50 Online Business Ideas with less Capital Investment

 This article contains 50 Online Business Ideas with small or no capital investment? They are the best web-based business opportunities to start from Home.  So, I want you to learn these  online Businesses and  start any of them in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Some of the online business may require skill while others may not

Online business arena is now a global village providing numerous online job opportunities . If you are looking for a way to make money with little or no capital investment, these below 50 Online Business ideas have proven to be the best ways to make money online.  I made $415.25 in my first month of doing one of these online businesses.

Who can start this online business idea?

You can do any of these online businesses provided you are connected to the internet. These online business opportunities are NOT restricted to any geographical location. If you are in Nigeria, United State, United Kingdom, Landon, Europe,  Lebanon, South Africa, Ghana, Australia, Cameroun, Pakistan, China… anywhere around the world; you can start any of these web based business ideas. People like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, HP and other online billionaires started by discovering an online business ideas and they quickly move to create profitable online business in that line.

I’m going to reveal to you now legitimate online business Ideas you can start and  make  money on.  So, make sure you go in with all guns to blaster.  If you are a newbie, starting any of these online businesses will by no means be an easy task; I must tell you. If you must start and make money online the way I do, get yourself equipped with tips to starting an online business. As an experience  entrepreneur who had many online business empire online,  I will advice you start with an online business idea you have passion for, stick on it and diversify when necessary.

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Here is the mega list of  online business ideas that require little capital or no money investment.


50 Online Business Ideas with less capital investment for Nigerians & Non-Nigerians

1. Fashion and Style Blog

Fashion and Style blog is one of the online business ideas you can start from home with little or no money investment. This is already a competitive niche but if you are good at fashion and remodelling, you can start up fashion and style blog. Danielle Bernstein, 22, a personal fashion and style blogger who runs WeWoreWhat, makes $15,000 per Instagram post. Fashion and blog is a highly lucrative blogging niche. This niche is almost saturated but if you have passion for fashion, you can always succeed.
Some notable fashion bloggers who had made millions dollars on their blog are Danielle Bernstein, Linda Ikeji.

2. Tech and spices blog

This is another online business idea to start from home with no capital investment. People always want to know about the latest technology. New technologies emerge every day, so you can easily fit into this business niche. So, take the advantage to start up a profitable tech and spices blog. Some new tech area to consider are electronic, gadgets, phones and price, cars and price, tech websites, and many more.

Some big brands like Techcrunch, techloy, wired, extremetech, techradar, zdnet, gizmodo are already into this niche business.

3. Small business ideas blog

There is high level of unemployment and people are looking for small business ideas to start. If you are good entrepreneur and business oriented, you can start up this type of blog. There are so many small businesses you can show people online how to start and make money from them.

Profitableventure, businessnewsdaily, smallbusiness.chron.com, entrepreneur.com are already into small business ideas blog niche.

4. Education and School Academic blog

Educational blog is another online business niche; some of things you will consider here are things like local and international scholarships, local and international exams, academic competitions, how to gain admissions into local and international high institutions and universities, exams questions and answers, school strike, academic events and rest of them. When you this type of blog, monetize it in so ways to make money.

Myschoolgist, universitybusiness, are already into blog niche area.

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5. Career and counseling blog

This is an business ideas that has not be saturated in Nigeria. If you are good at counseling and you are well grounded in different career opportunity, you can comfortably launch a career and counseling blog.

6. News and Gist blog

News and Gist blog are entertainment blog. You don’t need to be a Journalist before you can start this online business. All that you need is to be current in events and happenings, consistent in your writing and publication. There is already enough competition in this niche already.

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7. Job Listing blog

Young graduates and many others are seriously in need of jobs they can apply for. You can liaise with different employment agencies and set up blog that list current and latest jobs. This is a highly lucrative Online business niche. Most often audience to this blog niche are highly localized. So, you can start this kind of blog niche in your own locality.
Jobberman, naijahotjobs in Nigeria are already into this niche area.

8. Nutrition and food blog

If you are a good nutritionist and a good cook, you start a blog where you teach people how to cook and prepare food menu. There are rarely such blog on the web. So, you can start it today and grow the business. Most housewives, moms, and mummies are interested in learning how to cook delicious food for their man and children; you can start a nutrition and food blog to educate these people.
There are rarely such blog on the internet.

