How to start a mobile phone accessory business

Do you want to know how to start mobile phone accessories business? Are you interested in starting a profitable cell phone accessory business in your locality?

If your answer is YES then I advice you read on………

There is an increase in the use of mobile phones with its accessories in this 21st century as a result of technological advancement. This has created many business opportunities. One of such business opportunities is the sale of cellular and mobile phone accessories such as batteries, battery chargers, mobile phone repair parts, phone jackets and cover, memory card, USB cable, modem, ear piece, etc.

These mobile phone accessories are important component of mobile phones. The demand is very high especially in the developing countries where an average man will prefer repairing the damaged component of his mobile phone rather buying a new mobile phone.
Mobile phones accessories business has been made a lucrative business as a result of millions of GSM users in a particular locality. For most mobile phones such a Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Techno, and other smart phones; they repair parts and accessories are readily available in the market.

So, if you are interested in starting a mobile phone or cell phone accessories business, below is an in-depth guide on how to start a mobile phone accessory business in any locality. You can choose to start the business with this list of 10+ mobile phone accessories. The business is highly profitable when properly set up and managed very well.

10 most popular mobile phones in Nigeria

How to start a mobile phone accessories business in any locality

First step-Find out if the Business is for you

The first step towards starting a mobile phone accessories business is to find out if the business is for you. It is true that anybody can start this business but only few people succeed in the business. Why people fail in this business is because they started a business they were not passionate about. So, be sure you like the business you are about to start and you are determine to forge ahead even when the business seems not be yielding high profit.

Second step-Study the Market

Find out how many people that are already into the mobile phone accessory business in your locality and what they are doing. Are they competition in the business around or in your locality? What do you think you can add or remove to grow own your business. One thing you have to know is that competition is a healthy factor for any successful business. So, don’t think of running away from competition but rather leverage on it to grow your business customer base.

Third step-Rent a Space

One of the major factors to be considered when starting a mobile phone accessory business is the business location. When renting a space for your mobile phone accessories business, consider renting;
• A high traffic location.
• Close to mobile phone repair parts business dealers.
• Close to mobile phone dealers (marketers of new and fairly used phones).
• Close to other mobile phone accessories dealers.
• Near high institutions, universities and offices outside other busy areas.

Fourth step-Consider Registering Your Business Name

If you are to grow and expand your mobile phone accessories business, you need to register your business with the appropriate commission in your location. Again, registering your business will help distinguish your mobile phone accessories business from any other mobile phone accessories dealers in your location or around your locality. You business may be short-circuited if you fail to register. Even if you didn’t register the business at the onset maybe due to your low financial capacity, ensure you factor it in your budget.

Fifth step-Consider Where to Buy Mobile Phone Accessories on Wholesale

To make high profit in this business, you need to buy mobile accessories directly from manufacturers or mobile phone accessories wholesale dealers. If you are in Nigeria, you can buy from computer village in Lagos, Alaba market in Ikeja, Jumia online, and Samsung online for Samsung mobile phones accessories. Just as there are many mobile phones in the market, there are also many mobile phone accessories manufacturers. Scan for all of them online and offline for better result.

Fifth step-Launch Your Mobile Phones Accessories Business

Ready to start! Get started with the mobile phone accessories business. There are many people who wish to start this business but never started it probably because they are afraid that they will fail. One thing you should know is that failure is only an option. Doing business is a risk venture and only those that have gut can venture into business, it doesn’t matter the type or nature of the business. So, no need to start hesitating whether to start the business or not; make up your mind to start. When you start, you can learn on the field.

What is the cost of launching a mobile phone accessory business?

Cost of Starting a Cell Phone or Mobile Phone Accessory Business

The capital requirement for starting mobile phone accessory business may vary slightly depending on your locality, but a total cost of $ 120 (N20000) may be enough to start the business in a small scale however if you are to start the business in large scale, the capital required to start the business may increase. The best approach is to start from small to medium scale and then watch the business grow to large scale. However, it all depends on your financial capacity.

Mobile Phone Accessories Distributors

If you are interested in staring mobile phone accessories business right away, you can choose from this list of wholesaler mobile phone accessories distributors or scan for one that is close to your locality.

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      1. How do I go about it, what are the things to put in place, The capital involved, everything needed to set up an average phone accessories shop. Am considering wholesale well tnx

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          Reply fast so that we can continue.

      1. Hello swapnil daware,
        Yes, how do I help? If you have challenges starting the business, let me. Some locality in India are fertile ground for some businesses like mobile phone or cellular accessories business.

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