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Top 15+ Business to do during NYSC and Orientation Camp

Are you in need of profitable business to do during your NYSC program? Are you thinking of starting a business during your NYSC and at orientation camp? Do you need small business ideas to do during NYSC?

If you say yes, I will suggest you keep reading.

NYSC is usually the best time for one to start up business. There are wide varieties of business opportunities you can be expose to during NYSC but it requires planning, dedication and passion. You can factor in your business idea during your local and state award project research. I didn’t say you should make this known to your zonal co-ordinator.

Why you need to start a business during NYSC

• Life after NYSC is tough
• To make savings
• To get yourself expose to wide varieties of business ideas
• It will help you to acquire entrepreneurial skill

So, if you are interested in starting small business during your NYSC program but you do not have any business ideas; here below is 15 business ideas to do during NYSC. Some of these business ideas require little or no money start up. Some may require little skill while others will not. Your profession does not matter. Medical doctors, lawyers, Engineers, Scientist, pharmacist, nurses, etc can start any of these business ideas listed below. With you first monthly allowance you can virtually start any of them.

15+ Business to do during NYSC Program

1. Tutoring

This is one of the easiest businesses you can start during NYSC. You first start it as home tutoring or coaching then extend it to lesson centre. There may be a bit competitive in some locality and where that exists, you must try to show some level of expertise. Many parents are willing to pay for children home tutoring.

2. Photographer and videographer

This is another small business idea to start during NYSC. The advent of camera phone have reduced the lucrative nature of this business, however the business is still somewhat profitable.

3. Mini computer business centre (mainly photocopying, laminating and typing)

With 3 in 1 HP printer, laptop or desktop; you can start a mini computer business centre. This you can site close to your family house or school area depending on your residential area. There is lots profit in this business.

4. Game and life fitness centre

If you are the game type, you can open a game and fit centre. Youths of these days enjoys games so much. There are different games you can start like; table tennis, weight lift, chess game in addition to personal fitness exercise room. This is usually lucrative if you are posted to the city for your primary assignment.

5. Research Award project centre

Setting up research award project centre in conjunction with those had passed out from NYSC service can be a profitable venture. Local, state and federal award are what every NYSC corper member is aiming for. So, setting up a centre that will see to this and help corp member achieve it can be lucrative.

6. Seminar and workshop centre
7. Career development centre
8. Website development and designing
9. Computer and laptops repairs
10. Hairstylist

This business will best suit female corp member but I have male corp member making money as hairstylist.

11. Beads knitting and selling
12. Cloth designing and tailoring
13. Blogging

Blogging is an online business which you can be doing on your spare time or at leisure. You can start this business at any locality in as much as there is availability of internet connection and you have your own laptop or desktop. For more information on blogging, you can read this now; how to start a success blogging in Nigeria. You can also read this; how to a blog, grow traffic and make money.

14. Trading

Trade is the most common business for NYSC corp member. So, you can start trading. Most corp members posted to North buy product there and send to east for selling.

15. Fresh fruit Juice production

If you posted to a town like Lagos, kano, Onitcha, partharcourt, Aba, etc; these towns are highly business area. You can easily start up fresh fruit production in these towns and it will sell very well.

More on business to during NYSC

• Liquid soap and detergent production
• Perform and body deodorant production
• Haircut and barbing saloon

There are some factors that will likely affect your overall success in any of the above business idea. These factors include;
• The locality/state where you are posted for NYSC
• Your business orientation
• Passion
• Dedication
• Hard work
• Capital
• Skill

So, try as much as to factor in these factors when thinking of business to do during NYSC. As I have already said, you don’t to wait until you pass out from NYSC before you start up a business. That one year NYSC period is the best time to start.

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