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Transfer money from GTbank to GT & other Bank account using text code

GTB money transfer code; GTBank 737 Money Transfer through mobile phones via USSD CODE.
Guaranty Trust Bank plc has finally launched money transfer service shortcode which enables all GTBank customers to conveniently transfers money from their GTBank account to another GTbank account and or to other bank account holders in Nigeria by simply dialing USSD short code.

The GTbank money transfer service shortcode has been introduced to facilitate the success of the One Click Top –up in which all GTBank customers send instant money transfers directly from their mobile phone, irrespective of no internet connection or phone type.

GTbank money tranfer code



To transfer money from your GTbank account to another GTbank account, dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No#

 Example *737*1*1000*1234567890# from the mobile number registered with GTBank.
 Then enter the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate the transaction.
 Wait for the transaction to be completed.
 You will receive a message debit alert at once indicating that your transfer was very successful.


To transfers to other beneficiarie Bank account that is not GTbank
 Simply dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile phone number registered with GTbank.
 Select recipient’s bank (FBN, Access, Zenith, UBA & DBN)
 Then enter last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard.
 Wait for the transaction to be completed.
NOTE: The recipient account will be shown to you before you enter the last four digits of your debit card. This lets you verify that you’re not sending money to a wrong account
 You will automatically receive debit alert indicating that your transfer was very successful.


Yes, GTBank transfer charges are applied.

NOTE THIS: If you have two accounts with GTbank, let say current and saving account and you’re using same phone number for both account, your current account will be debited before your savings account.

For questions or comments concerning GTbank money transfer service code, you can use the comment box below or visit GTbank official website;

163 thoughts on “Transfer money from GTbank to GT & other Bank account using text code”

  1. Pardon me if my question does not actually tally with the transfer stuff but there is no other place to ask question. So i opened a gtcrea student account yesterday and my account number and pin has not been sent to me. What’s going on?

  2. hi. I tried transferring money from access bank to my GT bank. But it didn’t reflect on my balance but the access bank was debited

  3. I am trying to transfer money from my GT acct to another GT acct. After the last procedure, it show invalid authorization. Please enter the appropriate code to complete your transaction. Have been transferring with the same code before now. Pls, what can I do it very urgent.

  4. I am trying to make a transfer with my internet banking to other bank, This is what he keep telling me. Token validation failed. Please retry after 3 minute..

  5. please it has been so difficult for me to transfer money from my gt bank account to other bank using my airtel number which i use to register the account. what could be could be the cause

  6. i have been trying to log on the GTB app to make a transfer but it won’t sign in but i can sign in on my computer.. I can’t be able to do transfer if i sign on computer it keeps asking me of token which i don’t have the device because i am out of Nigeria i would like to know if there’s any instruction on how i can do transfer on computer too not just on my gtb app.

  7. Hello want to register in gtbank app but I did not put my email one the account why opened the account how will I open the gtapp, because now I have gmail.

  8. I have been trying to link my BVN with my GTB bank but not working so far, please can I transfer money if I get a debit card and regisiter for mobile banking

  9. Someone told me he transferred money from access bank to my gtbank since yesterday I did not receive alert and I checked my account and nothing is there.the sender was debited what might be the problem?

  10. Hy I have been making transfers with my Gtb via,*737# until last night it started saying unable to validate account details what do I do

  11. Your explanation is very informative.But Most of the persons don’t know how to transfer money in online from one place to another place actually some persons are taking internet help. By the by money transfer is a very important to family or friends. Now a day’s most of the public is using online money transfer. More information please visits the website.

  12. Hello, I’m trying to use the *737* code to recharge airtime on the phone number linked to the account yet it keeps saying “unable to validate account details”
    What could possibly be wrong?

    1. Hello Lawlarh,
      Your phone seems to be having dual SIM card. So, check your primary phone SIM Card number and reset to the phone number that is register/link to your bank account.

  13. Thanks to our brother to share this information and it is a great article, good collection for money transfer guide… thanks for sharing helpful information & keep posting.

  14. Hello, i haven’t used the 737 before, tried to use it and it keeps saying “unable to validate account details. Tried calling Gt connect and there is no option to speak with customer care representatives. A friend told me i have to activate it by calling them but i can’t reach gtb. What do i do? Is there an alternative number??

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