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Setup Google Adsense Payment in Nigeria 4 Direct Bank Deposit

New Google Adsense payment for Nigeria via International Wire Transfer

Google Adsense is one best means of Earning Money Online. Many Nigeria bloggers have Google Adsense Account but the difficulties of receiving the Google Adsense Payment have deterred most Nigeria website and blog owners from monetizing their site with Google Adsense. But the good news is here, right here for Nigeria Google Adsense Publishers. The tussling and hassling about adsense payment have just end


You can setup your Google Adsense payment method in Nigeria to receive your Google Adsense earning direct into Bank account here in Nigeria, this is now possible because Google has activated the use of International Wire Transfer method for Nigeria Adsense Publishers.

Nigeria Google Adsense publishers can now received their Google Adsense payment directly into their Bank account via international wire Transfer. This is a long awaited adsense payment method as  most Nigeria Google Adsense publishers find it difficult with the; receiving of adsense pin number, Adsense check delivery and clearing coupled with a lots of charges attached.

To setup you Google Adsense Payment method or change your form of adsense payment to international wire transfer;

  • Visit  Google Adsense and log in to your Google Adsense Account
  • Go to your payment setting page
  • Google Asense payment via International Wire Transfer
  • Click on, “Add New form of Payment
  • Fill in the form, your Domicile Account Details

how to setup your Google Adsense here in Nigeria for direct Bank Deposit


Remember to check or tick the, “set this form of payment as primary” checkbox on the bank account form before saving it

  • Click save to save your payment details. You can revisit the page if you want edit the payment details by clicking on edit button.

Once you click save, the setup is completed. Subsequently, your Google Adsense earning will be sent to your bank account via International Wire Transfer.


To get a domicile bank account, visit any GTBank nearest to you and request opening a Domicile bank account with them. You will be given a form to fill, 3 referees having a current bank account with them will be expected to sign the bank account opening form. So, bear this in mind as you go.


For more information on this visit your

14 thoughts on “Setup Google Adsense Payment in Nigeria 4 Direct Bank Deposit”

  1. Great Article here, keep it up. I ‘m currently using it. The international wire transfer is excellent but a domiciliary account is needed. But getting Google AdSense account approval is very difficult. Only pros like us can get it in 4 days.

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  3. God bless you this is an eye opener for we Nigerians mostly student finding it difficult to pay their school fees nd others this is an opportunity to step up I use to think online jobs are scams thanks for the infos

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