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How to transfer money on ATM Machine (with transfer Limit)

Find out ⇒ How to Transfer Money on ATM with your ATM card! With ATM machine you can perform virtually all bank transactions/operation without stress and hassle of transporting yourself to your bank.

At the age of 9, I started visiting a nearby ATM to withdraw money for my grandmother. One faithful day, my grandma asked me to help her transfer money from ATM machine to her daughter’s bank account in Lagos Nigeria.  It was a big challenge for me because I have never done transfer on ATM before. Saying No wouldn’t be a better option as grandma won’t be able to do it.  I knew I won’t be unable to perform the operation, however as a brave guy who always seize every opportunity to exploit new things, I stood in front of the ATM trying all means to transfer the money. The people behind me got out angry after waiting for me a long time; started raining curses on me. After so much insults from these people, I invited the Firstbank security man to put me through on how to do the transfer. Here are procedure to transfer money on ATM machine, the security man thought me. I have composed these steps to guide you so that what happen to me will not happen to you.

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Step by Step Guide to Transfer Money on ATM Machine

The following are the steps to follow when you want to transfer money to another person’s account even in a different bank via the ATM machine.

STEP 1.  Insert Card into ATM Machine.

STEP 2. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) & Press Proceed.

STEP 3.  Press QuickTeller.

STEP 4.  Press Interbank Transfers. (if you’re transfering to a different banks)

STEP 5. Select Funding Account Type (Be it Savings or Current account)

STEP 6. Select Receiving Account Type (Be it Savings or Current account)

STEP 7. Select Recipient’s Bank.

STEP 8.  Enter Account Number you wish to transfer to

STEP 9.  Enter Amount and click Proceed

STEP 10.  Click Proceed if you accept the N100 charge (Note; you will be charged N100 by Quickteller for each transfer you want to make)

STEP 11. Confirm details and click proceed if every detail is okay

STEP 12. You’ll get the message “Transaction completed” please check the receipt for your reference number. Note: where there is no receipt, check your SMS alert for the reference number.

STEP 13. Remove Your ATM Card and you’re done. That’s simple

Now, you don’t have any reason to waste transport fee going to your bank to deposit money. You can do it all from your ATM machine. One can now be relieved of the extra effort of following awkward procedure while making deposit to any Nigerian bank account. It’s 100% safe and approved and NO risk is involved.

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What is Maximum ATM Transfer Limit?

The daily maximum ATM transfer limit is ₦200, 000. According to Zenith bank. You can withdraw a maximum of ₦40, 000 per transaction and perform up to five transactions per day. In all a customer can withdraw a maximum of ₦200, 000 in a day. However this may only apply to withdrawals made on Zenith Bank ATMs.

If you have any challenge transferring money through ATM, use the comment box below to share your challenge.


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