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Top Internet Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Do you need internet business opportunities? Are you a Nigerian searching for different internet business opportunities? Are passionate about starting an internet business but you have no idea of profitable internet business opportunities to start off with. Are you thinking of how to making money online?

If your answer to any of the questions above is YES then I advice you read on….

With over five million Nigeria internet users; Nigeria undoubtedly has the largest share of the internet market in Africa.

Nigeria internet business market is still a virgin land unlike advanced countries where the internet market is already saturated. The industry is still at its infancy here in Nigeria and still has a long way for it to grow old. As a Nigerian, you have 100% chance of making good fortune online if you have the right information, orientation and mind set.

Internet opens the door of numerous online business opportunities. Some years back, Bill Gate the founder of Microsoft Corporation ones said; “in some years to come all business shall be on the internet, you are either in the internet or you are out of the business”. That time Bill speculated has come, the time is now.

In Nigeria today, there is high prevalence of unemployment. You can create job(s) and business for yourself online and work at home, no need waiting for government or any employer.

There are vast home based business opportunities in Nigeria. Some are capital intensive while others may require little or no money for its start-up. So, if you have been looking for an internet business opportunities to invest your money into, below are list of top internet business opportunities you can start as a Nigerian. Even if you have a paid job, you can start it as a part-time business.

Before I unlock these internet businesses opportunities; I will suggest you read the Basic Materials for Successful Online Business in Nigeria to help you get acquitted with online business tools.

Top 10 Internet business opportunities for Nigerians

1. Information marketing and information product

There are lots of problems in our society today…financial problems, relationship problems, health challenges, problem of unemployment, educational problem, career, commerce and many more.

People are on a daily bases searching for solutions to these problems.Imagine the number of people visiting Google everyday in search of information to solve their daily problem. Can you quantify the number of people who buy newspapers, audio record, video records, eBook, those who listen to radio, television and those who subscribe to online newsletter; all search of information to solve problems. No wonder why information marketing has been term, ‘the crown head’ of all online business.

The information can be packaged in form of information product. Information product marketing is a great way to begin a business online in Nigeria. Therefore, if you think you have an idea and or you can outsource for one to solve a particular problem, take a bold step to join the online millionaires by staring an information marketing business in Nigeria

Here is an article on how to start information marketing in Nigeria.
2. Affiliate marketing

I shouldn’t have to bore you with affiliate marketing because it is already a household name in Nigeria but I doubt how many people in Nigeria that really understood how affiliate marketing works and how lucrative the business is.

Affiliate marketing is definitely the simplest and most likely most effective way to earn income on the internet except otherwise you are a business owner and would prefer to sell your own personal product and solution online rather than promote other people’s item on your website.

Affiliate marketing being perceived as the easiest and simplest way of making money online but if I should ask; do all affiliate marketers actually make money online?

Frankly speaking, most Affiliate Marketers end-up losing money and some even have their shirt sold because they do affiliate marketing in a wrong way.
Do you want to know how to do affiliate marketing business in a right way? If your answer is YES then I will teach you. Read the ultimate money-making affiliate marketing model, doing affiliate marketing in the right way.

3. Copyright product

Building a website for sale of copyright product is other internet business opportunity. Copyright products marketing is the selling and promotion of your copyright products.

As an author, musician, artist, designer, software producer, you can increase the sale of your copyright products such as books, music, DVD, eBooks, photograph, CD, videos, software, eBook and other related product on your website. You can also promote and sell your copyright products without building a website.

Sites like, free ad classified site;, Elance can be use for promoting and sell of your copyright product. You can also promote your copyright product on facebook, twitter and other social network

4. Licensed product and exclusive product rights

Product licensing is an agreement between the inventor of a piece of work and distributor to make and sell the invention in return for paying royalties to the inventor. In other to avoid infringement of right on any product, you can buy an exclusive right of product to sell or reseller the product online.

