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How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria with Firstbank

Do want know how to open a PayPal account here in Nigeria. Do you know that you can open a PayPal account through Firstbank of Nigeria? If you want to know how, then I advice you read on…

PayPal is a global payment service that enables you to make payments, accept payments, and send or receive money securely on the Internet. With your PayPal account you can send and receive money, and make payments for goods and services through merchant’s website who accept PayPal as a means of payment. You can also transfer money from Nigeria to another country with PayPal account.

Formally, the only means I know Nigerians open a PayPal account here in Nigeria is through the use of a US address. But, today the story is totally different, you can comfortably open and verify a PayPal account right here in Nigeria without hitches. Among all the Nigeria Banks, Firstbank of Nigeria has taken the lead in providing a PayPal account services. Nigerians can now open a PayPal account in Nigeria through First bank’s online banking platform (FirstOnline)

So, if you are a Nigerian and still wondering how you can open a PayPal account, below is guide for opening of PayPal account in Nigeria through First bank’s online banking platform.
How to open a PayPal account with Firstbank

To open a PayPal account with First bank;
• First, Open a saving or current account with First bank and subscribe for First Bank’s online banking platform (FirstOnline).

• Login to FirstOnline

• Choose “PayPal” in the main tab and click on “Create PayPal Wallet” on the sub menu.

• Select which card you wish to link to your PayPal account and which Card will be your default card then click on “Continue” button.

• On the next page displayed, review you information, generate and input your token code to confirm the account creation request.

• In a new popup window displayed; create your PayPal password.

• Click on “Agree and create account”

• Once you click on “agree and create account”, you’re good to go. You will receive an automatic confirmation message on FirstOnline with an email confirming your account creation

Here are things you have to know about Firstbank PayPal account

• Any PayPal account created on FirstOnline is activated and verified immediately. You do not need to do any other form of activation or verification. FirstBank partner with PayPal to provide their customers with a convenient and innovative way of online shopping, and Sending of Money to people anywhere.

• First Bank is the only Nigerian Bank that is partnering with PayPal at present.

• With your PayPal account on FirstBank’s Internet Banking (FirstOnline), you can easily and conveniently make use of PayPal. PayPal accounts with unverified Card details will be subject to a transaction limit pending verification. You can also select different Cards to attach with PayPal and choose the Card you wish to use when making payment.

• Subscribing for FirstOnline as a Firstbank customer gives you instant access to all of PayPal’s service offerings.

• You can easily link your FirstBank MasterCard and Visa cards (which are enabled for online international transactions) to your PayPal account.

111 thoughts on “How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria with Firstbank”

  1. hello.. this blog has rendered a massive help to me..
    I have a question tho.

    am into this online generating traffic sites and all that and I am about to cash out right now, the issue is that I heard PayPal in Nigeria cannot receive funds and also do not allow in withdrawing it to my local account..please is there any other solutions to this..
    would have gone with western union but my national I.d n voters card are not yet ready..


  2. Please someone want to send me money from USA through my Nigeria PayPal account and the account was link to my first bank account, he said that access denied, please how can I receive money from your to my firstbank account Nigeria

  3. Hello,
    Pls do u know any other means through which I can fund my neteller e-wallet account in USD other than by opening a domiciliary account ?
    I am having problem funding my forex account with a foreign broker now that foreign payments with naira master cards were banned.
    Opening a domiciliary account will encure extra cos of 100 dollars minimum! Operating balance ,so I would appreciate any suggestions on how to avoid that.

  4. Hello sir, i have opened a paypal account and they refused to accept my first bank master card, when i contacted one of their staffs in Abuja he said that paypal account can not accept my first bank master card but can only accept first bank VISA GOLD CARD, so sir is it true before i proceed getting mine?

  5. Those first bank even allow the $100 limit online naira mastercard withdrawal, cuz i only know if two banks gtb and access.

