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5 reasons students should launch small business while in college

Why should student launch small business while in college? Is it necessary that student lunched a small business while in school? Yes. Below are 5 reasons students should launch small business while in college

Every student should start a small business while in college for the following reasons;
• Need to supplement and support their parents
• To acquire entrepreneur skill
• A form of investment
• To keep them busy
• Unemployment after graduation-economic situations

1. Need to raise money and support their parents

There are lot of things every student spend their money on. They buy and pay for typing and photocopying of seminar papers, hand-outs, lecture notes, field trips, research projects, practical, school fees, accommodation and many other things. Unfortunately, most parents and guardians are not buoyant enough to cater for these. So, the student starting a small business while in college will help to relief their parent from paying for all these things. Sometimes, the student can make enough money when they start small business that they can even support their parents at home who are in need of money.

2. Need to acquire entrepreneur skill

Launching small business while in college will help students learn what it takes to do business. He can acquire experience and entrepreneurial skills such that even when he leaves the college, his experiences can lead him into managing a multinational company. Beginning from earlier as student to learn the basic element of doing business is a key business success determining factor.

3. A form of investment

Some student don’t even know how to save money let alone investing but by doing a small business, the student is indirectly saving and investing at the same time. Doing business is a form of investment because the money you put into business is there to generate interest which are profit you realized from the business. so, every student should invest in business while still in college as many will continue reap the dividends after leaving school.

4. To keep them busy

Some students while away time gossiping and indulging on irrelevant activities on their leisure. So, filling up such time with doing something relevant like running a small business will help in curtailing the student from such irrelevant activities and keep them busy all the time.

5. Unemployment after graduation

There is massive unemployment everywhere today. Every year, the universities and high institutions are graduate millions of student. The society today is filled up with unemployed youths and graduates. There are no longer government safety nets or white collar job that will match up with the level of unemployed graduate. Worst of it, every day companies downsizes her already employed workers in attempt to cut cost and all these people turn out to be unemployed again.

So, the only better solution to this problem is to be self-employed. Becoming self-employed is a key solution to unemployment and this starts right from student level. At student level, you will learn the basics and fundamentals in doing business. If you starts earlier (at student level) to run a small business, you will become an expert in the business by the time you leave school.

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