333 thoughts on “How to open a domiciliary account with Gtbank, Firstbank & Zenith bank”

      1. Emma please I have a friend at Indoneasia while am in US I wanna send him 100$ the equivalent is 1 mil can he transfer it to my naira Acct in Nigeria. Please I need immediate response thanks

          1. I am a US citizen but married to my husband from Nigeria. Can he open an account in both our names while I’m still in US.
            I would like to start depositing money in the account there.

      2. Hi, I opened a Domicilary Account with Zenith bank on 19th of July 2018 at Abia state Aba, till today my Account Details haven’t been sent me & i provided all d Document needed. I went back to their office they said there are trying to get a letter 4rm my branch in Abuja why is dat 4 d pass 5days.

        1. Hello Sharon Amy,
          It is better to open the domiciliary account with the branch you are operating a savings account on. Please, just give them some time to rectify the issue.

    1. I opened a dom account with GTBank some years back. I did not deposit into it anyway. I am in diaspora, but I sdid my BVN with GTBank. Can I transfer foreign currency into the account now?

      1. Hello Gabriel,
        Yes, You can transfer foreign currency into the account. However, if you wish to withdraw the money and the account is dormant; you have to reactivate it.

      1. OK! But please what are the extra charges involved when doing a transaction? Besides what is the minimum balance on both Zenith and GTB domiciliary account? From what I see, First bank isn’t easy to maintain

        1. Beauty,
          I don’t understand what you meant by First bank isn’t easy to maintain. Domiciliary account anywhere is the same apart from the little difference in their minimum deposit and charge per transaction.

  1. pls i dont use atm but is posible to transfare money witout usin does number on atm card.i avoid using atm card cos i dont want to witraw my money anyhw.bt can i transfare wit code witout havin atm from first bank to first bank

    1. It will be in dollar if your domiciliary account is in dollar.
      It will be in euro if your domiciliary account is in euro.
      It will be in pounds if your domiciliary account is in pounds.

  2. Does paypal charge to send money abroad. I.e India? I have a First Bank Paypal account but I haven’t used it to make any purchase online yet. I want to send $1500 to India, would paypal charge me for sending money?

  3. Using a Dormiciary account is there any limit per day or month that I can transfer to China and what the maximum Transfer per day if any.

  4. please which bank would you advice someone to open the dorm. account? cos I have first bank account, diamond account and GT Bank account.

  5. Good day sir, please would like to know the guide on how to open this domicialary account. What i would like to know is will i have dollars with me before opening the domicialary account just the savings account.

  6. Am trying to open a dome acct so as to send money to my bro in naija and I have the following questions.

    1. I want to open with diamond bank, will I be allowed to withdraw the $100 after opening.

    2. Assuming I went to bank with #50,000 will the bank change it to dollar and send for me

    3. He doesn’t have a domiciliary account or foreign, can he use his residence id to withdraw like it is done with Western Union?


    1. Hello Samson A,
      1. Yes, you will be allow to withdraw the $100 after opening the Domiciliary account.

      2. No, the bank cannot change the #50,000 to dollar for you. You have to go with the $100 or any amount (in dollar) you wish to deposit into DOM account.

      3. He can withdraw the money with his ATM Debt Card

  7. Hello Emma, thanks for the information you shared with everyone.
    My questionson are, which of the banks do you think have the best service for dom account? Is there a way to open domicilary account online or paper mailing especially for those living abroad? If yes, Please what is the process? And if no, what is the advice you have for those who live abroad and are very interested in having a domicilary account?


    1. Hello Ifeanyi,
      GTBank and Diamond are ok.
      No, there is No way you can open a domiciliary account online or by paper mailing because you need to physically sign the opening account form.
      If I may ask, why do you need domiciliary account if you are living abroad?

  8. Hi Emma.

    If the banks no longer convert Naira into USD, what is the best route to convert funds into USD for a dom account? Is parallel market the only option?

  9. Please I want to know the informations I will need to use for sending money from America to Nigeria using domiciliary account with GT bank or First bank

    1. Hello Rothmaze,
      the major information that is needed for sending money from America to Nigeria using domiciliary account with GT bank or First bank are;
      1. Account name(Receiver’s account name).

      2. Account number (Receiver’s account number).

      3. Bank name and possibly bank branch.

      4. Router number.

      5. SWIFT CODE (Receiver’s bank swift code).

  10. Hello. My friend who has contract in Nigeria send me money through docimiliary account at first bank. Do I need to pay activation fee? How?

    1. Hello lody elnar,
      You don’t need to pay any activation fee. Your friend, who send the money bears all the charges. Just walk to your bank where send the money to and withdraw your money.

  11. Hello Emma,

    I trust you are well. Our agents in Nigeria are facing high time trouble in paying their fees. Glad that I have found this site which I hope will be very much helpful.
    One of our agent has both Savings and current account in GTbank. When our agent took the invoice to the bank, the bank people said they can only do if it is school fees. However, in our case, he is our representative who will find the students in demand and sell our courses so it cannot be considered as . For that, they has to get the courses from us. Gtbank said, either he has to create a domiciliary account or he has to fill form A.
    Now that he has opened a domiciliary account at GTbank last week. Please help me understand how long it will take to activate the account and if activated how much bank transfer charges he has to borne.
    He has to transfer N150K and please let me know if it can be considered at the official conversion rate 199 naira. Also, he has to transfer to HSBC bank account in China. If so, how long will it take to reach the bank.

    Forgive me if I asked too much questions and any help from you will be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Nirmal Kumar,
      Once you open the domiciliary account and your account number given to you. All you need to do is to deposit a withdrawal-able fund of $100; the DOM account will be activated.

      The maximum transfer via Domiciliary Account is $10000/day.

      Transfer charge or fees via Domiciliary account (outflow) is based on commission and it goes this way:
      2% commission on every transfer, 5% of the 2% commission for VAT, N4000 for Teles (optional but necessary).

