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101 blogging tips; ultimate bloggers’ guide

Let me start by informing you that there are thousand and one blog sites online competing for Google’s search engine top 10 pages or even other major search engine top 10 page results. You may be aware of this; or if you are not, bear this in mind. My 101 blogging tips may not help your page rank #1 in search engine but for sure will help your page appear among the top 10 page search engine results if you apply them. When starting a blog or blogging you need to know and apply these blogging tips  to help your blog pages rank among the top 10 pages in search engine and as well as  help you succeed as a blogger. Many bloggers ignorantly failed to apply these simple blogging tips and tricks and when they see no visitors coming to their site, they got frustrated and abandon the blog dead.

101 blogging tips are virtually simple summary of all the blogging tips I have learnt and applied during the course of my blogging. 200 pages of e-book may not contain all but I have decided to summarize them in this few pages of this blog. No need for subscription or paying a dime to receive any e-book.   These blogging tips have proven to produce unpredictable magic in respect to my blog visibility and search engine optimization. I bet you they worth applying.

I grouped these blogging tips and techniques into 3 levels or categories for better understanding. Whether you are newbie or professional blogger, you need these blogging tips for your blogging success.

Level 1: the Beginner’s Blogging tips (rudimentary blogging)

Level 2: the Intermediary Blogging tips (normal blogging)

Level 3: the Professional Blogging tips (advanced blogging)

 > Beginner’s blogging tips

This is the rudimentary of all blogging and they are blogging tips you need to know when starting a new blog. They include things like;

Blogging what your passionate about or know

The truth is that you must blog about something you are passionate about to succeed in blogging. The best way to decide what to blog about is to ask yourself, “what could I offer for free”. Anything you think and know you could do for free should be your choice of topic for blog.

Getting your own domain

If you know that you don’t want be taken or looked at as someone that is unserious about blogging then you must get your own personal domain. Avoid using the free services like, etc. These free services cannot be held countable for anything that happens to your site and your web pages can delete without your notification. So getting your own domain is the premium. Alternatively, you can host your domain name on sites providing domain hosting service with little to nothing $.

Writing well, articulating and being unique

Write what people can read and understand. You will not be there to explain to your readers what you mean. You write-up should be explanatory. You need to be at getting your ideas across in an understandable manner. Unique writers attract attentions though you do not need to be an expert writer to have a successful blog. Successful bloggers know how to brand themselves. Branding will help to separate your blog from the million out there. The most unique thing about your blog is not the topic you’re writing about but ability to promote and brand yourself. Branding is the one reason why all bloggers must get their own domain name instead of using the free service like blogspot or

Writing for people instead of search engine

In course to write Google optimized page, many blogger are caught up with stuff like keyword phrases, keyword density, making content Google friendly etc. You may have perfectly SEO page and still not ranked #1 because Google follow people not keywords optimized pages. Pages written for search engine make no sense to readers and they dare not read it.

Don’t rush to push the publish post button

After writing a post, take time to cross, double or triple check the post to make sure it is free of errors.  Imagine, a hot story comes up and you just want your blog to carry it first but in your rush to publish the post, you forget to proofread and hit the publish post button. What a mess! You made it, right? If spot error after the post, correct it immediately. If your blog becomes a mess, it will scare visitors away.

Post frequently (update often) and consistently.

Don’t be on-again off-again blogger. A non-updated blog is dead. If you cannot commit to a constant or consistent blogging schedule why then starting blogging in the first place. Nothing kills a blog faster than lack of updates. If you’re going to blog then you should schedule your posting time and try to maintain it.

Don’t be a copycat or content scrapper

Don’t copy and paste what another blog posted, give your own opinion because that’s what blogging is all about. Mind you, your blog will never be approve for Google adsense account if you’re a ‘content scrapper blogger’

Know your blog readers

Successful bloggers build relationship with their readers. As a blogger you cannot exist without readers and readers don’t exist unless they have something to read. You blog should be like one-one conversation between you and your readers. Build this relationship between you and your readers and other blog in your niche. Substantial relationships are only built on trust. Give valid and proven evidence in your writing so as be trusted.