    And what other banks still allow such pls reply

  6. Greetings
    I want to know if the PayPal transfer service is affected by the $100 limit policy because the answers you gave to some questions above is quite contradicting. Moreover I went to a first bank today and the customer care said the service is only meant for receiving and not sending. Please explain

    1. Hello Yhemmy,
      If you are funding your PayPal account, it will be affected by $100 limit policy but if you are making online payment from PayPal account; it will not affected by the $100 limit policy. For the second question, I suggest you visit another Firstbank to explain and get a better answer. However, I will confirm the validity of the answer the Customer care gave you.

  7. Thanks for this marvelous work on your blog Admin, please am stranded as FG forex policies has killed my business.

    My business need forex as I buy my goods online using Naira debit cards, of the 20 banks in Nigeria, Access bank is the only bank still offering the service of Naira debit card transcation on foreign web/pos and Access bank has reduced it Naira debit cards monthly limit drastically from $10,000 to $100 last month.

    Please, has any other bank lifted the suspension of their Naira debit cards? I contacted Access bank Ghana subsidiary and their daily limit in same transaction is $3,500 (15,000cedis), how can one possible move his money to Ghana or Cameroon?

    Western Union and Moneygram not going through, Access bank and GTBank cross boarder transfer are way too expensive and there can be performed once in 3months with a $1000 limit and N87,000 for cost fee. Uba Africard is charged with the parallel exchange rate too.

    Please I will appreciate any professional advice and suggestion that can get me out of this situation.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Ofana Augustine,
      Banks have not lifted the suspension placed of their Naira debit cards.
      Open a domiciliary account, use it to move the money to Ghana or Cameroon.
      You can also start operating bitcoin account.

  8. Hello good day sir, my question is, I have a friend with foreign paypal account and was thinking i ma going to link my firstbank domiciliary debit card to his paypal account. So is this possible to withdraw money through this method.
    thank you.

  9. Hello Emma, thanks for your post. Please is the 100 USD monthly limit by central bank applicable to PayPal transactions through Visa/Mastercard too?

    ALSO please inbox me your contacts, I have some questions to ask you if you don’t mind. Thanks

  10. Hello Emma, thanks for your post. Please is the 100 USD monthly limit by central bank applicable to PayPal transactions through Visa/Mastercard too?

    ALSO please inbox me your contacts, I have some questions to ask you if you don’t mind. Thanks

  11. What’s the maximum amount you can pay for an item through PayPal using a first bank debit MasterCard and can you send money abroad with your PayPal

  12. Hallo I also would like to know how I can open a domiciliary account or alternative, so that I can receive money from a international account. Please email me.

  13. please how much is PayPal exchange rate to dollar using first bank MasterCard.
    because earlier this year i was charged based on blackmarket rate
    pls answer?

  14. Hello bro Emma, I will love to personally send you a donation. Thank you for all of this. I want to contact you personally please send me your email/contact info. I need to ask some questions.

    1. Can the firstbank paypal receive usd funds sent from a USA paypal account? OR can I only fund it via attached mastercard?

    2. How can I transfer via my domicilliary and avoid high offshore charges.
    I have lots of questions but please send me your contact.
    Thank sir. Have a Wonderful weekend

    1. Hello Aina Ifeoluwa,
      1. Firstbank PayPal can’t receive USD fund from a USA PayPal account. Yes, you can only fund it via linked and verified mastercard.
      2. Domiciliary fund transfer charge is by commission. I have sent you a mail, so check your email box

      1. I v gone through this blog, its quite interesting
        but I think we can have a way out of the problem of Nigerian residents not being able to withdraw from their Paypal accounts.

        Please, can I get someone, reliable and trusted to sell paypal dollar to me up to $500 while I pay in Naira at the rate of N320/$, since Nigeria residents can’t use it, those of us here in United States can use it, Our parents can use that to send us money.

        If we can form a reliable community of closed-circuit paypal exchangers to help one another, me and some of my friends here can be buying those paypal dollars from you while we pay in Naira.

        The reason is because, we have a withdrawal limt of just $100 on GTB ATM card, and which is not fair, considering those being funded from Nigeria.

        I hope my idea is considered

        Reach me here, if there is any offer
        Florida State University

        1. Hello Oluwatosin,
          Beware that we don’t allow visitors to this site dropping their email address on this comment section for any reason whatsoever without the consent of the admins of this site. The reason being that we protect interest of the readers of this site. I will be relating with you in time to come. Drop your phone number in my email I want to reach via phone.