      Transfer charge or fees via Domiciliary account (for inflow) is 0.5% commission on every transfer, 5% of the 2% commission for VAT, N4000 for Teles (optional but necessary)
      You will receive alert of the deposit within 48hours-7 working days of the transfer by your bank.
      Yes, the transfer will be considered at the official conversion rate of 199.05 naira. However, the dollar can only be bought at black market if he/she is to fund the domiciliary account here in Nigeria.There is NO commercial Bank in Nigeria that sells dollar or exchange naira to dollar in Nigeria at present.

      1. Dear Emma,

        Thanks for your prompt response. Your answers were really helpful.
        Only one question this time. When we buy dollars at black market, weren’t they consider 300+ Naira for dollar conversion? Or do they sell dollars at 199 naira with conditions. If so, can you please brief me those conditions to buy dollar at 199 at black market. Thank you and looking forward for your usual kindness!

        1. Hello Nirmal Kumar,
          At black market, dollar is never sold at government price of 199.05 Naira. That is why it is called ‘black market’. The price is 300+ naira as you rightly said.

          1. Dear Emma,

            Thank you for clearing my doubts. You are a great help to me. Though I understand that the exchange rate is 300+ naira at black market, I see you said the transfer will be considered at the official conversion rate of 199.05 naira in your first reply. Can you please enlighten me on that?

          2. Hello Nirmal,
            What I mean is that if you are to transfer money from Nigeria to India through your domiciliary account, for instance; it will be done at the official rate of 199.05 naira

  12. Dear Emma,

    I was still unclear about the exchange rate consideration.
    This was your first reply to me “Yes, the transfer will be considered at the official conversion rate of 199.05 naira. However, the dollar can only be bought at black market if he/she is to fund the domiciliary account here in Nigeria.There is NO commercial Bank in Nigeria that sells dollar or exchange naira to dollar in Nigeria at present.”

    You said that the dollar can be only bought at black market rate, is that means now the exchange rate will be 300+ for the transfer. Pardon me for my questions as I’m just a beginner with Nigerian bank policy

    1. Hello Nirmal,
      Any transaction done in the bank is usually done at official exchange rate of 199.05 naira. The exchange rate of 300+ naira is ONLY associated with black market.

  13. Hello emma,
    from the look of things, its seems one has to loose a little amount of money due to the conversion issue. Cos withdrawing the dollar back from the dom account and trying to convert it back to naira in the black market will lead to a shortage since the conversion rate favours the money changers. Am i right?

    Secondly, i would like to ask for your help in knowing the requirements for opening a paypal account and how it can be used to do business internationally. Thank you.

  14. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for your time for the information you’ve given out here. I want to ask can I make naira deposit in my domiciliary account here in nigeria and withdraw in dollars or pounds in Nigeria thanks

  15. Dear Emma,when someone receives money from the united states via his/her dom account(say he/she banks with firstbank),will they be paid the equivalent of the money in naira or will they actually be paid in dollars or whatever currency the owner of the account chooses?

    1. Hello namesake,
      if you open a dollar domiciliary account, and someone paid in dollar into the account, the bank will paid you in dollar if you want to withdraw it. The same thing is applicable, if you open a Pounds or Euro domiciliary account. Although, you can choose to sell the foreign currency to your bank.

  16. Pls he can funds be transfered from a Dom acct with first bank to another Dom acct by person living in USA to smbdy living in Nigeria

  17. He can one transfer funds from one Dom account with first bank to another Dom account with first bank by person living in USA to person living in Nigeria

  18. I opened a a dom account with Wema Bank in Nigeria three years ago with $150 deposit. I am outside the country now. I recently spoke with a banker in Wema if I could transfer money into my dollar account in dollar currency. He said yes but that I would only withdraw NAIRA if I want to withdraw money from the account. Do depositors withdraw NAIRA from Dom account when they deposit in Dollar?

    1. Hello Olubunmi,
      No! You CAN NOT withdraw Naira currency from domiciliary account. Since, it is a dollar account, the bank has to pay you in dollar unless you want to sell your dollar to the bank.

  19. Good day, pls have there ever been a case whereby the local bank runs out of dollars and refuse to pay the customer who has a Dom acc with them? And also is it possible to transfer dollars from one dom acc to another dom acc?

    1. Hello Charles,
      YES! On many occasions it happens. The local bank can run out of Us dollars and refuse to pay their customer who have a Domiciliary account with them. In that case, you can decide to sell your dollar to your bank if you are in dire of money. Remember, they are going to buy it at official rate not at black market rate that is why I said “if you are in dire need of money” Otherwise, have patient with them until they have dollar to pay you or you can check other branches of your bank.
      Yes, it is possible to transfer dollar from one domiciliary to another domiciliary account.

  20. Thanks for your reply. I wanna ask again, I tried opening a dom acc with gtbank but I was told I wld need to as well open a savings and current accounts aongside the dom acc with them and that it would be the same account number for the three, pls is that the usual procedure to have the same acc numbers for dollar and naira accounts?

    1. Hello Charles,
      it is not a must that you open the three account but it is necessary you open at least (2), a savings account and a Domiciliary account. It will be for your own benefit.

      1. Thank you very much, you have been helpful to me. But I want to find out, i want to transfer dollars from gtbank to firstbank through bank transfer, pls how are their charges like? Thank you.

        1. Hello Charles,
          Is it from your Gtbank domiciliary account to firstbank domiciliary account? Within Nigeria OR to Outside Nigeria? Please, state the bank accounts (savings, current or domiciliary) in questions, to enable me give you correct answer.

          1. Hello, it’s from my gtbank domicilliary acc to a firstbank domicilliary acc here in Nigeria. Thanks .

          2. Hello Charles,
            To avoid transfer charge, why not withdraw the dollar from your gtbank domiciliary account and pay it into your firstbank domiciliary account.

  21. Thank you very much, you have been helpful to me. But I want to find out, i want to transfer dollars from gtbank to firstbank through bank transfer, pls how are their charges like? Thank you.

