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Application Letter for Hotel Job in Nigeria (with Examples)

Hotel Jobs are among the most available in Nigeria. Seeking for a job in a hotel may require that you write an application letter.  I have below sample of Application letter for post of receptionist in a Hotel in Nigeria. If you’re preparing to apply for receptionist job in a hotel and you don’t know how to go about writing application letter for the hotel job; you can comfortable copy the sample application letter below and edit it appropriately to suit you .

Point to Note When Writing Hotel Job Application Letter

  • Your application letter MUST be straight to the point
  • It MUST Convincing
  • Your experiences MUST be well highlighted
  • your relevant qualifications MUST be included

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Sample Application Letter for Post of Receptionist in A Hotel in Nigeria

                                                                              No. 2 Eha-Amufu Road,                             Obolla-Afor,                             Udenu L.G.A,                             Enugu State.

                            5th April, 2019.

The Manager,
THE Bull Hotel,
No. 33 Nnewi Land,
Ogui, Enugu.

Application letter for post of a hotel Receptionist

I humbly write to apply for post of receptionist in your noble establishment.

I graduated from Federal Polytechnic, Idah with HND in Hospitality Management (2nd Class Honour, Upper Division).

I have worked as a receptionist in CityMAC Hotel, Lekki Lagos for 3 years. I have also worked a Gardener in BYC Cottage Investment Ltd, Apapa Lagos. I understand that this post requires a candidate who has ability to establish good human relationship with minimal effort, self-starter who must be able to work with little or no supervision. I possess these attributes and they have served me well in the past ensuring my rapid promotion by my past employers.

I promise to utilize my wealth of experience and knowledge to grow and serve your establishment if my application is granted

I enclose here in photocopies of credential and Curriculum Vitae

Thank You.

Yours Faithfully,

Enibe John

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On a final note, if you study the above application letter for a hotel job carefully, you’ll discover the following;

  • The application letter is straight to the point
  • It’s Convincing
  • My experiences are well highlighted
  • My relevant qualifications are listed too.

This is what is needed in any good application letter. If you’re writing your own application letter for a hotel job, do yourself good to include these points.


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