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How to write a good CV in Nigeria (with samples)

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a detailed account of your qualifications and professional experience. Writing a good CV in Nigeria can enhance your chances of getting a very good job employment   In this post, you’re going to learn how to write a good CV in Nigeria that will qualify you for an interview. We will also add a sample of a good CV in Nigeria for job application.  This will serve as a template, you can edit it to draft your own CV. This, I am sure will help you get to interviewer table.

CV Template
CV Template

While there are some human resource firms in Nigeria who may not scrutinize your CV before an interview, others will base their criteria for qualification for an interview on your CV. Some of the hiring managers will even go as far as picking their interview questions from your CV.

The journey of a job application is not to get interviewed per se but to secure the Job. But most at times, you do not get to the stage of an interview because you have not represented yourselves well in your CV for the job advertiser to invited for interview.

Difference between a CV and Resume

Most people confuse a CV for Resume. Other people use the two words interchangeably. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is different from a resume in that a resume is just a brief summary of your skills and experience while a Curriculum Vitae is a more detailed written account of your qualifications and professional experiences.

When filling a job application form online, what you fill most at times is your resume and not a Curriculum Vitae. This is because a CV is more detailed than a resume.

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let’s quickly look at how to write a good CV in Nigeria having seen that it is one of perquisite for getting a good job in Nigeria. If you care about the kind of you want to get then you have to write a good CV that will speak for you.

Format for Writing a CV

Follow this format to write a good CV:

  1.  Heading of CV
  2. Career objectives
  3. Achievement
  4. Professional Skills
  5. Education
  6. Employment History
  7. Certificate Obtained/Training
  8. Research Work/Workshop Undertaken (if any)
  9. Professional Affiliation
  10. Awards
  11. References

 Heading of CV

You have to start your CV write up by writing down the heading of the CV. This should contain your name, address, contact details, email, Skype address and LinkedIn.

Biodata information such as Sex, Age, State, LGA and Marital Status are not necessary except stated in the advertised job. But, for Nigeria government jobs it may be useful because you might employ based on your Local Government catchment area.

Career Objectives

Your Career objective should be a brief 2-3 lines sentence of your career objective based on your passion.

For example, Career Objective 1: To exhibit the highest level of commitment and loyalty in the discharge of my duties towards saving mankind. (A Nurse CV’s Career Objective)

Another Example, Career Objective 2: To work in an organization where handwork and excellence is duly rewarded and to be able to learn, adapt and equipped myself for higher responsibilities.


Your Achievement is an important part of your CV. Your employer wants to know what can be attributed to you. And also, what you’ve achieved in the previous positions that will propel you for the current position you are applying for.

This must speak to your new role and to what your skills and leadership ability have helped you achieve.

For example, as a Logistics person, I can say my hands on the job training of healthcare providers have increased my knowledge of health commodities management. The impact is now on the reduction of expires and stages of life-saving commodities to tones of the dollar.

Professional Skills

You must read first the skills needed for the job before applying. For instance, if I place an advert and I need the following as skills; analytical, problem solving, coordination, networking, Time Management and you did not mention anything on the above and you started mentioning you have skills in the quality management system (QMS), teaching and so on you have already misrepresented yourself.

You must mention what I want and not just mentioning it but explain in one sentence how such skills have helped you deliver in your role before mentioning QMS.


Start from the highest, for example from university to primary level. Include your academic qualifications and the year it was awarded starting from highest Academic. But you can include other qualifications you’ve earned.


Ebonyi State University

BMLS 2012. (Not 2007-2012) except you are feeling online job application form.

 Employment History

This is the key component of your CV and it is where most job seekers are lagging. When you state your job title and place, do not jump to another job employment. You must explain what your job role is there and how such roles aims you profoundly for the current role.


Medical Laboratory Scientists, Kubwa General Hospital Abuja (2015-2017)

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Collected samples for Dried blood spots (DBS)
  2. Performed preventive and routine diagnosis of patients using patients’ sample
  3. Assayed TB sample using Genexpert machine or sputum AFB for patient’s diagnosis etc.

