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How to Write Application Letter for Job Employment (5 samples)

Learn⇒ How to Write Application Letter in Nigeria that will land you into a good job. If this is your first time to write  job vacancy cover letter and you know nothing about how to write an application letter for a job employment, do not worry. The information below will help you to write a good job application letter.

The art of letter writing is often thought to be one of the easiest things to do not until necessity demands one from you. I was discussing with one of the Human Resource Manager of a notable company in Nigeria two days ago on issues of Job application and getting jobs in Nigeria. In his words, “most job seekers of these days cannot even write a good application letter or cover letter that will warrant them to being selected for job interview”. According to him, submitting a good application letter is a prerequisite for invitation for job interview.

It is therefore paramount that I discuss in detail how to write a stunning application letter for quick job employment.

writing Job Application letter
Job Application letter

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Here’s detailed information you need to write a good job application letter that will help you secure a job interview.

How to write Application letter for Job Employment

  1. Definition of Application letter or cover letter
  2. Qualities of a good Application letter
  3. Tips for writing a job Application letter
  4. Part of application letters
  5. Samples of application letter

Definition of Application Letters

A letter of Application, also known as a cover letter is a document sent with your resume to provide information in your skill and experience.

A letter of application typically provides detailed information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. The application cover letter is a tool used to sell you as a job seeker. Effective applications letters explain the reasons for your interest in the specific organization and identify your most relevant skills on experiences. Your application letter should let the employer know what position you are applying for, why the employer should select you for an interview and how you.

You chance of securing a particular job starts with your ability to write a good application letter. If you fail to write good application letter, you will likely not be selected for the job interview.

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Qualities of a good application letters

  • A good application letter should be straight to the point. A letter of application should not be more than one page long.
  • A good application letter must contain the position you’re applying for.
  • It must contain your qualification, experiences and skills relevant to the job you’re seeking for
  • It should explain why you’re the most qualified for job position and should be selected for an interview.

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Tips for Writing a Job Application Letter

  1. You have to do some groundwork before you start to write your job application letter.
  2. Consider what information you want to include (keeping in mind that space is limited).
  3. Spend some time to analyze the job advertisement.
  4. Match your qualifications with the employer’s wants and needs.  If the job advert calls for a strong leader, think of examples of when you’ve successfully led a team.
  5. You have to mindful of the font size, style and letter spacing of the Application letter. A letter of application should be single-spaced with a space between each paragraph. Use about 1″ margins and align your text to the left, which is the standard alignment for most documents. Use a traditional font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The font size should be between 11 and 12 points.
  6. Proofread and edit your application letter after writing to correct grammatical errors.

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Part of Job application letter

Here’s a quick lowdown on the main parts in a job application letter:

  • Job seeker’s contact address (your address)


38 Oba Street,

Ogui Urban,


Enugu state.

1st June, 2018.

  • Your employer’s contact address


The Human Resources Manager,

United bank of Africa Plc,

Okpara Avenue,


  • Salutation – This is your polite greeting. The most common salutation is “Dear sir/Madam,
  • Heading – The heading contain the post you’re applying for.




Application for A Post of Lecturer I in your Institution
Application for Post of A Marketing Manager in your Company
Application for A Post of Accountant in your Firm
Application for a Post of Computer Operator in Establishment

Body of the Application letterYou can think of this part as being three distinct parts with a conclusion.

i. In the first paragraph, mention the job you are applying for, the date and where you saw the job advert.

ii. The next paragraph(s) are the most important part of your letter. This is where you’ll share those relevant details on your qualifications, experience and accomplishments.

ii. The third and conclusion part of the body of the letter will be your thank you to the employer; you can also offer follow-up information.

  • Complimentary CloseSign off your application letter with a polite close, such as “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely”.
  • SignatureEnd with your application letter signature, handwritten, followed by your typed name. If this is an email, simply include your typed name, followed by your contact information.

Samples Job Application Letter

Here are sample of Job Application Letters;

SAMPLE I of Job Application Letters

                          151 Dougla Road,


                          Imo State.

