15 thoughts on “How to send money from USA to Nigeria”

  1. Hello Emma,is it Possible to receive money sent directly into your first bank current account from united states of america?

  2. hello, please I will be travelling to the US soon, so I want to ask Peradventure, I want to make use of some money from my GTBANK account, how do I withdraw it in US dollars ? and at what rate?
    2) do I need to open a domiciliary account before I leave?
    3) do I need to get a token from my bank if peradventure I want to make a fund transfer between banks? or I can do fund transfer through quick teller?

      1. Please I Need Your Help Am From Nigeria A Friend Of Mine From Pakistan Want To Send Me Money and I Need An Account Number For Him To Send It

  3. Hello,before the money is sent does one have to open a domicile account here in Nigeria?
    I’ll be waiting for your reply,Thanks .

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