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Nigeria to receive & withdraw money through PayPal

PayPal is one of the best global online payment platforms.  Its universality and popularity had given the platform an edge over other global online payment system.

Nigeria is one of the countries that enjoy using this online payment platform. I know you will be happy if you hear that you can now receive money through PayPal account in Nigeria. Yes! I too will be happy.

But as of the time this article is written, you can neither receive nor withdraw money through Nigerian PayPal. There are lot of misleading information online concerning this. Do not be deceived!


With PayPal you can;

  • Make payment online
  • Send money to relatives, friends and family members
  • Shop online with millions of merchants.
  • Donate to your favourite international charity organization.
  • Use your credit card and earn rewards.


Currently, Nigerians are pleading with PayPal to allow them start receiving and withdrawing money through PayPal in Nigeria.

Here is an excerpt that is source from PayPal community


on ‎01-30-2016 09:29 PM

Helo PayPal. 

Sincerely, I think it is high time the limitation on PayPal usage in Nigeria is lifted. Considering, among other factors, its status as the most populous black country in the world, coupled with the fact that it’s got the highest GDP in Africa, I really feel PayPal would be doing itself a world of good by removing every limitation on its usage here. I do not know what the reasons for the limitations are in the first place. I hear it’s because of online fraud. If, really, this is the case, then may I remind you that online fraud is everywhere and not peculiar to Nigeria? There are lots of genuine businesses people here who are being made to suffer for something they know nothing about. PayPal, please this is a passionate appeal from a legitimate businessman speaking for lots of honest Nigerians. I hope this message strikes the right cord with you. Look forward to that day when the news would break that our plea has been granted.


on ‎01-31-2016 02:53 PM


Whilst you say that fraud is everywhere and not confined to Nigeria, IF you do a Google search on eBay / PayPal scams they are nearly always requesting items to be sent to “relatives” in Nigeria.

Also nearly every scam on this board involves Nigeria.


on ‎03-09-2016 02:23 PM

I am Nigeria, and have had a refund for a failed serviced played back to me which was just rejected by my bank account reporting that transaction not permitted on my card. I lost some money due to it and I know it is just a curse for being a Nigerian. A lot of us are genuine users that just want to live the way other trusted countries’ citizens do, but the reputation of the country has doomed us.

Even though I should feel insulted by your comment, but they are pure facts. I just hope PayPal can have an even more rigorous mechanism for fighting scammers, or that we may get out of here, but it is definitive that one cannot receive money from PayPal in Nigeria, till Divine Grace intervenes in our favour


on ‎03-19-2016 07:40 AM

I think a lot of positive changes have happened in the Nigerian financial system. Take for example the Bank verification number system; where every Nigerian account is now tied to the account holder’s biometrics. As a banker, I can confirm that this system has drastically reduced financial fraud in Nigeria by 89% over the last 3 months. All PayPal needs to do is to leverage on this system to verify users; No scammer would want his biometrics to be connected to a scam because their true identity would be revealed. Other merchants in Nigeria have adopted this system as a means of user verification. PayPal please consider this as well.


on ‎03-29-2016 11:51 AM

Amazing post bro, even I didn’t think of that, genius. Ok PayPal admin, what more excuse does you guys then have to provide?

You need a PayPal account; check out,

How to open a verified GTBank PayPal in Nigeria for free

I completely believe that PayPal is trying to protect their business. Do you think PayPal is doing well or not, let’s hear your own opinion about this issue? Please, argue constructively and don’t condemn. You can use the comment box below for your comment or questions.

30 thoughts on “Nigeria to receive & withdraw money through PayPal”

  1. Hello I have read this post well now

    I needed to ask if there is a way you can get me a working Nigerian paypal to send and recieve payments?

    I have many reasons why I need it so I would love a due reply on this.


  2. Well!
    I know the management of Paypal are not spirit but humans like us…and so they should take their time to figure out a way so soon to checkmate fraud as connected to Nigeria and Nigerians, thereby lifting the limit for good Nigerians to also enjoy what citizens of other countries around the world enjoy.

  3. i have suffered these PayPal issues in the past, because almost all the platforms i work with pays commission to their members with PayPal. It got to a point i have to deactivate my credit card from my PayPal account because i lost a lot of money which i used to pay fees and got nothing. But now PayPal should know that they are loosing why because every transactions i do online has to do with BITCOIN.

  4. I abandoned a job i was doing online because i couldn’t recieve money with my paypal account and it really painful when you think about it that you can only send money but you can’t recieve with your paypal , so pls paypal should rectify this cause this is definitely a mistake cause there are so many ways to fight fraud not like this.

  5. Here is a comment frim a U.S. citizen paypal if you need bank account info in order to send money to nigeria so a person is not going to give their bank account info to scam but only to LOVED ONES and CLOSE FRIENDS so that in itself should cut down on scammers WHO IS GOING TO GIVE SOMEONE THEY DONT KNOW THEY BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

    My man is in the military and needs money once in a blue moon and this would help if you lift the restrictions from sending money to Nigeria

  6. I think Nigerians should be thoughtful and build a reputable alternative to paypal. It is not fair that my card should be good only to take money to them outside the country and not to bring in money. Imagine that I buy something and the goods cannot be delivered. I will now loose the money and the goods.
    Nigerians should rally together and boycott paypal.

  7. I think it has to do with the new Buhari policy which aims at strangulating the flow of hard currency in Nigeria. That is is the only reason that makes sense to me.

  8. It is very pathetic that PayPal has not yet lifted this embargo. I think it’s high time PayPal find a way of curbing scam on their site and lift the embargo of not able to receive or withdraw from one’s PayPal account in Nigeria.

  9. Hello, I have been reading post on how your PayPal account can be connected to ur local bank master card. Even I read first bank has a collaboration with PayPal so I thought one can withdraw cash with their atm master card. And here am seeing that one can not withdraw money from ur paypal account. Pls can some one explain how I can receive money for a job I did online in Nigeria.

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