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Make Money on MTN Mobile Phone IMEI No. Tracking Business

Hey Guys,

I want to share with you a business that you can be doing silently and earning substantial money from it. My business colleagues and I do this business. They told me not to share this business online but I insisted. All we do here is to help ourselves. There is massive unemployment in our country and all over the world. So, Guys! Let’s employ ourselves, employ others and pay them. The time is now!

With the advent of different telecommunication network in Nigeria; lots of large to small scale business opportunities have emerged, ranging from recharge card printing business to mobile phone/accessories business. More of such business opportunities are emerging every day. One of such newly discovered telecommunication-Mobile phone business is what I want to share here. I will show you how to do the business right here. So, take a deep breath and continue reading.


Nothing! Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!!!

Young, old, retiree, employed, oh No! Anybody can do this business irrespective of age, or educational level. Few mobile phone dealers and sellers are already into the business secretly.


No shop, space, or accommodation needed.
No capital needed.
You will only spend money in buying the IMEI number capturing device and a mini laptop or you can use your phone in place of mini laptop. IMEI number capturing device is just a simple handy device which doesn’t cost much.


In this business, you stand as an indirect agent to MTN (indirect agent because you are not officially employed by MTN) and possibly, a middleman between MTN and mobile phone dealers and sellers who are not aware of this business.

Let’s begin the business;
1. Scan for major and minor phone dealers and sellers near your location. Do not restrict yourself only to location that is near to you or your state. Create a database for them or make a list of them. You can extend you search for phone sellers across the country as you make more money from the business.

2. Liaise with these phone dealers and sellers. Present yourself to them as an MTN indirect agent as I had earlier said. Tell them that you will like to be getting the imei number of the phones they are selling for special MTN project. Or you can tell them anything that you know will make them allow you capture the imei number of those mobile phones they sell. If you find it difficult to convince them, promise to give them some % of money at the end of every month.

3. Once those mobile phone dealers import new mobile phones for selling, visit them to capture the imei numbers of those phones before they are being sold.

It is usually easy and fast to capture the imei number of most of the imported mobile phones because those mobile phones have their imei numbers on a separate roll sheet of paper

Here are;
Slot Nigeria Limited
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Fine brothers in South east
Westgate Technologies co. Ltd
Samsung Nigeria
LG Nigeria
TELECOM (MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel)
Hamaz communication in Jos and many others in Lagos (computer village), Kano etc
You can approach the above companies or some of the sub-distributors of above companies. If you are in Lagos, you can visit computer village and liaise with some of the major mobile phone sellers there.


Link yourself up to MTN. To link up to MTN, visit any MTN office close to you. Ask for any DATA SALE CONSULTANT (DSC). These DSCs are mainly contract staff and, most of them are not even aware of this business. Liaise with any of them too to help you in forwarding these mobile phones imei numbers and in receiving your payment or commission from MTN.

Alternatively, you can visit any MTN outlet close to you or MTN Trade Partner outlet and discuss with the manager. They can also help in linking you up to MTN.


You will be sending those imei numbers of those mobile phones you tracked or captured to MTN, once those mobile phones are active on MTN network, MTN will pay you some % of money for each of these mobile phones active on their Network. Payment is usually done on monthly bases.

The idea is like this, it is assumed that you are the one selling those mobile phones you captured their imei number and you’ve help promote MTN by putting their SIM card on active Network. Therefore, you receive commission from MTN for this reason. Nigeria big mobile phone Company dealer like Slot Nigeria do this business though in a slightly different way. They usually sell some of their mobile phones alongside with different network SIM card. Such that you can you find a network SIM card loaded with freebies on a mobile phone you bought from them. They earn some % of money from those network once that SIM card becomes active on network.


The total number of mobile phone imei numbers you sent to MTN determines the amount you will be paid in a month. Mobile phones are fast- selling product, so you can be making as much as 50k depending on your effort. You can employ someone to assist you in the business.
This is a business that you can be doing silently without stress. So, no need to wait again, start now.

184 thoughts on “Make Money on MTN Mobile Phone IMEI No. Tracking Business”

  1. Hi
    Ive read and I understand but I’m in school studying a very demanding course I need cash for expenses and this stuff you shared is something that can work for me i have a tab that i can work with but I’m not capable enough to go for the main deal… I am in Calabar and I would like to upload this imel numbers for someone who has the account…. Please refer me to anyone in Calabar that is doing this stuff so that I can work under the person please I need to start urgently maybe, perhaps hopefully I can raise my school fees before the strike is called off. Thank You.

    1. Good afternoon I know how to get it but who do I sell to is the problem pls link me to some one am at ikeja computer village thanks

  2. with due respect sir my name is HALLEERU from kano.sir in kano we are still working about imei but up to now there is no response about the issue of payments.

  3. Oga emma pls answer my question!! it is true imei working is back? my name is mubarak from kano pls answer my oga tnx.

      1. Hello Emmma,

        I have been working tirelessly and sending imeis but just yesterday my account got locked when I typed in my password more than 3 times in error. I started registering imeis on 13th of Nov 2020. Is there any number I can use to reach the admin of the concierge trade partner? What is their mode of payment also ? Thanks

  4. @Abubakar,just type Accept followed by d previous format.i.e typing Accept first.And make sure u give a space after typing Accept followed by d previous format.

