How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria with Firstbank

Do want know how to open a PayPal account here in Nigeria. Do you know that you can open a PayPal account through Firstbank of Nigeria? If you want to know how, then I advice you read on…

PayPal is a global payment service that enables you to make payments, accept payments, and send or receive money securely on the Internet. With your PayPal account you can send and receive money, and make payments for goods and services through merchant’s website who accept PayPal as a means of payment. You can also transfer money from Nigeria to another country with PayPal account.

Formally, the only means I know Nigerians open a PayPal account here in Nigeria is through the use of a US address. But, today the story is totally different, you can comfortably open and verify a PayPal account right here in Nigeria without hitches. Among all the Nigeria Banks, Firstbank of Nigeria has taken the lead in providing a PayPal account services. Nigerians can now open a PayPal account in Nigeria through First bank’s online banking platform (FirstOnline)

So, if you are a Nigerian and still wondering how you can open a PayPal account, below is guide for opening of PayPal account in Nigeria through First bank’s online banking platform.
How to open a PayPal account with Firstbank

To open a PayPal account with First bank;
• First, Open a saving or current account with First bank and subscribe for First Bank’s online banking platform (FirstOnline).

• Login to FirstOnline

• Choose “PayPal” in the main tab and click on “Create PayPal Wallet” on the sub menu.

• Select which card you wish to link to your PayPal account and which Card will be your default card then click on “Continue” button.

• On the next page displayed, review you information, generate and input your token code to confirm the account creation request.

• In a new popup window displayed; create your PayPal password.

• Click on “Agree and create account”

• Once you click on “agree and create account”, you’re good to go. You will receive an automatic confirmation message on FirstOnline with an email confirming your account creation

Here are things you have to know about Firstbank PayPal account

• Any PayPal account created on FirstOnline is activated and verified immediately. You do not need to do any other form of activation or verification. FirstBank partner with PayPal to provide their customers with a convenient and innovative way of online shopping, and Sending of Money to people anywhere.

• First Bank is the only Nigerian Bank that is partnering with PayPal at present.

• With your PayPal account on FirstBank’s Internet Banking (FirstOnline), you can easily and conveniently make use of PayPal. PayPal accounts with unverified Card details will be subject to a transaction limit pending verification. You can also select different Cards to attach with PayPal and choose the Card you wish to use when making payment.

• Subscribing for FirstOnline as a Firstbank customer gives you instant access to all of PayPal’s service offerings.

• You can easily link your FirstBank MasterCard and Visa cards (which are enabled for online international transactions) to your PayPal account.

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  1. hello.. this blog has rendered a massive help to me..
    I have a question tho.

    am into this online generating traffic sites and all that and I am about to cash out right now, the issue is that I heard PayPal in Nigeria cannot receive funds and also do not allow in withdrawing it to my local account..please is there any other solutions to this..
    would have gone with western union but my national I.d n voters card are not yet ready..


  2. Please someone want to send me money from USA through my Nigeria PayPal account and the account was link to my first bank account, he said that access denied, please how can I receive money from your to my firstbank account Nigeria

  3. Hello,
    Pls do u know any other means through which I can fund my neteller e-wallet account in USD other than by opening a domiciliary account ?
    I am having problem funding my forex account with a foreign broker now that foreign payments with naira master cards were banned.
    Opening a domiciliary account will encure extra cos of 100 dollars minimum! Operating balance ,so I would appreciate any suggestions on how to avoid that.

  4. Hello sir, i have opened a paypal account and they refused to accept my first bank master card, when i contacted one of their staffs in Abuja he said that paypal account can not accept my first bank master card but can only accept first bank VISA GOLD CARD, so sir is it true before i proceed getting mine?

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