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How to Download & install Microsoft Office on New Ipad and iphone

You just purchase a new Ipad or iphone, the next thing that comes to your mind is how to download applications on your new Ipad or iphone. There are many applications both free and payable applications that can be download and install on Ipad just like any other device. The itune store provides many of these applications. Among these numerous applications is the Microsoft office. With recent available CloudOn app, downloading Microsoft office from itune store has been made free. You can now create and share documents, spreadsheet and presentation right from Ipad or iphone. Before detail on how to download Microsoft office on ipad, let’s talk a bit about this ipad App-CloudOn

What is CloudOn

CloudOn is an ipad App that let you use office on an ipad. CloudOn host word, Excel and PowerPoint on its own servers and hooking them up to drpbox for file storage. With the recent version 2.0 of this app and service, you can now use box as well as dropbox for storage, adding adobe reader and incorporating a wide performance. Unlike Onlive desktop, CloudOn gives you Office NOT Windows; you don’t the start button or the desktop and don’t internet explorer. CloudOn is usually fast enough to make editing documents in word, Excel and PowerPoint easy, but it doesn’t deal as wellwith task where screen refreshing is required such as scrolling and PowerPoint transition and quality of text it gives on ipad 2 is not fantastic.
Now let’s get started. Before you can download anything on a new Ipad , you need to update your Ipad itune store.
How to update new ipad itune store
Step 1 visit any of these links; or on your laptop or computer (desktop) but please NOT with your Ipad. Once the itune home page opens, click on download itune. Once you download the itune save the itune icon on your desktop interface as a shortcut. Any latest version of itune should be downloaded. If you have already downloaded itune on your desktop or laptop, then skip this step.
Step 2 Updates your new ipad. To update your new ipad, connect your new Ipad (using ipad USB cord) to the desktop or laptop you have downloaded the itune on. Please, make sure you’re internet connected while doing this.
Step 3 Click on accessing button on the laptop or desktop (computer) to begin an automatic itune store update on your Ipad. After this you’re done with updating of your new Ipad.
Let’s see how to download Microsoft office on Ipad
As I said in ab initio CloudOn app has made downloading and installation of Microsoft office on Ipad free. This application is free app for Ipad. It will enable you to view and edit Microsoft document. It is free on app store. It brings Microsoft doc access for MC word, MC excel, and powerpoint easily on ipad. This app provides a friendly user interface and a multiple option to manage Microsoft office on your Ipad.
To download and install CloudOn app on your Ipad;
• Type in CloudOn app for Ipad in Google search and hit search
• Click on the first result with CloudOn app for Ipad that should be
• Once on the itunes CloudOn page,
This logo above is CloudOn logo, once you see this logo then you is the right page. Tap on the install button to begin your CloudOn app installation.
NOTE THESE: before downloading CloudOn app, you need to create account with CloudOn by signing up. After signing up for a CloudOn app, the app will request you create another with dropbox or box—two are linked. Then, sign up to get started with you app downloading.
Once, you download and install CloudOn app you can easily install Microsoft office on your Ipad. With the CloudOn app you can install the microsoft office on your Ipad.

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  1. The post is found to be helpful with the process of downloading the Microsoft Office. The Apple devices are developed with iOS, due to which many issues may arise while installing it. For this, the post will come in help.

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