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Blog Niches That Make Money in Nigeria – 15+ Untapped

Starting a blog create an opportunity for you to make money online. But most at times, you’ll find it difficult in discovering a profitable blog niche to start. That’s where this article on Blog Niche that Makes money comes to your rescue.

Blog Niches that Make Money in Nigeria
Blog Niches Making Money in Nigeria

Blog niches are not the same in terms of visitors and how much you can make. This blog post will help you to understand the blog niches that make money for bloggers in Nigeria. You are going to gain deeper insight into blogging niches that are profitable.

In this post, you’re going to learn: what the blog niches are, the problems in the niche, and the possible way to monetize your blog in the chosen niche.

Your responsibility is to grab the niche that you may want to blog about. Before we get started, let me explain the following points for you to understand why you need to consider a blog niche that will make money for you.

In case you’re finding it difficult starting profitable blog, you can learn how to start a blog in Nigeria in 10 simple steps.

What is a Niche?

Getting to understand what a niche is and how you can tap into it is a necessary step to success as a new blogger. A Niche  in blogging represent your what all blog about, blogging interests or topics to cover in your blog. For example, if you’re going to cover everything about small businesses in your new blog; small business blog becomes your niche. One way to discover a profitable blog niche is to look at the kind of information that web visitors are searching for.

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Why Do You Need a Niche?

What you must consider is the kind of blog that you want to start. Your chosen niche will give you focus and help you to become an expert in that area. It is easier for you to make money from niches that are focused than on a general niche. Plus, your readers will become loyal to you if you are blogging from a particular niche.

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Blog Niches That Make Money in Nigeria

Now, let’s crack the ultimate list of blog niches that makes money for Nigerian bloggers. You can tap into some of these niches if you want to start a new blog or extend your current blog.

Business Niche

With the rise in unemployment, there is always a need for people to start something that would earn money for them, the easiest route is to start a new business. This is the big hit, a lot of people have scanty knowledge on the business they may want to start.

If you feel the business niche is too wide for you to cover, you can tweak to a specific business that you feel comfortable writing about.

Your job is to do the work for them, find out everything you need to know about business, entrepreneurship, and how to grow and succeed as a business owner. You will be balling home with a blog that will stand the test of time.

You can monetize the business niche through ads network, native advertisement, affiliate marketing, web design services, sales of books relating to marketing, and lots more.

Entertainment Niche

Entertainment is an evergreen niche because we would always have new entertainers replacing the outgoing ones. Covering the entertainment niche may be a bit of work to many because it demands an ongoing flow of information that covers your choice of entertainment.

People may generally seem to know something about entertainment. The secret there is that they will always want to know your side of the story. I am sure you understand why there seems to be high engagement in entertainment blogs.

You can monetize the blog by ads placement, selling ads to business owners, and affiliate marketing.

Fashion Niche

When it comes to fashion, you can be sure that there will always be a lookout for the latest in the fashion industry both from the producers and the consumers. In today’s digital world, there is no time than now to help those in the fashion industry to get their products and services across to the public.

This will also help people to know the latest trend in the industry. You will serve as the middle man between the fashion designers and the consumers.

The best way to monetize this niche is to run affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ads placement.

Make Money Online Niche

The make money online niche is one of the oldest niches for bloggers. It may not be new and maybe over-saturated. I have placed this niche among the listed niches because you can tweak the niche to serve a particular group of people.

By the way, all the niches are directly or indirectly tied to make money online niche. Tweaking it will give a new side of what people may be eager to know.

You can produce courses, books for your visitors to buy. Advert placement is also highly welcome. But, make sure your information is original and authentic enough for your readers to benefit from, not crappy content found littered on the internet.

Blogging Niche

Every day, new ideas are always flowing about new innovative ways to run a blog. This niche is especially useful for those that have a bit of programming knowledge. Don’t be scared if you are not tech-savvy.

You can become the bridge between bloggers and their success. So you could become the blogger’s blog. Also, you can help bloggers and small businesses to gain a better understanding of digital marketing.

Making money through this niche comes in different ways: ads sales, affiliate marketing, sales of products (if you can develop one e.g. plugin and themes), services that will help set-up an online platform for businesses (if you have the technical knowledge).

Freelance Writing Niche

Freelance writing may be seen by some as an old niche. But wait! Do you know how many freelancers find it difficult to get clients? If your blog can serve these people. You are sure of making a home run.

Everything about this niche is tied to helping freelancers to find new clients and how to manage their writing career.

Monetizing the freelance writing niche could be through ads placement, membership to your premium content, and selling of e-books that will save your visitors time.

