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How to Start Computer Business Center in Nigeria

In this article, I’ll show you how to start computer business center in Nigeria. Computer business center is lucrative business if properly managed. Unfortunately, many of the computer business centers in Nigeria have shut down due to poor management, bad location and wrong price list of services. If you’re thinking of starting a computer business center in Nigeria, this post will address all that you need to know to start a profitable computer business center.

How to Start a Computer Business Center in Nigeria
Starting a Computer Business in Nigeria

Computer business center thrives very well in Nigeria in spite of its numerous challenges. One reason being that, it is cheaper for example to typeset, print or photocopy documents at computer business centers than to buy a photocopier at home. People will always resort to computer business center to typeset, print or photocopy their documents.

What is a Computer Business Center?

Computer business center is an office that offer services such photocopying, secretary works, spiral binding and laminating of paper materials, instant passport photographing, typesetting, installation of systems, computer training, internet services (for computer business center with cybercafé ), typing and printing, letters, correspondence, memoir and other computer services.

Most computer business center runs computer services alongside with cybercafé for the purpose of maximizing profit and as well as providing a complete computer services package to their customers.

Today, I will show you how to start a computer business center in Nigeria. As I said earlier, Computer business center is one those lucrative businesses in Nigeria. But if you must succeed in this business, you have to put proper management in place.

Before I proceed further, it might interest you to know that we render expert business plan services including computer business center plan. Feel free to contact us if you need a business plan on computer business center. Our award winning business plan expert writers will surely deliver to you the best business plan on computer business center.

What are Services you can offer in a Computer Business Center?

In a computer business center, you can work independently or offer your services to secretariats, high institutions and other school. There is a lot of services you can offer in your computer business center.

Some of the services you can offer in your computer business center include:

  • Computer training – this will involve training people, students and professional on use of computer and different computer packages.
  • Photocopying
  • Binding
  • Laminating of paper materials
  • Instant passport
  • Photographing
  • Typesetting
  • Internet services (for computer business center with cybercafé ) – this will involve Job application, Email Services, online exams taking, WAEC, NECO and JAMB result checking, NYSC Registration and printing of call up letters, etc.
  • Typing and printing of letters, correspondence, memo
  • Graphic designing – Wedding card, posters, banners, flyers, business card,
  • Computer repairs – this will be possible if you have the skills or you can learn it to offer it.

Now that you’re aware of the list of services you can offer, let’s proceed to how to start a computer business center in Nigeria.Computer Business Center in Nigeria

How to Start a Computer Business Centre in Nigeria

Here are steps you can follow to start a computer business center in Nigeria:

Decide if computer business center is for you

The first step in starting a computer service business in Nigeria is to decide if computer business center is for you. Computer business center is meant for people who are dedication and hard working. If you feel you have all it takes to succeed in business center business, then don’t hesitate to begin.

After going through these 10 helpful tips in starting a successful computer business center, you should be able to decide if you will venture into computer business center business. ’

Acquire all necessary skills and certificates

The next thing is to acquire all necessary skills and certificates. The computer service business is a service-oriented business and hence it needs skill, experience and expertise. It is important you understand that you need skills to run a profitable computer business center.

A good way to start is to attend a computer training school to acquire skills and certificates. If you going to run a computer school alongside your business center, you need both basic and professional certificates in different computer applications and programs. We have top 10 computer applications and programs every computer business center owner should learn.

One advantage of acquiring this basic and professional knowledge is to enable you to open a computer training school in which you will be your own boss. Though, you may start off the business by hiring a computer operator and computer instructors while you learn on the field.

But I will rather suggest you go get certified first. If you are to grow the computer business center to a high level, you can acquire other business initiatives and skills such as self-managerial and financial independence skills.

Choose a business name

You need to choose an appealing business name for your computer business center. When choosing a business name for business center, make sure it is unique, easy to pronounce and remember.

You can choose a name that is related to computer services or even your real name. One thing you should know is that your business name is as good as your name. So, you have to choose wisely. You can consult experts or seek help if you think you can’t come up with something good.

Consider registering your business name

If you have the capital, consider registering your business name. Starting your computer business center as a registered company rather than as unregistered company is far rewarding. The reason why many businesses never go too far is that they fail the register their business name.

For those who are in Nigeria, you can register your business on CAC online business registration portal and if you are non-Nigerian, you inquire about the parastatals in charge of business name registration in your country. Every country has its own parastatals who are do business name registration in this regard.

Draft a business plan

Any business without a business plan is short-circuited. The business plan will serve as a blueprint for your business and its management. Having a business plan clearly helps you set your business mission, vision, goals and objectives; and also help keep you on the business track.

