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Ultimate money-making Affiliate marketing model

You may have heard of affiliate marketing all over the internet. You may have also tried it and it didn’t work the way you expected or you may even be thinking of starting one. I won’t bore you again with all those stuffs you see out there in the web rather I will show you an affiliate marketing model that work like magic


c.Ultimate money-making Affiliate marketing model

Do you know that there are two types of affiliate marketing?

The wrong type of affiliate marketing also referred to as, “hit and run” affiliate marketing. Majority of new affiliate markets getting into the business of affiliate marketing do this type of affiliate marketing. They are all familiar with this because it’s the one they hear about the most. The usual steps for this type of affiliate marketing method are;

  • You select a product  or offer to promote
  • You send traffic to the sale page with PPC, PPL, CPM etc.
  • You make money on sale’s commission and clicks

Unfortunately, those affiliate marketers who are into this type of affiliate marketing usually fail woefully.

Do you know why?

  1. The customer doesn’t belong to you.
  2. You only get paid once.
  3. You have to keep advertising and spending money to sending traffic to your sale’s page.
  4. The advertiser can at any withdraw the offer.
  5. Google will not be happy with you and can slap your webpage.
  6. Your affiliate network will rip off your online business campaigns
  7. Competition will drive up your advertising cost to a point where the campaign is no longer profitable to you
  8. It will never be easy to anyone that you are failing
  9. You have to constantly haunt for new product or offer to promote because you never can tell how “life” you current offer have.

So, you are just simply a hit and run affiliate market. I don’t think this is type of affiliate marketing business you will like to do.

What is the right way of doing affiliating marketing business?

Affiliate marketing is a real business and real businesses are solidly built on repeat customers. A shopping centre cannot survive with first time customer only. Any retail store would go down in few months if their customers only visit the store once and never visit again. For example, if someone buys konga product then he is likely to buy another product from konga. This is true secret in affiliate marketing. Again, if someone buy a jumia product from you, he is likely to buy another one from you. If you are a hit and run type of affiliate marketer, you’ll never see that person again.

Let me say it again, repeat business is the key to affiliate marketing. It is cheaper and easier to market to a repeat customer than it is to acquire a new one. Most average businesses spend seven times more in marketing cost to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. You will spend 7X more money to acquire a customer for someone else if you are into hit and run affiliate marketing. Did you now see clearly the flaws in hit and run type of affiliate marketing. This is reason why most affiliate markets don’t make money.

Right steps to Affiliate marketing

This is a bit more complicated than the usual hit and run affiliate marketing. It will require more work from you but you will make more money from it.

Here are the steps;

  • Select a series of affiliate product on same niche market to promote.
  • You create a free eBook about the niche to offer for free.
  • Create a squeeze or sale page offering the free eBook
  • Send traffic to the page
  • Capture the leading visitors to the squeeze page
  • Deploy an email auto responder to build the relationship with your new subscribers
  • Recommend affiliate products and services to solve your subscribers’ problem.

The major difference between this type of affiliate marketing and the “hit and run” model is that you are building a customer base instead of just directing your visitors to the advertiser’s sale page to buy the product and you will never dare to see them again, rather you are sending them to your own sale page to capture their email so you can market the product to them for weeks, months and even years to come. This is far more powerful marketing method and is the right, ultimate money-making affiliate marketing model.

Hook onto the email list, it’s just your right bank account

The money really is the list. When you study all really big time affiliate markers like John Chow, those guys have huge mailing lists and because of their huge mailing list, they don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands per month on advertising. If you want to become an affiliate market, you absolutely need an email list. That’s your customer base, without one you’ll just be another hit and run affiliate marketer working for peanuts. Stop building other people’s customer base; start building your own list. Having large email list shows you are on right affiliate marketing and that ultimate money-making affiliate model

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