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5 Things to Export from Nigeria to make millions of dollars

There are so many things to export from Nigeria to make money.  But the kind of thing you export is what determine how much money you can make from your exportation business. If you export the right products you will make millions of dollars in few months.

Things to Export from Nigeria
Exporting Items from Nigeria

We know Nigeria is a country endowed with many great things including natural resources, many of which we do not value. Many of these things we do not value are enjoy by many other countries in the world. So if you can export these things to those countries that value them, you’ll make millions of money in few months.

In this post, we’ve covered five things to export from Nigeria to make millions of dollars in less than three months. We’ve also included steps to start the exportation business in Nigeria.  Interestingly, you’ll be shock knowing these few things you can export from Nigeria to make millions of dollars.

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Starting Export Business

The floating of naira has made exchange rate of naira to $1 to go high. Packaging and exporting things that are worthless in Nigeria but valued in other country at a dollar rate, will make you a lot of money.

Nigeria borders are now open so it will be easy to export any kind of product that will generate revenue for the country. Besides, the Nigerian government support foreign revenue generation

You may be wondering if it is possible to get these items overseas. Sure! But the fact remains that it won’t be as cheap as shipping directly from Nigeria.


5 Things to Export from Nigeria to Other Country

The export of goods to other countries is generally a lucrative business. It is a means of exchange for countries. This means of exchange may come as goods for money.

For instance, Nigeria is a country enormously blessed with mineral and vast forest resources that could be used to address animal and human’s health disease conditions. If you’re good at identifying these medicinal plants, you can package and export them to pharmaceutical company in the U.S.A for them to be processed into drugs. You would either be paid cash or get another product in exchange.

The point of this illustration is to show that exportation encourages foreign exchange.  And monetary exchange has a positive effect on the country’s GDP. It unarguable helps the country to increase its Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

An increase the country’s GDP means increase flow of money into the country as a result of exportation.  And this indirectly increases the citizen’s standard of living.

Here is the list of 5 things to export from Nigeria to other countries to make millions of dollars in few months:

1.     Human faeces

Human faeces is one of the things to export from Nigeria that will make millions of dollars for you. This might shock you that in less than six months you can making millions of dollars exporting human faeces from Nigeria.

Human faeces can be processed into charcoal for cooking. There are new toilets that are constructed now, it helps to convert human faeces to cooking fuel.

In Kenya, human faeces are used to make bridges and build houses.

Currently, Americans will be making $3.5 billion every year from gold extracted from human faeces. They are also taking human faeces to space to protect the astronaut.

Hydrogen can be made from human faeces. And you can now transplant human faeces from one person to another.

In Nigeria, we dispose human faeces from pit latrines. We neither value nor use it as much as other countries in the world. So, you can export human faeces to countries like Kenya and North American continents where there are higher demands for them.

2.     Cockroaches

Another thing you can export from Nigeria is cockroaches.

Cockroaches are the number one food now. We don’t eat cockroaches in Nigeria, they eaten in other places, we can produce and send to them, and they will buy.

In China, there is a man that has up to six billion cockroaches. Overnight, he became a multi-billionaire.

In Nigeria, we grow millions to billions of cockroaches and destroy them.

If you can preserve these cockroaches, you’ll have a great chance to get millions of dollars from the exportation of a large number of cockroaches to China, where they are consumed.

3.     Scorpions

Scorpions are another thing to export from Nigeria to make millions of dollars. Scorpions? Yes, scorpions.

One Nigerian scorpion is sold at the rate of $50,000. If you can get the female ones, you’re in money because the price is higher.

Nigerians are ignorant of this, they kill and destroy them. And the Chinese are taking it away, no one is questioning them.

Instead of destroying scorpions, you can export to countries in the Asian continents where there are higher demands for them.

4.     Butterfly

Most countries in world value butterfly so much. And they refer to them as flying jewels treasured in urban landscapes.

The butterfly play a number of roles in the environmental ecosystem, importantly in the reproduction of trees and shrubs where they act as pollinators.

In Singapore, one butterfly is bought for $500. iNaturalist Singapore Butterflies Project is a Singaporean project to build their butterfly ecological system. Their common butterfly has gradually disappeared.

So, this is an opportunity. You can immobile butterflies and export them from Nigeria to country like Singapore to make millions of dollars.

5.     Venom

Venom is a poisonous liquid produced by some animals such as snakes, spiders, scorpion, or bees.

Snake venoms, for example, have been used in traditional medicine. Thousands of years ago, venoms were used to prepare treatment for smallpox and leprosy and heal wounds.

Snake venom is currently used in therapeutic medicine for pharmaceutical drugs production, toxin-based diagnostic methods and as biological markers for understanding human physiology.

A gallon of 4.75 litres of the venom is sold at $99 million.