  22. I opened a Euro domi account with diamond bank last year with a deposit of €100, my question is 1′ why can’t I receive Dollars and bounds on it, 2′ can I be able to make use of it abroad “withdraw & pay inn” 3, is there any problem if someone paying into my account makes mistake in the accout name “can I still receive my money in my account… I have not even received any card or withdrawal means from the bank

    1. Hello Justus Emeka,
      1. The account, you’ve opened is Euro domiciliary account NOT Dollar or Pounds Domiciliary account. So, you don’t expect to receive dollar or pounds on the Dom account. You would have tick dollar, pounds and euro options during the time you were filing the form for opening of the domiciliary account.
      Advice; to start receiving dollar or pounds on that domiciliary account, go back to your bank (diamond bank) and request for the addition of the two domiciliary accounts (dollar and pounds). You will be given a form to fill to add the two accounts. After completion, the two account numbers will be given to you.

      2. To be able to make use of it abroad, add dollar domiciliary account to that account as I stated above and request for dollar domiciliary MasterCard from your bank. I Know GTBANK offer such masterCard but I don’t know of Diamond bank. With your dollar masterCard, you can withdraw money from the account through POS, ATM, etc abroad but you can not pay in unless you do transfer via local bank into account.

      3. Once, the account number is correct; it will ultimately correct account name. So, anybody sending money into should ensure that the account number is correct.

  23. Hi bro, can I receive a wire transfer from google adsense into a newly open Gt bank domicilary account that as not been activated yet.

    Will I be able to withdraw my money later with any problem

    I haven’t deposit any amount into the account, the google adsense is the first payment that will enter into the account.

    1. Hello Banjicom,
      Yes, you can receive a wire transfer from google adsense into a newly open Gt bank domicilary account that has not been activated. You can withdraw the google adsense payment from it later. Once, the Google adsense payment enters the domiciliary account, the account will be activated. However, I suggest you visit GTBank again before the Google payment enters to make sure that the domiciliary account has properly been opened.

  24. Thanks for your helps.
    I would want to know the conversion rate if someone sent me money through moneygram and would it be better if the person sent the money directly to my domiciliary account rather than through moneygram.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. Good day, I have a dormant domiciliary account with ecobank and I want to close it. What is the procedure please

    1. Hello Osolo,
      Why would you want to close the account? Don’t you think you might need it in future. Please, don’t! Well, if you insist; no long thing. Visit your bank (Ecobank), tell them you want to close your dormant domiciliary account; provide a valid identification or evidence as the right owner of the account and the account will be shut down. Remember, there is certain small amount of money you have to leave on the account before this will be possible.

    1. Hello Opute Iheme,
      To activate your dormant domiciliary account, visit your bank (firstbank or gtbank as the case may be), you will be given a form to fill for your account updating/re-activation. After filling the forms, deposit or withdraw money from the domiciliary account and it will get activated.

      NB: you may be required to provide your recent Electricity bill, passport and a valid identification.

  26. Bro what’s the quickest and the most stressfree way to get money outta India
    I don’t have a Dom account
    I only have a savings gtbank account
    Pls reply ASAP
    Thanks in advance

  27. I want to receive lower than 500USD in Indian money
    What information do I need to send to the sender if I want to you money gram

  28. Sir,I ve been sending money to india through a Gtbank paypal account over the years,but I ve been hearing a rumour about temporary unavalability of transfer through Gtbank paypal account,pls how true is this information??? Thanks!

  29. I have a Gtb domiciliary account.. will usd sent from abroad be paid to me in same currency or in naira.. if in naira what exchange rate will that be? Thank you.

  30. Hi, pls is true someone can buy goods online in china, usa, uk etc, from nigeria using the ATM PINS? I was told the money for the goods will be charged directly from my savings account. Pls share more light on this. Thanks

    1. Hello Taofeek,
      Yes, you can buy goods online in China, USA, Uk etc right from the comfort of your home in Nigeria using ATM Debt card or MasterCard (please, I didn’t say you can buy goods online using your ATM PIN). You don’t share your ATM PIN with any third party whatsoever. The usually things required depending on the website and their online payment system are;
      nature of your ATM card, expiring date, token generated (Securecode), your masterCard or ATM debt Card CVV, last 4-digit number on your master card, OTP. You must make sure the site is secured before purchasing any goods from it.

  31. I am in US i want to open an account in Nigeria with GTB, how do I go about it. Can I open a domiciliary account in absentia or can i use my brother to open it for me. Need advise pls.

    1. Hello Okhioade Bolade,
      Your brother can open a domiciliary account but not for you. There are some forms you need to be present to sign, your brother cannot sign it on your behave. Again, you can not open a domiciliary account here in Nigeria while you are in US.
      My advice is this: wait until you are back in Nigeria or ask your brother to open the domiciliary account if you actually trust him; two of you can do transactions with this domiciliary account.
      Warning: When it comes to issue relating to money, there is no brother.

  32. Please I need a help, am into clothing and sometimes I want to transfer money from nigeria to india banks like icici bank in india, which means or bank will be the best means to send money from nigeria banks to india bank account. Will domiciliary account work?

  33. Thanks emma, when purchasing goods online in those countries mentioned, will they charge normal official rate of dollar or at blackmarket rate? Because my friend bought goods online in china and he was charged at black market rate at GT BANK instead of official rate, Do you have such experience before?

    1. Hello Taofeek,
      Yes! You will be charge at black market rate because third party is involve. However, as for now the official exchange rate is almost the same with the black market rate as naira has been floated.

  34. Hello Oga Emma, thank you very much for your excellent response to all here without any bias or prejudice. Please, I have a FBN Current and Savings A/c with a GTB Fixed Deposit and Savings A/c. I would like to send money to my Nigerian bank account directly from abroad. Please, do I need to still open a Dom A/c with any of these banks as I plan coming home briefly soon. Please, kindly advise me on what you think is best for overseas remittance services and the best bank for it from these two or anyone you think it’s more better. Thanks, in anticipation of your earnest positive response. God bless you Sir!