Even if you are starting a computer business center as ‘one-man business’ you can still write a business plan for it because it is an important tool for your business expansion. You need a business plan to help you outsource for fund

. Banks can’t give loan without seeing your business plan.  Investors will also demand your business plan before they put their money into your business. Even some relatives will like to see your plan before they give you money for a business. Writing a computer business center plan is not a big deal, you can easily learn how to write a business plan that wins investors.

Rent an office at good location

If you are going to make money on this business then you need a good location. Of course, you should know that it is best to site the computer business center near colleges, high institutions and work offices complex.

You can also locate your business within residential areas. Your target is those coming out of their homes to do one or two internet or computer services. Sometimes, locating your business within a dense residential area pays more than locating within schools. Well, it is left for you to decide which location best suit you.

Get necessary permits and operating license

As a new computer business center service owner, getting certification is not enough to run the business. You will need to find out what license is required and acquire it immediately. If you fail to get all necessary permits and operating license, it means you’re are calling the government’s unnecessary embarrassment and harassment.

These people (the government) are mean and heartless as regard to this.  They can confiscate your business when you fail to comply with them. So, you have to comply with the governmental body in charge of business in your locality.  Meanwhile, before you apply for a business permit, ensure you meet the criteria that will qualify you for the permit to avoid being turned down. Unless you are thinking of starting an ‘anyhow computer business center’

Buy equipment and materials

The natures of equipment you buy depend on the size of your computer business center. If you starting small (mini-computer business center), you don’t need heavy machines and equipment. Just 3 in 1 photocopying machine, desktop or laptop, a generator set, 2 tables and desks can go a long way for you in this business.

If you going into medium or large-scale business center, some of the equipment and materials that you will buy when your business center is in medium or large scale include:

2 – 4 PhotocopierA photocopier is one of the major equipment you will need. When buying a photocopier, there are those who are willing to sell their fairly used photocopying machine at a good price. But I strongly advise you to buy a new photocopier. The reasons being that it will last longer and save you the stress of calling a technician often to repair broken machine. Fairly used photocopy machine can be troublesome. The new one makes the photocopying work sharp and fast. There is also a manufacturer warranty on a new machine which an added advantage

Printers – You need to buy a printer that is already in circulation so that if it develops a fault, you can easily get a technician who repairs it.

Scanner- Getting a new scanner is always the best.

Different paper size – You need different paper size such A4 paper, A5, Letter, portrait size, Envelop, Cabinet etc. This can either be bought as a rim or as a carton of five rims. Depending on the amount you have.

Staplers and Pins – There is a giant paper stapler and also regular sized stapling machine too. It is advisable that you get both as you will be having customers doing high and low volumes of work.
The other consumables you will need are spiral binding materials. These days, you do not need to use spiral binding machine depending on the volume of work you want to bind at once.

Desktops and laptops – You need computers and Laptops. At a start, you begin with five desktops and one laptop. I recommend that you get a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer. If you cannot afford that, you can, however, go for a desktop computer. The major advantage of a laptop over a desktop is that it saves power. The battery of your laptop can serve you for a few hours of fuel spent on powering the desktop computer.

Different Color Printers – You customers may need to print their work. So, you need different color printers to print material from both internet and typed work for your clients

0 – 7.5 KVA Generator Set – You need a high KVA generator plant since you will be powering high energy machine.

Tables and Chairs – You need sets of tables and chairs. The size of your computer business center will determine the number of seats and table you will buy.

Summary of the list of equipment and materials

The summary of the list of equipment for computer business center is as follows:

  • Computer set
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Furniture
  • Managers desk
  • Server (internet)
  • Router
  • Networking Cables
  • Inverter
  • Air conditioner
  • Generator Sets
  • TV Set
  • DSTV / local antenna
  • Staplers and Pins
  • Cartons Papers (A4, A3, A5 and foolscap paper sheets)
  • Envelops (different sizes)
  • CDs
  • Website
  • Instant Passport Sized Photo machine
  • Spiral Binding Machine
  • Laminating Machine
  • Paper cutter
  • Standby generator

For the price of this equipment and materials, we have full detailed cost for Starting a Computer Business Centre.

Create Your Price List

Create your price list by checking out what other computer business center collect for a particular service they render to their customers. As a beginner in the business, your price for a particular service you offer may be a bit lower than what others collect for the same service. This will help you build a good customer base.

As a computer business owner in Nigeria, we have created a Business center price list of all our computer services to clients to make things easier for you. It is a good way to fix prices for all your computer services. You can adjust the price of any of these services to suit you.

Add Internet café

You can attach a cybercafé to your business center for customers who will like to access the web, print out from their inbox, download or upload material like photos, PDF and many more. Internet services should be available at all times.