9. build Classified Ads website

This online business ideas is no longer that  longer lucrative. Classified ads sites are free advert posting sites. Many people are now making use of these sites for buying and selling online. This online business niche area is almost saturated. There are huge of number of classified ads sites competing online today. One good thing about classifieds site is that it is both locally and country based.

10. Setup Online store

Setting up an online store is one of the best online business ideas you can start today.  E-commerce websites are notable Online Stores. If you have a product you are selling offline then you can take it to online, you display them online via online store where the whole world will actually see it and purchase your product.  If you don’t have a product, you can start anything ranging from fashion and style sale, electronic gadget sales, shoe, car sale, phones sale to many others products .

One good thing about online store  is that you can be the only one selling a particular product online and target both local and international audience.

Some companies like EBay and Amazon originally started this kind of business, Jumia, Konga and other have have join this business. You too can still make money if you start your own online store business; there are still thousand and one product that are not yet available online, be the first to introduce it online.

11. Offer Blog setup and installation services

There are many people and companies seeking to own a blog for one reason or the other. So, this is one of my latest lucrative online business ideas with no money investment. if you are good at the technicalities involve in blog setup and installation; you can begin to offer this service. The blog installation and setup business requires little capital for its start up; all that you need is website and you may probably register your company.

There are few companies that I know who are into this business in Nigeria for example; Doncaprio limited, Immex Tech Limited.

12. Offer Web payment platform integration & setup services

Receiving of payment online for a product sold has been one of major challenges of many online businesses. Today, there are many online payment platform that can be integrated into a website but only few individual know the technicalities involves in integrating and setting up these online payment processor platform. So, if you have the skill you can start it up or you can learn the skill to start up the business.

Few individual and companies like Ediaro teams, cloudware Technologies are already into this business.

13. Build Games and football betting sites

This is one of the latest profitable internet business niches. Today, virtual everybody is a fan of one English football team or the other. This has created an opportunity for business as people bet on who wins. Before, game and football betting use to be offline but it is now online. So, take this advantage to create your profitable game and football betting site internet business.
This internet business may require large capital for its startup and you need to add to it an affiliate referral program for its faster growth.
Some sites like bet365, William Hill, Bwin, Betfair, Bet9ja, Nairabet, Paddy Power, Netbet, 10bet, Sportingbet are already into betting internet business.

14. Start Ask and get answer website

Ask and get answer sites proffer expert solution to people common problems. There are lot of problems today and people are seeking for solutions to them. Ask and get answer from an expert is a website that gives users special answers especially from expertise. Before you build this kind of website; you have to ensure that your team of expert are on ground to attend to questions that are being asked. Authority is build when the answers users received from your website solves their problem.
There are rarely such sites online.

15. Start Flipping website and domain

Website flipping is one of my latest online business ideas on the internet today. When the business is done professionally, it can result in an unbelievable profit. Flipping website can be start with very little or no money investment.
There are two ways of entering into the website flipping business. The first method is to create your own new websites, grow the website to certain profitable level and then sell to it recover your cost of building it and at the same time make profit. The second method is to purchase an existing website, renovate it and sell it at a higher price. You can actually start website flipping business by checking out websites listed on Flippa.com to understand the nitty-gritty of doing the business.

16. Start Affiliate marketing

Starting an affiliate store online is another lucrative business. Here you are strictly promoting hot brands and products on your website by placing the brand’s banner and text link on your affiliate store. The usual way of making money online on affiliate marketing is via commissions on referral. There are lots of people worldwide who are making over $2,000,000 a year doing it. Most of these people will not be a successful unless they acquire some training and skill. So, you need to acquire the basic knowledge of affiliate marketing for you to succeed in this business.
Some hot brands affiliate marketing companies are Amazon, Aliexpress, Jumia, Konga.

List of  online Business ideas for coder and software developer

17. Start Online Game development

Online Game developing business is now a lucrative business as many parents now purchase games online for their kids. Developing different kids’ games that are educative can easily sell. The downside of this business is that you may need some basic specialize coding and software development skill.
18. Software developer

19. Software / Script installation service

Software and script installation service is another online business idea you can start with little capital investment if you have the skills.

20. Programming services

There is an increasing demand for different software, applications, widgets and plugins. Software development and programming requires specialize knowledge and skills just like online game developing which requires specialize skills and knowledge. You need to patiently go through the hurdle of learning programming language to excel in this business but when you acquire the knowledge you are just a hot cake.

Some of the richest online entrepreneurs are programmers. People like Larry Page, Mark zuckerberg, Bill Gate are all programmers.