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      If you wish to receive the money in dollar, pounds or Euro in Nigeria; you have to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria. Otherwise, send the money to either FBN or GTBank of your savings account (the money will be converted to Naira equivalent of any foriegn currency of your money). So, what I’m saying is that you can still receive money in Nigeria through your savings account but in Naira. Bank wire transfer will work in either case. If you wish to use third party inbound money transfer service, transfast is good but I prefer direct bank wire transfer.

      1. Hello Emma, was scrolling through your site and i saw this reply you gave to someone, i just want to ask if your know anything about maxbounty, clickbank and amazon affiliate withdrawal methods . I just want to know if it’s possible or whether you have heard of anyone that has received payment from any of these companies using a direct bank transfer or wire payment instead of using the payoneer mastercard.
        Thank you

        1. Hello Chidi .A.,
          When I was doing Amazon Affiliate marketing, the only way they pay me is through PayPal account. I know Clickbank was the same thing but I don’t know of maxbounty. When Payoneer came on board, I linked my Payoneer mastercard to PayPal account and use it to withdraw from my PayPal account. Some months ago, PayPal began to reject Payoneer Mastercard. Nevertheless, Amazon claim to pay their affiliate via wire transfer or direct deposit but I haven’t hear from any person who receive affiliate payment through that means.

          Maybe persons who had receive payment through direct deposit can voice it out here now.

          1. Thanks very much, guess i will just have to write to the customer support of both amazon and maxbounty to clarify from their customer support. One more question please, do you do CPA marketing and if you do which company. I am looking for a good one that can do wire transfer, i guess if they are doing wire transfer i don’t need a dom account, right?
            Thank you.

          2. Good, write to their supports and get a clarification on that. You can update us here (for others to benefits). Yes, I do CPA marketing, company or business reviews as well as direct advertisement. Yes they do wire transfer; in some, you must need Dom account while in others you may not need it, savings account is enough.

  35. Hello… I leave in South Africa and I need a Dom account but this issue is I am not disposed to open it.., even if I am; I am bothered that with all these issues and policy that CBN keeps coming up with I might get stranded. So I was thinking if someone could open the account in his/her name and send me the ATM. Is there a way of doing this while the person would not have access to withdrawing the money back home in Nigeria without my consent?

  36. Pls, i need ur advice, i want to start importing computer and accessories from china. Also, i want to travel to dubai to import cheap quality used phone and cheap quality used laptop. Will i get it in dubai at cheaper rate? Or i should buy online from ebay and amazon? As it is easy to get dubai visa than usa, uk and china. Please enlighten me. Tnks in advance

  37. Good-day Sir.
    Please how can i cash online cheque with my domi account here in Nigeria. this is my first Time.
    I need your help for the procedures.
    Thanks in Advanced.

  38. Hello Emma please can I pay in my account Dom direct from Europe to Nigeria if yes is not it thesame day will I comfarm it in account thanks

  39. Pls sir how long will it take a Gtb domiciliary account to be opened, I submitted the form for the past 1 week, one referee is a gtb acct holder one is a diamond acct holder. Am yet to get any alert concerning the account. The wait is tiring as I want to use the account ASAP. Is there any charge on withdrawing?

    1. Hello Esther,
      It usually takes up to 2weeks including the fact that one of your referee is from another bank. After 2weeks, visit the bank again to ensure that there is no problem. Withdrawal charge is about 0.05% commission. This is highly negligible.

  40. hi Emma,
    pls i nid ur help wit skrill.i just open it.is it a must that I open a dom acc before I can withdraw frm it n also fund it.is it nt possible that that I can withdraw directly into my gtbank mastercard or bank account.

    1. Hello Abdulazeez Dimeji,

      You can use our Skrill referral link (https://account.skrill.com/signup?rid=82520224) for signing up for the skrill account. We will be here to help you run your skrill account smoothly. We are currently partnering with skrill. You need domiciliary account for receiving payment via Skrill account but you can verify the account with your naira mastercard and fund with your savings account.

  41. Hi Emma,
    pls I just opened a skrill account. is it a must that I open a dom account before I can fund it and withdraw from it. moreso is it possible to withdraw directly into my gtbank MasterCard or bank acc directly.

  42. Hi Emma,
    pls I really nid ur, I av many questions I want to ask you.
    1. I want to use skrill for my bet365 deposit and withdrawal.if I shud withdraw from my bet365 into the skrill acc, does that mean they can do the USD to naira conversion for me,if so wont there be nid for a dom acc anymore since it has bin converted.
    2.for the verification part, is it my normal bank savings/current acc am going to upload or a dom acc.also 4 d card verification,is it my normal naira MasterCard or dollar.
    3.For the SWIFT code.i open my bank acc in Abuja and am currently in delta state.must the SWIFT code be from my bank in Abuja.moreso,if that is so,must I always go to my bank in Abuja everytime I transfer money into my acc from skrill and want to withdraw.
    4.is this SWIFT code really necessary,cos I asked gtb 2ru email for their SWIFT code but they gave me a pdf which I dont really understand.
    thanks emma

  43. My questions: will the two accounts run concurrently or one will be independent of the other? And, can one make a cash deposit in naira or in dollar only? What if one is outside the country, can you make a cash withdrawal using your ATM card? What are the benefits of the dom a/c to the operator?

    1. Hello Dumale Godspower,
      1. if you are referring to domiciliary account and savings account, then the answer is….the two account are independent of each other.
      2. you can only deposit dollar in dollar domiciliary account.
      3. If you are outside the country, you can make cash withdrawal from ATM machine using your dollar ATM card.
      4. Domiciliary account has a lot of benefits;
      a. it is use for sending and receiving of money from abroad.
      b. it can be use for paying for tuition fees abroad
      c. it is use for international transactions- payment of conference registrations, donations, importing goods, etc.

  44. I live in Nigeria. And I was sent some money in dollars. And I don’t have a domicilary account. There has been no alert of the money in my account since last week. What do I do? Where can I retrieve the money from?