      1. Emma Pls. it’s true this business is back, cos. since February 2018 till now no payment
        Pls this is my whtsapp no. 08039661999

    1. salam! abdulwahab pls I heard that they change procedure not like b/4. if it is true what is d change?. urgent answer is needed pls bro.!

  5. why the code 4030 do not received messages, or the time of the business has been terminated, some people says the business is no more continue and some says the message code was change from 4030. pls what is update about the business.

  6. Oga EMMA, my question is that, MTN paid for those who send the imei of new phones and what those who send the valid imei but the phones has already been used, pls i need to know more this is my gmail.

  7. sir my Name Bashir mhd, katsina state. Sir somebody told me that the jobe has stopen. it’s true??????? watpss me +2338032537231 pls

      1. please oga emma hw do I check my code please . I have registered but my line is not a VTU sim card and please I need some clarification here, is it any phone imei that is using MTN voice calls or it must be data ?

  8. hello ga dukkan wanda yake san layin da zaiyi aikin imei tare da yadda zaiyi aikin komai da komai zai iya kirana awannan number din 07062227773 sunana auwal……

  9. hello. I have found the imei numbers but I don’t know how to sent it and to what number will I send, and my line is vtu but didn’t show me the vtu options. my frnd is doing this business but he refused to teache me. please help me… whatssap me 08037592837

  10. What is d reality about dis msg?????
    Dear Customer
    Please note that from 1/11/2016 you are urged to start buying VTU from MTN or FSA to avoid been disengaged from IMEI incentive. You are expected to buy minimum of #5,000 and above. Kindly comply to avoid been disconnection in the IMEI Incentive.
    Tel:2348032031391to buy your VTU airtime

    This is Scam!!!

  11. What is d reality about dis msg?????
    Dear Customer
    Please note that from 1/11/2016 you are urged to start buying VTU from MTN or FSA to avoid been disengaged from IMEI incentive. You are expected to buy minimum of #5,000 and above. Kindly comply to avoid been disconnection in the IMEI Incentive.
    Tel:2348032031391to buy your VTU airtime

  12. yes exactly I got my #99,000 this last payment on July through my V.T.U line, I before thought It wouldn’t work but it do, guys this is simple and hard work, it was a simple work because you can do it in your home in your bed room while lying on your three sitter with your laptop or quickest message sending android phone then it’s hard if don’t know how to calculate or generate a thousands of valid “IMEI” which you will be sending to MTN and start getting your #500 for each “IMEI” that been used and consumed 500 mb within that very month you sent it MTN ,now the only problem is MTN has now stopped taking new agents for this work because if you request for your code to start you wouldn’t get reply even we that we are indeed doing this work before we use to get reply for each IMEI we send but now it stopped but they tell us we should still keep doing it because they are recording it like that,

    Your phone number is detected on your comment above and it has been deleted . Contact this site admin.

    1. I will like to partake with u I hot my #100,000 also but I nid one tuitor pls u can flash me or call me try 09039463060 pls abeg u

    2. Ughakpoteni rukevwe

      Hello every one please am rukky..!how much is the capturing device for the iMEI code and how many percentage is given for five hundred imei code provided?

  13. Av been sending imei to mtn since may 2016 av seen breakdown but av nt received any payment and am kinda discouraged already…bt how can I send it to u and receive payment directly into my bank acct instead of mtn vtu airtime?

    1. Hello Yemi,
      MTN is the one paying and not me; and they pay by VTU means.They will definitely pay you all your money. So, relax!
      However, those that partner with us, we pay them in cash not by VTU means but that’s only when we are paid by MTN.

  14. hello my question is that this time MTN takes long time without payment but they printout the breakdown the payment schedule More than 5 week and up-to now they don’t pay. what are the problems. bello from Kano state

  15. Edited
    Just started mine. And it’s not as hard as you think to start doing the imei tracking business…. I know some guys who are doing it here but they don’t want to tell me whenever I asked how it works. I decided to make some research on Google and that’s when I stumbled upon this blog… It was helpful.

  16. Oga Emma Onwuka,

    How do you get your commision on the imei’s you sent that eventually end up using mtn sim?

    You seem to be avoiding answering that question.

    1. If you do the registration yourself directly with MTN, you will be rewarded every month via Virtual Top-Up by MTN. However, if you register through us we will pay you your commission in cash every month via your bank account.

  17. How do i know these imei no, are already forwarded to mtn by mobile phone importer,anothe person or phone dealer,and can u allow us to do dis buz together with u.

    1. Hello Afeez,
      IMEI NO comes together with the phone from the phone manufacturer. The importer or dealers may not even know about it but they sell it alongside with the phone. We acknowledge your interest in partnering with us but we no longer accept partners.

  18. This is not clear… pls he to send that Imei?? ? What command will we be sending it to…. Whatsapp me 07069007713

  19. Interesting biz idea, but how do I monitor how many of those phones has been activated to the MTN network; what check mechanism is in place for me. Verify this. This biz idea can’t be extended to the other service providers? Airtel, Glo, Etisalat etc

    1. Danny,
      all mobile phones sold must be used therefore, you interest should not be to monitor how many phones that has been activated on the MTN Network. Definitely, you will be paid certain commission for each mobile phone IMEI number you tracked.
      For now, we are working with MTN. We’ve not try other network.

    1. Abraham,
      you can purchase the device for capturing IMEI in the market. Go to any big supermarket close to you, ask them how they got their IMEI tracking device because many supermarket use this device. However, if you cannot get it; then I will help you order for it

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