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Top Reseller Web Hosting Nigeria- build reseller hosting firm

Reseller Web Hosting Service is an option for web user or webmaster to earn money on the web by selling the hosting server disk space that is provided by a particular Host. The usual thing is that the reseller web hosting providers provide a white label (private label) web hosting reseller solution, meaning that you as web hosting reseller you re-sell on your own brand name. In this era of bump shell in internet business in Nigeria, Reseller Web Hosting in Nigeria has become a lucrative business. Top reseller web hosting in Nigeria, how it is all rendered conceivable and what the various kinds of reseller plans are, you will discover in this article. The way in which reseller hosting works depends on the approach of the hosting company, who offer the service.

In this present time in Nigeria and the world generally, it is really hard to discover quality reseller web hosting company. This is mainly because most of the firms who claim to offer reseller web hosting would allure you into purchasing a specific quantity of disk space and then abandon you to resell it as you can. Nearly none of those providers would even try troubling themselves with their server downtime, customer and reseller technical support at any moment. For these reasons, we continue to wonder from one host reseller provider to another fruitless. The cPanel reseller hosting principle that belong to the year 2000 and are literally antique are still being operate by top reseller web hosting firm. They are candidly a lot of shared web hosting providers at the moment for fresh resellers who try to advertise only for that. None would accommodate an all inclusive reseller hosting features and only a handful of them of the reseller hosting suppliers would give you complete reseller automation that will allow you to setup your own web store without jam.

Are they actually a good reseller web hosting providers in Nigeria?

 I nearly admit that there are none; not until I reviewed some of reseller web hosting companies in Nigeria. After all I perceived yet these companies are nearly fine to be real. Yes, actually they present a good customer rating with 24/7 customer and reseller support, and cost effective reseller web hosting plans.

Wait a bit! I will show you these reseller web hosting providers.

Know this first, if you intend going into a reseller web hosting business in Nigeria.  You can become a reseller of:

  • Virtual private server(VPS)
  • Dedicated server
  • Semi-dedicated server
  • Share web hosting account
  • Domain name and SSL certificates.

Why reseller web hosting in Nigeria?

Price is definitely the biggest advantage of reseller hosting. A lot of the reseller hosting services in Nigeria is relatively cheap, perhaps a few naira on monthly bases. Reseller hosting is good for an entrepreneur who are starting their business. It is relatively low risk investment with limited startup cost.

For end-users, reseller hosting is good if you are an experience webmaster. You can always enjoy the low cost of reseller web hosting. On the hand, if you are new to hosting and programming, reseller hosting might not be the best choice for you. If you ran into problems, you will definitely need some resourceful technical support from established web hosting firm to troubleshoot the problem for you sometimes the price difference between regular web hosting and reseller web hosting might not be that significant

Let’s now see the notable Reseller Web Hosting providers in Nigeria

As I mention above, I stumbled upon few good Nigeria reseller web hosting providers during the course of this review. They include:


They are committed to helping resellers grow their business. All their third level .ng domain names are available for N1700/YR and second level .ng goes for N15000/YR

For their reseller accounts, their features and cost, you can get one at a low price of N10000/YR. They are second largest web host providers in Nigeria (according to They have good customer review and reseller web hosting support plans.


They offer powerful shared hosting, resellers/WHM, master reseller and alpha master reseller web hosting with unique features and support. You can get a live support help. offers you an opportunity of starting a reseller web hosting business with a low price of N9000/YR.  VBHOSTNET.COM has a good customer rating and a quality support help.


With their resellers’ website pack, you can now very simply present a powerful, feature-rich and professional interface to your customer. The resellers’ website pack is a dynamic generated, database-driven and fully customizable web application that comes complete with all features necessary to process your customers order on domain names, Email/web hosting and web design. There are more to this resellers’ website pack.

They offer two major resellers’ web hosting programs, standard and budgetary reseller program. You can start their budgetary reseller web hosting program with a price of N30000. has not recorded any bad customer review.


Their reseller web hosting plans are a cost effective way for entrepreneurs, web designers and web developers to host unlimited web sites with 25% discount off as in regular web hosting price plus the host unlimited domains. They offer white label (private label) web hosting business.

With a price of N37000, you get a free setup of you reseller professional web hosting business from

Utiware has good customer rating.

There are many other good reseller web hosting firms in Nigeria but I carefully selected the above firms because of their popularity, good customer rating and 24/7 customer and reseller support.

Their common reseller panel features:

  • Start you won webhost firm with just a few clicks
  • Private label reseller web hosting services
  • Cost-free web store template


Please, if try any of the above companies or you have tried them before and they do not meet up with above good features I mentioned kindly post that as a comment.

Remember, we may have limitations during our assignment of those reseller web hosting firms; what we have done is to collect data concerning their popularity, the number of domains they host and as well as their customers’ reviews or rating

Outside the necessary contact we made, some of the sites we have

gather our information during the course of this review includes: ,,, and the respective reseller web hosting companies’ sites.

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  1. The best reseller hosting so far is they have great uptime, best support, unlike whogohost terrible support, and their servers are highly optimized.

    1. Stay away from domainking they use to be good until they sold the company to a south African company now the services are terrible and they have hidden charges to I had to pay an extra 10k for them to release my website files so I can migrate to naijawebhost about a month ago

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