Health Niche

The health niche is a great niche but must be taken with utmost care. This is because you need to have a sound knowledge about health issues for you to succeed in this niche.

There is no human that is not interested in knowing something that concerns their health. If you agree with me, then your blog would serve them with the information they need to know. This info will help them to live healthier and happy.

There are so many ways to monetize the health niche. You can tap from advert placement, affiliate marketing of health products, and get direct ads or sponsored posts from pharmaceutical companies.

News Niche

News! New but old. The oldest niche of all niche is the news niche. This is because the news industry came before the internet. Should you spend time running a news blog? Some people would say it is a waste of time because you can’t compete with the established news sites.

While this may be true. You can narrow your news to information that is overlooked by the major news sites.

The main monetization method for any news site is through ads and possibly affiliate marketing.

History Niche

If you go through most blogs, you will understand that most bloggers focus on the current trends. This could be an advantage to you if you understand how the history niche work. It is not really about history. Rather, it is about bringing those things that have passed to our present day. Give it a new life and another perspective that will wow the people.

This kind of blog most times is a list base. The likes of Listverse and other notable list base blogs are examples of history base blog. We would always want to know your new findings of the things that happened in the past.

You can make money from this niche through ads and compilation of your discovery.

Agriculture Niche

Do you know that many people don’t know much about how the food they eat are been produced? A lot of people would love to start an agricultural based business. If you have sound knowledge of the agricultural process, you can give this niche a shot.

Give your readers access to ways that they can tap into the agricultural industry. Find ways that they can preserve their farm produce and help them with tips on livestock farming. You are sure of gaining ground in the agricultural niche.

Making money from this niche will be through Google ads, sponsored posts from food-based companies.

Travel Niche

The travel blogging niche is a niche that publishes information about traveling experiences and the culture and tradition of different places and people.

One advice that I will always give is this: you should love writing about traveling if you want to succeed in this niche because it demands a lot of first-hand experience.

Serving ads is a quick way of monetizing this niche. You can also sell a magazine that covers interesting places and experiences.

Product Review Niche

When you want to buy something new, and you don’t know much about the product, what do you do? First, you will want to find out from those who have used the product. Secondly, you may want to hit Google for information about the product.

Publishing information about products and services is what product review is all about. It is a natural intent for people to love what they discover about a product from others. When you help raving customers to gain a better understanding of the product or services they want to use. You have succeeded as a blogger in the product review niche.

Your best bet as a product reviewer is to run affiliate marketing alongside ads.

Education Niche

The education niche is always fresh because studentship is an ongoing thing. New students will always replace the outgoing ones. Reaching out to this evergreen group of people will give you an edge.

You should help students to easily get things done without much stress. You can leverage social media to enhance your blog’s performance.

You can monetize the education niche by selling ads space, placing ads from ads network.

Finance Niche

Money is the blood of our daily activities. When you talk about money, people’s ear tingles. If you understand how money works. Especially when it has to do with the technical areas like forex. You can start up a blog that covers the finance niche.

Everybody needs money, when you can help them to find ways to make money with what they already have, you are going to attract a lot of readers.

One good thing is that a lot of advertisers would love to throw ads to your blog when you have a significant number of readers.

Technology Niche

We are in the age of technology. The speed of change in the technological world is something many people can’t keep up with. You can help them to stay up-to-date with the latest in the tech world by blogging on things that would solve the common problems that people have with using various new technology.

A lot of bloggers in this niche use affiliate marketing and ads to make money.

Job Niche

Do you know that some job sites that you visit are blogs? If you have never hit the keywords ‘job in Nigeria’, then I bet you are new to Nigeria or the use of the internet (just bluffing)

Bridging the gap between job seekers and their future employers is the backbone of the job niche. The fact remains that people will always seek jobs and employers will always seek employees.

A word of advice: this niche requires some level of technical knowledge and business sense for you to attract employers to your website. The good side is that you can easily make your one job blog interactive and easy for your visitors.

When you go through most job sites, you will realize that they have ads at strategic locations. You can creatively find out the services that you can offer to job seekers that they will be willing to pay.

Relationship and Dating Niche

Relationship is as old as man. And people will always find a form of relationship at one point in their lives. This does not stop with romantic relationships. Any type of relationship goes in line with this niche.

Helping people to have a great relationship is a great way to solve that part of their problems.

You can write books on the area you have covered for them to have a deeper understanding of the subject of your blog. This will also add more authority to you and the blog, you can go into public speaking in the long run.


You can now tap into the blog niches listed above, and make use of every opportunity that you can to succeed in your blog business. Building a successful blog business takes time and patients.

Do you have any question or may want further clarification on blog niches, you can hit the comment box below for your question and we are ready to help you.



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