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  1. Weldone Mr Emmanuel, you are really doing a great job here. Please I need one clarification can I use my dormicilary account to withdraw my money from my payoneer account because I just don’t want to put myself into the MasterCard issue

  2. How then can “an individual” fund his/her own Payoneer account since a note says :

    Please Note!

    Only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted.

    Transfers must be made from a company account.

    Transfers from individuals will be automatically rejected.

    Wire transfers are not supported.

    Transfers made from a company account owned by you cannot be accepted.

      1. Good day…i want to know if one can withdraw with a different debit card other than the registered name on the account….i mean using a friend debit card to withdraw on my payooner Account

  3. Pls can I transfer money directly to my local bank account and redraw through my local bank account not dominary act and how

      1. Emma WHATSAPP me now it’s urgent pls, I need to send payment abroad via skrill come send and I’ll pay you in naira

  4. Hello, I got paid in Pounds to my Payoneer account, is it possible for me to get the money transferred to my USD domiciliary account here in Nigeria??

  5. Hi Emma,
    Great write up. Please I have two questions
    1. Is it possible for you to help me with my first time funding of my account in dollars? As I need to have a balance of at least $30 before requesting for the Master Card.
    2. When withdrawing with the Master Card at Nigerian ATMs would the money be in dollars or Naira?

  6. Hi, I just opened an account payoneer and I get royalties on Amazon. my fear is I saw a lot of negative reviews online about how some people never received their payments from Payoneer, has this ever happened to you or anyone you know and how many percent can payoneer be trusted especially when withdrawing from it into one’s Nigerian Domiciliary account, are there bound to be complications?

  7. Hello
    I finally open Payonerr account but I was told i must have 30:00$ before i can order for payoneer mastercard.

    Can I fund my payoneer account through my ACCESS BANK visa debit card or Access bank savings account ? If yes how please
    I need urgent response please

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  9. I have been using Payoneer card for 3 years now with withdrawal of over $10,000 dollars. The truth is you can’t withdraw into your local bank account if you get funded in dollars. You can only transfer from you Payoneer account to your local bank account if you are getting paid in Euro or Pounds. Thanks

  10. thanks for the information.
    in providing the my bank details,hope the account will not be hacked.also is nigeria one of the countries that can use payoneer.

  11. Are you aware that Nigeria is not among the countries allowed to have the withdraw to bank option in payoneer.

  12. Please what is the threshold before i can withdraw fund from my payoneer through my local bank in Nigeria, i mean on first withdrawal.. somone said i need to have 200 dollar and i need to confirm it

  13. withdrwaing money from payoneer account to nigeria bank account, i check and payonner only accept dollars and euro in nigeria, should i use my domiciliary dollar account or i should use my local bank account

  14. Thanks a lot for this article. It’s wonderful.
    I do want to know one thing though:
    With my virtual US account number from Payoneer, can a person credit my Payoneer account from their own personal account in the USA?

  15. hello, can i make a withdrawal to my payoneer mastercard from a freelance site like fiverr when i have not yet received nor activated my mastercard?

  16. Loving this post. But I have some questions
    1. Can I transfer funds from my payoneer account to my bank account in Nigeria.
    2. How much is the minimum I can transfer.
    3. If no to question1. I need someone I can send my fund to so he can pay me in Naira very urgent.
    Thank you

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