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Where to Buy Cheap Electronics in Nigeria

Where to buy Cheap Electronics in NigeriaIn this article, we’ll show you ⇒where to buy cheap electronics in Nigeria.

Electronic and Electrical appliances comprise of items such as; computers, mobile phones, digital music recorders and players, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions (TVs) and many other household consumer items.

The use of these items in Nigeria has tremendously increased. There is hardly a home that you will not find one electronic gadget or the other. The number keeps increasing as Technology advances.

Most of the new electronics in the local market today are very costly. The fairly used, Tokunbo or second hand electronics that are cheap easily develop fault after purchased from local market.

Finding a reliable and trusted market to buy cheap electronics has become a hard nut to crack. After our careful market research, we’ve come up with some places to buy cheap electronics in Nigeria that give some months or years of warranty. So, let’s get to find out some of these places to buy cheap and affordable electronics in Nigeria.

Marketplace to buy all kinds of cheap electronics in Nigeria are;

Alaba International Market, Lagos

Alaba international market is popular electronics market located Lagos State, Nigeria. It is the biggest electronics market in Nigeria. Apart from electronic sales, Alaba also repair other electrical appliances.

Alaba market is always opened every day except on Sundays. The business time between 8 am – 6 pm.

Its popularity has attracted other investors and electronics manufacturer like Nokia, Samsung, LG and some other manufacturing company around the globe, and expanding the daily business transactions and market size which contribute massively to the economy of Lagos State.

Alaba international market is a said to be a marketplace in which none of the dealers can influence the price of any electronic product it buys or sells. Because of this, the price of the product can be very cheap within the market and there is no Barriers to entry and exit.

The market has a huge number of sellers and buyers. Everyone has the zeal and willingness to buy electronic products at a certain cheap price based on their needs and income.

Electronics products like, home appliances, satellite systems, broadcasting, computers, musicals, televisions, videos, refrigerators, video games to generators, general goods are available in Alaba international market. This market has served many buyers from other country like, Ghana, Benin Republic, Chad, Niger, Togo, East Africa etc. in search of new cheap electronic products for their purchases.

Manufacturers from other parts of the world ensure that their electronic products and brands are widely represented and distributed in this market, while other small businesses and resellers from all the cities in Nigeria come to Alaba International Market for their supply of electronics products.

Computer Village, Lagos

Computer village Lagos Nigeria is a unique marketplace, popularly known for large sales of cheap and branded computers and accessories. You can find good brands of computers and cloned PCs in this market.

Popular brands include Toshiba, Compaq, Acer, Dell, HP, and several others. This market also deals with multitude of computer accessories, digital cameras and accessories and as well as mobile phones and accessories. The computer village market Lagos is located at the heart of Ikeja being the capital of Lagos state.

Many other electrical appliances and electronic products found in computer village Lagos Nigeria includes;

  • Digital cameras and accessories
  • Desktop Computers and accessories
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Laptops and accessories
  • UPS and accessories
  • Voltage stabilizers and accessories
  • Notebooks and accessories
  • Electrical parts sales
  • Iphones, ipads, and everything electronic

Computer Village market Ikeja has been regarded as the most popular market for computers and phones including its accessories. Individuals from different country coming to this market for their different types of electronics and computer business.

The computer village complies with more than 3,000 ICT Small and Medium Enterprises, most of these stores in sell computers, phones and accessories, computer accessories, and other home electronics appliances. The computer village Lagos is said to have signed a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley in the United States to advance its technology development.

According the report, it has been recorded that more than 20 million phones are being sold at the computer village every month. And Also, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, computer village market contributed about 2 percent to the national gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014.

Onitsha Market, Anambra

Onitsha Market is one of the largest and popular markets in Africa based on the high volume of goods. The market is located in the city of Onitsha being the commercial capital of Anambra State in south eastern Nigeria. It has been recorded as the importer of most major merchant’s goods from Eastern Nigeria.

The average traders in Onitsha Market are said to bring in at least six 40-feet containers of goods yearly. While some of the well-known importers do more than 100-200 consignments of 40-feet containers of goods every year, including Electronic, phones and phones accessories, laptops, clothing, jewelry, household, industrial and office equipment products.

