Top 12 Best work at home online jobs for Nigerians

I have selected the best 12 ways which I believe every Nigerians can make money online. These are internet businesses you can be doing right from the comfort of your home. They are legally online businesses or jobs with little or no start-up capital investment. These internet businesses are not difficult to learn or do. Anybody can do it, ones you know how to read and write and you can browse the internet.

Students, unemployed youths, retired and retirees, housewives, pregnant and nursing mother can do these online businesses. It can be done as part-time jobs or full-time business. It all depends on you.

However, always have at the back of your mind is that before you can begin to make money online, you must first of all learn how to do it by going through reading right information or online course. After learning, you must then prepare to work hard and keep working as you wait for the returns. At the beginning, it may appear very difficult and unrealizable but as soon as you start getting result, the workload and time demanded will reduce. The major skills require from you is that you must know how to read and write.

These are work from home online business I am talking about;

1. Information marketing – Information is money. Everybody is searching for the right information to solve problems. If you have the right information for solving other peoples’ problem, they are willing and ready to buy them. This is how information marketing emerged. Information marketing is therefore, the selling of the right information to the right people who are willing and ever ready to buy them. This is the simplest definition I can give for information marketing. The information packaged is the information product. Information marketing is the king of all online business, information can be package in form of Ebook, PDF, CD, Audio, and many other internet digital transferable file. The process of start-up and setting up a successful information marketing business are analyzed in our online business course because I may not able to cover every detail procedure here.

As a sample, see the right steps of starting a well paying information marketing business in Nigeria.

2. Affiliate marketing – Affiliate program is now a household term in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing is definitely the simplest and most likely most effective way to earn income online in Nigeria. In simple definition, affiliate marketing is an agreement or relationship between a merchant and affiliate. In the relationship, the affiliate agrees to allow product owner promote his product on the affiliate site, the affiliate is compensated when visitors either click on product on affiliate website and or buys the product. In Nigeria today, lots of affiliate program companies in which you can join have emerged. Like the JUMIA affiliate program, KONGA affiliate program, they purely lucrative online jobs. For detail step by step guide on how to make money online on affiliate program, you can enroll into our 3 months Affiliate marketing training course.

3. Google AdSense program – Google Adsense program is another way of making money online in Nigeria. Thousand of Nigerians are living on income made through Google Adsense program. When you join Google adsense program, Google will be placing merchant’s (advertiser’s) website text link or banner on your sites if visitors sees and click on that link, they will redirected to merchant’s website. Such click will pay you. Advertisers pay Google a predetermine amount for each click, and Google then forwards a share of this amount to you via check or international wire transfer. Such check or payment is usually made at monthly basis. I cannot be able to exhaust all steps on how to make money through Google Adsense because it is not all that pretty simple as many people over see it. I will still refer you our online training program. It is full package loaded with tricks and tactics on Google Adsense.

4. Blog & blogging business – I know you must have heard of Blogging one million times in web. Yes, it is not bad if you hear it again. Blogging is a big house door locked up; inside is money, when it opens; the money flow out.
There are different types of blogging and blogging platforms like video blogging, wordpress blogging platform, blogger blog and so many others. Getting huge traffic to your blog is the key that unlock the money from your blog. I will train you on all these if you will enroll for our online training course on blogging business package. I have here a demo say-to- say on, how to start a successfully blogging business in Nigeria

5. Copyright product sell – This is another serous area of online business people neglect. You create information product such as eBook, Audio, etc of you own for marketing, tomorrow you begin to see the same information product you created being sold everywhere in web. Tell me how you will succeed if this is your major online business. Any information you’ve created or design should have a copyright which authenticate that you are right own of the business. Copyrighting a product for sell is salient means of making money online. Many Nigerians don’t know about this business. You can start it today in Nigeria.

6. Licensed product and exclusive rights product marketing – Product license is an agreement between creator of a piece of work and distributor to make and sell the invention in return for paying royalties to the creator of that piece of work. In other to avoid infringement of right on any product, you can buy an exclusive right of product to sell or reseller the product online. For example Jason Njoku , a Nigerian multi-million naira online iROKO TV owner started his success journey by buying an exclusive right to post Nigerian nollywood movies and songs on YouTube. Today, Njoku has gone beyond posting video on YouTube to owning iROKO TV, a multi-million dollar business.
Licensing model is one of the quickest means of making money online and one major internet business. Why?
• You don’t have to brainstorm and go through the hurdles of creating your suit of information product; you license them from an established source. This will save you tens of thousands in development cost.
• When you have very little experience with internet marketing, it makes sense to follow a proven system and that’s what the licensing model can give you.
Most eBook on internet business and marketing are being licensed because they are best selling eBook.

7. Web Design & website developing – Developing and designing a website is a good online job but you have to go through training to learn this. Our numerous prospective clients searching for websites developers and designers, so if you good at this then you need to contact me through the comment box below this post.

