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Top 10 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Without doubt, Amazon is the single largest online retailer in the world. The company has made a name in online shopping and retailing. The company was founded by an American entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos in 1994 out of his garage in Seattle

How to make money on Amazon

Make Money on Amazon

On Amazon website, you can make money in varieties of ways. You can apply to become Amazon affiliate, sell your products and services, App and so on. Therefore, Amazon offers different opportunities or ways of making money online through its website.

In this article, I’ll be showing you top 10 ways to make money on Amazon in Nigeria. If you’re unaware of them, then continue reading. These top ten ways of making money from Amazon are not completely available in all the countries in the world. Therefore, it is important you check the ones available at your place. But Amazon being a global company, most of their money making programs is available in several countries. And they offer everyone an equal chance to make money

10 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Here are top 10 ways to make money on Amazon:

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is one of the best ways to make money on Amazon. By any yardstick, I rate Amazon Flex as the best program for anyone to make money. It’s available in lots of countries, including the USA and India, among others. Actually, Amazon Flex is a very simple program that requires little or no investment from your side.

To explain further, Amazon Flex allows ordinary people like you and me to deliver orders on behalf of the company. And they pay well too. For example, in the US, Amazon pays $25 per hour to delivery crew working under the Amazon Flex program. That means, you can earn as much as $100 per day, if you work for a four-hour time slot daily. And that adds up to a neat $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year.

Joining Amazon Flex is very simple. All that you need to do is download the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone. You’ll have to keep the location services on your smartphone switched on while using the app. Upon downloading the app, the first thing that you’ll have to do is start registering your name and address with other relevant details such as contact number.

Once you register successfully and your application to join Amazon Flex is accepted, you can start delivering orders on behalf of Amazon. The program is very simple, as I say. You have to select a four-hour slot during which you will deliver their packages to buyers. If you’re lucky and have the time, it’s possible to select two different slots too for delivering orders. This means you’ll be working eight hours a day and earning $200 daily or $6,000 per month.

The rates also increase for special deliveries such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh and others. Additionally, happy customers often pay tips. Amazon pays your weekly earnings every Saturday by bank transfers through your PayPal account.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Another way you can make money from Amazon is through fulfillment. Amazon has what it calls as “fulfillment centers,” across every country where the company operates. Actually, fulfillment centers are where some of the items that customers buy are stored. However, these mainly serve as hubs for orders to arrive from other locations for packing and forwarding to their destinations.

This involves a lot of work. For example, Amazon requires persons who will find the right stuff, pack it properly, affix the correct label and send these packages onward for delivery. If you’ve ever ordered anything from Amazon, you might be surprised to find that your stuff is coming from somewhere distant. That’s because Amazon has fulfillment centers there which have the stuff.

Often, things that third party sellers sell through Amazon also arrive at these fulfillment centers for logistical reasons. Hence, Amazon requires a lot of persons to work at such fulfillment centers both full-time and part-time. For part-time workers, Amazon pays $15 or more, depending upon the nature of work.

Therefore, working at Amazon Fulfillment is yet another superb way to make money from Amazon. This can also be a full time but irregular employment if you want. Or you can work part-time as a freelancer for Amazon Fulfillment.

Amazon Handmade

If you’re a crafts-person and can make amazing handicrafts, paintings, portraits, sketches or sculptures, furniture or embroidery, sell the stuff through Amazon Handmade. This is a program from Amazon that allows every crafts-person to express their skills and find a lucrative market.

Joining Amazon Handmade is very simple. All that you’ve to do is sign-up on Amazon Handmade as a seller and accept their terms and conditions, which are very fair. However, make sure you read the Returns Policy of Amazon very carefully since you might have to take back some stuff that a buyer rejects and sends back for refund or replacement.

Once your application to sell on Amazon Handmade is successful, all that you’ve to do is upload some superb pictures of the stuff you’re offering for customers to view. Also mention your price including taxes and shipping costs, if any.

Here it’s worth remembering that Amazon also charges a commission for letting you use their website and dashboard. Therefore, make sure that your asking price for anything that you’re selling compensates you adequately after deducting shipping costs, taxes, money transfer fees and commissions.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the world’s single largest affiliate marketing program. It comes from Amazon. In fact, some 42 percent of Amazon’s sales worldwide come from its affiliate marketing partners, according to reliable sources. For people like us, Amazon Associates offers an excellent way to make money, even while we’re asleep.

Anyone can become a member of Amazon Associates. You can sign-up as an Amazon affiliate partner through the Amazon Associates page online. Once your application is successful, Amazon provides you with a free dashboard. You can use this dashboard to make ads and create affiliate links.

To take the next step, you will need a personal blog or own YouTube channel in which you can post affiliate links. You can also do affiliate marketing through podcasts, social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, among others.

Whenever anyone clicks on your affiliate links to buy something, Amazon pays between two percent and 18 percent of the actual cost price of the stuff, minus taxes and delivery charges, as your affiliate commission. You can request a payout every week or wait till a certain amount of money is accumulated on your Amazon Associates account.

