  15. hello
    I saw my contact dat I backup but I don’t know how to restored dem in my wcome back mtn sim and is 128k. dis is d message d send to me
    You are currently not allowed to sync or recover your content as you have already benefited from a microcredit last time. MTN will try to charge your transaction soon.

    pls help me

  16. pls i tried recovering my contacts but it keep telling me Your mobile does not allow MTN Backup to launch sync automatically.

    Please launch MTN Backup on your mobile and start sync.



  17. Backing up my contact via MTN BACKUP was easy but restoring my contact back now is a problem……You guys should find a way and give me my contact Back…..

  18. my phone was stolen and i go to MTN office den they give me a sim with my old number and all my contacts did not appear, i have already backup my sim before it was stolen. so please help me.

    1. What number is written at back of the SIM they gave you. If it is 128k then I will help you but if it is not, go back to them and tell them to help you retrieve backup contacts

  19. I retrieved my MTN line 08037751388, despite d fact I visited MTN office in respect of my contact back up uptill now I have not received d back up. I am using Nokia 225.

    1. Hello Fareo,
      if you’re sure you back up before having problem with your SIM Card; can you explain the extend you’ve gone with them at MTN office (what did they tell when you visited MTN office) so that I will know where to come in.

  20. I have on several occasions received SMS from MTN notifying me that my contacts have been save on their databank without me initiating it. Now I have lost all my contacts, can I retrieve them from MTN’s databank? If yes, how can I do this? Thank and hope to read your reply.

  21. I backed up my contact and can even view them on my profile on mtn backup but having a challenge in retrieving it. I am using Nokia 103. Will i need a browser phone to be able to retrieve my my contacts? ur urgent response will be highly appreciated

  22. Please, a brother duly backed his contacts up. He is using mtn. But even with my little help, retrieving it failed. Please, can you be of any help? I’ll really appreciate. Thanks

  23. precious oluwatoyin Jonathan

    I have try all night and followed all instructions on how to retrieve my sim backup it all failed, pls help I need my contact back.

  24. Good day Mr. Emeka,
    does it mean dat if I didnt backup my contacts dat I saved in my SIM before I misplaced my SIM, I won’t be able to recover them?

  25. Emma,

    Pls, i want to recover my contacts. An sms was sent through 307 telling me to login using my phone number in the form of 234xxxxxx and also sent some letters as my password but when i tried to log in, it was tellinge that the user has been blocked or that the username / password is incorrect.

    Do i have to do the online activity using the line that i want to recover my contacts on. That is the newly recovered sim?

      1. yah cos wen i lost ma fone nd did a welcom bak i saw all ma contacts then(as soon as i opened ma whatssap) bt since d present fone got spoilt i havnt been able to retrieve them (d welcom bak sim is 128)

  26. Pls I need you to help recover my contacts I lost my phone and I he backup. Pls help me. 08167506121. Thank u for helping out.

    1. Ezeani,
      turn the back of the SIM card; it is written there. If you turn the back of the SIM card and 128K is not written there or any other number written, just know that the SIM card is likely to be 64K or 32K and it will not work. So, what you need to do is to go back to where you purchase the SIM card and tell them that you need 128K SIM card or SIM card for SIM SWAP.

  27. I can’t restore my contact from the mtn saver, but I v backup to 3 times, each time I try I will not be receiving any respons.

    1. Hello Enoobong,
      They can be 3 POSSIBLE reasons for this;
      1. You new MTN card not up to 128k, 2.MTN Technical problem which will be restore later, 4. if the backup was not proper problem
      Check the number that is written at the back of your new MTN SIM card, if it is not up to 128k. You will have problem restoring your MTN backup contact. All you need to do is SIM SWAP. Visit any MTN office close to you, tell them that you want do SIM swap. After the SIM swap, you will be able to restore your contacts.

    1. Amara, If this article: How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers, and other comments on this page did not help you recover your MTN lost contacts then inbox me your email address for further assistance.

    1. Bouyken, did you backup your phone contacts before your phone got lost or stolen as the case may be? if you did then read this article:How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers, and other comments on this page very well. if the article did not help you then inbox me your email address for further assistance.

  28. i lost my phone to armed rubbers on the 12 jan 15 and i have being trying to retrive the backup,now im told im blocked .please help me get back my contacts and infos

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      if you are sure you back up your contacts before you lost your mobile phone then buy an MTN SIM card of 128K size. Welcome back your old MTN line then visit your MTN backup online account to retrieve your contacts.
      If you have any challenge let us know.

      1. My is Phone contacted virus .After flashing I lost my phone contact.My question is do I need to buy Mtn 128k size.before I can do backup.

      1. To long in to all M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ contacts please help ♍​ε̲̣̣̣̥ out I really need M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ numbers please!

  29. hi am so disturb by my mtn backup . i went sim replacement and could not get my backup for soo many days now. ur highnes
    will u main if get my contact now?

          1. Aminu muhammad Abubakar

            I have HTC now and i want to access my backed ups but for got my me please

      1. Gibson Dickline Nyarko

        please then help me on that ….. to retrieve my contacts only.
        i have got my self a new Sim but i didn’t got back my contact but i backup my contact and they gave me an account but i don’t know how to get into that account.
        account name: 0546066429 password: t1yz4x5j

      1. Pls i did a backup and a password was sent me but i lost it including my contacts cos my phone got bad, so i want to retrive . 07034962744

      2. i downloaded a Application name MTN Phone Backup using play store when i click an option restore their was a space for someone to put his/her phone number which i did that how i loosed all my contacts with 07068319252 hope you will respond to my complaint to backup all my contact at the possible shortage time thank you


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