To acquire internet access, you can buy modems from different telecommunication network and subscribe for their monthly internet data plan or you subscribe for monthly internet plan from good internet wireless connection (hotspot and Wi-Fi) providers

Decide on number of Staff to employ

Computer business center is a service-oriented business which only one person can’t handle alone. So, you will definitely need helping hands. Especially when you’re venturing into large scale business center

Depending on the nature of computer services you will be rending to customers and your capital, the list of staff you can employ include;

  • Manager and computer instructor
  • Secretary/Receptionist
  • Computer operator
  • Assistant Trainer
  • Van driver
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers and developers
  • Computer engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Accountant
  • Database Admin

Moreover, it is important that you train your employees so that they can provide the type of service you want and preserve your brand image.

Advertise your business

The first step is to advertise computer business center. There are so many ways you can advertise your computer business center. They include producing and sharing the company’s brochure, designing and giving out the company’s business cards to a different office that may need your service in future, sharing of company’s Flyers, creating a web presence and many more.

Is Computer Business center Profitable?

Yes! Computer business center business is a profitable business. Some quick survey I did and questionnaire reveals that computer business center owners around UNZIK campus, Akwa Anambra, on the average make close to N25, 000 – N40, 000 daily. I was shocked after the research.

A paper page typed work cost between N100 and N200. Some people will like to type close to 30 pages which amount between N3000 –N6000. This is done within one and half of the day.
As a beginner, you might not make up to N20000 but you will likely make more than half of it

A projection of Annual Revenue and Profit of a Computer business center with cybercafé
• Revenue: $400,000 – $4 million
• Profit (Pre-tax) – $80,000 – $1 million


Computer business center is a profitable business anybody can do. You can start the business in a small-scale and then grow the business into a large-scale business enterprise. But, the business can as well crumble if not properly manage. Study the challenges and ways to promote computer business center before starting. If you follow the steps above you can start a computer center, you will not regret in future.

Have an appealing personal trait, be creative and confidence you will make it in this business.

Though this article is targeted to a region (Nigeria) but computer services business is a profitable business that can be taken advantage of anywhere, irrespective of your country, state, town or locality in the world. The major differences will be the cost of the startup of the business, your locality perceptions, and government policies of the region you are targeting.

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    1. Start mini-computer business.
      Rent a space or store within the school compound through your SUG president if you are in the university.
      Buy one desktop to start with.
      Buy 3 in 1 photocopying machine- for photocopying, printing and scanning.

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    2) what is the salary range to be paid for a computer analysis/manager in case I employ someone to manage the place for me? Thank you.
    Kindly reply me and through my e-mail. Thanks.

    1. There are many market you can buy all those Machine depending on your location. If you are in Lagos, you can buy those machine at cheap rate at Alaba International market. You can also buy them in computer village in Lagos.
      The salary range depends on the location of your business and qualification of your employee. If your employee is a graduate and your business is located in a city, then you can start at salary range of N35,000 and above. If your employee is not a graduate and your business is located in a city, you can start from a range of N20,000 and above.

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    2. Which of the network provider did you subscribe to for internet?

    Waiting to read from you. Thank you.

    1. Hello Adeola,
      Yes, the person is correct! You have to register with each of the body.
      I don’t have special network…I use wireless network like Hospot, Wi-Fi, etc depending your location.

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    1. For the best location of your business; I suggest you read the 15 tips for finding the right location for business

      In terms of promotion or advertising of your new business; they are many ways to advertise your new business ranging from offline advertisement to online advertisement or promotion.
      Offline advertisement and promotion include things like;
      Tell people about your new business and watch how they will spread.
      Create and share fliers about your new business.
      Design and share your business card.
      Offer free services to certain number of your new customers.
      Designing and sharing of your business calendar.
      Invite people who will help spread your business to your business opening ceremony.

      Online advertisement and promotion include things like;
      Creating facebook page for your business
      Creating Google page for your business
      Advertising your business using Google Adwords advertising program
      Advertising your business using Facebook ads program
      Advertising your business on popular site like
      Guest post on authority site like

  17. I want to start a computer service business in my locality. The place I planned renting the shop is not close to a school or office, its just a residencial area what do you think?

    And also the 90 percent of youths which are the major target in this business this days have there own PC and very smart phones. What packages can I add to beat this challenge?

    1. At least, if you are the only one who is dealing on computer service business in that residential area then nothing stops you from making better figures. Too much competitions can kill the business in such a locality.
      90% of youths have PC and smart phones, but they don’t have printer, photocopying machine, Laminating machines, access to register students to some important exams. So, provide a complete computer business service with possibly computer training.

      1. Very educative and helpful. Sir Emma, what are the registrations one need to do before starting a computer printing business?

            1. To be more professional, you can register your business with CAC Nigeria. Other payments you need to make are local government payment, business premise, and other utility bills

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