Amazon Seller

If you’ve something to sell or you’re running a brick-and-mortar business, sign-up as an Amazon Seller. Upon successful registration, you can upload pictures of the stuff you’re selling with descriptions that match the Amazon style. And of course, the price and shipping costs if any. In fact, lots of offline store owners are now selling their stuff through Amazon because they find it very convenient and profitable.

There’s no limit to the number of products you can sell on Amazon. As you would know, Amazon lists millions of products for sale on its online store. To become an Amazon Seller, you’ll have to agree to all their terms and conditions as well as their Returns Policy.

Since Amazon arranges the delivery, you don’t have to worry about anything. Amazon will send a person to pick up and pack the item for delivery. If it’s an Amazon Fresh product, you might have to mention the date of production and expiry due to consumer safety rules of Amazon.

Kindle Desktop Publishing

Kindle Desktop Publishing or KDP is a service from Amazon. If you’re an author or poet, it’s easy to make money from Amazon through KDP. This allows you to make money from Amazon in a simple yet superb way.

To make money from KDP, I suggest you keep the manuscript of your book or collection of poems ready. Sign up as an author or poet online at KDP. Upon creating an account successfully, you can start using KDP templates and other free resources to create your book. And once your book has been made on KDP, offer it for sale.

You have the option of pricing your books. It ranges from $0.99 per book to $9.99. However, if you’re sure that thousands of people would love your book, you can charge even higher. Amazon KDP charges you a small commission to sell your books online. And you get the royalties for this book.

Read the terms and conditions of KDP before you sign up. Generally, all the books you write will be available on the Kindle reader format only.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a service that Amazon provides to its sellers. The Amazon mTurk program works on the principle of micro-tasking. That’s because sellers on Amazon upload lots of pictures and text material to attract buyers. And it’s not possible for Artificial Intelligence to check all the stuff that gets uploaded.

You’ll have to apply for work as a micro-tasker under the Amazon Mechanical Turk program. And once you’re successful, Amazon provides a dashboard where you can find a lot of micro tasks.

These micro tasks involve checking spelling errors, detecting wrong or duplicate images, correcting information and so on. This takes away a lot of hassles from Amazon sellers and allows them to focus on other stuff like marketing and promoting sales.

Amazon Reseller

Another fabulous way to make money on Amazon is by signing up as an Amazon Reseller. This means, you won’t have anything to sell directly. Instead, you’ll be selling things on Amazon indirectly. This can include dropshipping too.

Once you sign up as an Amazon Reseller, you can upload pictures and information about the stuff that you’re selling. Upon getting the confirmed order, you’ll have to pass it along with the payment to your dropshipping supplier. The supplier then ships the order to the customer, while you make some money.

Alternatively, you can also buy stuff from other online or offline marketplaces and sell them through Amazon to make a neat profit. Often stuff like antiques, rare and unusual stuff or foreign made products can be bought and resold on Amazon to make money this way.

Provide Travel Services

Maybe you’re wondering how to sell travel services on Amazon. Actually, Amazon does offer lots of travel services nowadays. These include air ticket bookings. You can tie-up with a travel agency or airline directly to offer travel services. You could also sell accommodations and sight-seeing trips through Amazon.

Currently, the selection of travel services on Amazon isn’t very high. However, you can start now and go on adding services later. This is also ideal for travel agency owners and airline managers.

Sell Amazon Gift Cards

There are countless online survey communities and other resources from where you can get free Amazon gift cards. Generally, these are of $5, $10 or higher values. If you’re member of any online survey community, there’re plenty of opportunities to earn such free gift cards.

If you’re not going to use these gift cards, it’s possible to sell them online, either through Amazon or other resellers and make money.

There’s also one more option. You can buy these Amazon gift cards from others and resell them via Amazon or to other buyers. Generally, you can make a five percent profit from each sale. However, you’ll also have to price your Amazon gift cards cheaper than Amazon itself to tempt people to buy these cards from you.

Other Ways to Make Money on Amazon

There are some other ways to make money from Amazon. They include:

  • Customer care: Amazon hires lots of home-based online customer care executives. It involves chatting online with customers to solve any issues or answer queries,
  • Working for Amazon: Incidentally, Amazon is also one of the biggest employers in the world. Therefore, you can find some jobs on Amazon through topmost job boards.
  • Buy and sell from Amazon: You can buy stuff that Amazon offers cheap and sell them through its own marketplace at a higher price.
  • Amazon Affiliate program : you sign up on Amazon website and given affiliate link for tracking sales. On every sale, you earn commission.

In Conclusion

The above are how to make money on Amazon which you can consider. You can also try any of additional three. Thousands of people across the world are making a lot of money from Amazon and you too can be one among them. Explore each of these best ways to make money on Amazon and pick out the ones that best match your passion and skills

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