Top 15 uses of Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Do you know ATM machines can be use to do virtually all transaction done on banks? How can you use ATM Machine to carry out these transactions? What is ATM machine? Why struggle in banks while you can use ATM machine nearest to you to perform all different bank transactions


Automated Teller Machine (ATM) allows you as a customer to make basic bank transactions without the aid of any bank branch representative or teller.

ATMs are found throughout cities and localities which give customers easy access to their bank accounts. Anyone with a debit or credit card will be able to access most ATMs. Usually, transactions done by using an ATM machine operated by your bank don’t attract any charge but accessing your account and making transactions through an ATM machine owned by a competing bank may attract little money deduction from your account.

Some couple of weeks ago; I showed you how to transfer money using ATM card to another account and without ATM card; this is one aspect of use of ATM machine. Today, I will share with all the top uses of ATM machines. You may feel  know them already  but trust me; you will get to know many more uses of ATM Machine today.

Before I proceed further, I presume you’ve used ATM Machine before; if Peradventure you’ve not. See how to use it now.

How to use the ATM Machine

To use the ATM Machine;
• Visit any ATM Machine outlet close to you
• Insert your bank ATM card, debit card or credit into the ATM Machine
• Enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN), a secret password that you create.
• Then select the banking service you require (deposit, withdrawal, transfer funds, account inquiry, etc.)
• Follow the instructions on screen displayed to complete your transaction.
Having known how to use ATM Machine, here are top 15 uses of ATM machine you need to know.

Top 15  uses of  ATM Machine

1. Shopping
Online Shopping has been made simple and easy as many online business owners now integrate payment options into their websites. With many ATM machine, you can buy products and items online with ease; you can use it to pay at some retail shops. The bank’s terms and conditions may be apply; ensure you read their terms and conditions before you initiate transaction.

2. Recharging airtime on mobile phones and devices
With ATM machine, you can recharge Air Time on your mobile phones and devices. This is usually done in two ways;
• Virtual Top Up-In virtual top up (VTU), you get phone credits topped up automatically by increasing the previous credit balance by the amount you requested. This is available for all MTN, Zain and Glo network subscribers.

3. Quick Teller Option-with quick teller, you can buy airtime, make payment online and shop online.

4. Buying and transferring airtime to others
You can buy and transfer airtime to your family member, relative or friend through ATM machine. This is usually easy and possible if you own account with the bank that owns the ATM machine

5. Cash Withdrawer
This is the very use of ATM machine everybody knows about. ATM machine provides 24/7 Cash Withdrawal from your account.

6. Printing of Mini Statement of your account
With ATM machine, you can print the last eight transactions on own account. This usually important when you want to get details statement of few last bank transactions made on your account .

7. Intra Bank transfer
The Transfer of money from your account to other account of the same bank using ATM machine is an intra bank transfer. Intra Bank money Transfer service is usually free. For example if you are a firstbank account holder; you can transfer money from your first bank account to another first bank account using ATM machine. This kind of transaction attracts no charge.

8. Inter Bank transfer
You can also transfer money from your back account to a different bank account using ATM machine; this is called interbank transfer. Bank charges may be applied.

9. Send or transfer money to your family members, relatives or friends

With ATM Machine, you can send or transfer money to your family members, relatives and friends. The procedure for doing thing is sometimes found besides on the ATM Machine terminals. It is very easy and simple. Any average reader who can read words from screen can do it.

10. Check account balance
Account Balance Enquiry can be done using an ATM machine. This is for all Account (both savings and current) holders’ nationwide. Though it relatively simpler these days, by dialing a simple ussd code on mobile phone; your account balance will be sent to you.

11. Check account number
You can also inquire your bank account number using ATM Machine. If you forget your bank account number and you are in dare need of it, visit any ATM terminal near you. However, just like dialing a code on phone to receive your account balance, you can also dial a code to receive your bank account number on your phone from your bank

12. Payment for DSTV, ELECTRICITY BILL and other utility Bills
One important use of ATM Machine which people don’t know is the use of ATM machine to make Bill Payment. You can pay for utility bills like Electricity bill, DSTV & HITV subscription fees and GSM Postpaid bills using ATM machine. With quick teller option on ATM machines, you can do more than this.

13. Airlines: Payment for Pre-booked Aero Air Tickets and others
You can make payment for pre-booking of Aero Air Tickets and other Airlines using ATM machine. In situation whereby you are choked up with time for boarding air ticket from Air travellers’ agents, you can simple pre-book an airline through an ATM close to you.

14. Card based cash deposit
You can carry out card based cash deposit with your Verve or Naira MasterCard card. However, you can only deposit into the account(S) link to your debit card. It is not all ATM machines that serve this purpose.

15. Cardless cash deposit
In cardless cash deposit, you can deposit cash into account without the use of a debit card. Again, it is not all ATM machines that serve this purpose.

Firstbank ATM machine is an example of ATM machine that can be use to perform a cardless cash deposit transactions.


Are you aware of all these uses of ATM machine I have explained above? Let’s hear from you now.

If you have a question you can use the comment box below. All questions and comments should be related to the topic, USE OF ATM MACHINE.


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