21. Web design services

There many business companies seeking to build well designed website to compete effectively with other companies who are already into similar or the same business with them. You can start web designing business practically no investment and this is certainly one of the best online business ideas for someone wanting huge amounts of flexibility.
All you need is just to learn the basics of coding. You can do this at CodeAcademy. In addition to learning basics of coding and you can as well as do some specific online web design courses to build up your practical skill.
There are a lot companies and individual who are already into web designing business.

22. Web development services

Web developing is much more than web designing. It includes uploading of designed website, forums and integration of plugins, widgets and social media buttons to a self hosted websites. Basic coding and programming knowledge may be required in this business.

Profitable web-based service business ideas to start

23. Online Project research and Data analysis service

Most researchers are constantly searching for project topics and data analyst. To start online Project research and data analysis service, you need to well ground in statistical and bio-statistical analysis. You also need to be knowledgeable in use of computer statistical software in analysis of data.

24. Online graphic designing services

Graphic designers are making money online. You can start rendering this business services on sites like fiverr.com, freelance.com, etsy.com etc

25. Start local Search engine optimization company

Companies spend huge sum of money to get experts to help them positioned their websites on the first page of search engine result (SERP). So, ranking high on Google’s SERP is serious battle today as every online business owners wants to appear on Google’s number one search result page. Do you think you have the experience and skill to get web page to rank among the top ten pages on Google search result? If you do, then starting Local Search Engine Optimization Company is for you. This business is highly lucrative.

26. Offer Local keyword research tool service

To get listed among first ten pages on Google search engine result page entails proper targeting of keywords. This is not an easy task. Every business owner, content creator or even online market will definitely need to grab the attention of people for them to read their website’s content. This can only be possible if appropriate keywords are rightly targeted. With keyword research tool, business owner, content creator or the online market can easily discover thousand of keywords related to their businesses or website content which people are actually searching for. So, developing keyword research tool that could help businesses rise to the first page of search result page could earn you millions every year.

27. Start Email marketing and newsletter services

Email marketing and newsletter services is another lucrative online business when proper setup. You may have heard this slogan, “money is in the list”. The list is the email list. You can offer this service to both big and small companies that want to promote their brands.

28. Offer online catering services

If you are a trained caterer or have good knowledge of catering, you can start online catering service. Catering services that you can render online include online catering training programs, Confectioneries online shop, chocolates and Ice cream online stores.
There are rarely such online shops; online catering business is still less competitive.

29. Start Online Marketing and Internet Company

30. Advertising Network company

Advertising Network Company serves to connect advertisers with publishers who provide Ad spaces on their website for advertisers to place their product or services in form of advertisement. The role of an Advertising network company is to compile the Ads from advertisers after Ads price bidding and then post it on the Ad space provided by publishers. At the end, both the Advertising Network Company and publishers share in the money generated in the advertisement program.
Some big brands like the Big G, media.net, Addynamo and magnet are already into this business.

31. Online health and medical consultancy

There are lot of health problems ranging from fertility issues to a number of stubborn diseases. If you are well grounded in solutions to various health and medical issues then can starting a consultancy services on health and medical related matters is for you. However, know your jurisdictions in doing this type of business.

32. Web hosting reseller business

This business involves buying webhosting packages and reselling to clients who want to create their own websites. The business will be more lucrative if you are into website developing because one major problem in this business is getting clients. Some websites resellers businesses have wind up today because of lack of clients. People prefer hosting their website with a web hosting company rather than web hosting resellers.

33. Start Online training course

Training people on how to do certain special things ether online or offline is another business to start online. If you posses certain excellent skill or knowledge for a particular job, business or the other; you can start an online training course for people on this skill. The online training course can package in Ebook form, PDF, Aweber, etc.
This is one of the top online business ideas with low capital investment. Immex Tech limited offer online training course for different online businesses.

34. Online Forex Trading

There is constant fluctuation of currencies in Forex markets. Currencies rises and falls every day. So, if you have the basic knowledge and technicalities involved in trading currencies with some cash at hand; you become an online Forex trader. This online business requires that you have some cash because you leverage on it. However, this business can be a bit risky especially if you don’t have a good money management strategy. Business is lucrative if you have fundamental skills of Forex trading.

35. Become a Freelancer

If you good writer and possess the skill of communicating effectively to large audience through writing, then freelancing business is for you. There are many companies seeking for freelancers. This business is not relatively new as such; it has been into existence for long. Sites like Odesk, Freelancer old sites that accept freelancers.