  15. Hello Emma, can u put me tru on how to use getresponse to send bulk email? I really enjoyed ur explanation on the PayPal account.

      1. Again, I tried opening a paypal account bt couldn’t verify it. I guess I didn’t use the Nigerian platform.
        Can I open another one through my first bank account and what would happen to the first one I opened?

  16. Can one open a paypal account with firstbank and transfer money to another paypal account holder in ghana?
    At what rate will firstbank exchange at?

    1. Hello Marco,
      Can one open a paypal account with firstbank and transfer money to another paypal account holder in ghana? Yes!
      At what rate will firstbank exchange at? Parallel market rate.

  17. Oh I see but anyway. I heard that payoneer MasterCard can now be used to withdrew money from PayPal. And that you can use payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria ATM machines.

  18. hello Mr Emma,

    thank you for this informative post, only I felt a bit sad to see that till now, PayPal money cannot be received here in Nigeria through local bank.

    I have a Nigerian PayPal account, and for my online transactions, it’s only through PayPal I can receive my payments.

    in this case Sir, I will highly value your opinion on how to withdraw funds from my Nigerian PayPal account as my Gtb account/card was successfully linked to Nigerian PayPal account.

    if linking is successful and yet I can’t withdraw my funds to my Gtb account, then how do I get my money?

    Also, I have payoneer and skrill account, can they be useful to me to get my money from PayPal and to my local bank Sir?

    Also Sir, is it possible to use a US MasterCard with us bank routing number to withdraw money from the Nigerian PayPal account, so as to have access to withdraw the money inside the US account in Nigeria through the Us MasterCard/ATM?

    I believe you are in the best position to give me sound advice on this matter. and I appreciate in advance.

    thank you

    1. Hello Oby,
      Let me start by suggesting that you read this; How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria as PayPal reject Payoneer card.

      You can’t link skrill account to PayPal account.
      You can’t link Payoneer to PayPal Account
      You can not use a US MasterCard with us bank routing number to withdraw money from the Nigerian PayPal account,

    2. Hello Oby,
      Let me start by suggesting that you read this; How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria as PayPal reject Payoneer card.

      You can’t link skrill account to PayPal account.
      You can’t link Payoneer to PayPal Account
      You can not use a US MasterCard with us bank routing number to withdraw money from the Nigerian PayPal account.

  19. Ive an issued with my Paypal…I Open paypal account and also from my Account too…When i LINK my Naira Mastercard to my Paypal…they said they sent small deposit into the CARD and ive issued getting the 4 digit code they sent…WHAT SHOULD I DO to get the code and verified my card?

  20. I read somewhere that you can receive payment with your PayPal through first bank. I even have someone who told me he’s been using it for a while now. Only to get here and you’re saying it’s not possible.

    P. S where I read it, the blogger was at the event.

    Also please always try to experiment this things by yourself before posting what other people posted without proper research .

    I have a first bank account and first thing tomorrow I’m signing up for my internet banking, then sign up for this PayPal thingy.

    Since I have a PayPal account with Gtbank, I’ll try requesting payment and see if it works. And if it does I’ll be back here to post it! Wish me luck!

  21. I am grateful Emma!
    Because, the place I want to send money to do recognise it as a way of receiving my money.
    Pls among those above accounts I have written, as a professional in that segment, which one would advise me to use.
    I want to be depositing and withdrawing directly from my GT Bank account into one of those E-accounts. Please would that be possible?
    Who are e-currency exchangers?
    I am open to receive ur lifesaving advises Sir. Th

    1. Hello Samaila Hassan,
      PERFECT MONEY ACCOUNT AND BITCOIN ACCOUNT work in a similar way, you can not withdraw from perfect money and bitcoin directly into your bank account. To withdraw from these account you have to go through e-currency exchangers.
      E-currency exchangers are third parties that accept e-currencies like bitcoin, perfect money etc. and then pay you the equivalent Naira into your local bank.
      Perfect money is well known to Nigerians than Bitcoin. But recently, Bitcoin is gaining ground in Nigeria.
      You can read this now: How to use Bitcoin in Nigeria
      So, you can now decide which one to choose.

