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Top 7 ways to promote your blog and get more visitors

How to get your blog known? How to get readers for your blog? How do you promote your Blog with Little or No Money? How do you get your blog out there?

Blog advertisement and promotion is continuous art used by webmasters to promote and attract more visitors to their blog.
How will you feel if you struggle to create a blog; spend hours, days or months to post quality content on your new blog and nobody reads it? The worst regret you will ever have is starting a blog that only few readers visit.

When you create a blog and nobody finds it or read your post; you need to take a step to get people to read it. At least, introduce it to them. To get people to read your blog posts, you have to advertise and promote your blog.

How do you advertise and promote your blog?

Apart from the many techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine submission, and web content development that require a bit technical-know-how; below are 7 ways to advertise and promote a blog.

How to advertise and promote a blog

1. Tell people about your blog
The best way of advertising and promoting a blog is tell people about the blog. You can start with family members, relatives and friends. These are the people who will help you spread the message of your blog. You can also tell your colleagues. Organise seminars and workshops in which you introduce your blog to the participants. Tell them what they stand to gain or problem that they can resolve by reading your blog posts.

2. Use Google Adwords advertising program
Using Google adwords advertising program is another way of promoting a blog. This is the fastest way of promoting a blog. However, you have to pay Google for redirecting people to your blog. Usually you pay per click (PPC) for every click through to your sites. This is most common method top online business owners advertise and promote their sites.

3. Use Facebook Ads
Facebook ads in the recent time have shown to be effective in promoting a site because of the high population of facebook users. Many online business owners are now taking advantage of that to advertise their business on facebook. You too can do same.

4. Promote your blog via social media like Facebook, Google plus and twitter
Without spending advertisement, you can create facebook business page, Google business page or twitter account where you tell inform and update your fans about business blog. This method of promotion of blog is highly recommended for businesses and websites’ owners.

5. Comment and leave your blog link on forums and blogs
If you want to be noticed by other bloggers and their readers, you need to pay them a visit and leave few comments in their posts. Generally, this is enough to get the blog owners to give your blog a visit. If you have great content on your blog, there are good chances that they will link to one of your post. Join community of bloggers. It is all about getting your name out in the blogsphere. If people know you, they will visit and if you have great content, they will come and read it.

6. Join forums
Another way to promote your blog is by joining forum. Proffer solution to peoples’ problem, answer questions asked any forum you join and in due time the forum members and visitors will come to know you and will follow you to your blog. This is one of the major ways of building blog traffic without spending a dime. Many bloggers and webmasters have build brand through this means.

7. Guest post on authority site
Guest posting on authority site is another effective means to promote and advertise a blog. In the recent times, this method has been abuse and many authority sites now reject guest post. Though, many sites and blog still accept guest post.
In, we accept guest post. Feel free to guest post on our blog.

In summary, building royal blog readers may require one or two form of advertisement and promotion. The above 7 ways of advertising and promoting a blog are highly efficient in building high quality blog readers.

7 thoughts on “Top 7 ways to promote your blog and get more visitors”

  1. Great tips , I think the writing of guest post helped me a lot even to get to my current blog rank, also the leaving link in comment section of blogs , but I have stopped that now , I now uses Google ads words @ tipsrush

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