You don’t have to quote your title and place and then jump. The job recruiter wants to know what you were doing in those places for those years or months and how that will enhance your performance in the intended role.

Employment history also includes volunteer works both paid and unpaid VW

Certificate Obtained/Training

Include All the training you have attended and certificates obtained.


  1. Certificate course completion leadership and management in health organized by the University of Washington School of Public Health Online June 2018.
  2. Laboratory Logistics training organized by YMLSF Nigeria in collaboration with John Snow international 1-8th August 2017
  3. ISO 15189 (Medical Laboratory Particular Requirement for Quality and Competence organized by YMLSF Nigeria in collaboration with RAMS GLOBAL Kenya.

Research Work/Workshop Undertaken (if any)

include any research work or workshop you undertaken.


Exploring the genetics, ecology of SARS-COV 2 and Climatic Factors as possible, control strategies against COVID 19. Italian Journal of Infection and Medicine vol 28(2) 166-173 2020, PubMed indexed, Etc.

 Professional Affiliation

Include any professional body your job profession is affiliated to.


  1. Full Member Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria
  2. Full Member International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL)
  3. Student Member AMLSN (if your student member)
  4. Fellow member IFIC, ETC.

You must state the type of member you are in any organization

Awards (If any)

Include awards, if any, you receive in the course of your job career.


  1. Best staff of the year in so so place and year
  2. Most punctual staff…
  3. YMLSF award on…
  4. State the award title the awarding organization and year


Most people will write here on request. Most recruiters see your CV as liars when there is no Reference to confirm your claims. You must state it clearly and their contacts.

Please never you add reference of someone who does not like you or jealousy of your little achievement in Office. I have my Boss who lost an International job that supposed to pay him 18m monthly because he did not know that the two directors, he worked under are very jealous of his achievements. One remarked he does not think he has the ability; one did not submit at all.

You must include 3 referees. You must have 2/3 to get a job


To summarize, a good CV should contain the following:

  1. Heading – your name, address, contact details, email, Skype address and LinkedIn.
  2. Career objectives
  3. Achievement
  4. Professional Skills
  5. Education
  6. Employment History
  7. Certificate Obtained/Training
  8. Research Work/Workshop Undertaken (if any)
  9. Professional Affiliation
  10. Awards
  11. References

Other key things about CV

  1. Except otherwise stated in the job, your CV should never be submitted in PDF
  2. Check online and make a good CV template, some people’s CV is very busy to find key things.
  3. Make sure your contact details are in the CV
  4. Review your CV before submitting not after submitting your CV you now submit again and ask the recruiter “Kindly find attached a corrected copy
  5. Your CV must be saved in your name, for example, Ijeoma Asuegbu (not Ijay CV, Nedu CV, Jay CV)
  6. It is better you have a good email like Justin.nwofe@gmail/com,,, (not,

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Sample of a good CV

Here is a sample of a good CV:

Sample of a Good CV in Nigeria
courtesy: CV template

Here is a sample of good CV for job application in Nigeria:


Contact Address: No. 56 College Road

 Ikeja, Lagos State

Phone No: 0703xxxxxxxx



CAREER OBJECTIVE: To work in an organization where handwork and excellence is duly rewarded and to be able to learn, adapt and equipped myself for higher responsibilities. Also, to contribute immensely to the growth and development of any organization where I am employed.


Date of Birth:                                      12th November 1979.

Sex:                                                        Male

State of Origin:                                    Anambra

Local Government Area:                   Anaocha

Nationality:                                         Nigeria

Marital Status:                                    Married

Religion:                                              Christian



University of Nigeria                            B.Sc. Economics

University of Lagos                            Diploma in Applied Economics

St. Anthony’s Secondary                    West African Examination

School, Amikpo Ohafia                      Council (WAEC)

Lagos State University                       First School Leaving Certificate

Primary School, Lagos State              (FSLC)


  1. Salus Trust GTE (HMO) EMENE (Annunciation Specialist Hospital)

Position: Customer Service Executive                                                           2004-2007

Job Summary

Responsible for acting as a liaison between customers and companies.

Assists with complaints, orders, errors, accounts question, billing, cancellations, etc.