  45. Good day!I am glad I found this site!
    I am thinking of opening a domiciliary account with Zenith bank although I have never had any kind of account with zenith bank,I use Skye bank. I already read about the things that are required to have a domiciliary account with zenith bank but what I think I have an issue with now is the $100 that has to be deposited into the domiciliary account cause I don’t have $100 dollar to be put inside and I want to open it because of my google AdSense account,can I open a domiciliary account with zenith bank with out paying the $100 dollar? And also if I can open it without the $100,if google AdSense pays me into the domiciliary account will I be able to start using it well,taking into consideration that $100 would have been removed for my zenith domiciliary account? Also,is the $100 for the activation of the Zenith domiciliary account? if yes please how long does it take before the domiciliary account gets close as a result of me not activating it with the $100 quick? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Femi,
      Yes, you can open a domiciliary account with Zenith bank without depositing $100, but the account can go dormant if no transaction take place on the account. if Google pay you the adsense earning earlier than 3 months, it will be activated. The $100 is for activating the account but the bank can not remove the $100. You can pay it in to activate your domiciliary account and also withdraw it immediately, so it is still your money. Once, you open a domiciliary account; you have open a domiciliary account, it can not be close rather it can go into dormancy once no transaction take place on the account.

  46. Thanks alot ,so if google AdSense pays the money into the domiciliary account it will get activated on it’s own without me going to pay myself physically? Also if it enters dormant and google AdSense pays there, it will the reactivated? Thanks! I still have question to ask you,it’s regarding AdSense sign up, does AdSense need to send me anything in my mail,I mean personal mailbox like p.o box and not email right because i saw something like they have to verify home address by sending something that contains something like code I guess, I don’t know much about this and i even feel i am not describing well but I hope you will get what I am trying to write.Thanks!

    1. Hello Femi,
      The domiciliary account gets activated on its own if Google pays money into the account in less than 3 months you open it. After 3 months, the account will go into dormancy. If it enters dormancy and Google pays, it can not be reactivated on its own. You need to visit your bank to fill some forms and provide evidence of ownership before it can reactivated by your bank.
      In some years back, when you sign up for Google Adsense and you receive an Approval, before your adsense earnings (in check) will be sent you; Google will first of all send you a verification PIN code to your home address or any address you provided during your registration (not your email address) for your adsense registration verification. Once, you receive the post PIN code and input the code on the post card into your adsense dashboard, you account will be verify. In those days, many Nigerian Adsense Publishers got banned from using Adsense due to failure to receive this PIN code (maybe as a result of wrong postal code, wrong address etc).
      However, since 2015; Google has made everything very easy for Nigerians and some other country, no more the stress of cashing foreign Check. You can comfortable receive your adsense earnings direct into your bank account in Nigeria.
      Read this now: How to set up Google Adsense to receive adsense Payment direct into your bank account in Nigeria.

      1. Now I found another question!yesterday night i tried practicing how to get the Google AdSense so I requested for it through my YouTube account and I got approved,but my YouTube account is still pending approval for AdSense I guess cause they said it might take up till a week. I went to my AdSense page and I click the payments option and I was looking for where to fill in my account bank account details, so i finally found a tab which is suppose to contain my bank information,but it didn’t bring any option out and I saw a question mark saying something like until I have more than $10 I can’t choose any form of payment. Is this right Sir?

      2. I am back again!I am really bombarding you with questions ooo! Please concerning the Google AdSense Pin verification that will be sent to once address, I read that I have to request for it to be sent to my mail address (not email) which I know will never get to where I live in Nigeria,I learnt that I can only request for the pin 3 times and me waiting for 4 weeks each after requesting each of the pins,and then that I can also verify using my government documents like National I.D card,drivers license, my question is must I wait till I exhaust the 3 pins request trials before uploading my documents? if yes,will I find the upload documents tab there before I exhaust my 3 pin trials? Infact!please just put me through the whole pin verification thing.Thanks and my apology for the questions!

          1. Thanks alot! I will try the “upload documents”. I will send the screenshot you requested when I get on my PC.Thanks again!

  47. Hello good evening , my question is after opening my doc account, can i receive payment from AMAZON, if i have not activated my account ?….if YES , when the money reach 100$ , can i just activate my account and withdraw?

  48. Mr EMMA, you have been doing wonderfully well, kudos!
    Can I use dom account to receive payments from micro job sites like fiverr n Gigbucks. – observed that withdrawing from Gigbucks is limited to paypal. So, is dom account useful with these platforms?
    Thank you

  49. Please if I don’t have a 100 dollar to activate the account,,, would d account be activated when someone sends me money? Thanks for your reply

  50. Keep up the good work on information. My hubby complained of the money agents in canada asper not be favourable compare to black market in nigeria. An aunt advised I should open a domiciliary account. My question is must my hubby have a domiciliary account before he can send money to my domiciliary account? Thanks.

    1. Hello Bliss,
      If the account your hubby operate in Canada is dollar account then no need for him to open a domiciliary otherwise he must open domiciliary before he can send money to your domiciliary account.

  51. How do I open a Nigerian GTB domiciliary account here from Ghana since every normal ATM withdrawals have been stops thanks.

  52. Thanks for the information. I found it very interesting and educating. Please what is the difference between savings domiciliary and current domiciliary account. Thanks

  53. morning bro i tried verifying my gtb master card acct in other to credit my skrill…keeps saying verification of card failed.

  54. so good to see this helpful info. i opened both savings nd domicilary account with skye bank years ago, and ive been outsidethe country for 3yrs, in my domicilary act i have $50 left in it,i did not get the card but can i still deposite dollar in and activate it when i get back into the country? and how save is it.ndi i activate my savings on line

  55. Hello Mr. Emma,
    I opened Paypal account using a link found in my FirstOnline Banking homepage. After opening the account, I tried linking my Naira Debit MasterCard with it and what I received is this error message “This card is not accepted, please use a different card”.
    I contacted Firstbank Customer Care and the lady could neither resolve, nor understand what’s causing it.
    Later on, I read an article that CBN has close all international transactions using Naira Debit Card(In all Banks). I requested for VisaGold card, hoping that might help, I was then told I needed to open a domiciliary account in other to get the Card.
    Please help, as I need to pay my Online Application fee to my School in USA.

