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How to Make money through Blogging in Nigeria

Making money online through blogging is quite easy when you’ve built a successful blog. Many bloggers are making thousands of dollars per months online. These are blogger who have built a successful blog.  A successful blog is a blog that receives tons of visitors per day.

May be you’ve been Blogging for a while and receiving tons of quality traffic/visitors on your blog; now, you want to learn how to make money from your blog. That’s a good one!

In this article, I’ll show you how to make money through blogging in Nigeria.  But before I proceed, let see how to attract readers to your blog.

How to make money online through blogging


Ways to attract readers to your blog

Some ways you can attract readers to your blog and increase your chances of making money from your blog include:

Make Your Blog’s Content search engine-Friendly – Only those blog contents that appear among the top 10 pages are likely to be click on by online users. So, if online users must visit your blog, it has to appear among the top 10 pages index by search engine and the only way to achieve this, is to make blog search engine friendly. I have written a guide on search engine optimization (SEO) of which you can apply on your blog to rank high on organic search result and earn your blog more visitors.

Target Your Content for an Audience Sharing – Write blog content that people will be ready to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Some content has the capacity to go viral. Focus in this kind of content if you want to boost your  blog traffic. Read more on… Blog Niches That Make Money in Nigeria – 15+ Untapped

Add Graphics, Photos and Illustrations – People are attracted to photos and there will still longer on your blog if there are photos to watch or illustration. Again, adding pictures or photos to blog content will improve your search engine optimization and ultimately help your blog to rank high on Google SERP.

Conduct Keyword Research for new blog Posts – You can use , Google Adword tool, Bing research keyword tool to research for keywords for better Search Engine Optimized content.

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Having seen how to improve or boost blog traffic, Let’s look at how to make money online through blogging.

How to make money through blogging

Once you’ve build a considerably blog traffics and survey your readers. You’re good to go!  There are tons of ways to make money through blogging. The key to making money through a blog is to run as many advertising products as you can get away with while still providing a good user experience.

Here are ways to make money online via blogging :

Google adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online through blogging. When your blog starts to receiving considerable number of visitors, apply for Google Adsence program. Google will absorb you as one of their Adsense publisher. If you are ready, you can apply now for Google Adsence program. When you are accepted into Google Adsence program, you will begin to show Google Ads on blog.
Placement of those Ads on your blog will require section targeting for maximum click. Google section targeting is often unused resource for many blogger. This is no doubt due to the fact that most blog owners don’t even know what section targeting is.

If you want to make money online with Google Adsense , then section targeting is something you need to understand. Most of the time, your blog content isn’t highly targeted to the keywords you are after. This is especially true for a blog because the post ramble from one topic to the next. Google tries its best to figure out what the general theme of a blog is and serve the most appropriate ads. However, you can help it out by section target your content. Section targeting will allow you to recommend key section of your article for adsense to emphasize. In other words, instead of having Google spidering your entire page to select ads space, you tell Google which parts of your content to target and which part to ignore.

To use section targeting
The following HTML tags triggers Google Adsense section targeting
<!-google_ad_section_start-> This is the section of text I want Google to use when selecting ads for my blog. All the keywords and keyphrases should go in here and I will stay highly focused on my theme which is make money through blogging step by step PDF, make money online through blogging, make money from blog, blogging for online money making etc <!-google_ad_section_end-> . Google will now use the section of text I designated for the targeting of Adsense ads and ignore the rest of the article. This how most blog do section targeting.
However, I find it easier to use tag <!-google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -> on section of my sites that I want Google to ignore so that I can keep my Adsense ads on target to theme of my blog. The weight=ignore tag allows me to ramble about anything I want and still keep the Google ads targeted to the main theme of my blog.
One good thing about Google adsense program was that in 2014, Google Adsense payment started being by direct bank deposit. If you are a Nigerians, you can return to this site after you been accepted into Google Adsense program to read ‘how to Setup Google Adsense Payment in Nigeria for Direct Bank Deposit

Affiliate Marketing

Making money  blogging through affiliate marketing program is similar to Google Adsense program
I have written extensively on Affiliate marketing. It is here, Ultimate money-making Affiliate marketing model. This model gives you everything you need to make money on affiliating money. People like John Chow dot com, the owner of ; Linda Ikeji, the owner of , and a dedicated young Nigeria Mr. Pascal Okafor, the owner of who hit a jackpot on affiliate marketing, to mention but a few have all made it big on affiliate program.

You too can also make it on affiliate marketing, just follow all steps you’re read from the above affiliate making model. Remember, a number of websites nay claim to offer affiliate program for blogger, ensure you check their record before joining their affiliate program otherwise you may end up working for them and at the end receive no payment.

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Selling your own product

You can make money blogging by selling your own product. Your product can be package in form of eBook, video, DVD, manual and seminars. Manual and seminars are now converted to digital form for easy transfer on the internet. The key things about your product(s) should be; attractive title, well-researched, truthful, useful, concise and appropriate price tag. Selling an eBook is a good place to start from.

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Accepting Direct Advert

Providing advert space on your blog for companies or businesses who wish to advertise on your blog can be an effective way to make money from your blog. The company’s banner or text link can be place on you blog advert space after the company must have pay for the advert space. You advertising rate should be competitively ok while providing the company with your huge blog visitors’ statistics, this will nerve them to advertise on your blog.

Media-net Ads

Yahoo media-net Ad is also similar to Google Ads program but they would require you to build huge blog traffic before applying to join them.

To make money from your blog, try a combination of the above ways. Combining 2 or 3 of the methods above will help you earn multiple stream of income from your blog. What works for me may not work for you that is why you must know your blog visitors?

Now, get back to work; apply those steps above to make money online while blogging.
Remember, blogging should be fun and interesting. Don’t blog for money, offer value.

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  1. Good article, only watch out with combination. Services like google adsense don’t just allow any kind of combination. Thanks for sharing.

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