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10 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria (University)

With Nigeria’s high unemployment rate, choosing the right course to study in Nigerian University can boost your chances of getting a high paying government job after graduation as well as becoming self-employed or the boss of yourself. When choosing a course of study, it is critical to evaluate the employment possibilities as regard your interested discipline.

Best Courses to Study in Nigeria

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Many students are often confused with the courses that will land them into getting high paying job or good career opportunities after graduation. For this reason, and many others, if you are a prospective student in Nigeria looking for the best course to study in Nigeria in order to get a good job. The below list of courses we’ve selected will be your best bet. Although there may be some other excellent courses but we’ve carefully selected list of best courses to study based on availability of the job opportunities, professionalism and of course, marketability.

In terms of availability of Job opportunities – after studying any of the courses listed here, you cannot start carrying your curriculum vitae(CV) and credentials looking for where to work because they’ll be so many job opportunities awaiting you.  Secondly, these courses are highly lucrativein sense that you’ll make money whether as an employed or self – employed person. And indeed the courses are highly marketable because the chances of you getting a job fast after completing any of these courses is high.

Now, let’s look at the list of the best courses to study in Nigeria or as a Nigerian……..

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Best Courses to Study in Nigeria

The best courses to study in Nigeria (university) to get good job  include:

Medicine and Surgery

As a result of the country’s severe scarcity of medical professionals, Medicine and Surgery has become one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. After studying medicine and surgery, you can set up your own hospital, work with private hospital, or get employed in a public hospital. You can also work with government agencies like National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), ministry of health, research institutes or companies.

According to National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria needs about 300,000 medical doctors to meet the doctor-patient ratio of 1:600 recommended by the World Health Organization. If this is the case, Nigerians will have to wait approximately one hundred years to reach the required number because the current ratio is one medical doctor per six thousand patients, which is not even close to what the world health organization recommend.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of job opportunities available out there in this field. Despite the clamor of unemployment in the country you will never see a jobless medical doctor. And of course you will not be the first to study Medicine and surgery without a good job.

Medicine and Surgery is one of the most lucrative courses to study not only in Nigeria but across the globe the world. With the corona virus spreading as a global pandemic, the need for medical doctors keeps increasing. Job appointment letter is now being issued to student of medicine and surgery beginning at the 100 level in some states of the federation, such as Bauchi State. This is just to meet up with a high demand for the service of medical doctors; this alone makes the course extremely marketable.


The study of languages both national and international languages in Nigeria give someone an edge of getting a very good job in:

  • Embassy
  • Ministry of foreign affairs
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Academics (Lecturing) among other places.

As a result of these numerous job opportunities available to persons who study languages, you’ll agree on that the discipline, language is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Again, the study of National Languages such as Hausa language, Yoruba language and Igbo language exposed someone to the world of enormous potential such as working with

  • BBC, NTA and co (Using local language) as: Reporter, Interviewer and Office Assistance
  • Research firms as: Data Enumerator, Transcription officers and Translation officers
  • International Non-governmental organization as: Translators without border and Farm radio international

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Accounting undoubtedly is one of the best professional courses to study in Nigeria in order to get good job. In the recent years, accounting has provided range of career opportunities with a thriving market value as government MDAs, blue chips companies, SMEs, and other corporate businesses face the enormous threat of shambles and recession.  The need for the service of accountants in the country has never been this alarming, recent growth in digital economy has necessitated financial accounting services.

Nursing Sciences

Nursing science is unquestionably a good course to study in Nigeria if you want to get a job. Not only that the course is highly lucrative and marketability within Nigeria and outside the country but the profession is critical to the development of any country’s health care sector. In recent years of global health crises, nursing sciences has become one of the most regarded courses not only in Nigeria but globally

As such, when asking for a course you will study in Nigeria and get job immediately after you graduate, the answer is nursing science.  It is just a matter of give and take. All you need is to graduate and take your job because the job is always available, especially with the highly global nurse shortage. You can work with pharmacist in pharmacy and also with doctors in clinics. A lot of Nurses are migrating to United State of America and other foreign countries to work, where they are placed on high salary scale structure.

Agricultural Sciences

If there is one course that the world’s future depends on it, that course must be definitely agricultural science. As a result, Agricultural science is very marketable, lucrative and of course, provides a wide range of job opportunities. Agricultural sciences cover a multitude of courses ranging from soil sciences, agricultural extensions to animal sciences.

There is no doubt  that Agricultural sciences is one of the best course to study in Nigeria as it also provide a diverse range of career opportunities with a thriving market value and also guarantee a profitable career progression. But often times, students shy away from studying Agricultural and Agricultural science-related courses because of the way the course is being perceived by the “elites”.

Computer Science

It is impossible to list the top 10 best courses to study in Nigeria and even globally without mentioning computer science in your list.  Computer sciences job is in high demand in all sectors due to the expansion and innovations in information technology. According to United States bureau of labor statistics; there will be a 13% increase in computer science jobs by 2026

As a computer scientist, you can work virtually in all sectors of business. So it is also a matter of graduate and pick your job, the job is always there for you. You can even start up your own firm rendering services that ranges from software development, programming, Mobile app development, web development and so other computer packages

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Another noble professional course that is worth studying in Nigeria is Medical Laboratory Science or diagnostic medicine.

In Nigeria, private and government hospitals as well as many clinics are being built on a regular basis to satisfy the needs of the country’s health-care industry, this means the services of medical laboratories will be forever be needed. Apart from working in public or private hospital, you can set up your own medical laboratory, work in research institute, brewery industry, textile industry, food processing industry and many other great places. It is the high rate of job opportunities or availability for medical laboratory sciences that makes this course one of the best course to study in Nigeria.

Architectural Science

One major fact about studying architecture is that career progression (huge potential for advancement) in this course is highly enticing. Other benefits of studying Architectural science include:

  • Amazing salary
  • Job options
  • enormous specializations which will attract more wealth such as;
  • Restoration Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Urban planner etc.

 Computer Engineering

In this recent time, there is no parastatal in Nigeria that does not work with the computers. Even our home computers and its accessories are capable of developing either hardware or software fault. This is where computer engineers come into play. So, graduate of this degree are easily being hired, and are, of course they get high pay. You can also start up your own tech computer laboratory where you repair faulty computer and its accessories.

International Studies

Finally, on our list of best courses to study in Nigeria is the International studies.  Just like the language, International studies is one of the best courses to study in order to get a job in Nigeria, especially in recent years when diplomats’ services have been in high demand.

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