42 thoughts on “How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria as PayPal reject Payoneer card”

  1. Great article but i don’t think think withdrawal to payoneer is possible again, you can open a non Nigerian PayPal account but withdrawing direct to bank account still seem to be a big problem. The only way now is to sell your PayPal funds to your friends or online exchanger (make sure you sell to reputable exchangers

  2. Hi Naijaonlinebiz,
    I opened a PayPal account for my sister in a foreign land where wihdrawal is possible.The problem is that my sister does not have a bank account to link to the PayPal. Can Iink my ATM card with her PayPal account and withdraw here in Nigeria?

  3. Hello
    Please can I receive money from Zimbabwe straight to Nigeria local bank account since paypal refuses payoneier Mastercard for withdrawal

  4. You can now open a verified PayPal account from Nigeria without changing your IP. I am already using one from Nigeria and will put any one that is interested on how to to get one through. I can show you mine if you’re intrested. I have also recieved money from it and withdrawn to a Naira Visa card from a Nigerian bank. I also run an entrepreneurship blog, and I will give you my number so we can talk. Just for intersted persons only.

  5. I repeat and i need yes or no hi, my co gurus, i want to ask a question, is payoneer master card still working with Nigerian ATM machines?

  6. I actually have a USA Paypal account that I have been using along with the USA bank Auction Essistance set up for me. They have been allowing me to withdraw using their bank and from there, they would load my Payoneer. They charge a fee depending on how much you bring in a month, but for me it is easy and safe.

    So far so good.

      1. Yes, they are still allowing me. They do charge me a percentage that I bring in a month, but to me it is worth it since I have no other option to get my money.

    1. please fahad i would like you to explain it to me,i will be glad if you can email me thanks, . please help a brother.

  7. Hello!

    I’m a YouTuber in Nigeria and I have a US PayPal Account to be receiving my YouTube income. I would like to Partner with you so I can be able to exchange the Dollar for Naira into my personal Nigerian bank account.

  8. Greetings!

    I’m a Nigerian located in Nigeria.
    I have an active payoneer account with funds in it

    Pls how do I cash out the funds in my Payoneer Account, since I’m not able to transfer it into my Nigerian local bank Account, & Nigerian Atm’s doesn’t seem to recognise Payoneer mastercard to release any cash

    I have NO active PayPal account whatsoever. PayPal is worthless! Because they can only help you spend’ while refusing to help you receive or cash out what you make.

    Pls How do I cash out my funds earned in my Payoneer Account at this time Jan’ 2017

    Help please’ any one with information, kindly p.m me on the add below

    Ndubuisi Austine 10 at g mail dot com. (no space)


    1. If u send the funds to me via paypaI or direct into a u.s account i give u. I can withdraw and send directly to u in nigeria. I’ll want a percentage in return. I can assure u ur money will be sent to u. No scam.

    2. The only alternative I know of which might be of help to you is using the card to shop…
      Spar accepts foreign Cards….so go to any Spar Outlet and use your card to swipe…
      I hope you find this helpful

  9. Pls help me.i want to do freelance writing.i require a paypal account and i also prefer dollar xchangers rather than payooner.what do i need to do

    1. Hello Caleb Ihechi,
      There are no means to send money from PayPal abroad to Nigeria bank account, if that is your question. Or put it this way, there is no means to receive PayPal funds in Nigeria as of today.

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