  56. Finally, I will get all my queries regarding Dom account resolved today.

    Hi Emma,
    I have a Paypal account with funds in it. I was told I could withdraw by linking a domiciliary account to it. How through pls?

    I had earlier tried linking my Naira MasterCard to it but not accepting. I was wondering how this is going to be possible even with a Dom account as Paypal fund withdrawal is not allowed in the part of our world here.

    If this is not possible, kindly point me a link to having these funds withdraw as I’m certain some folks do get their funds!
    Thanks Sir

    1. Hello Olu Mike,
      “I was told I could withdraw by linking a domiciliary account to it. How through pls?” It is Not true.

      “I had earlier tried linking my Naira MasterCard to it but not accepting”. Which banks’s MasterCard is that? You can link and verify your PayPal account with your GTbank mastercard.

  57. hello i am from srilanka. i wanna make business with nigerian friend, he said that he could not make payment from sri lanka by western union. but some other nigerians said that western union does work in some cities in nigeria. i really do not understand what’s happening. is that true or is there any chance to make payment nigeria to sri lanka


    1. Hello roshan,
      Sorry, my response came late. That is the current situation. Let your Nigerian friend send the money to you via wire transfer through Domiciliary account if he/she has one.

  58. Thank God i found this site. Emma please, i want to know. Can i transfer money from my payoneer card to my dollar domicilliary account?. Thank you

  59. Hello Emma and happy new year to you,please I want to send money to Nigeria to reactivate my dad’s dom account so they can send me dollars from it,do you know how much it will cost for reactivation fee? The account is with first bank of Nigeria thanks

  60. Please Kudos for the wonderful job sir.
    I was trying to signup as an affiliate associate in Amazon but, it kept on telling me that YOU DO NOT PERMISSION TO PERFORM THIS OPERATION. So, I contacted the Amazon customer care and I was told that , the operator was aware of the problem and that they cannot tell me the exact time it will get right .
    So, please do you have any idea that can provide a solution to this issue ?

    Secondly , If you do not another idea that can help this out for me and for anyone in the forum who might have the same problem please can you help me if I can do the copy and paste from other international online shops like walmat and others which I do not know that you might know please to Ebay please?

    Please help me out sir , am just new to internet business sir.

    if possible you can email me (uyodebby@gmail.com) I will be grateful sir .


    1. Hello Joyce Idris,
      The challenges you are having seems to be a technically issue and can only be resolve by the Amazon affiliate marketing technical team.

      I will suggest you try Nigeria affiliate marketing companies like Konga, Jumia etc in you are in Nigeria.

  61. Please sir I want to open a domiciliary account with Gtbank
    I dont have the 100$ but I Have some friends who want to send me like 20$ each

    will it work out ??

    I mean will my account get activated

  62. Great man good-morning. Please sir, can I add or linked my credit and debit card from Nigeria here to my PayPal account in other to send and receives my earning from all these online international market-places Ebay most especially please?

    Thanks Greatly Sir

  63. Hello.
    If I want to fund my Dom account in first bank for example since they do currency conversion, will it be at the prevailing bank rate?

    If I have a savings account with them, can I transfer money from it to the Dom since they will do the conversion?
    Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing.

  64. Hi Emma,
    Thanks a lot for the information you have been providing.
    I have one question for you. I live in the USA and will be coming to Nigeria in about a month. I will be opening a DOM account.
    However I do not have a utility bill in Nigeria. Is there any way around that. I do have utility bills here in the USA. Is that acceptable? Thanks again.

        1. Hello Steve,
          You can only open a domiciliary account when you are back in Nigeria. So, I mean your electricity bill or utility bill in Nigeria NOT in USA. I hope you are cleared.

  65. Please I have a question. I just opened a domiciliary account with zenith bank.what are the details needed for someone to send money to the account? Is it just the account number and name

  66. I am a Swedish citizen living in Sweden and I was wondering if it is possible for me to open an domiciliary account through GT bank or First bank in UK.
    The reason why I mention UK is because I now those 2 banks are represented there and for me it would be easier to travel to UK and be there in person for the paperwork.

  67. Thank you Emma for your answer,

    A few more questions that I wonder about. Also to keep in mind that I am Swedish and live in Sweden and would travel to UK to open the account.

    To confirm:
    1a. You don’t need to live in Nigeria to open an account with GTbank and Zenith bank?

    1b. You need to live in Nigeria to open an account with Firstbank or can I live in Sweden?

    2. For GTbank. It is mentioned to have 2 referees preferable from GTbank. Would it be possible to open the account(if there is any possible exception or any other possibility?) as I might have problem to find people that have an account in GTbank or any other Nigerian bank?

    3a. For Firstbank. This was written above:
    “Two (2) independent and satisfactory references (For Checking account only)”
    Does that mean that if I open a domiciliary account with Firstbank. Will I still need 2 referees like GTbank? or is it in Firstbanks case only needed for “Checking account”?

    3b. For Firstbank. Is it a defenitive must to have a “Resident permit ( for non- Nigerians)” to be able to open a domiciliary account or is there any possible exception or any other possibility?

    3c. For Firstbank. “Address verification document” is needed. Does that mean that you need to live in Nigeria? (Which I don’t)

    4. For Zenith bank. It is mentioned to have 2 referees preferable from Zenith bank. Would it be possible to open the account(if there is any possible exception or any other possibility?) as I might have problem to find people that have an account in Zenith bank or any other Nigerian bank?

    Thank you again!

      1. Thanks Emma,

        It is not possible to write the questions more clear than I did. They are summarized from 1-4 as seen. If you are able to answer each question, I am sure to not miss any detail.

        Thank you

  68. I am afraid that I can’t find a way to summarize the questions in any better way. I think the questions are mostly yes or no answers.

    Thank you again!

  69. Hi Emma!

    I have a question for GTbank and Zenith bank.

