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5 Reasons Why you don’t Make Money Blogging

Are you among these bloggers who are struggling to make money through their blog? is your blog not making money? Do you know why you don’t make money while blogging?

There are thousand and one bloggers today but only a handful of these bloggers make money from their blog.

If you are among those who don’t make money from their blog; don’t panic, I will give reasons why you don’t make money blogging. Here below are 5 reasons why you don’t make money blogging. If you can amend these things you will see yourself making six- figures in a year like the way I do.

Why you don’t make money blogging

They may be many reasons why you don’t make money blogging but from experience what I have discovered to be the major reasons are;

1. Blogging only for money
Most bloggers don’t make money blogging because they blog only for money. Your primary goal of starting a blog should not be to make money. If the only reason you’re blogging is to get rich, you will fail. This is where most bloggers I have interacted with get me wrong. Once you put money first, you will get disappointed by the time you discover that the money is not forth coming.
Let your interest for starting a blog be;
• To address the growing needs of your readers.
• To offer opportunities or values
• To offer solutions to peoples’ problem
As you offer values, solutions, etc to your readers; you make money. Quality and values are what sustain customer’s interest in any business. Therefore, aim at giving out quality not quantity

2. Low blog traffic
The first and most important step towards making money through blogging is to build a considerable number of royal visitors or blog readers. No Blog traffic = No money. On the other hand, more blog visitors = more $$$. Most bloggers want to start making money from their day one of starting a blog. You need not monetize your blog when you are getting as little as 50 visitors per day on your blog. I didn’t say you have to getting thousands of visitors on your blog before you monetize your blog. At least, 500 visitors per day and above are quite commendable.

3. Wrong blog content match with selected monetization methods
Do you know that there is a need for your blog content to match with ads placement? If not why do I have to talk about section targeting on Google ads placement. In one of my earlier post on how to make money through blogging I did explain section targeting. Inability to match blog content with your selected blog monetization method is one of the major reasons why you don’t make money from your blog. This is why you have to pre-define your monetization strategies before starting blogging.

4. Bad blog template
Be mindful of your blog template. Your blog template will affect how your web pages are display on different devices and browsers. So, you have to test your blog on different devices and browsers to see that it is well displayed. Responsive design templates are best blog template to be use. Again, most blog templates are heavy and this affect the loading speed of your blog. Online users are impatient people, any delay in loading of site can make them walk away and this will invariable affect your blog revenue. To be sure that you are on a safer side, you have to test the loading speed of your web pages.

5. Poor blog design
Not only do poor blog design adversely affect you blog revenue; it also kills a blog. A well design blog should be easy to navigate and the navigating links should be hidden or difficult to find. The more you have enough links lending to your different web pages or post easily accessible, the high your click-through-rate (CTR) and this is likely to increase your ads revenue.

If you are able to work on the above reasons why you don’t make money blogging; you will turn your blog in to money making machine. Try it! You will see surprises.

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