36. Paid blogging

Just like the way you start your own personal blog and get the blog going by writing and updating the blog constantly, companies and individuals can hire you to blog for them. I have seen companies who are looking for bloggers and they advertise for them. So, if you think you are an expert blogger then you can try paid blogging.

37. Web database developer

Big companies are seeking professional web database developer and managers. So if you the skills and technicalities, you can start a web database service.

38. Webhosting and reseller business

Companies, organizations and individual build websites every day and these websites are hosted on webhosting server. So, offering quality Web hosting services is a lucrative online business.
This online business is almost saturated. Some top brands like Hostgator, Godaddy. BlueHost, Web4affrica, are already into this business.

39. Paid survey

Your Opinion is highly valuable. You can help evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you think. This is what a get paid survey is all about.
One good thing about this type of online job is that you can do it on your leisure time and you can handle multiple get paid survey program at the same time but the downside of it is that not all companies pay individual in all countries. Ensure that your country is listed in a get paid survey program before joining any online get paid survey.

40. IT service provider

41. SMS Short code services

SMS Short code service is another online lucrative business though recently there is decrease demand for this service. The business is saturated and the demand has decreased considerably.

42. EBook publishing

If you possess an excellent writing skill and you love writing, you can start writing and publish eBooks. The ideas here is that you find out people’s problem or what they are in dire need and you proffer solutions to this through your eBooks. You eBook should be worth spending some dollars on.

43. EBook cover design service

Don’t judge a book by its cover yet people do that today. They first admire the cover page before looking into the eBook itself. Research has shown that most books and eBooks that have attractive cover are read more than others with less attractive cover. Must books today are in eBook form, you can start eBooks cover designing service if you have the skill. It is a good online business idea.
This is a competitive business niche; some big brands are already into this business.

44. Social media consultancy

Many business owners and companies are now realizing the benefits of social media. Such as its usefulness increasing brand awareness as well as improve sales. This has created an online business opportunity for social media marketers. So, take this advantage and start offering social media consultancy.
As a social media expert, you can manage social media accounts for big brands as well as small businesses.

45. Online directory services

Online directories get different businesses listed online including their owners, contacts and locations. You can build an online business directory where business owners (especially offline business owners) can list their businesses online for their businesses to be found by people. There are many of such directories online today. Examples are online business listing, hotel directories, medical institution directories and many more, this business niche is already a competitive one.

46. Start Website and blog review service

Starting a website where you review both popular and unpopular websites and blog can be a lucrative online business but you have to first develop authority for you to excel in this business. Without having shown yourself as an authority in this field, nobody will trust your review.

47. Start Online personal finance management service

People spend money buying software that could enable them handle their money wisely. So, if you have a financial managerial skill, you can start a website service that offer personal financial tips on management of money and financial decisions for a person or family including budgeting, investments, retirement planning and recommended practices believed to ensure long-term financial security.

48. Resume writing service

Most companies requires good resume from applicants. There is unemployment everywhere today, so thousands of people are seeking and applying for new jobs every day. Resume writing service is lucrative business which if you have the skill, you can start it.

59. Virtual assistant

Another web based business opportunity is to serve as a Virtual assistant. Starting an online virtual assistant job gives you flexibility and allows you to be into other online business. You can also maintain multiple clients at once. Your duty as a virtual assistant is perform tasks that your client may not have the time to attend to or work consider not too relevant. Such duties and tasks include things like answering phone calls, outreach, product listings, and responding to emails.

50. Translator service

You have the skill of translation of languages, you start this online business.

More  online Business Ideas  to start today with little capital

• Desktop publication service
• Online video editing service
Video blogging

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  1. Some good ideas here. I’m also a big believer of also starting with the most basic things you know. If you know little about marketing but you know how to cook or garden you will likely be better off starting a small business providing cooking services or gardening services.

    Making money online is very hard and often seen as an easy/get rich quick method. But in reality is it hard to even make a few $ online and requires a huge input.

  2. Many great business tips here! I agree with Buy Box Experts that with the awesome experience and suggestions anybody can start their own business. But, I also want to say that if there is full dedication to achieve something, then the fruit of success tastes something different.

  3. Starting up of building your online business isn’t that hard. With enough experiences and thoughts on how to manage these, things will make you even more reliable. When it’s all about business idea, this site will definitely help you on that situation.

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