Reach out to other bloggers

The noise you make is the noise you hear. So why not make some noise in other related niche blog so that other bloggers will notice your blog. You can comment on their blog or follow them social network pages. I have discovered many great blogs this way. You also send link to their post, trackback and even join their forum.

Make your Feed RSS Link or Button Visible

You RSS link should be made visible for blog subscribers. You can place the RSS button at the near top of blog and be visible without scrolling. You blog RSS link should be at eye catching point within page.

Ask your readers to subscribe

            Suggest to your readers to sign-up for RSS feed. If you want you can also add a line that says, “If you like this, consider subscribing to my full feed RSS”, edit your single php. or page template to allow the line appear on every single post in your blog.

Encourage comments

Throw up motivation and apply open-ended statements that will encourage your blog readers to leave comment on your blog. A blog is communication tool between its author and the readers, and should be taken as advantage. You can request for feedbacks, opinion from your readers. In beginning, you may even try to ‘seed’ your blog with comment to set the ball rolling because some people are motivated to push comment on post when they see others doing so. So start the commenting, it is not a sin.

They are many blogging tips you can actually apply to your blog as a beginner blogger but let’s talk about them next time

Intermediary blogging tips

                Find your niche audience

A key point to success of your blog depends on your ability to locate your audience where they are hiding. They can be hiding on one of the biggest websites in your niche that cater to your future readers. Use Google, facebook, ning bing, yahoo, twitter etc. to search for “top blog on (niche)”, (niche) forum. Locating your audience gives you edge to determine what they read most or would like read. As it is often said, the devil you know is better off than the angel you do not know.

Identify and locate your competitors

Your competitors are those who are in the same or similar niche market; they blog about something related to your niche. Discover the top competitor; locate them in their blogs, forum (owners, moderators or active users), facebook and twitter. Seek for advice, suggestion and feedback from them. Knowing them will help you figure out easily what make them rise to the top. You can apply their principle and or modify them to rise.

Look for Gaps to fill in related or similar niche

            In this recent time, use of Google keyword research tool is no longer free but there are still other keyword research tools like the Bing free keyword research tool can be use to see keyphrases that are getting thousands of searches every month. When you discover these key phrases or words, head over to Google, type in those phrases and see if there are relevant results on them. If thousands or hundreds are searching for something that nobody else is offering, that could be the gap you need to fill. All you need to do is find those gaps in your niche and fill it. Apply authenticity to dominate in your niche.

Build your foundation or Base

            This is more like branding though a bit more complex than that. It involves identifying what you need do to grow your fans. Register and create account on twitter, facebook, raddit etc. if your market hangout there. Join them in forums if they are there and push them to follow to your blog.

Get an avata; simple image that will represent you wherever you go or visit in the web. You can use Avata in places like blog commenting gravatar, twitter profile pictures, feed RSS, youtube, forum profile picture etc.

Engage your Audience and influencers

Spend some time; attend to your readers complaint and help them resolve their issue if they require your help. This is most crucial part most blogger miss out. Your influencers maybe your competitor can send some link juice to your web page if your prove you that your web page is important. This can help your web page rank high in Google.

I have not exhaust the intermediary blogging tips but let’s talk a bit about Professional blogging tips.

Professional Blogging tips

Write a killer post title

The only way to push your reader to click through your article or post is by writing a post title that captures attention. This is part of search engine optimization. Every professional blogger do this in one way or the other but be careful not to mislead your readers by writing attractive post title without rich content. Your post title should match with your article contents. There are many ways of writing a killer post title. You can check out that here: “how to write a killer post title; push visitors to click through”

Write content that speaks

You content should speak for you. All SEO books talk about rich content. This is the only one thing that will help you retain your valuable readers. If you want to keep your old time readers then you must write a rich content. Don’t write for search engine, write for people. Search engine follow people and people follow content. This is just the simple trick.


Part 2 of 101 blogging tips; the ultimate Bloggers’ Guild is coming up soon, don’t miss this. Simply hit the RSS LINK on hand side of this page or enter you email address on the form on top of this page and  everything will be right there in mail box.

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