  22. Hello Emma!
    Please, does PAYEER allow depositing and withdrawing in Nigeria?
    If yes, how could I achieve that?
    If no, what other way do you I can deposit or withdraw money from my PAYEER account?

  23. This guy is just a trash, using fake headline to drag traffic to his blog. We all know that you can’t receive money with Nigeria PayPal account, while using the headline initially.

    I will report your blog to google if you didn’t delete this mess immediately.

      1. “Subscribing for FirstOnline as a Firstbank customer gives you instant access to all of PayPal’s service offerings.”

        Thats the quote above all PayPal service include withdrawal. Proof read your post well before misleading people. I came to your site based on the above.

        1. Hello Abdul,
          All PayPal services available for Nigerians that is what I was referring to, Okay. Sorry, withdrawal from Nigeria PayPal account is not yet available but I believe that in Nearest future; it will.

  24. Please sir, I have a PayPal account but I cannot verify it using first bank mastercard and I haven’t seen the verification code.
    How could this be pls

  25. Please Help Sir,
    I used First Bank MasterCard to open a Paypal account but it was not accepted. Please what can you think it happened to it?

    1. Hello Olatunde,
      Are trying to open a PayPal account through Firstbank or you trying to verify your PayPal account using Firstbank MasterCard? Sorry for the inconveniences but I want to understand you first.

  26. Hello,

    I’ve been reading through your comments but got confused. You earlier mentioned receiving money via PayPal s possible with First Bank but later said it’s not for now? Could u explain because I just browsed FBN website without seeing anything on PayPal?

    1. Hello Anthony,
      I’m sorry for that misleading comment. I have gone through the comments to clear the confusion. As of today, it is not possible to withdraw from Nigeria PayPal account into any local bank.
      Thank you for your observations!

  27. Hi, if I send a money to a friend of mine outside of the country does it going to his bank account directly or PayPal account

    1. Hello Blaq,
      the beneficiary may need to provide is his/her Email address and account detail (I don’t mean financial information) depending on the nature of the PayPal account.

      1. If u open PayPal in Nigeria can u be in oversea and transfer money to Nigeria account , and how much is it to open PayPal account in first bank

  28. Hi, you mentioned that registering for paypal using firstonline gives instant access to all of PayPal’s service offerings. Does it mean one can receive payments via paypal? – for example, from online job sites that pay through paypal?

      1. Hi,
        I learned that Western Union or Money Gram said they can send the money from Nigeria to USA will be one time for three months. Is it true?

  29. kkkk
    was the rate of transfer money to other country by PayPal will be the same rate with western union or money gram?…that’s all I wanna know for now

    1. Hello Kenny,
      The charges are NOT the same. PayPal is a third party, so their charge is a bit higher than western union or money gram but you can transfer more with PayPal than with WU or moneygram.

      1. I need to know this is ur open a PayPal account in first bank of Nigeria can u be in any country and transfer money to any Nigeria account

    2. ok, must I get foreign accout before I can send…was the rate will be the same amount with western union and money gram and how much is the limitation of PayPal please enlight me these issues sir

      1. Hello Patricia,
        You cannot withdraw money from Nigeria Paypal account into your Firstbank savings account even if your Paypal account is link to your Firstbank savings account. There is no provision for that now.

    3. Hello Emma,
      1). Please is first bank presently sending money out of nigeria through PayPal? 2). Did my brother need to change his naira to Euro before taking it to bank or when he pay in naira bank will do the conversion.

      Thank you. I am expecting your response.

      1. Hello Christopher,
        No! we are hoping that they restart before the ending of March as they promised.
        Your brother don’t need to change the naira to euro before taking it to bank, the bank will take care of that.

    4. pls will this account have the usual limitations like not being able to recieve payment here in nigeria, pls reply to my email

    5. Pls sir due to the current exchange rate of #400 to $1, someone told me that he can help me send money from my Paypal account to my Domiciliary account at a cheaper price since PayPal exchange rate is cheaper than black market price. Pls is it possible?.

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