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How to get Good Grades in University; An ultimate Guide for Students

This article will guide you in your journey of getting good grades in the University. It is in-depth and contains practical steps to help you get good grades in University. It is known fact there are a lot of distractions in the Universities. And this has resulted in poor grades for many students. So if you having poor grade or results in your examinations, this article will help you find your way back to the top. Also, if you just got an admission; this article will help you start and finish your journey in the university very well.How to get good grades in University

The importance of good grades in the University cannot be overemphasized. It will help you stand out while applying for scholarships. It will boost your confidence among your peers. You will get monetary rewards each session and you might even get job offers while in the University. This guide is here to help you achieve all these without killing yourself a week or two to your exams.

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Here are the steps you can follow to get good grade in the university or school.

How to get good grades in University


The first step towards getting a good grade in University is to set a personal reading timetable. A personal reading timetable is one drafted by you, to help read at a particular time. Discipline is needed in abiding to this timetable. Once you are able to do so, your knowledge about your courses will greatly improve.

A reading timetable will help you to put in more time to reading each day, even if it is just for an hour or two.  This will automatically put you ahead of your peers. And you’ll begin to get deeper understanding of your courses. To your amazement, you might even start answering questions in classes.  A reading timetable will also help you to get adequate sleep during your examination.  It will also help you gets ready for impromptu class assessment

There are so many reasons you should have a personal reading timetable.  But, how do you create one that is effective for you? For example, if you are the type that likes sleeping by 11pm and you create a timetable to start reading by 11pm. Trust me, you will end up not reading anything at all.

So, how can you create a timetable that will work for you? Here are tips to draft an effective timetable:

  • Increase your reading hour for difficult course
  • The days your class lectures ended early should have more reading hour
  • Give yourself a short break in between courses
  • Give yourself enough sleeping hour per day


Make sure you attend all your lectures or classes. This is another step to get a good grade in the university. Most students tend to miss morning lectures due to sleep. Set alarms and go for your lectures. Listen to your lecturers and write down some points that come from your lecturers. Always go to classes when you can and pay prompt attention to all that is being taught.

Students who miss lectures, often miss impromptu class assessment and end up carrying over the course. Others who are lucky enough have a ‘D’ instead of an ‘A’. All these at the end of the day, greatly effects on your grades.

Most lecturers will drop hints on what comes out on examination during their class lecture. So, attend your lectures. Always be present for attendance and pay attention in class.

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Apart from the examination, doing your assignments will also help you to get good grades. Some lecturers even assign more marks to assignment than examinations. You have your internet and time; let them be your friends. Use up your data bundle, do not write just two lines and submit.

Remember that it is not a test, but the marks might be more than that of the test. So try and do it well. Exhaust all resources at your disposal. Always do your assignments and submit promptly if you want to get good grades in University.


Registration number is what gives you identity as a student of a University or high institution. It is a unique identity number that no two persons can share. The format all differs from University to University.

The way you know your account number offhand should be the same way you know your Registration number. When you are given class assessment to do, always write it first no matter how much of haste you are. Write it on your examination sheets, assignment sheets, attendance sheets and so on. Not writing your school registration number often leads to no results at the end of the semester.

You see people say that they wrote an exam, but they do not have results. This is often due to not writing their registration number on exam answer booklet. So please, always have in mind to write your registration number before anything else.


When you’re firm with yourself, you will be able to achieve more. Know when it is time to leave that party, know when it is time to pause that movie or when it is time to stop scrolling social media.

Balance will get you your desired aim. Do not party till dawn when you know you have an early morning class to attend. Such attitude will not get you your desired goal.

If you have planned a day for reading and a friend calls to tell you that there is a party, do not leave your studies for that party. You have your timetable, so abide by it. There is much more fun in balance.


This is more like an accountability partner. You’re there to check each other. It is easier to do this walk when there is somebody shares similar values as you. You read together, go to parties together and all other outings.

You remind each other when it is time to read; pause the game or movie or even take a break. Even when you don’t find such a person that is totally fine but finding such a person will improve your focus a whole lot. Look out for someone like you and shoot a friendship shot. Who knows? It might just work out perfectly.


When someone is your best friend, you are mindful of the person right? That’s what time should be to you. As a student, time is not your friend. If you are not careful, you are going from your bed to lectures everyday without taking personal time to study. Be intentional about breaking that cycle, create time for personal studying.

Here is how to break the cycle:

  • Always account for time spent
  • Limit your phone usage
  • Do not spend time looking at the ceiling
  • Set alarm at different times to alert you of how many hours has gone

Phone usage is one thing that takes the majority of students’ time. Set your phone limit to a particular time and be strict with it. It will help you greatly in getting a grade.


Do not see reading as a punishment or chore. Try your best to make reading as fun as possible. Love it, embrace it. Pick every pieces of information you come across with enthusiasm. Use colored pens and notebooks to make your jottings as lively as possible.

Developing a good attitude towards reading is a gradual process. Here are steps you can follow:

  • Read in a very comfortable position
  • Read for your understanding
  • Have snacks by your side
  • Get fancy notes and biros for jottings
  • Write legibly
  • Your jottings should be only what and how you understand the hand-out
  • Use music to read
  • Walk around when your legs get crampy
  • Normalize interactions with other people while reading

These few points would do a lot to improve your reading habit.

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Preparing for school exam by solving and answering past questions is a simple trick that has help many students get good grade in their examination. Most lecturers like repeating questions, so getting these questions solved before the exam will definitely help you pass very well. Some other lecturers rely on question bank, which comprises of past question. So going through these  past question, will give you an edge in getting good grade


The final but not the least is commit your activities into the hands of the Lord. He can make everything easier and smoother for you. Study your Bibles and church manuals as well. You can even include reading your Bible into your reading timetable. Prayers will definitely improve your reading culture, and God will guide you in the journey of getting good grades.


There you have it, an ultimate guide to getting good grades in the University.  If follows diligently help will every University student out there to get good grades they desire.


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