    Do you have to be Nigerian to open a bank account in the UK or can you be from Denmark like I am and be able to open an account? With other words I live in Denmark and are of Danish origin.


  70. Then I understand. I also wonder if you need to have any of those for either GTbank, Zenith bank or Firstbank:

    Working permit
    Resident permit


  71. Thanks Emma!

    I wonder if it is possible to open an account in both GTbank and Zenit bank at the same time in the UK?

  72. This question is for opening a saving account with GTbank and Zenith bank. I found below “Quote” on a webpage.

    So the question then is. Do you need Two Referees ONLY when opening domiciliary account in Both banks?
    With other words, is it not needed to have Any Referees when opening Saving accounts in Both banks?

    “Two Referees: In order to proceed with your domiciliary account opening with Gtbank, you need to provide two people who are CURRENT account holders that could stand for you to guarantee that you are of good conduct and that you will be able to maintain a current account with the bank”

    1. Hello Elias,
      1. Each of the bank will required to provide two referees who operate current account (for domiciliary account opening).
      2. You don’t need a referee when opening a savings account.

  73. I understand so it is possible to open a savings account without filling in the referee form in both GTbank and Zenith bank.

    I ment if I first open a saving account in GTbank, I can then for example next day go to Zenith bank and open a savings account there as well? Perheps I wonder if there was any special rule that I only can have one account in any Nigerian bank?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Elias,
      you can open as many savings accounts as you want. “I ment if I first open a saving account in GTbank, I can then for example next day go to Zenith bank and open a savings account there as well?” Yes, you can. There is no special rule against that.

  74. Thank you Emma, I appreciate your answers very much!
    I was looking through the GTbank application form for Savings Account and could see that I will choose any of those currencies: GBP, USD or Euro.

    I thought the Saving Account was in Naira so 2 questions there:

    1. Is it possible to have the Savings Account in Naira when opening the account in UK?
    I beleive my question is for all three banks GTbank, Firstbank and Zenith bank?

    2. If GBP, USD or Euro only is possible. Can a person deposit Naira into my Savings Account and will it then automatically be converted to for example USD? If a conversion is made. Exactly what rate(Black market or official rate) is used for this conversion, to be sure is it possible for you to take todays Naira rate to not misunderstand?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Elias,
      Savings account is a Naira account NOT GBP, USD or Euro account. It is domiciliary account that is dominated in GBP, USD and Euro.

      “Can a person deposit Naira into my Savings Account and will it then automatically be converted to for example USD?” No! It is not obtainable.

  75. Thanks Emma, then I understand, so savings account is in Naira.

    If you look at the image here which shows section 4 for GTbank:
    PDF-name: “gtbank_personal_application_form_jan_2016_vsp1_1”

    There are choises besides “Savings Account” for: GBP, USD, Euro. It looks confusing. I don’t know why those choises?

    The other question. When having Naira on the Savings account and as an example buying something in USD on Amazon.
    What rate(Black market or official rate) is used for this conversion?

    Thank you!

  76. Hi Emma, I was really glad to hear from you that Naira accounts exists in the UK because that is what I want to have!

    I did get an email answer from Zenith bank and Firstbank in the UK, – and they said that they didn’t have Naira accounts. So I am not sure what is true. Do you have any idéa?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Elias,
      Can you quote me where I mention that Naira account exist in UK? Zenith, Firstbank, and even GTbank Saving account in UK is dominated in Pounds, Euro and USD while savings account in Nigeria is dominated in Naira. So, if you want to have Naira account, you have to open it in Nigeria NOT in UK.

  77. Hi Emma,
    Yes, you mentioned this. I refer to UK all the time but no problem:
    Hello Elias,
    Savings account is a Naira account NOT GBP, USD or Euro account. It is domiciliary account that is dominated in GBP, USD and Euro.

    I wonder if having an USD account in UK. I then wonder if someone with a Nigerian Naira account in Nigeria can make a wire transfer to an USD account in UK. With this I mean that Naira will be converted to USD on the way which it usually does between different countries with different currencies?

  78. Can i get a dollar MasterCard after opening the domiciliary account with first bank before paying the minimum deposit which is $500.

  79. Can i get a Dollar MasterCard after opening a domiciliary account at firstbank before paying the minimum deposit which is $500.

    1. Hello Danibryn,
      For now; the only bank that I know that offer Dollar MasterCard is GTBank and you can get the dollar MasterCard before paying the minimum deposit with Gtbank domiciliary account.

  80. Emma,
    Once again thanks for all your answers. I do have a few more questions for you.
    I reside in the USA but will be in Abuja in two weeks for about one week on business and will like to open the DOM account while there.
    I will be staying in a hotel in Abuja during my stay.

    I do not have any bank references. I also do not have utility bills in Nigeria since I don’t reside in Nigeria. Is there any way around these requirements.
    I have been hearing about BVN. Do I have to have BVN to open a DOM account. If yes how do I go about getting one or does the bank offer BVN as part of opening the DOM account.
    Your advise on how to get this done is highly appreciated.

    1. Hello Steve,
      There is a provision for foreigner who wants to open DOM account. The BVN is not needed in this case but you need references. I will advice you visit the bank for clarifications.

  81. Hello Emma,i have 2 questions to ask u
    1):How do i get a dollar MasterCard with firstbank without a dorm account.
    2):Can i link my paypal with a naira MasterCard with firstonline account even when naira MasterCard has been suspended for international transfer

    1. You can not get dollar MasterCard with firstbank without a DOM Account. Meanwhile, firstbank for now does not issue dollar MasterCard.
      You can link your naira MasterCard to your firstbank PayPal through your firstonline account even when naira MasterCard has been suspended for international transfer

  82. Hello Emma
    Please what are all the possibilities means of transferring money ir withdrawing money with PayPal.
    And also Can i withdraw money from PayPal with all Nigeria Bank with a dorm account.

  83. Hi Emma
    After linking my firstbank naira MasterCard on PayPal through my firstonline account, will i be able to withdraw funds/money from my PayPal to my Bank account.