In Nigeria, we kill snakes anyhow without thinking of extracting their venoms. You can get assistance of those who can handle snakes very well to extract their venom for you. Gallon them and export to other countries like Asian and European where they are in higher demand.


You need more things to export from Nigeria to make millions of dollars:

  • Export Crickets to China – they eat them, so there is higher demand for crickets over there.
  • Export Termites – the Asian continent also enjoy it and you can make good money exporting it to these countries

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How to Start Exportation Business

#1. Acquire Knowledge

Before you start exportation business, the first step is acquire knowledge of exportation business you are going into. You shouldn’t start an exportation business without having the right knowledge of how the exportation business works. Having an in-depth understanding of export business will help you achieve success in a short possible time.

You must first know the various steps to take, how exportation is done and the challenges involved in exportation.

Research which shipping companies are trustworthy and affordable. Also, find out how long it will take the goods to get the destination country.

This knowledge is very important if you must succeed.

You gather knowledge about exportation business by:

  • Having one-on-one talk (consultation) with an experienced exporter
  • Taking three to six months apprenticeship with an established exporter
  • Researching on exportation business online
  • Attending business workshops and seminars

#2. Develop a detailed Plan

Next things is to develop a detailed plan for your exportation business. Ordinarily before starting any business, it is essential you develop a detailed business plan. The lack of a business plan will put your business at risk.

A business plan is used to forecast the future of a business, goal and objectives with strategies for achieving those goal and objectives. In other words, a business plan is the life-wire of any business.

From the knowledge you have acquired about the exportation business, you should go ahead and develop your business plan.

#3. Carry out Market Research

Exportation business is vast, interesting and fun but it requires you give it your best. Since you have decided go into it, you just have put in time and be dedicated it.

Your customers will expect the goods you deliver to be the best of the product. If you are going into any of those things I mentioned above, you liaise with people who will help you produce the best of them.

For instance, you can partner with a farmer who cultivates termites to get freshly harvested termites for your customers. Immobilize them or dry them before packaging them in a container.

For example: if you want to start exportation of human faeces, partner with those who are into human waste management business. They will help you in converting and packaging the faeces

#4. Register Your Business Name

On many occasions, people had to change their existing business name after building and branding the business just because they failed to registered business name on the onset.

Once you fail to register your business name earlier, just know that you are at the verge of losing a business you have spent years to build as your competitor can have the name registered.

To save you stress of starting anew, it is important to register your business before the business commences.

The business name registration process is simple. It starts with you navigating CAC website, and then searching for name availability, follow with business name reservation. Read more on how to register your business name with CAC.

#5. Have a Neat Packaging

Having a neat Packaging is essential step in exportation business as it will help you grow your customer base fast

Always package all the dried materials in tight zip-lock bags. You also use transport media to prevent deterioration of biological materials.

Package items in form of paste in air-tight containers. Make sure to label each item using tape and marker to write names on them.

Again, if you have business-customized bags with your logo, use them but ensure they are neatly packed.

#6. Set Your Prices well

One big mistake you will make in exportation business is not setting your prices well. It is recommended that you set your prices only after you’ve gotten your cost price and delivery charges. With this, you can calculate your profit before the actual sales.

Additionally, you can research the prices other exporter charges before setting your price. This idea will help you fix your price within the range of other exporters. This works best especially, if you’re in the same line of exportation business.

#7. Get Buyers for Your products

The next step is to find buyers for your goods. Getting buyers is usually a tough one.

But just let the world know about your business and customers will come. It is important you make contacts before you begin.

This you can achieve through creating a website or establishing an online presence via social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Just create a business page on these social media platforms for your business.  .

You can also start training classes and workshops, teaching about exportation of your products.

You can also create webinars, seminars online using Google meets and Zoom meeting. You can decide to create a YouTube channel also, making people know about exportation of your products.

Another best way to get buyers is through referrals. Most customers will want to trust you before they can sign up for your referral program. And customers can only trust you when you deliver what they expect and close deal with them very well.

#8. Research for Good Cargo Companies

There are several cargo companies in Nigeria that are into exportation goods to other countries. Make some research about those logistics companies and their charges. Find out how their delivery system works, and if it is something you’re comfortable.

Some documents you many required in exportation business include:

  • certificate of origin
  • insurance certificate
  • shipping bills
  • certificate of inspection
  • export license
  • commercial receipts
  • And packing lists.

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In conclusion, we covered five things to export from Nigeria to other countries that will make millions of dollars for you. And we also included steps to start exportation business in Nigeria. You can make huge profit exporting those things we have listed above. Those things are worthless in Nigeria but they are valued in other country.

As an exporter, your major concern should be on how to package these items neatly and brand your business.

Starting any business requires determination and commitment, exportation business is not an exemption. Don’t quit at the first trial! Remain committed and you will succeed.

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