8. Guest posting & Freelance Writing – Freelance writing is among the oldest means of making money online, it is no longer as lucrative as it use to be but it is still be done as an online jobs by Nigerians
Yahoo Voices is a good place to start. Yahoo pays you according to how popular your article goes. You can write on just about anything but you must be first receive their approved.

After signing up, you need to submit your first article for approval; you are welcomed to become a Yahoo contributor once the article is approved. They currently have more than 600,000 contributors and you could be one of them, begin your write up, be elaborate and clear.
9. Domain and Webhosting Reseller Business – The buying and reselling of domain and webhosting services provides another lucrative internet business opportunity. Here, reseller buy webhost package from the webhost provider to resell to his own clients. The top webhosting providers include HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostmonster etc. This business is more profitable those who are in the area website designing and website developing as they easily get clients. I will suggest you read this; starting a profitable domain name and webhosting reseller business, this article serves as a guide for domain and webhosting reseller business. Our online training course provided complete illustration on how to start a well paying domain and webhosting reseller business in Nigeria.

10. Graphics Designers – Graphics designers design logo, banners, animations, and many other graphics. Flash and Photoshop skills are in hot demand at online work sites. Show your skill by showcasing the graphics you have designer on your own websites. . Do it well and you have other jobs lined up for you.

11. Microsoft Experts & Data Entry Experts – Data entry jobs usually require some level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel or Database management. You job as a data entry expert is to organize or complete data. For example, you might be given a list of companies’ products on an Excel spreadsheet and told to find their NADAC numbers and enter them into an excel document according to date of manufacture. You can browse the internet to the website of the companies capture the data and enter them on the spreadsheet. Therefore, you enroll into Microsoft training program anywhere in Nigeria to sharpen yourself on the use of excel spreadsheet. All you need is to sharpen your skills level and you could be getting online jobs that tap those skills

12. Software Developing and marketing – The last but the least is on this online job series for Nigeria is software developing and marketing. If you are good in software development, you start developing varieties software that could serve different purposes and people out will buy them.

There are other online jobs like translation, virtual assistant, research assistant, and many others which I know I have not really talk about but I decided to select the best 12 sure ways I know you can make massive money online in Nigeria today.

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  1. Hоw Tо Generate Quick Internet Cash Tо Finance Emergency Expenses

    Despite thе challenges Nigerians face іn thеіr attempt tо make money оn online, thеrе аrе ѕеvеrаl wауѕ thrоugh whісh thеу саn achieve this? Thе major obstacle іn making money online іn Nigeria іѕ thе 419 syndrome thаt hаѕ bесоmе a dirty toga worn bу Nigerian online entrepreneurs unwillingly.
    Hоwеvеr, thіѕ fact does nоt stop оnе frоm exploring wауѕ tо make money online іn Nigeria. I hаvе enumerated hеrе ѕіx wауѕ tо make money online іn Nigeria wіthоut facing tоо muсh difficulties, thеу аrе:
    1. Thіrd party advertising: fоr thіѕ Google AdSense іѕ king; аll уоu hаvе tо dо іѕ set uр a website оr blog аnd signup fоr thе Google AdSense program. Thіѕ enables Google tо deliver ads оn уоur site. Yоu gеt paid whеn visitors tо уоur website оr blog click оn thе ads displayed. Whаt уоu hаvе tо dо іѕ ensure thаt уоur site generates еnоugh traffic o enable уоu earn frоm Google ads оn уоur site .
    2. Kontera Context аd ѕуѕtеm іѕ a variation оf thе Google AdSense ѕуѕtеm. Yоu аlѕо gеt paid whеn visitors tо уоur site click оn thе ads delivered bу kontera. Onе саn make money online іn Nigeria bу taking advantage оf thіѕ ѕуѕtеm. On sign uр уоu аrе given a code tо paste оn уоur site.
    3. Own shares оf аn internet company: Nigerians саn make huge money online like Jerry Yang оf Yahoo, Larry Page оf Google аnd a host оf оthеr internet entrepreneurs whо started internet companies аt thе early stages оf thе internet аnd today аrе billionaires duе tо thе large number оf shares thеу hold іn thеѕе companies. Thоugh іt ѕееmѕ thеѕе opportunities dо nоt exist оr аrе hard tо соmе bу, agloco a new revolutionary company оn thе internet hаѕ provided аn answer tо thе question “how tо make money online іn Nigeria” thеу hаvе соmе uр wіth a ѕуѕtеm whеrе bу уоu саn оwn shares оf thеіr internet company fоr free. All уоu need dо іѕ sign uр fоr agloco, download thеіr viewbar thеn уоu gеt paid fоr thе hours уоu spend browsing wіth thе agloco view bar, уоu gеt paid whеn уоu introduce people tо agloco аnd based оn уоur activity wіthіn thе agloco community, уоu gеt shares оf thе company allotted tо уоu whісh entitles уоu tо share іn thе company’s global profits.
    4. Buy Domain Names аnd resell. Imagine іf уоu hаd thе foresight tо register thе domain nаmе whісh sold fоr оvеr $8 Million аftеrwаrdѕ. Domain nаmе farming іѕ аnоthеr perfect wау tо make money online іn Nigeria. If уоu оwn thе domain nаmе уоu саn оnlу imagine hоw muсh оur оwn John Utaka wоuld bе rеаdу tо pay уоu fоr hіѕ domain nаmе. Yоu bеt іt wіll bе thousands оf dollars. Oops, I mеаn pounds. Domain nаmе farming requires thorough research аnd thinking thеrеfоrе уоu ѕhоuld tаkе уоur tіmе tо dо іt right. Buying domain names іѕ easy using уоur credit card. In thе absence оf credit cards whісh іѕ a major hindrance tо thousands оf Nigerians whо aspire tо make money online іn Nigeria, e-gold саn аlѕо bе used tо purchase domain names.
    5. Anоthеr wау tо answer thе question, hоw tо money online іn Nigeria іѕ tо set uр аn e-currency exchange. E-gold іѕ currently thе electronic currency thаt hаѕ thе highest demand. In thеіr quest tо make money online, Nigerians hаvе embraced thе e-gold payment ѕуѕtеm аѕ means оf payments especially fоr ѕоmе MLM programs frоm whісh a lot оf thеm аrе making huge money. Setting uр аnd e-currency exchange service іѕ easy аnd уоu саn start оff wіth minimal capital. Wіth аn investment оf N130K оnе саn make аbоut N15K weekly whісh іѕ nоt a bad оnе tо start wіth, hоwеvеr іf уоu аrе able tо muster bigger capital, уоu саn make bеtwееn N70-N150K еvеrу week.
    Check оut аn easy wау tо make money online іn Nigeria hеrе.
    Bola Abel