  84. Good day sir. I want to send money to my dorm account thought it’s dormant. Do you think my mum would be able to withdraw the money when I send it? Do you have any idea how much First Bank charge for every transaction?

    1. Hello Akan,
      If the account is dormant then you need to activate it. Secondly, if you were the person who open the account then your Mum wouldn’t be able to withdraw money from the account.

  85. Can you deposit and withdraw any amount of dollars without being questioned or queried? Can you also withdraw your money and have unlimited assess to your account from any part of the world?

  86. Hello Emma,

    Thanks for anwering. Emma I need to open an account saving for recive neiras and domiciliary account for be abble to tranfer mi neiras to usd in my country (Chile)

    Could you please tell me how to open and account from foreing ? Im in Chile i cant travel to nigeria just for do that.

  87. Hello, please I would like to know if I open a domiciliary account in Italy and with my debit card, if it would be possible to use my debit card in Nigeria or any other country?.

  88. My brother just traveled to America and he is yet to open an account there in America. Can he still send money to my dom account at any bank in America?

  89. Hello sir I need your help I want to open a dom account I have SKYE,GTB AND FIRST BANK but I still don’t know which bank is more preferable,one with a low cost and after I open it after I make a deposit in it how do I change my money to naira or can I just transfer the money to my normal savings accounts under the same bank???

  90. Pls i want to confirm if i can withdraw from the atm when my dom account has been created with the credit card given to me.

  91. I want to make payment to someone in macedonia with skrill and i did not skrill account can i send the money to you and help me make the payment.

  92. i found the site while searching for how to know how my friend in the USA can send me dollar without using western union or money Gram…………… the question is after opening the account can i link it with my savings account i have a savings account with Gtbank and are they gonna pay me in dollar when am withdrawing from my Dom account ? pls i need urgent answer i will soon go to my Gtbank branch for further enquiries ………..

  93. Thank God I found this site, plz my question is I actually open a domiciliary acct with Gtbank last week, which I have no yet gotten any text message from them if the acct is open or nt,one of the banker say the service was bad as of then, well still expecting.
    (1)sir is it possibly that I can link the debit card given to me in the bank to my PayPal acct, Becos that was the main reason I open it at the first place. There are some transaction I wanted doing online bt could not since don’t use a paypal acct, so I created it and I was ask to link my card to it, to my surprise the two bank I operate both gtbank and unionbank was not accepted,so I taught it wish for me to open a dollar acct and then link it up with my PayPal acct. Plz I need ur advice, suggestions on this as the case my be,i actually want to know if am on line, and if am pls,show me road.and one last thing, can I withdraw my$100 dollar use in activating the acct back, I mean all of it. Thank

    1. let me start from your last question;
      1. You can withdraw all your $100.
      2. You can not withdraw money from your PayPal account in Nigeria
      3. You can only receive but can not withdraw the money here in Nigeria.
      So, do you still find it valuable linking your card to your PayPal account?
      Again, how do you intend linking the dollar account to the PayPal account?

  94. Thanks for the tip,what am actually saying is this.
    I open a PayPal acct online and I was ask to link my acct to it,BT the two bank I try here in Nigeria was not working with it. so I approach a costumer online and here is the response I got.
    Responds from customer services in diamond
    (Dear Esteemed Customer,

    Thank you for your mail.

    Our Naira Debit Cards will only be used for local transactions on POS, ATM and Online (for Nigerian Retailers), and not work for international transaction on Paypal.

    However, foreign transactions can be initiated with our dollar/Pound debit card issued on our domiciliary account.

    If you have our domiciliary account, the card can be issued to you and will enable you carryout international/foreign transactions.

    Thank you for choosing Diamond Bank.

    Me again:the customer service from diamond bank is trying to tell me that I can’t use my local gtbank or union bank for PayPal purpose, that I can open a domiciliary acct and I can use the domiciliary acct debit card issue to me to link up my PayPal acct. and after then will my PayPal acct work properly since domiciliary acct is also knw as a dollar acct that make a foreign acct not a local acct sir .hope u are seeing my point

  95. And pls sir when I mean link up,what am actually saying that PayPal gives it users a space where you will provide the digit at the back of your debit card and the expired date,once that is done,yr acct will automatic link to the acct

    1. Okay, go ahead.
      After 2 weeks working days and you did not receive a text message of your new dom account from GTBank, visit the branch where you open the account to acquire why they’ve not send it to you.

    Yes, I got your point. You can link the dollar master card but my concern is that you should be aware of the limit of the usage of the card.
    And another point I will also like you to explain if my motive is successful will I be able to to withdrew money from my PayPal acct since it Link up to my dollar acct.thanks

    1. Pooh Patrick,
      1. You will NOT be able to withdraw money from your PayPal account here in Nigeria that is part of the limit of the usage of the card, I am talking about.
      2. You might not be able to fund the PayPal account from your dollar account.

      1. Thank you sir. I got the comment late. I have to open the web before getting the comment. I thought by clicking “Notify me when new comments are added” I would get it in my email box

  97. Hello Emma
    please can the dom account pass as savings account. I. E i open it here in Nigeria and travel out, can i put money in the account when am out of naija, if yes how?.. and can i withdraw.. if yes which bank best fit into this that i can withdraw any whr in world. thank you

    1. Hello Angel,
      Domiciliary account can not be use in Place of savings account. They are not the same. You can deposit/put money into your savings account anywhere you are but you can not withdraw from it any where in the world unless when you are back in Nigeria. If you want to withdraw money from your account anywhere in the world, you need to open a Dom account and get Dollar MasterCard for withdraw and you can only open Dom Account if you are in Nigeria. However, you can contact Diamond bank and see if they can help you.

  98. Why I ask the question is that I have somebody who has Eco bank domiciliary account. She told me that she was asked to open current account as well because she wanted to open dom account. She opened current account and dom account. Am asking is it compulsory

      1. Thank you sir. You got what I mean.
        What is the cost of transfer from dom account, like percentage the dollar amount

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