                          22nd May 2018.

The Human Resources Manager,

Firstbank of Nigeria Plc,

Douglas Road Owerri,

Imo State.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I write in response to your advertisement in the Guardian Newspaper of May 6th 2018 for the post Chief Accountant. I graduated from University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a degree in Accounting (2nd Class Honours, Upper Division). In addition, I have a master degree in Banking and Finance, Professional Qualification in (ICAN) and many years of cognate experience.

I understand that this post require a candidate with a strong analytical mind, a self starter who must be able to work with little supervision. I possess these attributes and they have served me well in the past ensuring my rapid promotion by my previous employers.

I would appreciate an opportunity to interview with you and demonstrate to you first hand that I am an excellent fit for this position

Kindly contact me at the above address or through my phone number 07038844---.,  Attached are photocopies of my credentials for your perusal. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Onwuka Emmanuel.

SAMPLE II of Job Application Letters

                                                                         3 Okonkwo Avenue,

                           Area I,

                           World bank,


                           Imo State.

                           26th May 2018.

The managing Director,

Duntex Investment Nigeria Limited,

P.M.B. 1058,

Lagos Street, Garki II,


  Dear Sir/Madam,


I humbly wish to apply for the position of Sales Executive which was advertised in the Guardian Newspaper dated 26th May, 2018. I graduated from Abia State University, Uturu with a degree in Marketing (2nd Class Honours, Upper Division). In addition, I have a master degree in Business Administration.

I had ten (10) years experiences in the sales departments of two well-known companies. My duties at Innoson Plastic Limited include training sales staff, dealing with the company’s foreign correspondence, and organizing market research and sales promotion programmes. I thoroughly enjoy my work and am very happy here, but feel that my experience in marketing has proposed me for the responsibility of full sales Executive.

Mr. Sampson Ogoh, Sales Executive of my former company, has agreed to provide a reference for me. His details are shown on my curriculum vitae. I shall be pleased to provide any further information you may need, and hope I may be given the opportunity of an interview.

Yours faithfully,

Onwuka Emmanuel.

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SAMPLE III of Job Application Letter

application letter for Job Vacancy

Sometimes, some companies would rather prefer you send your application letter to their email address. And when this required, you’re not expected to use the above format.

Here is a sample of an email “Job Application Letter”

Subject:  Coding and Programmer position – Pan Kitt

Email Message:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I write to express my interest in the Coding and Programmer position listed on

Your descriptions of the work responsibilities that are required of your next coding and programmer position closely match my experience, and I am excited to submit my resume to you for your consideration.

In my position as a programmer for Zentex Company, I updated and expanded existing programs. I also wrote programs in a variety of computer languages, such as PHP, C++ and Java.

Additionally, I build computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to automate the writing of some code.

My resume is attached.  If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your favourable consideration.

Pan Kitt

Address: 37 Obah Street, Onitsha-Anambra State, Nigeria.


Phone number: 070388xxx64

Summary of how to write an Job application letter or cover letter

  1. Start by writing your contact information at top of the page.
  2. Your application letter should be addressed to a name or title with contact information.
  3. Express your interest in the first paragraph. State where you found the position, date and how you’ll be of benefit to the employer.

4 The second and third paragraph should be a summary of your strengths, qualifications, and experience.

  1. Conclude with an explicit one-sentence summary of why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.
  2. Invite the human resources manager to contact you (optional).
  3. End the application letter with Complimentary Close message (Yours faithfully,)
  4. Sign off appropriately, and write your name.
  5. Check to see if content is organized.
  6. Proofread your application letter.

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How to follow up on a job application letter

Hearing nothing after sending your application letter and CV to an office or email, upon requirement can be very disheartening.

But, the truth is, it will do you no good to just sit and wait for a response that might never come.

So, should it ever happen that after sending your application letter or CV for a week or two after the end of application letter submission; you do not get a response from the hiring manager, go ahead and follow-up your application.

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