  2. Hello, I am efficient in the use of Microsoft Excel and Database, kindly fix me up with a job. Thank you.

  3. Wow, very educative article and most people will benefit from this. if you are a graphic designer or writer that want to work from home, checking freelance websites like fiverr and upwork will make it possible for you to get jobs regularly. But if you prefer sales and marketing or affiliate marketing.

  4. Hi I’m a stay at home mum and I work as a virtual assistant, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners carry out various support tasks such as data entry, social media management, email management, website design & management and any other tasks they want to outsource. I would like to be hooked up with clients who need the services of a virtual assistant. Thanks

  5. Hi, I am an accounting graduate and currently work, but need a part time online job. I have good skills on Microsoft Excel and Data Entry and Accounting packages like Sage,Pastel, Adapark and SAP

  6. Hello, I have a good command of the computer and a good internet connection for various jobs and I am also a web developer, help me to find a job please

  7. I am very interested in these job offer.

    1. Microsoft Excel and Data Entry…
    2. Market research and Analysis…

    Thank you.

  8. good day…. please I’m good with Ms word and Ms excel… I’m in need of an online job that can fetch me some money… will really appreciate if you can hook me up.. tnx

  9. Great write-up…

    i am experienced in the following:
    1. Microsoft Excel and Data Entry…
    2. Market research and Analysis…

    I am very interested in any job offer in these categories…


  10. Am a mathematics graduate, a good writer and can transcribe too, please can you connect me to any online business related to these my skills. Thank you

  11. I have a high proficiency in
    * Graphics design
    * MS Word
    * MS Excel
    Pls I need an online job.
    Phone no: 09098162148

    1. 1. You need to have a Youtube Channel.
      2. You can either create the videos yourself if know how or buy a copyright.
      3. You need a streamlining app.

  12. hello, am a quantity surveying student and i need the job of a virtual assistant. i would really like to work as a virtual assistant for the moment probably till i get a better job or when am done with my first degree. my email is;

  13. I am a graduate of Mechanical Engineering. I am a fan of importation business. I need capital or a business partner to start this business.

  14. i design graphics well with corel draw
    i managed a telecom company for 5 yearss and i am perfect in computer hardware.
    i setup church sound and studio
    i design sites also
    i have much unpublished books
    my shop was racked two times by thieves so i need a job

  15. I came upon your website by accident. I am an English Language Arts teacher. I also teach people to learn to speak English. can you connect me with a legitimate job? Great website by the way!
    P.s. Do I need a website/

  16. Hi I’m good in virtual assistance, pls help me with any Education job I have NCE if I get any government teaching job I will be very grateful Please

  17. I’m a computer science graduate good at:
    1. Web design
    2. Database Design(Mysql)
    3. Freelance- writing

    Need a Job. Thanks.

  18. Good day;
    I am very proficient in MS WORD, MS EXCEL and Oracle 12c data management. please can you link me to an online job offer.

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  19. I’m highly experience in the following jobs below:
    1 Microsoft Experts & Data Entry Experts
    2 Graphics Designers
    3 Web Design & website developing.

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