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Starting Profitable Domain Name & Webhosting Reseller Business in Nigeria

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The reselling of domain and webhosting is one of the profitable businesses you can embark on if you are in need of online business. There are vast numbers of domain and Webhosting Companies that offer reselling option. Your major setback will be your ability to identify a reliable company whose core server uptime works for 24hours.

The best domain and webhosting facilities

As a domain and webhosting reseller, you buy bulk of domain and webhosting package from a core server and reliable companies. Some of top webhosting companies that I know that offer reseller option are HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost etc. As a reseller, you will offer the same services of registering of domain and hosting of the website of your prospective client. Most of these top webhosting companies I mentioned offer a complete guideline for their reseller hosting account and the many features available to you. When searching for Webhosting Company for reseller business, ensure that the company has a complete guideline for their reseller option.

Reseller domain and webhosting requirements

These are some of things that are required from you;

  • Domain name registration.

It is necessary you register your domain with the reseller webhosting company. Search for and use a keyword related domain name to what people who are looking for domain name and webhosting site type in when searching for best domain and webhosting site.

  • Reseller hosting account.

Your hosting account is a powerful tool for you to use not only in building and managing your website, email and web applications but for those of your clients as well. You reseller hosting account are used for adding and managing your customer account and setup of billing software. Like as I said, most webhosting companies like HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost provide support material such pdf, tutorials, video for complete account setup and managing of your reseller account as well as that of your client.

  • Billing software and installing.

Most of these companies provide free billing software and installing.


Your Website search engine optimization

Having setup your reseller domain and webhosting website, you need to ensure that search engines crawl and index your webpage if not it will not visible to online users. For your website to be index by search engine; submit your website sitemap to search engine like Google, Bing, etc. using Google and Bing webmaster tools in doing this. Also, ensure that your website design is search engine friendly and all pictures on the site should be well tag. Choose domain name using appropriate keyword.


Website promotion and advertisement

To ensure that your new business website gets across the hooks and cranny of the web, you need to promote your website. Share your new website with your friends on facebook, twitter, linkdin, dig etc. You can also run few online business campaigns like Google adwords, pay per click (PPC), and banner ads on facebook, advertisement of newspaper online, top websites etc.


Getting started with reseller business

Now, that you’ve known what are required, I suggest you get started your reseller webhosting with recognize and well reviewed webhosting company, HostGator.

They provide an excellent free client management and billing software, free site building tools and templates, free enormous domain name reseller account.

Their webhosting span across Africa (Nigeria included), North America, Europe, Asia, etc.

When you sign up, you will be given access to HostGator reseller control panel, webhosting manage for providing your client user control panel (cpanel) which will enable them create and modify their own website.

HostGator is a good place to start from.



WARNING:  This blog is neither partnering with the above mention website/company nor affiliated with them. Therefore, ensure that you carry out all necessary research before embarking on domain and webhosting reseller business with them.


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