  • Resolve customers complaints via phone,
  • Use telephone to reach out to HCP (health care providers) and verify status of
  • Assist with placement of orders, refunds or exchanges
  • Advice on company Products in relation to customers
  • Take payment information and other important information
  • Act as the company’s gatekeeper
  • Suggest solutions to customers in terms of health care package upgrading
  • Handle product recall
  • Attempt to persuade customers to reconsider the cancellation of any health
  • Sell products and work with the customer service manager to ensure proper customer service being
  • Handle changes in policies or
  1. Signature Grand No5 Ajali Drive Independence/Layout

Position: Manager                                                                                          2009-2013

Job Summary

Responsible for managing Employees, and for planning marketing, coordinating and Administering hotel services such as catering and accommodation facilities. Implementing cost (cost control measures to maximize profit.

Ensure that all members of staff are properly organized.

Running the hotel according to the pre-established quality standard of service.


  • Recruiting, training and supervising
  • Managing
  • Maintaining statistical and financial
  • Planning maintenance work events, and Room
  • Handling customer complaints and
  • Promoting and marketing the
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing
  • Reporting to the MD on the true and fair view of the
  • Graphical representation of monthly sales
  1. The Bull Hotel No 30 Ogidi Street, Ogui Enugu

Position: General Manager.                                                                               2013-2019

Primary Responsibility

  1. Monitoring the general operations of the hotel, including activities of all
  2. Liaising with employees and customers alike, using a clear polite and concise
  3. Developing, implementing and evaluating policies and procedures for general operations of any
  4. Inspecting all the rooms on regular basis to ensure standards are
  5. Interacting with guests
  6. Personally, welcoming V.I.P hotel
  7. Getting feedback from guests to ensure service
  8. Attending to guest complains in order to find a
  9. Ensuring all information provided to the guest or patron is current

Supervising Staff

  1. Managing & Coordinating the employee’s
  2. Preparing work
  3. Hiring and training new
  4. Promoting team

Admin Operations

  1. Monitoring duty and monthly revenue Admin Duty.
  2. Participating in the development of pricing and promotional strategies, as well as creating advertising campaigns for such promotions.
  3. Negotiating service agreements as appropriate for the provision of materials and supplies
  4. Reviewing financial reports and statements in order to understands the establishments

Daily tasks

  • Monitoring the daily activities of all departments in the
  • Supervising and managing hotel
  • Greeting and receiving feedback from customers in order to ensure satisfaction.
  • Catering to the guest’s needs, maintain the highest standards of quality and service, constantly enhancing the customer
  1. Dontel Hotel & Suites. No.18 Nike Road, Trans Ekulu (8Months Contract)

Position: Consultant                                                              Sept. 2019- April 2020


  • Ability to work effectively in a team
  • Good interpersonal relationship
  • Computer knowledge
  • Ability to deliver under different working conditions

HOBBIES: Reading


Mr. Dennis Anyai

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Metro) Kogi State.

Mr. Ernest Ohagwu

Hotel Consultant

Zefferricks consult Enugu.

Dr. Gaberil Ani (MBA, PHD)

Gatel Consults Nig. Ex-Vice

Chairman Society of Tourism

Practitioners of Nigeria (STPN)


Writing a Cover Letter that follows a CV

A cover letter  enriches a good CV. If your CV is not attractive, forget it, the recruiter will not even proceed to your CV to read it.

For every Job you are interested in you must prepare your Cover letter with your CV together as a single document.

Your cover letter must state your qualification, certification and experiences that aim you profoundly for the position you are applying.

There is no generic CV and cover letter. Each job you want to apply will deserve your time to go back and mirror your CV and cover letter to the advertised job

Most organizations now have software that immediately rejects your CV if your CV and cover letter did not speak to what is advertised. So, the key function, roles and word must be in your CV

When you have done this, you have passed the first stage and, on your way, to be employed

This kind of Cover letter that starts with……

According as it was advertised on your website and dailies, I hereby applied for. … I am a very diligent and hardworking scientist… Is generic and will not be considered. Go straight to your qualifications, experiences and certification that makes you a better person.


Wish you success in your career!

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