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10 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Online

You are probably a heavy internet user with the aim of making money online. You may have been overwhelmed when you read success stories of people who have been making money online. I want to share with you based on my eleven years experience using the internet; ten reasons why you are not making money online.

So, here below are 10 doubt-able reasons why you are not making money online.

  1. You Are A Freebie Hunter

You dig up google in search of freebie relevant to your online business . Freebies do help sometimes, but not all the time. Quality information products are premium i.e they are for sale. 80% of freebies materials are junks and may not help you in making money online.

2. You Do Not Want To Spend

I have come across a lot of sales page for information product in which free domain e.g, or free hosting e.g, is being used. You need to invest money if you intend to make money online.

3. You Do Not Know How

Making money online is an art (am not talking about legitimate means). You need to know the ABC to Z of an online business scheme. Besides, there are many ways to make money online ranging from affiliate marketing, information marketing, blogging, web designing, writing, bulk SMS, social media marketing, graphics design, etc.

4. You Are A Jack: Sorry! I don’t mean Jack the Dog but Jack of all trades

You want to make money, but you are involved in so many money making schemes at the same time. Even a computer delays a process before running another. You cannot apply all money making schemes at the same time. Take life one at a time.

5. You Do Not Know How To Hunt For Clients

You spend a lot of time googling “how to get clients” and yet you do not have loads of clients. You need to brush us your marketing skills to enable you get clients.

6. You Are Impatient: You want a get-rich-quick scheme

Sorry making money online is not an ATM process; it takes time to get things done. It is an investment of your time, energy and money and it yields results after a time. You need to be patient so as not to give up at the tipping point.

7. You Are Not Committed

You need to be committed maybe not 100% but at least to a certain degree. For instance, blogging requires constant posting of articles so as to keep traffic visitors coming everyday. If you take more than a week to respond to emails from a prospective client, you are not committed.

8. You Are Learning From The Wrong Coach/Mentor

Anyone making money online at one point or the other has a coach/mentor. If you are learning from the wrong person, it may not yield results. You need to take your time to approach people who have been in your field so as to learn from them.

9. You Are Overconfident

There is nothing, absolutely wrong with being confident, but being “too sure” of making money online when you have not can sublime you. I have met a lot of people who have boasted about getting clients online or being an internet guru but I discovered they have been failing. You do not need to boast about knowing how to make money online; go ahead and make the money. Action speaks louder than words.

10. You Are In The Wrong Place

Making money online requires being conversant with a niche. For instance, You cannot make money online blogging about sports when you are not familiar with sport terms, personalities, teams, etc. You need to look for your niche or carve out your niche (an area where you are good at).

There are more reasons why you are not making money online; you can take your time to find and fix the issue. I will end this post with this quote by Idowu Koyenikan Author of Wealth for All which says “The money you make is a symbol of the value you create”.

☺ Good luck

Author’s BIO:

Oluwasegun Daniel is a web developer, writer and graphics designer. He is the Author of Resource Toolbox and other tech guides. He loves to teach and inspire others. He is the owner of

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Online”

  1. Very useful and nice post. Most articles hesitate to admit the harsh reality of the money made from the internet. I myself has been trying to do for more than 6 months but haven’t started to earn any serious money. But I hope that the law of providing quality content will soon be proved fruitful.

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