The market can be best described as the commercial power house of the West Africa. Onitsha Market is mainly patronized by buyers in the ECOWAS sub-region and also Accra, Abidjan, Cotonou, Douala and Niamey and other various parts of the continent.

You can find almost anything in Onitsha main market as many importers are well known for their massive importation of goods of various products, every section of the market is always crowded with many business transactions taking place.

Other consumers from other cities of Nigeria, Africa and china have commercial interest in Onitsha. many traders in Onitsha Market are regarded as importers & exporters; having dealing with the direct contacts of the world’s popular manufacturers both in India, China, Germany, Singapore, Britain, Indonesia, South Africa, including Nigeria and more.

Many African traders mainly from Cameroun, Benin Republic, Ghana and South Africa received supply from Onitsha Market. It also supplies many markets in Nigeria.

More than five million visitors are being received in Onitsha Market with over 12 million different transactions on everyday businesses. Yearly volume of trade in this Market is in excess of $3billion with about 40 percent of this transaction is mostly being made on cash purchases. This put Onitsha market into the hub with one of the highest GDP in Nigeria, which in conclusion that Onitsha Main Market is a good marketplace to find cheap electronics in Nigeria.

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Online shopping sites is one of the biggest marketplaces to buy cheap electronics and electronic products, home appliances, gadgets, mobile devices and a lot more. It’s always a very good experience to try new things in life as it has a lot of advantages. So, it is time you should start to use the best online stores In Nigeria to buy cheap electronics. Some popular list of online stores to buy cheap electronics in Nigeria.

Jumia Nigeria (

Jumia Nigeria is online marketplace. You can buy electronics online in Nigeria on Jumia online electronics store. Jumia Nigeria dealing in general electronics, home appliances, kitchen, smartphone, and groceries and fashion and others. It is one of the most popular and trusted online shopping sites in Nigeria, Best known for their superior products, including fast delivery of goods and services.

Jumia can be your No.1 online shopping site in Nigeria, where you can purchase all kinds of electronics, gadgets, home appliances, computers, automobile parts, as well as books and other kiddies’ items, including fashion items for men, women, and children, and groceries as well.

Kara ( is one of the leading top online stores in Nigeria. Several goods of all kinds are sold via this popular Nigerian online shopping site, they deal with many Electronic products, including, tablets, phones, laptops, inverters, phone accessories, computer accessories, refrigerators, welding machines, power inverters, cookers, and other electrical appliances. They also offer Air Conditioner repairs and servicing.

Kara online shopping mainly import their quality products from some of the leading global brands like Samsung, BlackBerry, Haier, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Mercury, LG, Nokia, Luminous, Sukam, Sharp, Logitech, Sumec Firman, Perkins and more. Kara deal on office and home products, such as, Computers, laptops, Desktops, Electronics and appliances like Air conditioners, Refrigerators, TVs, Printers, and more. Most of the world branded mobile phone manufacturer are also available at this online store.

Deluxe (

One of the Nigeria leading online shopping stores.  It is a very good idea to try their online store website for other electrical products, Deluxe is said to be one of the best and fast delivery online store in Nigeria.

Deluxe Nigeria mainly deals with electronics, furniture, phones, computing, fashion, sports, automobile, tools and many more, deluxe is one of the best online stores to find a great cheap electrical product.

Deluxe accept payment cash on delivery only on Lagos orders. They also offer free delivery on orders above N500, 000.00 within Lagos.

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Konga ( is a Nigerian e-commerce online shopping store; this company was founded in 2012 with their headquarters located in Lagos State.

It offers a third-party online shopping marketplace, as well as first party of direct retail in various categories of products including consumer electronics, home appliances, fashion, books, children’s items, health care and personal care products. Shop Online for all kinds of Electronics, Phones, Computers, including Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Household Equipment, Wines, Babies, Toys, Furniture, Groceries and Sport, etc.

With the recent modern digital world, the online shopping has made it easy to shop electronics from anywhere in Nigeria and be assured of healthy delivery to the doorstep of your home. Buying a cheap and affordable electronics in Nigeria can be fun when you know where to find them, with this article I hope it will help you to shop for your home and office appliances.

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