Jason Njoku , a Nigerian multi-million naira online iROKO TV owner started his online business success journey by buying an exclusive right to post Nigerian nollywood movies and songs over the internet. Today, Njoku has gone beyond posting video to owning iROKO TV, a multi-million dollar business.

Licensing model is one of the best internet business and one major way of making money online. Why?
• You don’t have to brainstorm and go through the hurdles of creating your suit of information product; you license them from an established source and save tens of thousands in development cost.
• When you have very little experience with internet marketing, it makes sense to follow a proven system and that’s what the licensing model can give you.

In Nigeria today, there are still some unique product that are not yet online, why not be the first person to introduce it online buy purchasing an exclusive right to resell the product.

5. Build website for consulting services and special services

If you are a web programmer, web developer, web graphic designer like logo designing etc., you can create a website for all the services you can provide. You can be hired by someone that needs your services. In building website for consultancy service, your website must contain all your contact details so that you prospective client will have a varying option of reaching you.

Again try to ensure that your website proves that you render those services. If you a web graphic designer, quality samples of your work should be displayed on your website.

6. Sponsored post, Sponsored Review and reviewMe websites
Building websites that offer sponsored post, paid review, pay per post and reviewme is another way of making money online in Nigeria. Before embarking on this type of online business, you must be seen an expert on this business.

Here in , we render such services as sponsored post, sponsored review, reviewme. You can read more on our sponsored post and sponsored review page. You can sponsor post on our website and or if you want us to review any product of yours that are related to our blog niche we can do that for you. All link to you website or blog will be visible to our visitors. So, if you are a new website or blog owner you can seize this opportunity to spread your website across the web.

7. Domain and webhosting reseller business opportunities

The reselling of domain name and webhosting provider services is an internet business opportunity that many people are tapping into these days.

The business involves a webhost reseller buying reseller webhost package from the webhost provider to resell to his own clients. Some of the top webhosting providers include HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostmonster etc.

This business is more profitable to those who are into website designing and website developing as they easily gets clients.
If you are actually interested in starting a webhosting reseller business in Nigeria, I will suggest you read this article on how to start a profitable domain name and webhosting reseller business in Nigeria. This article is guide to domain and webhosting reseller business.

8. Bulk SMS and bulk SMS reseller business

This is another lucrative business that had made many Nigerians rich. Initially, when this bulk SMS business started; many Nigerian made lots of money from it. You can integrate bulk SMS platform into website or resell bulks SMS and get clients by writing a good bulk SMS business proposal, taking it to churches, schools, mosques, bars, offices and to those you think that Bulk SMS may benefit. You can combine this business with webhosting reseller business.

9. Blogging business

Blogging should have been the first internet business opportunity I would have discussed. It is one of the popular and the best means for Nigerians to make money online. Many Nigerians who are millionaires are bloggers; examples are Jason Njoku owners of iROKO TV, Linda Ikeji, and many others. Blogging is the simplest online business I believe every Nigerian can do to make money online.

If you want to make money online in Nigeria while blogging; you have to blog something you are passionate about. You need to have to work hard and never put making money as your primary goal for blogging.

Million of blogs are being created every day, so there are lots of competitions. If you want to succeed as a blogger also learn some SEO tips to help you get your blog on Google number one search result page. I will suggest you read this 101 blogging tips; ultimate bloggers’ guide . It is just another guide for all bloggers.

10. Social Networking Business.

Do you know that you can make money online from twitter, facebook and other social network? Yes! Most of these advertising networks offer opportunities for that.

I believe this article is an eye opener to wide range of internet business opportunities. I want you to understand that money is like a tree and a tree came forth from a seed. Money as tree needs fertile soil for it to grow and yield fruits. Most people have the seed but no fertile soil to plant and so they can’t plant. Some others see fertile soil but they don’t have the seed and so nothing to plant. What you have read (information) is the SEED while the fertile soil is the ACTION. If you want to make money online in Nigeria then you need to take action now and or never!

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